Friday, June 17, 2011

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  • satishku_2000
    07-05 03:15 PM
    I just spoke with an Immigration Representative of my Senator. She knows me as I met her last year with my employer for my other issue.

    She just informed me that we are (Not only we but whole Congress) shocked with un-precedent action of DOS/USCIS for July VB. Senator's Washington DC office is working on this issue including immediate legislative relief to Employment Based immigration. She is well aware of whole drama of July VB. I am going to call Washington DC Office as well.

    I encourage every one call to their Senator and HR and speak with Immigration Representative. I think first time media and lawmakers have acknowledged the problem of Employment Based Immigration.

    Call make much impact than the email/fax
    Can you tell me who are your senators?

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  • imm_pro
    09-12 02:11 PM
    Thanks IV...way to go.

    Just made a modest contribution of $200.

    Order Details - Sep 12, 2007 11:28 AM PDT
    Google Order #313190031134013

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  • Ramba
    09-08 12:34 PM
    Well said. On top of all this, there is a huge social pressure on NRIs from Indian parents/relatives to buy a property in India. It goes like this, if Hari, Babu and Kanwal all have it, why don't you buy something in Delhi as well. Now builders have started talking in terms of crores. You call them and ask the price, they would say "point six", means zero point six crores (for 1200 sq ft 2 BHK). There is no way on this earth someone should pay that much for 1200 sq ft in Noida/Delhi/Anywhere in India.

    My advise, let people, relatives say what they want to say. This market is bound to come down. Just wait and see. Thank you.

    Yes. 0.6 crore for 2b apt is way too much. If you put little more money here in TX, you can buy a manson (4/5 bed room independent house) with swiming pool. However, one can not ignore the advise of having property/house in home country, for many other reasons. But the price should be reasonable/cost worthy.

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  • GCBy3000
    07-06 04:49 PM
    What does this statement mean?

    per existing policies and procedures, requests for Premium Processing Service will continue to be processed within 15 days. USCIS wishes to assure all customers that the original received date (the date which the document is date stamped) will be honored and recorded on the receipt notice. This date will appear in the "Received Date" box on Form I-797, Notice of Action. The received date is different from the "Notice Date", which also appears on Form I-797. The Notice Date is the date the receipt notice was actually generated.

    Why USCIS suddenly did this press release? Something fishy?


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  • immm
    07-24 02:00 PM
    That gives me some hope..My PD is EB3 India Oct 2004...I am filing 485 now..hope I get GC in 2 years from now!!!!
    Haha, me too! My PD is EB3 India mid-march 2002!! And I just filed I-485 thanks to BEC.
    Talk about some people getting just so lucky!!

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  • amsgc
    04-02 08:57 PM
    Dude, I asked where do you go and rate the post. No wonder ssnd calls you dumb.

    On the top right corner of this post, there is a "scale". Click on it! :)


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  • rimco99
    07-20 09:39 AM
    Clinton - Nay

    i guess after the money she got from the iit alumni she decided it was enuff support for this time

    what r u guys in california doing?

    boxer- nay
    feinstein- nay

    flood them with calls people

    at least my senators down south voted - yea!

    Indian community gave 2 million dollars in fund raising to her this month and she forgets all that. Don't contribute a dime to narrow minded people like these. It is like a slap in the face for the community

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  • dvrao4
    09-15 06:44 PM
    hi! i just contributed $100.00 via paypal transaction id is : 1GE522823P5726434


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  • jelo
    08-12 01:34 PM
    Political leaders are same in every country and this is to appease the very vocal anti H1b citizens. They could have done 100 different things, which would really help the citizens. When we tried to hire a Hyperion report developer on a short term project, 45 of the 50 resumes were from Indians. Other 5 resumes we chose to interview were ridiculously unrelated. This scenario will leave the company to outsource the complete project, which also eliminates other 5, 6 surrounding non specific tech/non tech jobs. He misleads the congress saying purpose of H1b is to invent the products which is really to keep the sufficient pool of specialty skilled people for the businesses. This bill is certainly short cited.

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  • lskreddy
    04-30 02:54 PM
    Other than boasting how excellent USCIS is doing their job, there was nothing new or helpful to the actual bill. It was actually counter to the task at hand. That was Aytes...

    Now, a State dept person is talking about how efficient they are..


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  • jambapamba
    07-06 02:10 PM
    No, they did not take the original was there online in archived sections. They may be getting calls seeing the current one and the archived they thought to clarify (making us read both of them together). That is all.

    {hmm....that makes me think...did USCIS complain to DOS that they are still receiving 485's and that the old bulletin still exists online. So, DOS found this solution....Just my 0.02
    But when they revised it on July 2nd they took the original VB offline. Now they bring the original VB back online and they are asking folks look at both of them together.

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  • arnab221
    07-28 05:08 PM
    bump bump .....


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  • ujjwal_p
    09-10 06:55 PM
    This will depend on two factors

    Demand from EB1 and EB2-ROW
    USCIS allocation strategy (Quarterly spillover or year end spillover)

    From historic data I have seen some 15-25k visa spillover to EB2/EB3 India-China, this number varies based on demand of various EB categories each year.

    With H-1B cap coming down in 2004 to 65000, demand should go down by a decent margin post 2004, since its the H-1B's which will lead up to the EB queue.

    By the way Sachug/vdlrao, do we know if this will be yearly or quarterly spillover. If it is year end, what does this mean? September or July(beginning of last quarter)? And I am sure there is documentation about this new horizontal spillover method from USCIS, but I can't seem to find it. Could someone point me to that. Thanks!

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  • gbarquero
    09-11 09:58 PM
    enrolled in recurring 50$ as first contribution..

    great job guys...thanks for your sincere efforts

    i dont browse may not be looking until rally day.
    i might not come as its too short notice for me to plan .

    I see a lot of interest and effort on you, you should come with us. "Short notice"? How about if you join us in DC and then get a surprising "short wait" when you get your green card sooner? Sound like a good deal to me.


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  • DSJ
    07-06 11:01 AM
    we (those who already filed + those will be filing) can never be united, may be it is our birth right to dispute each other. What a pathetic scene, guyz one thing to remember is unless old cases get cleared there is no way new one gets benefited in the long run.

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  • GotGC??
    01-04 02:19 PM
    One of the most balanced views on this topic I have heard!

    I think life inside home is better in India than US. And life outside home is better in US than India. What do you think?

    I am only son to my parents (aged 50s). I must go back whenever India sends a man or women to Moon. Just kidding.. Will go back by 201X.

    Currently I am in India on a vacation of 45 days. I came to India with lot of enthu after a long gap of 2 years. But as someone said, India cannot be compared with US, outside home. And yea, USA can't be compared to India, inside home :D

    I have to postpone the idea of returning for few more years for the following reasons, and yes, I want GC meanwhile.

    _ Reasons to stay and stay longer in USA _

    1) It's money, honey :D

    2) A nice Indenpendant House in Vizag or Hyd. I am long way to get there. You know what I mean.

    3) I haven't earned enough to copy & paste my lifestyle in US yet. I mean no car for my dad, no plasma tv in India, no 'retirement' fund for my parents so that they can live on their own. You know the rest.

    4) My wife has just _resumed her career on H1B after being seated at home for 3 years on H4. As you can guess, we left hopes on EAD. My PD Nov 05. I would prefer that she work in USA for couple of years, before which we can return.

    4) Last, but not least, I want to gather more "onsite" experience and go from programmer analyst to something I want to be, when I return to India.

    _ Reasons to go back to India _

    I belived in the philosiphy of helping yourself first, then family and then society.

    0) Will come back to India to live with my aging parents.
    1) Help my society (vote, pay taxes, charity, transfer of ideas from Western World, creation of employment and much more)
    2) Enjoy food, movies, language, various cultures of India.
    3) Travel world and not just USA - through my IT career.


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  • hotammo
    07-15 01:26 PM
    Confirmation Number: 7YF4N-40L42

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  • srimani1
    10-05 11:04 AM
    Applied GC in 2002 July in EB3 category. Still waiting for PD to apply 485. Missed 2007 Aug fiasco. Recemtly got my 11,12 and 13th year H1B extension.

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  • Green.Tech
    06-17 02:55 PM
    ..willing to contribute today?

    08-24 01:51 PM
    So this actually supports my point. There is no "loophole" to close.

    I recommend my friends snathan and swissgear to avoid actions based on jealousy over people just like yourself. But hurting them you hurt yourself

    Giving reds - is that the only thing you can do? Do you want more "helpful" posts from me? I wish to avoid the specifics of your arguments or rebukes, as they are not important here, so if my replies are not "helpful" then perhaps your arguments are irrelevant to begin with

    First be clear whats your point and then enlighten us how this supports it

    Please let me know how this so called multinational executives are getting compensated. Whats the stock/option given to these executives. The available information shows only three days of extended stay and one week of car which they need to share with other executives. Fortunately the extended stay suites come with attached rest room. Otherwise they need to share with other multinational executives. There would be long queue in front of the shared room and eventual back log...

    Yeap...we are very envious about this. Let it be.

    I am least bothered about how/what they are paying to their executives. when they are exploiting the system, its you and me are the one getting affacted. Otherwise these would have trickled down as spillover.

    I am not going to post anything on this any more and feeding the troll.

    09-13 07:03 PM
    With EAD ,can you register a LLC/Inc ? Has anyone tried this ?

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