Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • pappu
    08-11 03:03 PM



    is his email address.

    pls write to him asking him to cover our issue. also mention this website and organization name in the email so that he can contact us for any information. I have already sent him an email.

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  • sac-r-ten
    04-18 03:24 PM
    take a infopass and visit your local USCIS office. they might have an answer.

    was this applied in premium?

    good luck.

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  • ashres11
    07-17 05:29 PM
    To - Congress (Capitol Hill, DC)
    Purpose - To address EB3 visa issue.

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  • thesparky007
    04-01 12:49 AM
    *reported posts* - 5 million


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  • Raj Iyer
    09-13 12:07 PM

    This is complicated. IF you are a citizen or if your wife has any US.S. citizen parents, she can file I-601 waiver application. But if your wife made unlawful entry , departed the U.S and reentered the U.S, then she is subjected to a permanent bar, and she cannot apply for a waiver for a period of 10 yrs. You need to consult a good attorney.

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  • jack
    10-22 07:52 PM
    Hello everyone,

    I obtained my F1 visa in Aug,2001 for 5 years and I initially came here for M.S. I have continued for PhD in 2003 and visited India every two years. My F1 expired in Jul,2006 but my I-20 is valid until Dec,2008.The real problem is that I have applied for Canadian PR this Oct and expecting to get it by Oct,2008.
    Once I get my PR, I have to go to Canada for Visa stamping and my questions are related to this:
    1) Since my F1 expired, Can I come back to US after PR stamping, without needing an F1 visa.?
    2) Is it advisable to get my F1 visa stamping in India or Canada next year i.e in Oct 2008, or would it be too late? (since that would be two years after visa expiry).

    PS: I wanted to get my F1 stamping only if it were necessary to go to India.

    Any suggestions would help me a lot and thanks so much in advance.


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  • ags123
    10-06 03:14 PM
    Last month dates were 7 Jan 2005.
    This month dates are 22 Jan 2005.
    Still the reported Jan 2005 approvals(, IV ) etc are less than 5.
    Not sure whats happening to these

    New topic for discussion while waiting for friday bulletin :)

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  • amoljak
    02-09 12:44 PM
    Let�s pick up on Craig Barrett's suggestion: "We should just staple a green card to every advanced degree granted to a foreign national from a US university in science and engineering,"

    It has been stated before, but never followed up seriously.

    May be adding it to "What Immigration Voice wants to do?" would be a start�


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  • aj130346
    01-06 06:38 AM
    My LC & 140 are approved under EB2 category. PD is Oct 2004. The same employer wants to promote and move me from New York to California.

    The question is:
    Can i file GC under PERM for the new role ( same company) in California. Assuming the PERM LC gets approved, can i port the PD of Oct 2004?

    Any insights appreciated

    PD : Oct 2004
    45 Day letter: April 2006
    LC approved: Sept 2006
    140 Approved: Dec 2006

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  • nlssubbu
    12-17 02:43 PM
    My current AP expires on July 30, 2008. I am planning to apply for renewal in Jan or Feb 2008, which is 6 months prior to expiration. I understand that nowadays it takes more than 3 months for approval.

    In case of emergency, Can I travel to India with my current AP while AP renewal petition is pending?.

    Thanks for your help.

    I do not foresee any problem in using your current AP, if your travel time is well within it's period.


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  • buehler
    06-10 05:09 PM
    This is a old video which was created last year right after all those protest marches by the illegals. But pretty interesting for many of our new members.

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  • chanduv23
    11-25 06:07 PM
    Dear Members, please join your State Chapters. A lot of activities are being planned and organized.


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  • ardard2007
    04-06 12:25 PM

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  • GCBy3000
    01-11 06:11 PM

    01/11/2007: February 2007 Visa Bulletin

    Schedule A special category is gone and EB-2 and EB-3 for entire countries including India and China remain the same as January.
    More painful is lack of the State Department prediction for visa number changes in the future! Ominous sign?
    Family categories showed a steady, albeit about one month or less or more, movement ahead.


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  • newuser
    07-24 08:36 PM
    With the new updates from IV, we should be planning lawmaker meets pretty soon.

    Please come forward and start being active. Join the State Chapter and become donor's to access more info

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  • beautifulMind
    06-19 09:18 AM
    My priority date is Jan 2006 in EB3 and I wanted to understand what happens after you file I-485. Is is all first come first after that or they will process 485based on priority date. What if I filed my 485 on july 1 and another person with an earlier priority date filed it after 6 months considering the priority dates are still current till then. Will mine be processed before the other guy.

    Also, I was going to take a promotion in my company and file a new application in EB2 but with all dates being current now I am confused. I will still apply for 485 in Eb3 and get the benefits for EAD and AP but I am sure the final approval and getting of green card is going to take 5-6 years for jan 2006 eb3 dates.

    My questions

    Can I still change to Eb2 after filing a 485 in EB3?
    Can I port the priority date from EB3 to Eb2 after eb3 140 is approved?

    Please help


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  • skyman
    08-30 11:05 PM
    Hi friends,
    I completed my Masters degree this May 08 and started working on opt for a company A. Meanwhile another company B filed for my H1 and it got approved. But i would now like to continue working for my current company A.
    1. On what status would i be on October 1?
    2. Could i continue working for Company A on my OPT even after October 1?


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  • bamasri10309
    08-03 02:56 PM
    Did you guys talk about this already ? I apologize if this has been analyzed already...

    Murthy.com issues a Oct visa bulletin prediction based on information from DOS


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  • Blog Feeds
    07-23 11:40 AM
    Belgian-born Diane Von Furstenberg was profiled yesterday in the New York Times as an example of a fashion designer who is actually doing well despite the economic downturn. Furstenberg has been a major figure in American fashion design for nearly four decades. Her designs are worn by famous women like Jessica Alba, Madonna and Jennifer Lopez. Von Furstenberg gave some common sense advice in the interview that is worth repeating: �It�s more important than ever to have confidence. Everyone else is insecure. If you start to take a little bit of everyone else�s insecurity � forget it.�

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2009/07/immigrant-of-the-day-diane-von-furstenberg-fashion-designer.html)

    02-25 07:03 PM
    I am curently on h1b visa on 7th year.My i-140 got approved 3years back and filed i-485 in 2007 and waiting for gc.Now if i switch my job to different employer using my EAD,Can my previous employer revoke my i-140 affecting my gc processing.Does he still have control to withdraw.Can you please help on this.Thanks.
    Employer can withdraw anytime. But you should be OK with AC21 provisions.

    07-09 09:24 PM
    it might be a little bit tricky to find this out. Talk to IO about your 485 and ask her about 140 during the conversation. She might tell you the PD on that. Once, I successfully reconformed my PD by trying this way ( I have approval notice with me though).

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