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  • HaveQuestions
    04-07 10:11 PM
    My H1B is with USCIS and my employer has received an intent to revoke.
    I am planning to go on H4 and my questions are
    1) Can my employer file for a new H1B ANYTIME regardless of whether my H1B is revoked or not? I heard that since i am already counted against the cap, it doesnt matter when the H1B is filed, once approved i could start work immediately. Is this true?
    Or this can be done only till my earlier H1B is not revoked? And if revoked i will have to file H1B against the 2011 quota and start work from October?

    Appreciate any response!!

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  • valysivec27
    07-18 03:24 PM

    I have an approved I140 and eligible to apply for I485. My wife is in the same situation.

    Should we file separate? Or should I file only one application heither through my employer or hers?

    Any clarification in this matter would be greatly appreciated.


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  • GCwaitforever
    09-07 05:22 AM

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  • horus
    09-07 10:16 AM
    Supposed my I-485 was approved, am I legally required to go to USCIS, surrender my I-94 card and get a I-551 stamp? Could I just wait for GC to come in the mail?


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  • Blog Feeds
    02-17 09:20 AM
    From the Houston Chronicle: More Texas voters think unauthorized immigrants should be allowed to stay in the United States � through either a path to citizenship or work visas � than favor deporting them, according to a new Houston Chronicle/San Antonio Express-News poll. The poll showed that 38 percent of respondents favoring deportation � drawing the most support of the three options offered. Twenty-nine percent favored a way for unauthorized immigrants to attain citizenship, while 23 percent supported work visas.

    More... (

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  • regacct
    04-15 09:46 AM
    Thank you. I will do the comparison.


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  • clif
    06-28 12:57 PM
    My wife filed I-539 for changing status from H-4 to F-1 at end of May. We have the receipt and the case is now pending. Is it possible for her to request cancellation of this change of status and continue in H-4 status? If so, does anyone know how to ask USCIS for this?

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  • sam2006
    10-03 03:14 PM
    PLEASE Name your POSTS Properly


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  • Macaca
    08-26 09:29 PM
    Op-Chart: A New, Improved Congress? ( By THOMAS E. MANN, MOLLY REYNOLDS, and PETER HOEY | New York Times, August 26, 2007

    Thomas E. Mann is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and the co-author of �The Broken Branch.� Molly Reynolds is a research assistant at Brookings. Peter Hoey is an illustrator in Arcata, Calif.

    JUST before Congress adjourned for its August recess, Democrats engaged in a flurry of legislative activity, while Republicans complained about a �do-nothing� Congress�s meager policy accomplishments. Deep partisan differences, narrow majorities and a Republican in the White House have frustrated Democratic ambitions and fueled a toxic atmosphere in both chambers of Congress. The public�s low approval ratings reflect broad discontent with the direction of the country but also displeasure with Congress for failing to reverse course on Iraq and for continuing the bitter partisan warfare.

    But has this really been a do-nothing Congress? The circumstances are similar to those in 1995, when a new Republican majority in both houses took office under a Democratic president. So perhaps the best question to ask is, how is this 110th Congress doing compared with the 104th Congress, in 1995?

    Both new majorities began by spending more time in session, holding more committee meetings and roll call votes, and passing more substantive measures than the Congress before them had. At the same time, in both cases, the number of bills signed into law by the president from January to August dropped.

    Still, the Democratic Congress�s legislative harvest this year has been bountiful compared with that of its Republican counterpart in 1995. Back then, the Republicans� Contract With America was stymied by opposition from the Senate and the president. The new Congress has enacted a far-reaching lobbying and ethics reform bill, an increase in the minimum wage, recommendations of the 9/11 Commission, foreign investment rules and a competitiveness package, and has embedded a number of major initiatives and new priorities in continuing and supplemental spending bills. Democrats also made headway on energy, children�s health insurance, college student loans, Head Start, drug safety and a farm bill � though much of this awaits action in the Senate or in conference and faces a possible veto.

    During the first seven months of 1995, Congressional oversight of the executive branch increased modestly in the Senate but not at all in the House. But this year Congress, especially the House, has intensified its oversight, following years of inattention and deference by its Republican predecessor.

    Democratic promises to restore civility and regular parliamentary procedure by allowing the minority party a larger role in deliberations have foundered. The number of restrictive rules for debate has increased, and the conference process has been short-circuited on various occasions.

    In the Senate, Republicans have made the filibuster, or the threat of filibuster, routine, setting a 60-vote hurdle for all contested legislative matters. This has led Harry Reid of Nevada, the majority leader, to file many more petitions for cloture than Bob Dole, his counterpart in 1995, did.

    The chart below shows what the 110th Congress accomplished before it closed for its August recess, compared with its immediate predecessor and with the Republican Congress that took office in 1995.

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  • mysterio_ray
    04-07 04:49 PM
    If your EAD is based on your husband's I-485 app I don't see any reason as to why that should affect your gc process if you move jobs.


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  • Dhundhun
    03-20 03:41 AM
    As I read the memo, it is OK for two employer to file H1B for a employee.

    We discuss in this forum and IV discourages this.

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  • SBAV
    05-24 07:48 AM
    I am traveling to India after long time. The airline reservation requires me to provide my green card number. Can anyone tell me what that is? Is it A# number?

    I tried entering the 9 digits of A# number on the airline website without a success, what is a right syntax?
    AXXX-XXX-XXX or XXXXXXXXX without using �-�

    I don�t want to submit wrong information.

    Also, is it possible to provide this information at Check-In and not to worry about it now?
    If anyone has done this before then let me know, any help is appreciated.


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  • kirupa
    03-10 11:07 PM

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  • Blog Feeds
    08-29 08:20 PM
    On August 20, John Morton, the Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), released a memorandum entitled "Guidance Regarding the Handling of Removal Proceedings of Aliens with Pending or Approved Application or Petitions". The memorandum applies to persons in removal proceedings who meet the following criteria: The alien must be the subject of an application or petition with USCISto include a current priority date, if required, for adjustment of status; The alien appears eligible for relief as a matter of law and in the exercise of discretion; The alien must present a completed "Application to Register Permanent...

    More... (


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  • Adaam
    01-30 11:57 PM
    Just asking out of curiosity because when an illegal alien lives and possibly runs from cops from place to place for a period of time then they are qualifed for a green card and eventually citizenship.

    Why would they become nice to them after a certain period of time? It is illegal.

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  • raja2122
    09-25 09:54 PM
    Recently i have joined a new employer after my H1 transfer has been applied, today i have recieved approval notice and its approved until October 15 2007,
    were has my previous h1 was valid until October 2008. Please help how should i proceed ?


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  • yabadaba
    06-20 08:07 AM
    guys who have already filed 485.

    Do u know if its possible to schedule an earlier fingerprinting date? can we just walk to a ASC with our appointment letter and get our fingerprinting done?

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  • sent4dc
    04-05 01:28 AM
    Hi everyone:

    I'm new at this forum and am hoping someone would be able to shed some light on my dilemma. My labor certification is currently under supervised recruitment. I checked the America's Job Bank website and found my ad, but the job description in it contained only the part according to O*Net occupation description. The form ETA-750 had some additional job requirements posted by the employer, which were omitted in the AJB ad. I'm afraid with the current ad at AJB they'll get tons of applications.

    Can someone advice what shall I do?

    Thanks in advance...

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  • Blog Feeds
    02-05 06:40 PM
    The final season of ABC's Lost begins tonight wrapping up the groundbreaking science fiction drama that is truly addictive and has one of the most complex plots ever devised for television. The show also has an international cast that American's have rarely seen and which makes the show even more appealing. Here are some of the immigrants that have played important roles in the show over the last six years - Naveen Andrews - UK - Sayid Jarrah Daniel Dae Kim - South Korean - Jin Kwon Yunkim Kim - South Korea - Sun Kwon Evangeline Lilly - Canada -...

    More... (

    07-22 01:43 PM
    As it is filed for fiscal year 2008, it should start from Oct 2008.

    So you can start working right away. Congrates and all the best

    08-29 09:40 AM
    There is no such thing as AP Renewal, it is always a fresh application. That is the reason application does not mention anything about renewal.

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