Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • desi485
    11-08 05:02 PM

    Thank you for taking time writing the blog. People like you make this website so much helpful and valuable.

    I found one very detailed thread on Ron Gotcher's website. He mentioned that cancellation or revocation of I-140 doesn't automatically revokes EAD.

    this is quite interesting and a big relief if true.

    Click to read yourself (

    I would suggest to read this thread completely to anyone who is AOS candidate. Even if you are not thinking of changing your job, during current economy, anyone should be prepared to use AC21 if needed.

    "An EAD remains valid until it expires or is explicitly revoked. Since most AOS denials flow from I-140 problems, an EAD card is not going to get revoked immediately. If nothing else, they have to wait until the interval for an I-140 appeal has lapsed - even if you don't appeal."

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  • gjoe
    03-08 11:47 PM
    I wish my predictions come true. Most of the time it does happen. BTW my PD is may2003 :)

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  • ronhira
    07-06 02:06 AM
    Funds will follow if people see viability. Anywaz nothing is coming out of lobbying efforts so currently how does it even matter ?

    and hence a jesus is born. but let me ask you this - if nothing will come out of lobbying effort, then why is every tom dick and harry spending more and more money on lobbying. if lobbying won't work, what should we do.

    wwbd - what would bawa do?

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  • chanduv23
    11-26 10:29 AM
    Thank you, I'll keep everyone posted if anything changes.

    I called USCIS customer service to ask for the attorney name on file and they said that they didn't have access to that information and I would have to get an Infopass appointment for that. Given the crap that ChanduV had to deal with (for changing jobs on AC21) during his infopass appointment, it is probably best I just wait to ask that question until my second biometric appointment is due in a few months.


    Well - not every officer will deal with you in the same manner. It was my bad luck. I am sure, I might find someone helpful if I go again. So don't get intimidated and discouraged.

    Usually at infopass they do not want to answer questions like 'Who is my Attorney on file etc... " The questions they answer are - name check pending, further review etc..... So you may get an answer "If your Attorney has filed for G 28 - then you don't have to worry". But you never know and can always give a try.


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  • GCwaitforever
    04-30 02:11 PM
    I believe the 140 backlog is artificial. They processed only 2k cases in one month. How come they finished all EADs in 3 months for all June/July filers? There is something more to all this than meets the eye.

    Bootmline is they want to make it hard for us one way or the other. Btw, I had just come out of BEC and got stuck with 140 now.

    When did your labor process from BEC? Do you know if there are any pending cases with National processing center, which is the successor of BECs?

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  • harivenkat
    08-12 11:23 AM
    this seems to me ... the master stroke in using documented as weapon towards undocumented ...eventually getting rid of both weapon and the target ....


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  • vactorboy29
    07-20 11:14 PM
    Check this web site and do ur calculations;


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  • gc_dedo
    08-11 04:31 PM
    This message is on Ron Gotcher forum

    I continue to hear reports from sources I consider credible that the CIS is putting on a major push to clean up the I-140 backlogs. If this is true, look for a lot of I--140 approvals soon and a return to premium processing shortly thereafter.

    Link (


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  • WeldonSprings
    05-02 04:17 PM
    Just responding to my quote- This question was also raised by Honorable House Democrat from Illinois Mr. Guterriez.I know everyone has looked at the Visa Bulletin. Here is a quote from it-

    2. Section 201 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) sets an annual minimum family-sponsored preference limit of 226,000. The worldwide level for annual employment-based preference immigrants is at least 140,000. Section 202 prescribes that the per-country limit for preference immigrants is set at 7% of the total annual family-sponsored and employment-based preference limits, i.e., 25,620. The dependent area limit is set at 2%, or 7,320.

    So, don't you guys think that there more than 140,000 visas can be given away, if need me as it is this moment. So, I don't understand the retrogression???

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  • felix31
    01-04 02:48 PM

    I guess I am pretty much in line with others.
    For me, having GC will mean becoming a citizen one day and my visa hasseles will lessen tremendously even with only GC in hand. Right now,its next to impossible to get a 2-3week visitor visa for EU countries and actually the rest of the world..

    Naturally, even being able to file for I485 would help my wife jump start her career, we would be able to commit to buying a house and I would be able to focus on some enterpenuer ideas. Our families would be able to come and spend extended 2-3months. Right now, they can only get 2 weeks and % of denials is frightetingly high....

    Going back home is not an option as unemloyment rate is higher than ever, and I would not be able to support my family if I go back.

    I will be 42 in may and already 7+ yrs in the US with PD Nov 2005...and I am slowly getting old for IT businees but GC process keeps me chained for employer, of course.

    Hopefully, in a year or two things will be sort themselves out - if not we will be moving to Canada.


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  • jthomas
    06-11 01:32 AM
    Can we collectively find alternatives to move to other countries or going back home. I really don't think anything is going to happen for EB-I

    we should collectively aim our approach to get SSA back and use up other benifits

    J thomas

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  • chanduv23
    05-14 11:58 AM
    Just an update from my side:

    I have just talked local Congresswoman's Office and I have talked to a staff member for 1 hour and she is helping me. She is going to call NSC and get to the root cause of this problem.

    If you are reading this, do not lose hope. We have to try every avenue and knock every door that is open.

    Great going. Please post your updates. I am sure, you will be fine.


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  • diptam
    08-10 01:08 PM
    Diluted drinks wont help you - Have " straight up "...

    Its August 12th today and we are really screwed

    no receipts for me too :( r Williams 7:55am 07/02
    i m going go drinking to drown my sorrows soon.

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  • Leo07
    11-09 01:55 PM
    Thanks to the glorious service of the Atlanta center :mad: I missed the I-485 bus by 7 days( Labor cleared on Aug end ). Many people with later PD's got cleared from the Chicago PERM center . Now I just watch as all members get their EAD's and AP's while I wait with nothing but hope and watch legislation after legislation fail in the senate and house , and the letters flying all over the place .

    Just so that you feel better...I missed by about the same time.

    Keep your hopes alive!


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  • eagerr2i
    11-06 12:21 AM
    Dear Jimi,

    I am here in Los Angeles County in the city of Pasadena. It would be really nice if we could organize the So Cal Chapter and coordinate our " meet the lawmakers type meetings in the LA/San Diego area.

    Thanks for taking the lead on this one. I will ask others that I know in LA to join this capter as well.



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  • san1007
    12-26 10:48 PM
    I filed the AP on July 25 and receipt date is Aug 26. Still didn't get the AP. Few of my friends applied after me got AP already. Don't know what is going on


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  • jonty_11
    07-06 01:35 PM
    66K plus 60K still only makes 126K, do they still have another 20K or so? How does the math tally here?

    I think this all boils down to them wanting to clear the 485 backlog without accepting any more 485s all while not wasting any visa numbers for this year.
    In an effort to juggle all these issues, they screwed it all up.

    Bottom line is they want to streamline the system such that they don't have "unapprovable" 485s in the system. They have caught on to the way the lawyers and us legal immigrants were filing 485s to get our foot in the door then sitting tight for eons. They simply don't want that. They either want you here on a visa or on a green card straightforwardly. Thats what I am getting from all this.
    Could be, But I still feel they did this to avoid a but load of applications simple because they DO NOT WANNA WORK.
    If they think that we should be on GCs or VISA only, then they would be already working on streamlining the sytem instead of wasting so many VISAS every year as per Ombudsman's report.

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  • Libra
    07-06 10:26 AM
    First of all i want to say is nixstor cool down, you dont have to use bad words to say anything, even though you spell wrong people can read it right.

    The whole name check system itself not working properly, everybody knows it, there are criminals who got clearance and there are innocents stuck for years, so its a chance to make FBI think about their system.

    Shyt! This is what I call shooting in one's own foot. C mon, Fcuk it up so bad that we will dig a big hole that we won't ever come out again. Please read my other post and think for a minute before you do this again and again

    Diptam & Saim,

    Please change these security lapses thing. You might be hurting yourselves in the long run. If You are thinking that this is not a big issue in DOS/USCIS, You are mistaken. This is a hot button issue in both agencies. Focus on quality of life issues and other losses incurred. Do not play with security. Its going to come back and hurt us. Please Go ahead and change these security lapse crap.

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  • srinivas_o
    09-02 01:40 PM
    Landed in August 2000.
    Company A filed Eb2 labor in Aug 2003, went to backlog center, got an intent to deny letter, replied to that letter, eventually got denied.
    Company B filed EB3 labr in Sep 2004, luckily filed I-485 in July 2007, got EAD.
    Now working for Company C on EAD as an FTE using AC21 memo feature.

    08-16 06:34 PM
    someone atleast give us an idea of how many ppl are waiting in Eb3.
    USCIS is such a black box, can they tell us if we are going to get it in this lifetime. They've already wasted 250K.

    07-06 12:26 PM
    I dont understand how organizations like DOS , USCIS can do such
    Ping-pong childish things in their official website.

    Save us God !

    It is sure something internally happening in DOS and USCIS on this mess. They are Scared of consequences and so trying to cover all loopholes.

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