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gta san andreas 2

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  • Libra
    09-12 12:54 PM
    thank you ska_iit

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  • langagadu
    09-15 09:07 PM
    If you have guts talk on the open forum, why do you give REDs from the back?

    Abe Kutte, you did not fill out your profile properly, Moran.
    Application mailed date is 03/03/2005 and USCIS Rcvd Date is 04/03/2001.

    Looks like you learned in your Ph.d to go backwards in life, Moran.Keep going back and reach 1990, you will get your GC soon. Saat me leke ja tumara sunnysurya ko bi (don't forget to buy bangles for both of you):D:D

    By the way I am EB3 and I don't have intentions to port, still I support whoever eligible.

    Here is the form you can fill out to express support:

    View the read only document here:

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  • shiankuraaf
    07-14 09:58 PM
    Just sent $50 to be received on 07/21/2008. Conf # 7YC45-CWJKT

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  • diptam
    08-10 02:27 PM
    Everyone is saying that "Wait-Wait , have patience , forget Check-cashing till you realize that you've sunk in deep waters"

    If there are few cases which are returned for false reasons ( see other thread) after Aug 17th probably those few will be forgotten till PD becomes Current again - 6-7 yrs - Huh ? :)

    My app was received at the NSC on June 28th at 9:02am. I havent receviced receipts or checks cashed. If for some reason my app is denied or there is a request for evidence after the 17th of Aug are we able to resubmit or will it be too late?


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  • Tags: gta,grand theft auto,san

  • IV2007
    04-02 11:20 AM

    I read through all of your posts.

    One question I am not clear is:
    I am on H1-B. I don't intend to change my status.

    I start my LLC & work part time in the LLC on EAD. Is this possible ?

    I am not sure if H1 gets invalidated by doing this. If so, the only alternative I found is hire others to do it or open a partnership LLC.

    Am I correct ?

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  • little_willy
    09-10 11:25 AM
    :mad:why did i get a red dot for this post? now i cant access the
    Just gave you green... chat away...


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  • gbof
    02-08 08:32 PM
    you need to stop getting answers from others and solve this problem amicably with you wife. There is nothing better than a one-one discussion with her.

    Marrying is like buying a company, you have a moral obligation to account for any liabilities she may have.

    Understand, she may have been the sole income earner in India for her parents. It doesnot hurt for you to send say 200-300 dollars every month. 700 dollars every month from your check is not that big deal (350 for each family). Don't make it a long term solution.

    You have filed 485, what stops your wife from getting a job here?? Does she want to stay at home, watch TV and enjoy life? if she thinks that way, let her know, if she wants to send money to her parents long term, she needs to get out of house, find a job
    Your wife should also have the heart to not burden you with financial requests. If she can get a job here, she should. If she earns money, its her's and its upto her how she spends that. If you can afford to tell her that, do it.

    These are somethings that you folks should have thought by now and discussed. If not, then you know now

    Please, do understand proper communication is not possible in circumstances like this and that is th root cause of frustrations ( I know it because I am still going through this). Also with a baby to think or ask for job require lot of intelligent planning at home.

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  • singhsa3
    09-11 05:18 PM
    What about the issues like not following RD or PD?
    What about being rude on the call?
    What about the wild fluctuation in the bulletein?
    Should we let these thing to continue?

    What we are expecting after this calc. camp ? I dont think so they will revise bulletin nor they will give single extra visa above 140k. I think we should focus on HR 5882 .. We should send something to lawmakers.

    Just a thought.


    gta san andreas 2. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
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  • vkallank
    07-18 10:23 PM
    Amit, i have sent you a PM. :)

    Thanks a bunch for all of you who contributed today, I read each and every post and felt very content that atleast there are people who feel the same way like I feel. IV is the only org that stands for us. It is time to strengthen it, Most of you have no idea how much money is really needed for lobbying, and how far it can take us if each of us contributed a little every month.
    Minimum $50/month.

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  • gta san andreas mods.

  • vayumahesh
    11-09 08:50 AM
    I need info from the experts here. I am thinking of going with interfiling process rather than wait for the USCIS system to identify the case as current. One issue with my case is I-140 attorney (company lawyer) is different from I-485 attorney (outside company). My company attorney has forwarded the copy of I-140 to my I-485 attorney. Is I-140 copy enough or must submit original with the interfiling process ?

    The following thread in Immigrationvoice says, lawyer needs to send original I-140 with interfiling process. (response by sanbaj - The lawyer has to write a letter to USCIS along with the original approval notice of the newly approved but older PD I140. )


    gta san andreas 2. Gta San Andreas 2
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  • ItIsNotFunny
    09-19 07:54 AM
    thanks for answering.

    i am not married. i have explored the possibility of doing this with friend(s) but decided that would like to do this independently. so i guess i have to figure out this owner/employee dual role problem.

    any experience on this?

    This is exactly why I am planning to open a company that can work as a pool for people who can use AC21, keep almost all the rate they are getting from market without having Legal Issues. I have atleast couple of people joining the pool immediately.

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  • vparam
    07-21 10:53 AM
    Bring our issues in front of Ombudsman with the kind of time line we expect and let him take it up with the Govt.

    I strongly doubt whether he could help. I am not sure how many people have done like me, but the recent change of de-linking H4 time from H1 was a year long effort by me with all the laws reffered and countered arguments that i provide to ombudsman. He helped in that but the help was routing it to appropriate AG's staff. So with such a deluge of application , he will analysis and make a recommendation that would take as long as this EAD issue will cease to be an issue and that would take another year for USCIS to implement.


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  • black_logs
    01-11 11:39 AM
    1 point we should make to the lawmakers is to make an administraive change to give 3 years extensions and abolish 1 year extensions. As 1 year extensions are not suffecient a very solid case can be presented for that case.
    1) Driver license, lit of state doesn't give DLs if you have less than 1 year left on Visa
    2) H1B Extension is taking 4-6 months
    3) No Visa stamping in U.S.
    The problem are just too many we need a proper channel to raise our voice to them

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  • hopefullegalimmigrant
    01-04 01:27 PM
    helpless situation. Got to stay cool :cool:


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  • p7810456
    02-08 05:04 PM

    Any one got a chance to look at the statistics of BECS, I read only 33% of the applications are certified so far . I think its a good thing ..

    why is it a good thing?

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  • hiralal
    05-29 12:05 AM
    if your loan is denied while on EAD ..count yourself as lucky !!!
    my advice careful before you take a plunge when on EAD or on temporary visa (H1).
    MONDAY, MAY 25, 2009
    The Housing Hurricane Will Howl Again
    This is only a lull in the housing hurricane.

    WE'RE OUT OF THE EYE OF THE HURRICANE, but here comes the back half of the storm. A lot of people think that we've seen the worst of the housing crisis. They're talking about green shoots and glimmers of hope, when they should be back in the storm shelter, preparing for a flood of inventory that will overwhelm the markets and produce another round of falling prices

    For the past few months there has been a semi-moratorium on foreclosures. Most institutions with delinquent mortgages didn't foreclose. The signs that blanket many neighborhoods have been posted by a fraction of the lenders. Now the rest of the banks are rushing to get their properties on the market.
    Christoph Hitz for Barron's
    We're still supporting misguided programs that only add to inventory woes. They encourage builders to put up more homes and penalize anyone else trying to sell a home.

    As a Florida real-estate broker who works with bank asset managers to dispose of foreclosed properties, I get a good view of this market. From December 2008 through mid-March 2009, the number of asset managers calling to discuss REO (real estate owned) properties on their client banks' books dropped by more than 80% from the level at which it previously had been running. In the past two months, however, asset managers have been busy, with most interested in how many properties we could handle at once.

    Law firms for banks are once again lining up to file foreclosures and to process evictions. The asset managers we work with have warned us to expect a flood of properties, beginning in early June. This will hit as the number of potential buyers continues to dwindle. Builders, traditional sellers and investors who entered too early are already loaded with REO properties.

    ALL OF THE OBAMA administration's attempts to revive, resuscitate and shock the housing markets into recovery have failed. Potential buyers can't purchase homes when they are losing their jobs, regardless of how attractive the credits and mortgages are. The price of homes will continue to fall until the properties are affordable for potential buyers.

    If an investor could purchase a home and rent it out for close to breakeven, we might be getting close to a bottom. But we are nowhere close to that level in most critical markets. Until it is approached, prices will continue to fall. In fact, the negative cash flow now evident, along with the flood of properties coming into the inventory pool, warn of lower prices.

    There's no light at the end of the tunnel yet. We're still supporting builders through misguided programs that are only adding to the inventory woes. California decided to offer a $10,000 credit to buyers of new homes, on top of the $8,000 federal credit. But California made the $10,000 available only for new homes purchased directly from builders. That shows the power of the builders' lobby, but it only adds to California's housing-industry problem. It encourages builders to construct dwellings we don't need, and it penalizes anyone else trying to sell a home.

    Housing inventory soon will flood a market in which more than 500,000 homes are being built each year, even though the annual sales pace for new homes is closer to 300,000. We must also deal with a system clogged with impossible short sales, a surge of second and vacation homes being dumped, and third-wave flippers realizing that they entered the market too soon.

    FOR THE BANKS, the back half of the hurricane will destroy balance sheets, unless the Obama administration comes up with another plan to mythically mark these assets on the books. Or we might see some chimerical plan to write down mortgage payments, or move toxic mortgages into a dark pool, or create some new illusion that glosses over the problem.

    Our experience with banks' selling REOs is they realize about 50%-75% of what they initially think they will get. Moreover, their expenses to bring these properties to market and manage them are growing. Court systems bogged down with foreclosures are raising fees so that they can hire additional staff. More and more homeowners being evicted are stripping homes to the bone, removing appliances, fixtures, carpet, cabinets, air handlers, motorized garage-door openers and anything else that they can carry off or sell.

    Unemployment presents a two-pronged problem. If homeowners lose their jobs, they have difficulty meeting mortgage payments. And a high jobless rate forces more people to put their homes on the market.

    During the housing bubble, many second homes were purchased with the mythical equity from primary residences. These second homes are coming onto the market at an alarming rate, as many middle- and upper-class sellers need to raise cash. In some very exclusive private communities in Florida, where home prices are in the seven figures, more than 50% of the homes are on the market. (For more on the vacation-home market, see Cover Story.)

    Unfortunately, there are no signs of recovery, despite the hype and the twisting of numbers in many media reports. The end of the unofficial moratorium on foreclosures, combined with rising unemployment, signals that the back half of this housing hurricane is only just beginning.


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  • cnachu2
    10-24 01:22 PM
    sent emails.

    girlfriend GTA San Andreas - Hry Pc .cz| gta san andreas 2. i found gta san andreas
  • i found gta san andreas

  • rbharol
    07-18 01:57 PM
    Not to forget the people stuck in backlog centers.

    I was stuck in backlog center.
    Recently my company converted from Non-RIR to RIR and I got it approved
    in a few months. In parallel, I had my labor approved via PERM too as a safety net, just in case dates become current.

    I would personally suggest to change your case to RIR if it is not so and there
    is no harm in getting PERM approval as well.

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  • Blessing&Lifeisbeautiful
    07-24 04:27 PM
    My lawyers have just said I will NOT get an EAD because I don't have a visascreen. EVEN though I have a USA RN license.

    Has anyone heard of this. This is a first for me.

    Anyone with advice? Please help


    10-16 04:42 PM
    good post - add a poll to it

    09-14 06:20 PM are right. I am with you.

    Rather I would like to add more items to what u have listed-
    1. Its wrong for EB2 filers to find/marry a us citizen. That will be unethical of them to do as they will be jumping lines. Because u would be unable to do if u would have married based on GCTest's logic please dont marry us citizen or if u have marriued continue to only use you EB2 application for processing :-)

    2. Also people who are now planning of using EB5 (assuming u have now saved/gather enough money). So EB2, EB3 or other people u have been saving money and are now thinking of risking ur money/career/life on EB5 filing..please dont do that...because that will be unethical.....u r doing it bcos u now have money. Per GCTest's logic u did not having money u filed ur EB2 or EB3 application so if u have money now...dont try to use it.

    GCTest...can u think of other conditions post them.

    Oh yes corollary to #1. Also bachelors in EB2/EB3 category make sure u dont fall inlove and plan to marry any girl/boy from the countries which are current. Help GCTest's cause.


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