Friday, June 17, 2011

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  • Macaca
    10-01 11:54 AM
    This loss of visas is due to:

    gaps in USCIS� accounting of cases;
    USCIS not processing enough pending applications in a timely manner; and
    the imprecise art of predicting workflows and demand surges at three federal agencies:

    Department of Labor (DOL) (approves labor certifications);
    USCIS (processes immigration petitions after completion of labor certifications and processes green card applications for applicants in the United States); and
    DOS (establishes priority dates and processes immigrant visas from applicants outside the United States).

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  • inskrish
    08-10 02:51 PM
    Sing it: "No checks no receipt...whatcha gonna do...whatcha gonna do when they come for you (Border control)"....Hey!! I'm legal!!!:D

    5 weeks and nothing.....But i did get my H1/H4 8th yr receipts in a week.

    But, it also says "Everyone is innocent until proven guilty by (USCIS)".:)

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  • permfiling
    12-11 03:07 PM
    There could be lots of folks who missed July 07 fiasco. For the people who were able to file during July 07 that EAD is working as good as green card for now.. wish we could. Here is my case if that makes you feel little better that there are lots of people who missed the boat, I Had approved labor with PD Mar 06 and I-140 and i changed my Job in Mar 07 because of issues with desi company. I never imagined that dates will become current in just three months.. :mad:

    Now i am still waiting for my labor.. I recently got three years H1b extension. This extension seems like green card to me :o

    I am in the same boat as well. I have my PERM pending and it is forever now with the PERM delays.

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  • yoda
    09-13 04:59 PM
    Sent it to the Indian Embassy. They have a monthly newsletter. Hope to see this in the Oct. newsletter.


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  • $eeGrEeN
    09-10 12:38 PM
    checking my rep.

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  • danu2007
    07-18 09:54 PM
    Joined in the month of July and contributed $100 and will sign up recurring one.


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  • god_bless_you
    03-08 10:18 AM
    check here for live web cast

    link is not working!!

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  • Libra
    07-06 03:25 PM
    aarbi, did you do your medicals, did you loose your work day, did you paid your attorney, did your wife(if any) came back from middle of the vacation, did you had health problem when you done your medicals....did your app got stuck at USCIS for years......
    sleepless nights for those people who's answer is YES for most of the above questions

    why would you have sleepless nights till Oct? Did you have sleepless nights before June 13th? Your sleepiness should be the same as it was before June 13th!


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  • Administrator2
    04-30 02:19 PM
    Cornyn Open to Working on Immigration Reform - Roll Call (

    We need to get more, but obviously a good beginning.

    This is just in. Thanks for posting Leo07.

    Please Please Please call Cornyn office right now.

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  • eastindia
    05-14 02:20 PM
    I made 5 calls today during my lunch time. It looked like they were getting our message and writing it down.


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  • gonecrazyonh4
    04-25 08:52 PM
    We stood in the backlog queue. 3 years. 4 years. Now, we are standing in the I-485 adjustment of status (to apply) queue.

    Neither the USCIS nor anyone else have real hard numbers of how many are in each in queue. So, what makes you think that you will NOT be stranded again, like us, in the latter queue. Let me tell you; things are not pretty. PERM has eased or will ease LCs and backlogs. The attempt at IV will help folks affected by retrogression take less years to apply for I-485.

    I dont expect the wait to be any less longer .. But I would surely welcome priority date being based on H1 start date as it would be more fair method

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  • rustamehind
    07-18 07:12 PM
    Lets say your PD is/was current in March, April, June and July. You decided not to apply in the previous months and you finally submitted at the end of July. On the other hand i had my PD current on July and i applied. After i applied and before you applied there could be 10k(for example) applications. Now when its time to process application which one they should process yours or mine?. Obviously they will process the one that they got first. They not going to look for the PD and pull out your's from the pile of applications. Its your fault that you have not applied early enough even though your PD was current.

    What if out of all 10000 , 9999 don't have priority date current.Do you think they will still not look at the 1 in the pile which has a current PD.They will look at it , Even if it is number 10000 in the list.Actually there will be no pile because 9999 people won't even be in contention.
    Why do you think labour substitution was so HOT?Just because by getting an earlier PD , you were going to steam roll everybody who filed before you , just because you got an earlier PD..


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  • mhathi
    03-22 05:28 PM
    I have been a monthly contributor ($50/month) since December 2007. Already sent mail about a week ago to info at immigratin voice dot org.

    Waiting for access... Glad to help in any way I can. I like the idea of having a donor forum. I have seen too many of our posts wind up on the pages of anti-legal immigrant groups over the years.

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  • gcseeker2002
    09-13 05:47 PM
    What can we do about it ? I knew 3-4 guys who ported from EB3 to EB2 and even got their 485 approved because of this, during August.


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  • freakin_gc
    12-29 03:05 PM
    will someone will please explain my RFE in lay man words

    The labor certification submitted in support of your petition indicates that the minimum education requirement is "bachelor's degree in computer science, compluter Applications, Computer Information Systems, Electrical, Mechanical, Mathematcis, Physics or its foriegn Education Equivalent".It is noted that the beneficiary received a 3 year bachelor's degree in Mathementics.

    However, the term "euivalent" is not defined. Please provide documentary evidence to establish the definition of "equivalent" as it was defined in your labor certification process. Such evidence may include , but is not limited to, a statement from the dol explaining the interpretation of the term as certified, copies of the petioner's recruitment documentation and/or evidence that no U.S. applicant's for the position who posses the same or similar qualification as the beneficiary wer disqualified from selection


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  • techskill
    09-10 02:09 PM
    I think they advanced the dates to 2006 not to approve the cases but to collect new applications with the new fees.They approved couple of cases only to show that they r working on old cases (2006 which is old for them or however they interpret).


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  • snathan
    02-13 10:14 PM
    Why are you not posting other messages from me, kiddo. MS + 1 yr. LOL. What an experienced and talented guy :)

    I dont need your certificate junk...IV could not achive anything because of free loaders like you. what a piece of junk.

    Every one in this forum knows your talent. Are you working in form

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  • meminime
    11-30 02:47 PM
    Thanks for all the info about interfilling guys, very useful .

    I have EB3 Nob/04 with I40 approved and AOS in progress.

    Apllied EB2 10 months ago and got labor (6 months prep + 3 months in filling) + I140 approved (in 2 days)
    with prem processing.

    I'm also in the same boat as others, not clear as to what one has to do for porting/interfilling, I will let the attorney decide if he/she needs to submit a request or it will be automatically linked to the current 485.

    Please keep us updated on your progress which is more helpful than attorneys and SOPs followed by USCIS, thanks.


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  • ItIsNotFunny
    03-12 11:07 AM

    I have a suggestion! I don't think forcing monthly $25 contribution to keep donor status alive is a very good idea, especially in current economy. Take an example of myself. It is decided that I am going to loose job on 17th March, may not be able to contribute every month.


    01-03 05:40 PM
    It is your perspective. Do not bash like this about India in public forums. Feel free to experss yourselves but be honest and tell the truth.

    I do not agree with overall bashing about India. It is not that bad as you have told. I have lots of friends who are neither engineers nor doctors, but doing very great job. There are accountants, lawyers, teachers, professors and self employed people who are all doing good and great.

    Yes, infrastructure is bad. But it is all relative comparision. India is doing good and will do good. You have freedom to do whatever you like. Education system is good everywhere inlcuding villages. Opportunities will not chase you, you have to chase them and it is true everywhere in the world.

    GC Cons:
    1.You cannot enjoy the company of your parents/relatives.
    2.Your wife cannot work.
    GC Pros:
    1.You and your family will be raised in a pollution free environment.
    2.God forbid,if you ever get into an accident the cop would at least write down a complaint.If there is an emergency there would be an ambulance.My father had to go through this unfortunate experience.
    3.In India, given the real estate boom , anyone who has land in cities like Mumbai /Pune would rather build a mall or residential complex instead of Schools/Colleges.People are getting jobs now. Have they wondered where their kids will go to school/college? When it comes to getting jobs in India, everyone wants a candidate from a reputed college / university which is usually associated with the number of years the place has been around.
    4.If you want to settle outside cities, then you do not have access to the best in education and whatever so called infrastructure is there to offer.
    5.Back home, if your kid does not grow up to become a Doctor or Engineer he/she goes so much down in the social hierarchy that it is difficult to imagine.Only careers available are Doctors/Engineers.Last option is to join call center and live a nocturnal life.
    6.The job hierarchies in India are mostly namesake , at least in IT. The moral compass of Indian corporate world is pointing directly,constantly, and unerringly to hell. You will notice a "Sir-jee" system very soon after you start working there.
    7.On a last note, with a surge in purchasing power it is immature to declare India a developing/developed nation so soon. That tile is at least 500 years away and we have not started making the ground work yet(the Chinese have).

    07-15 02:50 PM
    Total So far 1340.00. We are Well short of our target of 2000.00. Let's Go Guys. $5 to IV = Hope for GC = Subway FootLong Sub.

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