Wednesday, June 29, 2011

flags of the world with names

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  • smehta1
    06-05 11:37 PM,29489,1625658_1371878,00.html

    wallpaper WORLD FLAGS LIST charlie brown flags of the world with names. World+flags+with+names
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  • chrisclick
    06-28 05:51 PM

    I thought I'd might as well do this contest, since I've not really done any haha. Get back into the swing of things on the forum again :P

    Hope ya'll like it :D

    Pfft, amateur at work ;)

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  • AstroZombie916
    09-13 03:35 PM
    it takes 5-10 seconds per frame at first.

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  • roseball
    07-10 04:58 PM
    Couldnt resist replying:

    DOS = Denial of Service = Dept of State.

    :D :D :D


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  • Steven-T
    February 25th, 2004, 01:52 PM
    It's just down the road. Does anyone think they'll give me a tour (on assignment from and allow me to photograph the joint with a 1D and 1Ds...
    I think this is just the assembly plant. Is most of the parts from Taiwan?

    I can offer an even exchange of my F2AS and F5 with your 1D and 1Ds. Someone is talking.


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  • Scythe
    03-17 04:18 PM
    It's things you like.


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  • lecter
    January 17th, 2005, 08:38 AM
    I've done a few already... let me pick the first one without a comment....
    tick tick..

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  • sands_14
    10-17 11:21 AM
    I dont remember the docs,it varies with the country u going to.
    But yes,its one and same thing if u travel on OPT or on H1,so no worries.Enjoy your trip!


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    03-01 11:45 AM
    Is it even possible to do somthing like make a simple hut in swift 3d? ...or does all that need to be done in 3ds?

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  • Blog Feeds
    05-30 12:30 PM
    Tam Ngoc Tran died on May 16th in a car accident. She was a doctoral student in American Civilization at Brown University. I had a brief encounter with this intelligent and lovely young lady in 2006 when I visited UCLA to assist foreign-born students in finding solutions to their immigration problems. Each of the students told me his or her story. Most shared the following themes: They were born in other countries and brought to the U.S. as toddlers. They grew up believing that they were born in the U.S. and that if they studied hard and got good grades,...

    More... (


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  • Blog Feeds
    07-20 03:40 PM
    I've been a devoted fan of Adobe products for years - particularly Acrobat - and I'm happy to honor Adobe's CEO Shantanu Narayen. The Indian-born Narayen has a familiar story - he came to the US to pursue an advanced degree and then he was recruited by a tech company to stay. He began his career at Apple and then co-founded Pictra, a company that was one of the first involved with photo sharing over the Internet. He joined Adobe in 1998 and in 2005, at the age of 41, was promoted to his current position at the top of...

    More... (

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  • desigirl
    12-17 09:09 AM
    Dec 16th The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Official Website | Current Events & Pop Culture, Comedy & Fake News (
    Every Segment is a treasure!

    Stewart Spends Last Show Of 2010 ENTIRELY On 9/11 First Responders Bill (VIDEO) (

    It is truly funny to have a comedy show asking the tough questions while the media plays it safe!


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  • Macaca
    08-16 05:49 PM
    Graham Facing More Heat on Immigration ( By Matthew Murray, ROLL CALL STAFF, August 13, 2007

    For the second time this month, a local South Carolina Republican Party committee is expected to decide soon whether to formally scold Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) for supporting the Senate's now-stalled immigration overhaul proposal, putting the once-popular lawmaker on the defensive and upping the ante for a potential 2008 primary challenger.

    "The frustration [with Graham] is real," said one state Republican source, who added that the state's large conservative base is "just searching for someone" to challenge Graham in next year's primary.

    The Spartanburg County Republican Party is expected to vote Aug. 23 on a resolution officially rebuking Graham for supporting his chamber's immigration bill. Criticism of the reform package, which was shelved last month after failing to gather the 60 votes necessary to cut off debate in the Senate, has raged throughout the country and particularly in states such as South Carolina, where AM talk-radio hosts have bloodied the Senate proposal and said it tries to reward those who have broken the law.

    Rick Beltram, chairman of the Spartanburg County Republican Party, said he doubts a resolution criticizing Graham's stance on immigration would pass by a wide margin. But should the measure come up for a vote, Beltram already has developed a game plan to manage what likely will be an angry lot.

    "This being as explosive as it is, we would ask for a secret ballot so 30 or 40 Rep. Ron Paul [R-Texas] people yelling in the background wouldn't have an influence on the election," Beltram said.

    Last week, the Greenville County Republican Party passed a resolution censuring Graham for continuing to "adamantly support legalization of illegal immigrants." In addition to immigration, local party officials reprimanded Graham for supporting campaign finance reform and participating two years ago in the "Gang of 14," a bipartisan Senate group that negotiated a compromise on controversial federal judicial nominations.

    The resolution also criticized Graham's recent statements before the National Council of La Raza, which were captured by cable news networks.

    "We are not going to run people down. We are not going to scapegoat people. We are going to tell the bigots to shut up and we're going to get this right," Graham told the crowd.

    Samuel Harms, the Greenville GOP chairman whose group adopted a resolution in 2001 "opposing any legalization of illegal immigration," said Graham's speech to La Raza was the "straw that broke the camel's back." He added that the resolution was "about informing people that Lindsey Graham called the good people of Greenville bigots and that we need to be told to shut up."

    A successful censure vote next week in Spartanburg may signal a widening opportunity for a potential Graham challenger next year. So far, Graham faces only token primary opposition and last month he dodged a potential bullet when popular state Treasurer Thomas Ravenel (R), who was considering a run, was arrested for allegedly distributing cocaine.

    Democrats have yet to find a challenger to the first-term Senator.

    After recapturing some of the love lost during his Gang of 14 days, a GOP source said Graham's recent bruising for supporting the immigration bill may convince some conservative party activists that an opportunity is again at hand. Also, Graham's support of tanking presidential candidate Sen. John McCain's (R-Ariz.) campaign, the source said, is not helping his cause.

    "The immigration issue reignited the ember," the source said.

    Still, with Graham sitting on $4 million in the bank, potential primary challengers face a steep uphill battle contending with an incumbent who may have twice that total squirrelled away before the year's end. Lt. Gov. Andr� Bauer (R), frequently said to be mulling a run, told Roll Call last week that he has not ruled out the possibility of challenging Graham.

    "I would never say never," Bauer said. "But I don't have any plans to run against him."

    But Bauer does plan to appear at the Aug. 23 meeting of the Spartanburg County GOP.

    Katon Dawson, chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party, said that while it's unusual for party activists to go to such extremes with federal officeholders, the immigration issue has struck a nerve with the party's base.

    "You can't bluff it, you can't beat around the bush about it, it's there and it's real," he said. "Lindsey has a different philosophy on immigration and there's no question it's hurting him."

    For now, Graham appears to be resting on his conservative laurels and betting that the controversy will pass. Graham currently is out of the country, his campaign said Friday, but will return to the state to campaign later this month.

    "Lindsey Graham is a strong conservative voice in the U.S. Senate with a lifetime conservative rating of 91," according to a statement provided by spokesman Scott Farmer. "He will seek re-election based on his conservative voting record and willingness to tackle the hard problems facing our nation."

    Whit Ayers, a Republican pollster, said immigration undoubtedly is a challenging issue, but one that plays to Graham's strengths. Even more, despite the current controversy, Ayers said voters ultimately respect lawmakers who take principled positions.

    "Sen. Graham is a remarkedly adept politician who will be able to be very persuasive about the reasons why he's done the things he's done," Ayers said. "I don't think we would expect our politicians to be in lock step on every single issue that comes up."

    He added: "There's no question that Lindsey Graham is right where most Republican voters in South Carolina are on God, guns, gays and taxes."

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  • Dhundhun
    10-13 10:14 PM
    Can students with post completion EAD work for more than one employer at the same time in their own speciality area? I mean to ask, can they work full time with one and part time with other?

    My son just got his EAD for post completion OPT.


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  • i99
    10-01 12:39 PM
    I would talk to an attorney, this is a sensitive time for your application. ;)

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  • alien02k
    03-25 01:12 PM
    Any responses atleast to a few questions..


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  • designflaw
    12-16 06:06 AM
    I dont think I would trust your friend's cousin on that based on what I have read on here and other places. PD of aug-05 and EB3-I, I have my doubts, but if it is true, I am happy for him.

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  • mna123
    07-30 05:46 PM
    I am stuck out side of US for my name check for last 9 months when I applied for H-1. I have approved I 140. is there any way I can file my I 1485 and Advance parole or any thing to get back into US.

    Some one has told me that I can use consular processing but have no idea about that.

    Please help me and let me know what are possible options for me to return to US.

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  • ras
    04-09 01:40 PM
    I have an approved 140 with Sept 2005 PD
    I have an I 140 and I 485 filed with Dec 2006. There is an RFE on this. I want to interfile I 485 with the approved I 140. Is there a possibility and if so what needs to be done.

    I have submitted the response to the I 140 RFE. May be I will get a response in 2-4 weeks.

    However, if the I 140 gets denied can I still Interfile my 485 with ealrier approved 140?

    What are the options open for me to keep my 485 alive?

    Blog Feeds
    05-15 02:00 AM
    Back in 2002, the President signed a law designed to keep immigrant families intact, the Child Status Protection Act (CSPA). The law includes a provision that states that if a child turns 21 years of age before obtaining a green card together with his parents, his petition would "automatically be converted to the appropriate category" and he would be entitled to the "original priority date". What does this mean? Consider the case of Melvin Cuellar de Osorio. His grandmother, a U.S. citizen, submitted a petition to sponsor his family for permanent residence in 1998. Because of long backlogs, Melvin's parents...

    More... (

    06-28 06:51 PM
    Can someone advise on this please ?

    It is kinda urgent :)

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