Friday, June 17, 2011

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    07-29 07:58 PM
    hello there,

    i was not around for few days,just read your post.KABAYAN!I am also from the Philippines.I am not a derivative from my wife's visa,I am under the sched a category being sponsored by the hospital where my wife is working.i just had my ds230 filed and GOD knows how long is the wait this time.once visa numbers become available,you and your family will be first in line at least.your PD is 2005 so the chances of getting ahead in line is good,just make sure all is flawless,i mean requirements and all.good luck to all of us.where in pinas are you at?

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  • gonecrazyonh4
    04-25 12:46 PM
    Tax returns can be filed by illegal immigrants too with an ITIN number.

    Any rule that doesnot discriminate betweten legal and illegal immigrants would just increase our woes.

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  • gsc999
    07-19 01:56 PM
    Can someone please post the SoCal Yahoo group url link so I can sign-up.

    I am in Northern California will you guys allow me to be a member too.

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  • saimrathi
    07-06 11:33 AM
    Agreed, that would be the biggest impact... But, not all of us would be able to get an opportunity elsewhere in the world.. For example, doctors, scientists... not many countries match US infrastructure..

    This is only my view...

    As the saying goes..."Justice delayed is Justice Denied"

    Considering our opportunity cost, many of us may be better off packing our bags and heading back - this may have an impact on the feds, the companies and people at large who think that WE are a burden on the society. All these artificial barriers and hurdles are a reflection of this.
    Its quite apparent that there is no end game in sight, there is no motive here(ref to subash and gandhi message by asharda), no end can only get worse. The Feds have succeed in Scr....wing US.

    bottom line - Do we really add value to the society here?
    convince the people and this will be the ONLY solution to our problems.


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  • hopefulgc
    09-11 05:06 PM
    I honestly think EB3 should be around beginning of 2004 or later
    and eb2 possibly mid 2005 or later.

    All the calculations point to that.

    visa bulletins suck donkey ass.

    totally meaningless without USCIS divulging backlog stats.

    I m in ...They really dont know what they are doing ...How hard is it to find pending applications in thier database ?

    Move to 2006 and approve 2006 cases and move it back to 2003 they really need help

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  • diptam
    08-13 02:09 PM
    Any word this ?

    As i posted earlier i've scheduled a teleconference today morning with my HR Head and wanted complete explanation why they aren't releasing 7001. The general HR staff didn't release 7001 for last 8 days.

    The HR Head is more diplomatic guy - he said i'll sign and give you 7001 immediately but if any problem happens because of challenging USCIS via Ombudsman , he doesn't know. Basically he is resorting to "Scare Tactics" or the "Fear Mongering" that we saw in the Billary's 3 AM ad of political campaign.

    How what do i do Lonedesi - Shall i go ahead and ask him for 7001 and tell him that i don't care because this is a absolutely legal and right step to question USCIS if they are not following FIFO ??


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  • vkannan
    08-13 05:12 PM
    Agreed. HR 5882 / S 3414 is the only hope.

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  • mirage
    04-02 01:16 PM
    Can somebody explain me why this disco guy and this Villamonte guy are even on this forum ??? We are sitting here for 9-10 years telling our folks in our home countries, I'll come in may, no probably july, no in july my papers goes for renewals,, may be Dec. no in Dec. tickets are too expensive and in March I have my project live date, may be next may oh no by then I'll have to send my papers for renewal.... well you know what, forget about me, you stay happy where you are and I live happily here....

    And these people are telling us USCIS is doing what they should be doing...


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  • nareshg
    10-09 12:56 AM
    Was there a similar thread started by pappu ?

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  • Libra
    09-11 09:39 PM
    thank you waiting_gc and chiku_singhal for your contributions.


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  • franklin
    09-10 12:13 AM
    and i am NOT the real Lou Dobbs. But in all seriousness guy, I think we really have to wake up. We are illegal immigrants....
    And we are not asking for Amnesty...

    There is no deying the fact that this country has benefited from us much than us. How about some moral abligation and sense of fairness from this great country???

    Speak for yourself, I'm totally legal

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  • vadicherla
    05-28 02:27 PM
    i will contribute 50$ now

    contributed 350$ so far


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  • villamonte6100
    04-02 12:12 PM
    villamonte6100 please read the first statement again - I was agreeing with D-E-D that USCIS IS GOOD...

    Frankly I am not Australian and I dont care about the friendship your country has with US. Every Country is sucking up to USA for favourable relationship...

    D-E-D's comments - you must be from india and corruption in India is "Trashing" India in my eyes... every country has corruption (you will find Australia and USA on that list as well... granted its all relative) some more and some less. D-E-D comments had a condesending tone for India and that is not cool...

    BTW - If Australia is so then why do you want to be a Sepo so bad... Jokes apart - I agree with you that US is a great country and thats why I chose to move here... I hope you get your green card soon... before me? time will tell...

    Well, next time make your comments on D-E-D, not on my comments. If you have issues with his comments, direct your comments to him not me. That is why I got offended because I did not trash any country.

    I don't understand what's a sepo? So I can't comment on what you are saying "If Australia is so then why do you to be a Sepo so bad..."

    "Every Country is sucking up to USA for favourable relationship... " That's your opinion and I respect that.

    For the green card, I'll bet you I'll get it next month.

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  • pappu
    03-12 12:29 PM
    The vision and mission is same. This change is to acknowledge people who support us. We will continue to post public updates as we have done. We feel by having all sincere members who support us in one place we can do better in our efforts.
    members can still post questions and threads for free. All forums are available to everyone for free. Except the small donor forum.


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  • Edison99
    11-16 08:39 AM
    Thanks for the updates�..

    Update. My attorney has sent a letter (interfiling process) to USCIS mentioning that my case is current now. One of my friends got 485 approved within 2 weeks after initiating interfiling process. I hope it would be the same case with me.

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  • gccube
    07-18 04:15 PM
    Assuming that the date is retrogressed from 'C' to 2000 Jan, they start accepting the AOS apps with that PD and then do we assume that they are also working on them or say they donot work on it until the receipt date becomes current.

    If the answer to the question above is 'NO' (that is the receipt date has to become current to adjudicate an AOS app, ofcourse PD has to be current too) then why is that USCIS accepting apps with a specified PD cut off date. In this case I am not looking at the people who are already in the room but am wondering why they are letting more people into the room, particularly when there is no room.

    If the answer to the question above it 'YES', that means PD does play a significant role in the AOS adjudication process when there is retrogression, in my opinion.


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  • panky72
    06-24 10:59 PM
    shouldn't we think a little about our gain too ;) ..


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  • kumhyd2
    07-13 02:50 PM
    Count me in for san diego. Is a meeting already planned should we have one. How about a meeting near the beach/mission

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  • chi_shark
    02-23 12:51 PM

    i just returned from an infopass meeting... the guy i talked to said that they recently have a directive from the DHS/USCIS that they want to separate the legal stuff from the illegal stuff and hence they are planning to adjudicate a record number of EB apps in the next quarter or two... does anyone else concur? is this true or were my ears just ringing in that meeting?


    05-01 02:12 PM
    I have some black dots in my Control Panel? What is the meaning of a black dot?

    And how does one give black dot to some one? When I try to add reputation to a post, I can only see I approve or I disapprove options. I would imagine I approve=green and I disapprove=red. Where does a black dot fit into this scheme?

    The gray dots come when you get either approval/disapproval from somebody who has:
    less than 30 posts.
    overall negative reputationgray dots have no affect on your reputation. This is to prevent new or disreputes from irresponsibly affecting others' reputations.

    11-05 11:36 AM
    Hi All,

    I am an IV member living in Southern California. I wanted to give a loud 'hello' out to all members in this region. It will be great to know some of the members so that we can interact. Can you please post back a response with what counties you live in? This way we can get some idea about where members are residing.

    Looking forward to your responses.



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