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north korea

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  • vikra007
    03-16 01:09 AM

    Thanks for looking at my questions. I have an approved eb2 case with priority date 11/2007. I am waiting for eb2 India to become current for applying for EAD for my wife. She applied for medical residency and the programs she got calls for are sponsoring J1 visas only. I have a phd from US university and applying for EB1 OR through a semi conductor company anyway.

    I am in dilemma whether to apply for EAD for my wife or let her go on J1. J1 has implications later for medicine students but given the randomness of USCIS, I am never sure when eb2 date would be 11/2007 for eb2 485 or denial of eb1 or application.

    Please advise me over this dilemma.


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  • HalfDog
    03-09 07:29 PM
    Cinema 4D?

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  • zonezo786
    05-02 12:15 AM
    You must have at least two years of post-baccalaureate experience in a high-tech field to be eligible for an H1-b visa, or else have a masters or higher degree. So where did you get your experience? Are you still back in your own country? Working? Or did you just get your bachelor's in the US and are still in the US,

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  • sunny7r
    05-14 03:45 PM
    Dear All,

    my current stamping expires in May 2009 and i am Planning to go for H1B stamping in india(Chennai).

    any recent H1B Stamping experiances in chennai consulate in india?



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  • Waitnwait
    11-07 09:21 PM
    I will not suggest you to do anything in DR. They are not really very organized and it take time even to get a DR visa but that just my personal opinion. Consult your lawyer..

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  • thamarai
    09-25 06:52 PM
    I am in L2 visa right now and I have an EAD to work. I got a job that I need to start on oct 01.

    My spouse status will change from L1 to H1B from oct 01, as his employer filled for H1B.

    Our L1 & L2 are valid until Aug 2011.

    I don't have H4 yet.

    What are the various options available for me to work?

    1. Can I use my EAD to work which is valid until aug 2011?

    2. Can I apply for H1B for me? If yes when I can start working with my H1B.

    3. Is there is any way to maintain my husband L1 status until it's validity(Aug 2011) and then switching to H1B after L1 expires?


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  • marty
    07-09 06:20 PM
    I have the same situatation and called them numerous times. They say they will honour the actual date that is written on the receipt and not on the web site. When you call USCIS, you have to tell them that your receipt date is different than what is displayed on the web stie.

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  • ddraj2015
    07-25 12:46 PM
    Hi All,

    I am applying my Labor on EB2 tomorrow (07/26/2007). Is there any glim chacne for me to get the approval before 08/14/2007? I am going through Atlanta. Please let me know how long is the average time to get the cetification from atlanta center. (One of my friend applied on 07/17/07 and got the LC on 07/23/07 from atlanta center).

    Thanks All.


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  • cmfirst
    07-19 04:23 PM _businessweek+exclusives

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    02-16 04:44 PM
    Hi all,

    My ETA case in online status shows "DATA REVIEW" for the past 5 months, my PD Aug 04/RIR/EB2 is with Dallas BPEC.Initially the status was closed, and then opened. After 5 months of reopening it still says 'Data review' .Is there some thing wrong or should I talk to my lawyer.

    Some of my friends who applied that time have their status 'in process' or even 'certified' .Any experience like this or will that go to certified from here directly or to "in process" first. How long it can be in each of these statuses.

    Any ideas appreciated please!



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  • HybridIllusion
    03-28 09:41 PM
    if i have a 2d image is there anyway to have it made into 3d. and then export it out into something like flash to move it to my free will

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  • sundarpn
    06-21 11:05 PM
    My spouse plans to start her Masters program on H4. I am told that she can, at anytime apply for Change of status to F-1. I am myself on H1b.

    1. I would like her to continue studies on H4 and change to F-1 via COS only if needed. i.e. as a back up option, in case I loose my H1 status via layoffs etc..). Is this possible?

    If her H4 to F-1 COS is filed, should my H1b remain valid till her COS to F-1 is approved? I am told COS can take several months. Thx.


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  • houston2005
    07-25 10:07 AM
    I got it recently from TSC, took almost 3 months.

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  • Blog Feeds
    12-18 09:50 AM
    On November 27, the USCIS announced that they had received 58,900 H-1B petitions toward the 65,000 cap. So there are 6,100 numbers remaining, correct? (Update: By December 4, the USCIS had received 61,100 H-1B petitions toward the 65,000 cap.) Not exactly. We have Free Trade Agreements with both Singapore and Chile which set aside 6,800 "H-1B1" numbers for nationals of those countries. Do the math: 65,000 minus 6,800 equals 58,200. This means that the agency has received 700 more H-1B petitions than it can approve. Why then is the USCIS still accepting H-1B petitions? Because some of the petitions that...

    More... (


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  • jayleno
    10-14 01:45 PM
    POJO lost its MOJO. It doesnt work anymore. If you have a real concern, try Infopass.
    What is the new POJO method/sequence to call Texas service center???

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  • nihar
    03-31 06:05 PM
    This is with regard to GC and h1
    I have applied for family based GC above 21 yrs old on December 2006 and also currently holding h1 valid from October 2008. I also have my opt till May. Now since my employer was not able to find me a project he wants me to chg my status. I do not know what to do and how to chg my visa as, if I go on student visa I need to show financial documents and since I have not made any money how is it possible . If you can also suggest some schools who will not charge much or some courses which are not very expensive and time consuming and also where I can get work authorization as I will find jobs which are not technical and in line with my educational and work qualification . I have a deadline this evening as my employer just called me and told me this



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  • Blog Feeds
    12-03 08:50 AM
    More evidence things are not going well for Lou.

    More... (

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  • sinai
    08-14 10:32 PM

    I just found this forum and it is really nice place to get some practical information from people gone through all this. I will be applying for Adjustment of Status as I am getting married to a US citizen and I am not. The only thing that I cannot figure out for now is:

    Do I have to fill out I-130 and submit it along with the I-485? I am currently on H2B visa in the usa, never been out of status just extended my stay a couple of times. I have my I-94. Also my H2B will expire end of September. Do I have enough time by then to fill out my papers so I do not get out of status. I am getting married by the end of August.

    Thank You!

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  • Vish
    03-26 03:13 PM
    I think the webmaster of this website is one of the unsung hero of this great project. Kudos to whoever is maintaining this website...

    I know since I have been through what it takes to maintain a websites...

    03-25 01:59 AM

    09-06 10:22 AM
    Just got an email from - fares from Bay Area to Wash. D.C. have dropped by about $50 - the cheapest fares today (9/06/2007):

    - SFO - BWI (US Airways) $208
    - OAK - DCA (ATA): $218
    - SJC - BWI (Continental): $218

    The fares shouldn't be a reason to not participate in the rally! Hope to see more folks from CA - Norcal & SoCal.


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