Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • desi3933
    08-26 05:01 PM
    I got my H1 approved in Oct 2004 and it was from Oct 2004 - Oct 2007. I used only 6 months of H1 and later went on TN (work visa for Canadian citizens) and remained in US working on TN for 4 years. I was in US all these years. Now even the earlier H1 approval duration is over, Can I apply for H1 with another employer using the old 2004 H1 quota cap or it has to be under new 2009 cap? Thanks in advance.

    Your H1 is NOT subject to cap as you had H1 in last 6 years.

    Not a legal advise.

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  • desigirl
    08-31 10:05 AM
    Senate Democrat: Immigration reform not happening this year - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room (http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/116321-dem-senator-immigration-reform-isnt-happening-this-year)

    The party did move in recent weeks, though, to make itself seem tougher on immigration, with the Senate coming back to convene a special session to advance a $600 million bill to boost border security that the House had passed in a special session of its own.

    At LEGAL IMMIGRANTS expense :eek:!!!

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  • johnny79
    09-24 05:11 PM

    my current situation is like this.

    i have H1B with Company A and it is valid till next year but i moved to Company B past two years back i worked with them now no job he said he is terminating h1b, so can i stay with previous company A (once i get the job i can switch to him until then can i stay with there h1b or not) or i will be in illegal status plase help me out.:confused:

    and what actually be the Termination process of h1b


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  • Quirky Quantum
    10-27 10:05 PM
    Here's my button, I'm still not sure how I feel about it (mostly the highlight).



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  • martinvisalaw
    09-24 01:17 PM
    You should bring evidence of your strong ties to the country where you live now - evidence of a job, family, house, club memberships, bank accounts, etc. Anything you can think of that would show an immigration officer that you really intend to return home at the end of this trip.

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  • x1050us
    06-28 09:58 PM
    My last H1 transfer gave me a 3yr H1 approval. But in reality, this will make it 1 year more than the 6 years allowed. My Perm and 140 are approved before the 6th year ended and my company filed a H1B amendment request just a day before 6th year ended. It is still pending. Now, my wife is in india and she has to get back here for filing 485 in july. Can I use my existing H1 to apply for visa in this situation?


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  • Dipika
    04-27 10:06 AM
    I am EB3 - Dec 2004 filer and there is no hope for few years that my date get current. i have filed another GC through my sister in May 2006 and that F4 category is moving quicker and expecting my priority date will be current in 5 years through my sister.

    i have bought 2 Family house in Jersey City. now for my kids education we thought to move to India for 4 to 5 years until we get call for GC though my sister.
    we are going to rent house - it's multi family near NYC. my landloard is willing to take care of it in our absence.

    my Q is can we get B1 (Visitor visa) for 10 years , if we show that we have property in US and we may need to visit just to take check it ??
    should we inform immigration officer about GC filed though my sister to assure that we will not stay in US longer, to get B1 visa?
    can we get visitor visa before leaving USA? i mean converting from H1 to B1 for multi year?

    i would appreciate some suggestions.

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  • jcrajput
    05-25 12:38 PM
    We are planning to renew our EADs and I am looking for following information. I would appriciate if someone can please put this at one place...

    1. Latest application forms
    2. Current fees
    3. Mailing address

    Thanks in advance.


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  • humsuplou
    06-10 07:26 PM
    So the procedure is suppose to be easy, and very low risk of not getting renewed?

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  • thesparky007
    04-26 07:58 PM
    cant see anyone
    not even you footer


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  • akhilmahajan
    08-16 09:31 AM

    Right now they have not even done with July 2nd filers.
    Also ppl whose applications have been transfered have not got any receipts.

    About the 17th July, i think we should be atleast looking for minimum 15-20 business days.

    I will request you to please concentrate on the September Rally. It will bring relief for all of us.

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  • GC2010
    03-05 04:29 PM
    Hi, I have/had valid I-94 all the time. Recently I renewed my passport in US. But I renewed it 3 months after expiry of old one. I heard from friends that, you need to have valid passport for the entire period of H1B petition validity. Wondering, If am in trouble for not renewing my passport before it expired. Please give your opinions.


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  • webm
    06-19 03:26 PM
    Good to know about this..Thanks for the info..

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  • jasonpark
    August 17th, 2005, 03:18 PM


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  • RNGC
    02-10 09:57 AM
    How can we help ourselves to get 2 year AP ? IV admins, can you kindly share with us any info regarding this ?

    I know at this moment everyone is looking at the stimulus plan and economy, but , in the mean time we can prepare ourselves with some plan of action...

    May be we should push for 3 year EAD/AP . Our argument should be, if we are 3 or more years away ( like EB3 India is currently 2001 or something ), we should get 3 year EAD/AP

    Not meant to talk only for EB3 community, but in general as well.

    Any thoughts IVians ?

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  • webm
    06-24 08:43 PM
    I would say send it to NSC..and most likely they will transfer it to NBC..

    just a thought...


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  • akred
    08-19 05:05 PM
    They must have made a mistake.

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  • mabansal
    10-04 01:45 PM

    I have filed my H1 (premium processing)on 26th Sep and till now I didn't receive my H1 receipt.

    What could be the reasons and how i Can track about my case.

    Can I track my case? is there some number where i can call discuss about my case why I didn't receive my receipt

    My Lawyer called the USCIS and they are saying that they are not able to generate the receipt number?

    Is somebody else faced the same issue? what could be done now?

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  • jonty_11
    02-14 04:37 PM
    As per Immigration-law.com - this might become law by June 2007

    09-14 04:02 PM
    I am kind of confused about my situation. Will try to detail it; any help is greatly appreciated!

    I was working with company A until July 2009. They had filed my F1 to H1 COS Application in April 2009, which got approved. I have the receipt for that. I lost my job in July 2009 and found another one. My new employer, Company B, filed a NEW COS Application (which they said is subject to the H-1B cap, which is confusing cuz they could have used the receipt number from my previous approval I think)

    Anyway, I contacted the attorney from Company B and they said I should call company A and have them cancel my H-1 COS Application. I called the attorney from Company A and she said she would cancel the H-1 Application. She also mentioned about ME having to send a letter to USCIS. Why do I have to send this letter? Is it so that I can go back to my F1 status? What should it say?? Please help!

    07-10 10:07 PM
    Do we need to carry the I-129 for H-1B Visa Stamping?

    I have I-797 and LCA along with all other required documents for sure.


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