Monday, June 27, 2011

naruto and sasuke pictures

images images naruto vs sasuke naruto and sasuke pictures. Naruto Sasuke Uchiha.
  • Naruto Sasuke Uchiha.

  • ssnd03
    04-01 05:25 PM
    OK now Mr. non-retard...cud u do all of us a favour by showing some article which says, US democracy is the same for citizens and foreigners. Send us a link from some Govt web site that says this. If u cant substantiate ur statements admit that u r a retard.

    Dude "Dard-e-disco" you are such a numbskull.

    On numerous occasions foreigners have sued USCIS for processing delays and errors and on numerous occasions US judges have ruled in favor of the foreigner. Just check the PACER for court records.

    My EAD was delayed by USCIS and on local congressman's demand USCIS immediately processed it.

    Your lack of education is so transparent and obvious that you want me to show you a website which says foreigners and US citizens will be treated alike. You are lucky that you are in US and retards like you are tolerated even though your sound clinically ill.

    wallpaper Naruto Sasuke Uchiha. naruto and sasuke pictures. If they#39;d quit trying to kill
  • If they#39;d quit trying to kill

  • Keeme
    08-14 03:10 PM
    This is the third place where I am posting this ..well why not ..In my view this is worth a shot since greenspan is also talking about it.
    Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan predicts U.S. house prices will begin to stabilize in the first half of next year, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.


    Greenspan also offered a novel suggestion to bolster the housing market -- increase the number of potential home buyers by admitting more skilled immigrants

    This is what will help us to clear backlog ! Wanted to post it few days back when news came from UK they wanted to bring more immigrants as one of solution to get their economy back on track.

    Guys, IF any thing may come as 'rescuer' this year and help us to come out from this backlog and move the dates forward in next year visa bulletins, that would be 'current economy and housing market situation'. IF any thing can convinced Congress to clear visa recapture bill this year, it would be only 'current housing market situation'. To get the economy back on track next year, housing market has to be improved and its not happening !

    naruto and sasuke pictures. Cat Ear Naruto - Sasuke
  • Cat Ear Naruto - Sasuke

  • diptam
    08-20 03:30 PM
    Did anyone else received any reply - i'll post if i receive any reply.

    By the way - How about dropping a email to Ombudsman as well , saw in another thread that this approach worked ... TSC and NSC 140 sufferers can put Subject as TSC and NSC accordingly.

    Let us know how many wrote emails ( in case they couldn't get 7001 from employer) or both email and letter is good to keep the pressure ON !

    Has any of the members who sent out the letter & Form received any response from Ombudsman's office. Please post as and when you receive any response.

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  • naruto sasuke sakura hinata.

  • fruity
    07-23 06:32 PM
    hi fruity..

    we have the same concerns regarding the ds230 approval..

    anyway, i just wanna ask about what you said earlier.. is it true that there are some August scheduled embassy interviews being cancelled? what did those people you know exactly said about this?

    hear from you.. thanx

    Yeah, PD is April 2005 EB3ROW, and its just frustrationg when you see a lot getting their approvals with a much later PD's. He was scheduled for interview in Aug. she already recieved her packet 4 when Aug vb came out and reinstated July VB. I knew that it had something to do with July vb fiasco since he got his packet 4 after July 2. There were no visas left for that time, so AUg. vb doesn't really matter.


    naruto and sasuke pictures. Naruto Shippuden Sasuke
  • Naruto Shippuden Sasuke

  • Libra
    09-10 01:36 PM
    Thank you guys, you guys are the best. It would be really great if you all can make it to rally. who can't make it, thanks for contribution.

    naruto and sasuke pictures. Naruto Sasuke Sakura Wallpaper
  • Naruto Sasuke Sakura Wallpaper

  • Milind123
    09-14 10:01 PM
    This is a PM I got from ivvm, an earlier contributor in one of the 401K rounds.
    I really think it is a nice gesture.

    Originally Posted by ivvm
    I think you have been championing the cause, and have done exemplary. In BTW..I am willing to sponsor someone's one way ticket via southwest all expense paid..or possibly a roundtrip preferably from west coast...!! Let me know if you know someone who would like to avail!


    naruto and sasuke pictures. Naruto vs Sasuke
  • Naruto vs Sasuke

  • Macaca
    09-14 06:25 PM
    Foreign workers with skills find open door After waffling, the U.S. suspends the wait to apply for green cards ( By Teresa Watanabe ( | Times Staff Writer, July 21, 2007

    2010 Cat Ear Naruto - Sasuke naruto and sasuke pictures. images naruto vs sasuke
  • images naruto vs sasuke

  • priti8888
    07-24 11:42 AM
    But how cud they accept and process the application if his date was not current in june ??

    Correct, They would accept only if his dates were current in June


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  • quiz kakashi naruto sasuke

  • paskal
    08-01 11:24 PM
    Hey all,

    hope you guys have visited the IV physicians blogspot.It is very good.One of the bloggers mentioned about supporting such a move, but the question is how do we start.I myself is technlogically challenged so we have to get the expertise of the IT people.I think we should start now.


    i'm not a techie either, but creating a blogspot is very easy
    the site is practically pre made
    you just choose your templates and features
    try it.. we would be happy to carry a link to "iv-schedule a" on the physicians blogspot

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  • pitha
    07-18 04:11 PM
    good to see a junior member stand up and contribute, I hope people like you become an example to all non contributing members. thank you for your contribution.

    Started a reccuring monthly payment of $50. I will try to convince all my friends from Twin Cities (Minneapolis- St Paul) area to do the same.


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  • sasuke naruto christmas

  • javaconsultant
    01-13 11:46 PM
    My PD is June 2002 from CA in EB3/RIR category.
    I did not get my approval yet !

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  • ssk1127
    08-23 06:16 PM
    Also forgot to mention the article says "certain" - See highlighted below the title so I am sure Advacned degree wil lnot come under this based on the definition you find in the above articale

    Evaluation of Evidentiary Criteria in Certain Form I-140 Petitions (AFM Update AD 10-41)


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  • Naruto Sasuke amp; Annya / ANBU

  • Leo07
    12-10 06:46 PM

    tattoo Naruto Sasuke Sakura Wallpaper naruto and sasuke pictures. sasuke naruto color by
  • sasuke naruto color by

  • sdrblr
    07-21 04:26 PM
    Looks like IL is the place to get the license. No questions asked and you will get 5 years. I just had my license renewed for 5 years in Aug 2008 by mail even though my H1 expires in Oct 2009.

    Hi Friends, I went to DMV PA (Bridgevile) to renew my drivers license recently. They are not accepting original EAD/ AP, copy of 485 receipt plus employer letter. They are asking for original 485 receipt. Unfortunately my ex-employer did not give the original receipt.

    Did any body renew the PA DL without original 485 receipt?


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  • PSP Naruto Sasuke Wallpaper

  • anandsubu74
    02-12 02:55 PM
    EB3/Nov 2003/NJ
    Labor Approved Oct 2006
    I-140 Approved Dec 2006
    I-485 i doubt even if god knows anything about this....

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  • naruto sasuke sakura

  • jayZinDC
    06-11 06:53 PM
    a small contribution for now I will set up recurring soon. Can't thank you guys enough for being such a great support network. Not to be preachy, are we the same people who stood an united front against the Brits?

    Paypal Receipt ID: 3JA591826E386220Y


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  • coopheal
    07-11 10:00 AM
    Congrates EB2.
    Hope 2008-2009 is better for EB3

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  • naruto sasuke sakura

  • mbawa2574
    07-05 07:02 PM
    I personally have nothing against anyone in core team and feel that these guys been doing their best effort to help the community. But their strategy is flawed. We are not aligned with right people and we don't speak up. We don't followup and hit hard on people who are working against our agenda. When illegal immigrant community can get media limelight , why we cannot ? We were all banking on democrats to help us and here is the result. We as IV ans need to wake up and start working closely with pro-business community. We need to approach media to bash anyone who uses race, national orign as a medium to undermine our long term agenda.

    We all have the track record for IV till this date and we have not accomplished anything from July 07.We don't have media coverage and no one in political circle knows IV as a viable organization . If media coverage calls for doing something out of box to attract media attention , let's do it. We sent flowers, we attracted media attention. I have some agressive ideas and I can share in a private forum ( Just to keep numbersusa away :-))

    For all these changes to happen, a new leadership team needs to be elected.

    For everyone's information, I was one of the IV MA chapter leadership team members from 07-08. Was there for July 07 and for the rally. Lately there is no energy left in that chapter. Conference calls are full of people who have nothing but idealism. Other than one or two IV MA members , rest all of them is waste of time. So I find it useless to stick with status quo. A new core leadership team promising aggressive agenda will bring in life to IV.

    BTW I liked Dilbert :-)

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  • naruto vs sasuke shippuden

  • reddymjm
    09-10 10:28 AM
    Not quite true - this is done at 140 not 485

    Yes. By Law and by the Book. But I just saw in my friend circle. Most of them were US Masters.

    08-23 10:49 AM
    Envy, jealousy, and crab mentality will be our nemesis. If you think it's easy to get into eb1 then why waste your time? At least this category gives some incentive to progress in life. Why rock this boat?

    No dear friend...what if you are already inside this country and waiting for 10 years. Even if you become a manager in these companies, you wont be eligible as you had to have at least one year outside the country. So progressing not going to help. How about a person who is less qualified, less experienced getting GC in six months when you wait for 5-10 years. Its not about jealous, its about fairness and justice. Dont bring in EB2-EB3 here. We are all in this sh*&t togather.

    03-12 11:21 AM
    Please send email to

    Pappu has addressed this in the original thread posted about Donor Forums.

    Looks like it only tracks people who donated for FOIA

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