Monday, June 20, 2011

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  • diptam
    08-20 03:30 PM
    Did anyone else received any reply - i'll post if i receive any reply.

    By the way - How about dropping a email to Ombudsman as well , saw in another thread that this approach worked ... TSC and NSC 140 sufferers can put Subject as TSC and NSC accordingly.

    Let us know how many wrote emails ( in case they couldn't get 7001 from employer) or both email and letter is good to keep the pressure ON !

    Has any of the members who sent out the letter & Form received any response from Ombudsman's office. Please post as and when you receive any response.

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  • hopefullegalimmigrant
    12-27 09:41 AM
    Does anyone know/suggest how to handle this delay? How are Ombudsman conferences held? Are these adhoc or with a certain frequency? We need to bring this up somehow. Recent USCIS reports show varying numbers of cases processed. But no one will know about our delays of existing AP cases unless we bring this to attention through murthy/Oh firm/ombudsman...somehow?

    please share your thoughts.

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  • immique
    06-23 05:41 PM
    America is definitely losing out because of prolonged Green card processing. I know of many well educated PostGraduates, Physicians who were not able to pursue their careers in Research, fellowships because they have to be stuck in one fixed position without any progress to obtain the green card. they are being denied of the opportunity to find new cures, innovations that could potentially help the humanity. true US is getting the taxes from the main H1 applicant, but what about the well educated spouses and dependants. don't they have a role in contributing to the development of the country, they are made to pay higher tuition fees and they cannot work on dependent status. Only the lucky few who were able to fille for I-485 in 2007 got their EADs, but what about the long waiting for 485 filing and EAD since 2000 and before? Even today you if you are EB3 or EB2, you cannot apply for 485 and so your family cannot get EAD and so cannot work.

    Many software professional and other highly educated workers can contribute much more to the Economy like how they did in 1990s by becoming enterpreneurs, but they will not be able to do anything while on "temporary visas" as they are much more concerned about maintaining their status, extending their status every few years. many people are even hesitant to buy a house, agree a few of us have bought houses and other properties, but vast majority of us are still very hesitant to do it as we can never feel fully secure of our job. If you have the Greencard you will atleast be confident that you can find a job in the area where you buy the house.

    If you look at the procedures for Drivers licenses, even though the legal workers go through rigorous security checks while obtaining visas and changing/extending status with USCIS and almost all of them are verywell educated and very responsible, you have to go through a big hassle to obtain the Drivers licences and some people are being made to wait for months even after providing all the required documentation. In some states, dependents are not given Drivers Licenses and in other states, you legal workers/students get a "special drivers license" with which there is much scope for being discriminated just on the basis of this license, and if you move to a different state, this special license is not recognized and you have to apply for a fresh license, take written test, driving test and go through all the hassles again even though you have been driving in US legally for more than 10 years.

    these hard working young professionals are losing the most important phase of their lives waiting for the elusive greencard and by the time the get it they are much older and don't have the same zeal for new ideas like how they did before and end up taking care of other responsibilities including family. I can go on and on like this. after we have been through all these testing circumstances, please do not say that America has not lost anything, but the biggest losers of all are the legal immigrants.

    this is a process where there are no winners, but only losers. this lengthy backlogged process is resulting in a great loss to the advancement of US and would be legal immigrants

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  • willwin
    10-01 04:34 PM
    This might work, except that the law would have to be changed he other way also.

    If they allow you to apply for 485, the law says that you have the right to EAD and AP which will make it then too cumbersome for CIS to handle.

    That is why when you apply for Consular Processing, your approved Visa petition(140) remains on NVC(National Visa Center) and you do not get any fringe benefit until your PD is current.


    CP does not have interim benefits but the papers (Form 230) does not stay at NVC. They process Form 230, approve it, update DOS about the approval and send them to respective consulates. My paper is in Chennai Consulate for the last 2 months (and may be several years in future).

    I have a question to the experts here.

    If 485 applications cannot be approved because of big queue in 485, name check, general USCIS delay in processing 485, why not issue VISA numbers to cases pending in consulates (which would be 1% of 485 queue) which are already approved and just awaiting VISA numbers. I know that CP and 485 share the same pool but that just sounds ridiculous knowing that thousands of numbers wasted despite that would very well take care of ALL applications pending at Consulates.


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  • ZeroComplexity
    01-14 02:19 PM
    Does anyone know to what address USCIS mails the AP. Is it the lawyer's office or is it the home address?

    I am planning to move and information on this will be very helpful. Thanks!

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  • gc_kaavaali
    07-14 03:45 PM
    done both (contributed and updated signature)


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  • pappu
    11-28 10:36 AM
    Got legal immigration?

    This is a great article. We will be making efforts to get it published. if somone can also write on the innvators ( (If you doubt the contributions of foreign-born workers to our country, you simply need to look at the talent that has provided the United States with a high-technology edge. Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, is Russian-born; Intel co-founder Andy Grove is from Hungary; Sabeer Bhatia, co-founder of Hotmail, is from India; Jerry Yang, originally from Taiwan, brought us Yahoo; Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay, is from France; and Vinod Kholsa, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, is from India.) and how they helped America in the op-ed it will be another angle for us.

    The article can talk about the talent, innovation high skilled immigrants bring to this country and be more specific to the greencard process. The above mentioned URL is specific to H1B visa.

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  • FaniMiBanana
    07-24 10:45 PM
    If somebody is sending this letter, please do not send it without taking care of word-suggested corrections. There are too many green lines, most of the times because of spacing between two words.

    OP - My intention is not to offend you but to point out the need for improvement in the document.

    Don't worry! EB-3 is supposed to be low-skilled so nobody is going to frown at grammatical or typographical errors. :)

    (For those who lost their sense of humor, this is a joke. I'm EB-3 too.)


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  • yabadaba
    07-11 02:29 PM
    Actually - I went to Cambridge High!! I cannot believe you missed that one!! What about Modern High?
    cambridge high is a mallu school :D

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  • NKR
    06-26 08:18 AM
    I'm sure you meant "Loss and loose have different meaning" ! .

    Good catch :). I was losing patience waiting for the elusive green card and now I think I am losing my mind too.


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  • marwan234
    09-04 01:27 PM
    I live in H1B is going to expire Oct 27...I have not applied for H1B Extn. yet...But i have EAD...According to colorado DMV i should be able to use EAD for driving license extn...but does using EAD invalidates my H1B??...i am planning to apply for my H1B extn this week...but i won't be able to get approval in 3 weeks (assuming i do premium processing)...Please help me.

    Presenting your EAD to DMV for verification does not invalidate your H1B status. Only when you present it to your employer and if he fills out form I-9 and if USCIS requests verification of employment then you will need to worry about that.

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  • eb3_nepa
    07-14 01:20 PM

    Good job sparklinks


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  • 485Mbe4001
    06-10 12:32 PM
    From Ron Gotchers site:-

    Something is seriously out of whack. EB3 is "unavailable." EB3 "other workers" however have a cutoff date. The applicable statute provides:

    203(b)(3) Skilled workers, professionals, and other workers.--
    203(b)(3)(A) In general.--Visas shall be made available, in a number not to exceed 28.6 percent of such worldwide level, plus any visas not required for the classes specified in paragraphs (1) and (2), to the following classes of aliens who are not described in paragraph (2):
    . . .
    203(b)(3)(B) Limitation on other workers.--Not more than 10,000 of the visas made available under this paragraph in any fiscal year may be available for qualified immigrants described in subparagraph (A)(iii). "

    That's not a set aside for "other workers" - it is a limit. In other words, "other workers are not guaranteed 10,000 visas each year, they are limited to no more than 10,000 visas out of the 28.6% of the overall quota that is guaranteed to EB3 applicants.

    How can "other workers" have a cutoff date when the rest of EB3 is unavailable?

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  • srikondoji
    08-02 05:10 PM
    Glad i did that. I feel so good about it.

    Hey vow!,

    Thanq so much for the good news!U filled us with lots of hope!



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  • sj2273
    06-11 05:31 PM
    I am very junior member on IV forums and have listened to all the experts and senior members on IV from time to time. Very solid ideas and very intelligent people! Although, I am not too familiar with the intricacies of what DOS said or what USCIS said; what I know is that there are many thousands of us who are here in a limbo for many many years. I think we have been "super- nice" to USCIS and Congress in the way we have approached them for our problems and rightly so - thats just us!

    We have done our best educate them via lobbying efforts etc but wouldnt you agree that its time be a little more "assertive' now. Seriously, we dont know what the bigger picture is here. Year after Year, Month after month nothing moves with USCIS. Same old grim Visa Bulletin. I had written elsewhere that I dont even remember what my dates are anymore! Being in a western country or anywhere else in the world for 10-12 years is a long time. The culture, the enviroment and the system grows on you. Most of us left from India or elsewhere, when we were in our mid 20s . As young adults most of were explorers - soaking information, knowledge, new skills etc as we embarked on our journey to settle down in a foreign country. I think its fair to say that most of us have actually acquired our adult wisdom here. What I am getting to, is that when people talk about packing their bags and going back home - it may only be easier said than done!

    I am not an expert at this but I believe we may have to come together again and we will need more visibility - maybe a six month long agressive assertive campaign - letters, flowers, rally and more all together so that we can catch congress' attention. It seems like legislation is the only way out here. Again, please pardon my inability to comprehend issues correctly, if I am wrong in saying so, but if we continue to rely on visa bulletins and USCIS; nothing is going to happen. All I can say is that whatever leaders and intellects at IV decide, I am here in anyway you all need me to help! Please feel free to ask for help at Thank you for reading my post.

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  • november
    09-10 07:04 AM
    Data available in Mumbai consulate website

    Category India Most Other Countries
    F1 15 April 2002 15 April 2002
    FX 1 May 2001 1 May 2001
    F2A 1 January 2004 1 January 2004
    F2B 15 December 1999 15 December 1999
    F3 22 June 2000 22 June 2000
    F4 22 May 1997 22 October 1997
    E1 Current Current
    E2 1 April 2003 Current
    E3 1 July 2001 1 January 2005
    EW 1 Janurary 2003 1 Janurary 2003
    E4 Current Current
    E4-Religious Current Current


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  • vayumahesh
    11-30 01:54 PM
    Just noticed there is an update on LUD on my previous EAD (not the current one). Not sure what that means though. Still waiting for response after sending interfiling letter.

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  • hebbar77
    09-10 06:42 PM
    28.6% of 7% of 140,000 per quarter is 700 not 2450.

    I greatly appreciate people doing visa number math. But guys, you are wasting your time. These guys dont do any math nor logic in the process.

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  • eastindia
    03-06 09:38 PM
    Not a single person on this thread criticizing will ever go back however much painful the greencard wait is. This is a ugly truth.

    Life in USA is far better than India and will always be until India controls its population, curroption and poverty.

    01-09 06:00 PM
    Case Source: Region
    Priority Date: 12/02/2003
    Case Received Date: 12/08/2004

    My attorney received a letter from DOL 11/21/2005 noticed the case closure, replied the next day mentioned this is an error to close this case.
    FedEex another letter to DOL to reiniate reopen this case on 11/29/2005.
    Still no message from DOL now.

    ETA#: P-04324-XXXXX
    45DL Sent: 03/10/2005 - Attorney & Company did NOT receive it
    Notice of Case Closure: 11/21/2005
    Try to reopen now

    What should I do for this error cause by DOL or USPS?

    07-11 08:15 AM
    it is really a good news for EB2-I :)

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