Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • arnab221
    06-21 01:54 PM
    I am just hoping we do not mis the July Bus :cool:

    Relax Buddy , now that the bus has come they will keep coming .Most of the people will go in this bus. The dates will retrogress for some time and will be current maybe next year . If not this bus then the next bus . No use raising your blood pressure for this . Attorneys and the media have a habit of scaring people unnecessarily . This Current date is not the end of the world , so take a chill pill ..

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  • vparam
    10-11 06:33 PM

    Thanks for your detailed anwers.

    have you opened your own LLC currently while on EAD?
    Yes, Opened and have done business worth 10K :-)

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  • Milind123
    09-13 03:25 PM
    Order Details - Sep 13, 2007 12:40 PM GMT-07:00
    Google Order #949176417011663

    Thank you for transforming me from :( to :D

    I will post my contribution shortly.

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  • eb3_nepa
    04-25 11:47 AM
    Guys what about the type of visa? I mean shud the start date be ur H1B start date or ur F1 entry date? Coz if some people start on an H1 a lot of us also started on an F1. In that case doesnt it make more sense to root for the clause that says the immigrant can apply for his own GC that is employer independant? If i am not mistaken, is that not already a part of the PACE act?

    Besides a lot of people are not sure for a while, if they even want to apply for their GCs or not initially. I personally know of atleast 3 such people. By putting the responsibility of application of the GC into the immigrant's hands, and empowering the applicant to apply for himself/herself, the process becomes a lot more transparent and fair. That way the day the immigrant decides to apply and applies is their PD. That way if someone does not start it as soon as he/she can, it is now up to them. Since the applicant Can apply for himself instead of being sponsored for a GC by an employer, it is no longer employer based, so no one can fault the employer saying that, "They didnt file for me for a year".

    In my opinion, just pushing ur PD to the date u entered will not really help a lot. Coz say ur current PD is Feb 2002 EB3 but u had entered in 1998. DOL/UCSIS will say, ok lets do that, and the next day they will say, Now the Retrogression goes back to the year 1996. Is that not possible? Currently what we need is the immigrant to be in total control of his/her GC process. That way the GC can take even 10 years, so long as the applicant and dependants can avail of EADs and Travel permits which are longer than just 1 year increments. If we are thinking long term, then shudnt we be looking at this aspect? The GC itself represents nothing more than total freedom in ur career and it's choices. If we can achieve the same thing without the actual GC, isint that our goal?


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  • 485Mbe4001
    02-01 04:19 PM
    Do we have a meeting scheduled today? if yes at what time?

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  • axp817
    12-02 06:11 PM
    I am guessing that your EAD was driven by the address which you provided while applying for it. CIS may not confirm what's on file, when there is already an address mentioned in application itself.

    This could very well be true. My first biometric appointment notice was mailed to me when I was changing residence, and it probably went to the old address, I remember not receiving it and my old attorney's office sending me their copy of it. I had done the AR-15 update right around the same time, but I guess it didn't go through. Anyway, since I spoke directly with someone in Nebraska this time around, I am hoping they now have the right address on file.


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  • kartikiran
    12-10 04:11 PM
    Good they have seem to have read recently published IV analysis and recommendations and provided a much more detailed bulletin this month for the community.

    agreed. kudos to IV core to push for more detailed explanations without which proposals for fixing this backlog also becomes difficult.

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  • makemygc
    07-06 10:51 AM
    Just on a lighter note. Why diptam and nixstor is fighting in all the forums? You guys are not husband and wife, right :D
    Just relax..its the last day of the horrible weekk


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  • saibabu_d
    07-18 01:28 AM
    You said: "all applications are pre-adjudicated".

    What do they complete in pre-adjudication process?


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  • ArkBird
    03-05 09:28 PM
    My PD is March-2003 and I didn't get the labor cleared till Late 2006

    I just can't help wondering how did you get your labor in 2004 with the PD of May-2003? How come snake of BEC didn't bite you? :)

    My adjustment application is pending for almost five years now. I was not in the habit of tracking LUDs but of late I was tracking and concluded that most of the time it means nothing.
    Here is what happened today. My attorney had applied for my travel document on Jan 28. I got three soft LUDs between Feb 8 to 10. Status remaing same "Case received and pending". To my surprise today I received my travel documents from my attorney. The issue date on the document is March 5. My attorney mailed it to me on March 3, I believe as soon as he received it.
    The last LUD on my case is still Feb 10 and the status still says "Received and Pending".
    I think we should not go too much by the LUDs.


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  • I_need_GC
    03-14 02:06 PM
    Thanks for you post about Canada Visit. You mentioned that one shouldn't say vacation for purpose of visit. What should we say then? My wife and I are going for Landing to Canada and people have posted that if you tell you landed as immigrant in Canada then Border Officers give you a hard time as well and some have even got RFE's from USCIS regarding their intent with US immigration process. So either way we are in trouble!

    Friends please advise. What should you say to Border Patrol Officers on Re Entry to US with AP?:(

    Also would you mind sharing what was your purpose of Visit?

    AP was created for people who had an emergency to travel outside the US while there I-485 was being processed. but over the years these processes have elapse and now take longer. So now the USCIS is more lenient in issuing APs but the law still is that its for emergency travel. Now if you come across an IO who is having a bad day and asks you your reason for travel and you say vacation well he has the authority to deny you entrance. The IO can refuse you entry if he feels somethings not right.

    While you have a I-485 pending trying to get Canadian landing papers in theory is a good idea but heres the problem you run in to. After get us green card or passport you take on any other nationality they don't like that. They consider it that you no longer want to be a US citizen now if you have previously held any other nationality like Indian by birth they are ok with that.

    So yes if you tell the IO you went there for Canadian landing papers and are traveling on AP its sounds like you no longer want to be a US citizen.

    In the past I have said visit family they are ok with that.

    My Canadian visit was for work purposes. my company has a sister office in Canada. so when they asked I said to temporarily work in Canada. they were happy with that.

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  • immigrant-in-law
    01-10 01:19 PM

    congrats! can you please post which service center approved it? Thanks.


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  • ameryki
    01-03 08:00 PM
    hi applied for 485/ ead and ap on Aug 1st to NSC. I received Ead cards and finger printing complete. But no RN's for any of the 3 applications and no AP yet :-(. Can't even find out AP file number since lawyer used money order to file.

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  • gapala
    03-04 10:01 AM
    First of all EAD is not a status. You need to provide them details on whether you are on H1B or AOS / Parolee (if used AP to travel or EAD to work).

    Hope this helps.


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  • mrdelhiite
    06-25 11:49 AM
    Got approved just now. Labor filed EB3 on 23rd Feb Govt job. Thinsg are moving ... Best of luck to all !!!


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    04-30 03:04 PM
    SO IF they move PD's to 2006 dec then there is aposibility that all 2006 pd 's get GC's before 2001 pd's.:mad:


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  • GCBy3000
    01-03 05:40 PM
    It is your perspective. Do not bash like this about India in public forums. Feel free to experss yourselves but be honest and tell the truth.

    I do not agree with overall bashing about India. It is not that bad as you have told. I have lots of friends who are neither engineers nor doctors, but doing very great job. There are accountants, lawyers, teachers, professors and self employed people who are all doing good and great.

    Yes, infrastructure is bad. But it is all relative comparision. India is doing good and will do good. You have freedom to do whatever you like. Education system is good everywhere inlcuding villages. Opportunities will not chase you, you have to chase them and it is true everywhere in the world.

    GC Cons:
    1.You cannot enjoy the company of your parents/relatives.
    2.Your wife cannot work.
    GC Pros:
    1.You and your family will be raised in a pollution free environment.
    2.God forbid,if you ever get into an accident the cop would at least write down a complaint.If there is an emergency there would be an ambulance.My father had to go through this unfortunate experience.
    3.In India, given the real estate boom , anyone who has land in cities like Mumbai /Pune would rather build a mall or residential complex instead of Schools/Colleges.People are getting jobs now. Have they wondered where their kids will go to school/college? When it comes to getting jobs in India, everyone wants a candidate from a reputed college / university which is usually associated with the number of years the place has been around.
    4.If you want to settle outside cities, then you do not have access to the best in education and whatever so called infrastructure is there to offer.
    5.Back home, if your kid does not grow up to become a Doctor or Engineer he/she goes so much down in the social hierarchy that it is difficult to imagine.Only careers available are Doctors/Engineers.Last option is to join call center and live a nocturnal life.
    6.The job hierarchies in India are mostly namesake , at least in IT. The moral compass of Indian corporate world is pointing directly,constantly, and unerringly to hell. You will notice a "Sir-jee" system very soon after you start working there.
    7.On a last note, with a surge in purchasing power it is immature to declare India a developing/developed nation so soon. That tile is at least 500 years away and we have not started making the ground work yet(the Chinese have).

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  • nk2006
    10-17 04:19 PM
    {someone sent me a PM (with a red-dot to boot :) asking what is the plan?}

    As explained in the first post of this thread the current plan: is to write to ombudsman, service center etc and explain why this I485 denial is wrong. The letter format and addresses are provided in the same post. I request members to email ombudsman the letter - since their office got some attention on this issue its best time to send more. All you have to do is paste the letter and add your personal info and send email - take a few more minutes to print it and send hard-copy as well, just in case if they ignore emails.

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  • sandy_anand
    07-19 10:48 AM
    My case was filed on Feb 27th. Still pending. No response from Atlanta. I have 11 more days to go and after that it doesn't matter when I get my PERM as I would be locked out for potentially 5-6 years! This system is not fair at all...if I was working in one of the western states, I could have filed even today and get certified in 2-3 days....

    03-07 02:08 AM
    Usually is very reliable source for the immigration related news, but i still cant believe that Shusterman received call from Hillary Cinton (Secretory of State). Shusterman is the ex-USCIS (legacy INS) attorney, but that doesnt mean he knows Hillary Clinton personally...unless he is her campaign chair or so in California while she was running against Obama in the Democratic primary race for the US president.

    So either this is his plot to garner more subscribers for his website or some kind of news thro' AILA ,but he mentions it as a news from Hillary.

    If this information stands true then EB3-I will be U for rest of the year.

    It looks like majority of skilled indians who were in the US around April 2001 end up using the 245(i) provision and use the Bush amnesty. Else their is no other logic that the dates are not moving further to OCt 2001 for EB3-India.

    Another reason could be the flood of H1Bs during the period of 2001 to 2004, labor substitution practices allowed until the July 2007.

    Most of those labors came out of backlong centre prior to July 2007 and folks were able to file their I-140 and I-485 concurrent during July 2007 visagate.

    Labor certification was pending 4 years in BeC and now who knows how many more years in the PD retrogression. Due to current economic conditions, dont see any ray of hope to change the plight of EB-3 india.

    Obama gave some hopes during his campaign, but looks like politicians surrounding him will not let him do anything good for legal immigrants. I hope he take some positive action on the comments we made on his website when he seek public opinion/ideas on how to deal with the broken legal immigration system

    09-11 10:35 AM
    Order Details - Sep 11, 2007 9:58 AM CDT
    Google Order #921383487790185
    Amount: $100

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