Monday, June 20, 2011

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  • vban2007
    07-15 03:06 PM
    Keep It Up Guys

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  • sam_hoosier
    01-03 04:26 PM
    I come from a nuclear family in India and see no reason why my kid cannot develop into a good citizen the way my parents made sure I did..........

    I learnt at a very young age that living with your cousins/uncles/aunts is not necessarily a guarantee of being close........ I am a lot closer to family I never lived with in the same city than I am to family who lived a few blocks from where we did.........

    It is all in how the parents mold the environment for their kids. if we as parents fail in our duty towards our kids, does not matter where you live, we will do a great disservice to society..........

    Sure, I dont think there is any one correct answer for this dilemma. Most of us are going to base our decisions on our personal circumstances and hope that they turn out correct in the long run :)

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  • abhishek101
    09-01 03:24 PM
    Landed in july 2000

    Changed employer in nov 2000

    Joined a fortune 10 company in aug 2001, they had a policy to wait for 1 year before any GC application.

    Started process in August 2002, Finally labor was filed in March 2003

    May 2004 Company bought another company and in merger my department was closed, Was laid off in October 2004, was lucky enough that a job I had interviewed internally came through. Started with them in October 2004 but with a 20% salary cut :(

    Finally labor was approved in 2005.Got 140 approved in Jan 2006.

    Dates became current in June 2007 but lawyer delayed the filing till July when all dates became unavailable. Due to political pressure dates became current and was able to file for 485.

    Got married in Nov 2008.

    Company bought another company in 2008 and the merger resulted in job loss again in April 2009.

    Was lucky enough again to find another job in the company.

    Within 1 month got another job offer in the company with a promotion. So after 2004 came back to original salary in 2009.

    Still in 2010 I am not making as much money as I made in 2000-2001 when I had just landed.

    Talked to my new manager in Dec 2009 to apply GC in EB2 since it is a VP position with 8 year experience requirement he said a big NOOOOOOOO.

    Finally boss agreed to start the new GC in EB2 in July 2010.

    Talked to lawyer and after evaluation they agreed that my new job is more than 50% different from my old jobs and hence I can use the experience.

    Started the process with the lawyer but since it is a big company all processe take forever to begin :(

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  • JunRN
    09-11 10:37 PM
    I am in for this. This is not so expensive than paying the lobbyist. The objective is to catch media's attention and have our sentiments be publicized in major newspapers and tv news.

    This is a novel idea and more cost effective than paying major newspaper to publish our sentiments. They will come to IV for interviews just like in the past during the flower campaign.


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  • swo
    07-20 06:41 PM
    ...welcome to the new nightmare, someone did say something about the grass been green on the other that we are on the other side we wait for 485 to be current while we renew EAD/AP each year, fingerprint every 15 months and aviod the namecheck black hole...maybe this is what they(uscis) wanted after all...a steady income stream...good luck :)

    Funny! And we screamed to be there :)

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  • bsbawa10
    09-10 12:23 PM
    One thing I fail to understand, instead of flower compaign why do not we go in for letter compaign. Write letter to DOS and USCIS with copies to members of the congress highlighting all their inefficiencies and inconsistencies. USCIS does not deserve flowers for what it has done to us and what it is doing to us. Do you get flowers and info pass appointment ? Does customer service speak nicely to you and give you right answers ? Do you give flowers to anybody who mistreats you in real life ? I know Munbai ...has impressed a lot but that was a movie. Have you ever realized what would have happened, had it not been a movie ? Things would not have moved at all.


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  • snathan
    08-12 02:25 PM
    aiming london shooting tokyo, thats exactly what this bill is doing. The vast majority of nonsense is created by small "con"sulting companies, i.e shell companies with less than 50 employees. Infact Schummer if he wanted a solution for h1b missue should have gone after these small "con"sulting companies rather than real multi national companies like infosys,tcs, wipro etc. I am not a fan of this bill but if you going to put restrictions on h1b do it the right way. it is these small "con"sulting companies with less than 50 employees that did illegal things like selling approved labor until using approved labor was abolished, it is these small "con"sulting companies which work on 80 20 model which are bringing disrepute to h1b and people working on h1b. by putting this rediculous rule which says only comapnies having more than 50 employess will be targetted by this law schummer inadvertently is encouraging the setup of more "con"sulting companies. The vast majority of green cards issued in the last 5 years (may be as hight as 80% of green cards) have been issued to the "con"sultants" working in these "con"sulting companies. People working in fortune 500 companies abide by all rules like it is the job responsibily which determines eb1, eb2 or eb3 and not your educational qualifications and therefore i have seen phd recepients applying in eb3 whereas the "con"sultants working in these "con"sulting companies who have sometimes bcom or btech degrees applying in eb2 by faking experience to show 5 years requirement, they work in SAP but they advertise the position as someone needing java or any programming experience. this is outright lying, how can people working in fortune 500 and legitemate companies complete with these "con"sultants and these "con"sulting companies with less than 50 employees for green cards.

    For green card reform the biggest culprit is per country limit\quota, the above issue is small compared to the country quota but it still needs to be solved.

    before somebody says illogical things like crab dragging another crab down etc etc, let me tell you something all i am saying is everybody should play by the rules, "con"sulting companies especially with less than 50 employees and the "con"sultants who work there are the ones which have brought disrepute to the h1b profession by indulging in labor selling and buying, applying for eb1, eb2 irrespective of job requirements and flouting the rules, for the most part big It majors infy, wipro etc did not indulge in these illegal activities.

    Do not generalise all consulting companies...At least people working in these consulting companies sponsored GC and buying house and spending their money here. Most of the fradulent GC process was done by these croocked indian companies. They exploited the EB1C system to the maximum extend. Most of the times, they are not filing the GC and keep the employees as slaves or they exploit the EB1c fo their boot lickers.

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  • shareef142
    08-02 05:40 PM
    Hello gurus,

    I applied 485 on July 25th,2007. Now can i travel outside of USA, or have to wait until i receive the receipt? Please help as soon as you can.


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  • Libra
    09-11 01:56 PM
    thank you leoindiano.

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  • ca_immigrant
    06-11 08:46 PM
    Just eat mangoes and have fun! GC doesnt taste half as good as Indian mangoes.

    ek dozen kitne mein girega mere bhai ?

    how much for a dozen my :D

    If I buy mangoes from you, can you get me a green card ?


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  • hazishak
    07-18 07:22 PM
    what happens when dates retrogress? If my PD is 2000 Jan (assume) and some one else has 2001 Jan (assume) with RDs July/2007 and Mar/2007 respectively and in August 2007 PD cut off date went back to 2000 Feb (assume) then does it mean that 2000 Jan PD is ineligible to get the adjudication before the guy with PD 2001 Jan because the RD is later for this case? Again if the answer to this question is yes then ,when the PD is set at 2000 Feb why are they accepting new AOS apps which satisfy this PD cutoff date because if they process by RD(at all times) they are not likely to consider these for adjudication anyway? Is it just for our benifit that we can get an EAD? If I go down this path I donot understand the purpose of the whole PD in this process.

    The thing I am trying to understand is 'if PD is not significant in AOS why is it there at all in the visa bulletin'. If RD overrides the PD at the AOS stage then instead of specifying a PD in the Visa bulletin they can just say that

    "We are accepting new AOS applications" and then adjudicate them in the order of the RD.

    These are all just my thoughts and am trying to put them together. I may very well be wrong in my basic understanding of this process. Thank you for your previous reply. That was helpful.

    In your case you will get the percedence over the 2000 PD. His is PD is not curent at time of processing. If the cut off date is after 2001 which means both are cuurent then the later guy will take precedence since his RD is earlier than your's.

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  • bsbawa10
    02-07 02:52 PM
    First of all I am really sorry for all this happening to you. Unfortunately, this is happening more and more since the anti-dowry laws have been made which are so ridiculous. Females get the credit of being innocence from our society even if they are not. All they need to do is be 1. somewhat beautiful, 2. sob in society and 3. be young and everybody on the earth thinks that they are "poor , innocent girl" ..even if they are perfect culprits.


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  • GCplease
    03-13 12:33 PM
    Received an email from CRIS yesterday. They have issued a FRE on my I-485. I can not think of anything. My immigration history is clean, no status issues, ever. I remember submitting all the docs during July fiasco. I am waiting for the actual RFE letter to arrive.

    Only good part is - there is someone "OUT THERE" who looked at my file.

    I can see that your 485 recipt date should be around 7/25/07 which is around mine.

    Was your 485 transferred to TSC or NSC ? If so, did the Transfer notice have a different Receipt date ?

    I am just trying to figure out when they may get to my case. My 485 Recipt date was 7/31/09 and then it was transferred to TSC and the transfer notice had a receipt date of 10/1/09. Not sure if they'd consider the Receipt date in the 485 Receipt or the 485 Transfer Notice.

    The reason for my my anxiety is, I provided a change of Address (more than 200 miles) to USCIS and am wondering if I'd get a rfe.


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  • ameryki
    01-19 11:39 AM
    Hello Rameshk75,
    Thank you very much for your reply. It gave me a mental peace. Do anyone believe if I go to the local office on next tuesday they will do something for me ?

    i don't think going to local office is going to help. be patient you should get it. In my case it took almost 4 weeks since it got approved to physically receive AP. Although I don't know how long my lawyer held it prior to mailing it to me.


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  • desi3933
    07-06 05:52 PM
    See what I was saying. They are not supposed to grant CP appointments and approvals in July per the regulations. They have decided to bend the rules to approve the currently pending 485s and CPs. They came up with this lame excuse that since the visas were already shipped out to the consular posts ................yada yada. Point is as I said they can't do 18K CP applicatrions in a day at the consulates the way they seem to have done for the 485s. Even this I am not sure.
    I doubt whether they have sent out all 60K 485 approvals either, they probably will in the course of the next month or thereabouts.
    I'll say it again, they want 485s out but they don't want them in for whatever reason. It is getting clearer.


    The visa number is requested and alloted at the time of scheduling interview for immigrant visa for CP. If the interview results in declining the visa, then visa number is sent back to DoS. This is standard practice.

    Typically for all July interviews, visa number is already allocated (in May/June). So these applicants can be still issued immigrant visa (aka green card) if they clear the interview.

    Not a legal advice.

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  • aray
    08-14 05:33 PM
    I don't agree with it and hope not ! As latest Visa bulleting states - DOS people had predicted and planned - They will move EB3 dates forward to cover all June applicants - that means moving cut-off dates for EB3 - India to Jun 2003 as per Jun 2007 bulletin. For some reason - they see heavey demand now and it may not be the case in next bulletin. Still they beleive its diffcult to predict any dates for EB3 before mid Sept. They are working and intention are there to help EB3 applicants. That leads to make me believe that dates for EB3 - India would move to somewhere Nov-Dec 2002 to Jan-Feb 2003 in next bulletin.

    What are you talking about?
    For EB3, DOS had predicted that in the Oct. 2008 VB, dates would be reinstated to the June 2008 (not June 2007) VB dates. This means that if that is still going to be true, Oct. 2008 VB dates would be Nov 2001. Where do you get June 2003 as the EB3 VB dates?

    Am I missing something here? But if your prediction is true, I will buy you dinner!!!


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  • nixstor
    07-06 10:46 AM
    looks like there main purpose was to deny us filing 485 application....i cannot believe they could go to such lengths to prevent high loads of work which they feared.
    It was better for them to work 1 weekend 24/7 (nonstop) rather than working everyday for 8 hours (which is what our application may have caused them to do)

    I have reiterated this again and again. There is no way USCIS was going to accommodate all of us as per the original VB. We will form the biggest hump on the back of USCIS and it will probably 20 yrs for every one to come out of the system. Remember, how much math we did on how many years EB2 India /Eb3 india/china will take? Thats what they see as well. Why would they want so many applications backlogged. The only way they can disallow filings is by saying that there are no visa numbers available on day one. You have to have a visa number available at the time of 485 filing. They cleared out all the old PD's. Believe me, If the original bulletin was not current, they would have done the same in 90 days with some numbers gone waste. It was a bad situation for both agencies. I am not saying that they have not goofed up. they goofed up big time and I can clearly see the lack of communication on issue like this which effects so many people. We can use this as an opportunity to show case our root cause or we can use this in a detrimental way that will screw our nuts and bolts for 10 more years.

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  • santb1975
    06-09 02:41 PM

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  • Macaca
    09-12 12:15 PM
    I had started with the online press release sites, which one should be higher priority?
    Pick whatever you like and feel comfortable with. Post it here so we know.

    I will work on Washington Post and New York Times. Then, I will work on Associated Press and Reuters.

    gsc999 and Franklin should work on Mercury News and San Francisco Chronicle. I think they have a DC office.

    First, I have to come up with a sexy letter!

    03-16 10:41 AM
    Really bad news.

    Robert Kumar
    03-15 05:43 PM
    btw you can check it out at

    welcome to the icert portal (

    !!! T h a n k y o u !!!

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