Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • H1Girl
    03-13 01:05 AM
    Here is my scenario...

    1. Applied my first EAD thru some lawyer (hence G-28)
    2. I am planning to renew it on "my own"

    Can I renew EAD without Attroney help... I know the answer "YES" but the main question is... do I need to inform USCIS saying that I want to withdraw my lawyer's and hence G-28 which was filed along with my first EAD?

    If anyone are sucessful, please help me...My question is not on how to self apply EAD..My question is whether we need to inform USCIS about G-28...

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  • Vts31
    10-31 12:49 AM
    use masking. u can also try shape tweens.

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  • neel_gump
    08-28 10:43 AM
    we should assume as "no changes" from previous week ;)

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  • marcus12
    01-26 09:40 PM
    I got a email from school today that because of my unability to attend the school for 1 sem I have been dropped off of the school

    I have a question. How many days I can stay in USA after my sevis is terminated.

    i want to stay within limits so in future I dont have any problems in visa


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  • lecter
    December 13th, 2004, 04:39 PM
    This is a massive drop. May piss a few "Recent" buyers off but it will sure make any new ones happy. If you're on a Nikon set of gear you're going to be getting excellent new ones for the same price (almost) as a 20D... Amazing.

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  • PrinceVA
    05-19 04:02 PM
    My I 140 approved under Eb3 if i want to change my job and my employer is willing to do in EB2 can I use my old PD from I140 EB3 ?

    yup. you should have completed 180 days I guess after getting 140 approved. There are many threads for this discussion. try to find it.


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  • aguy
    02-05 03:55 PM

    I am on the 8th year of my H1B. I have an approved I140. There is a chance that I may have to leave my current job, and there will be a gap before I obtain another job. Two questions:

    1. Can I stay in the US just on an approved I140 and no H1B?
    2. I know I can get my H1b transferred. Can I instead leave my current job, be on I140 for some time, and apply for a new H1B for the new job, still continuing the 8th year?


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  • bhartigorkar
    07-23 06:07 PM
    I really like to make this type of graphic.
    Hope u like this.


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  • walking_dude
    03-07 10:02 AM
    Bill Gates has supported EB Green Cards increase before.

    I'm sure he'll do it again this March. He is supporting our cause more than most of the (inactive) IV members here.

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  • factoryman
    02-08 09:16 PM
    will anything be left even to discuss?
    Guys. Is this 7% country limit a hard or soft one ?. Assuming 1,40,000 total immigrant visas, India would get 7% of it and that is 9800. Then you have the preference category. Assuming there are unused immigrant visas from other countries, how do they get allocated ?. Does anyone has clear idea ?.


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  • sk76941
    08-31 03:09 AM
    My I-140 & I-485 were filed concurrently in July and I have received the receipt notices last week. I have been told by my manager that I have been considered for a promotion. The job title changes from Sr.Database Administrator to Sr.Database Administrator,Staff. The new job after promotion will have additional/new responsibilities like leading/mentoring the team members in addition to the current job responsibilities. I have the following questions:
    (1) Is there any risk to GC processing if the job title changes ?
    (2) Is there anything that needs to be done/filed with USCIS to reflect the job title change ?


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  • alok97
    02-26 08:46 PM
    Hi, I have a H1B from company A stamped in my passport and it has been expired in sep 2005. I joined company B in march 2004 and I have their I-797 valis till Jan 2008. I am going to India to stamp it on the passport. Is their any issue with this ? I heard that if one is changing the comany, he/she has to stamp the H1B of the new company on the passport within 6 months or so. Please help.


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  • Blog Feeds
    07-28 12:40 PM
    One of the comments on my post earlier today about the killed Border Patrol agent seemed pretty harsh - accusing most BP agents of being restrictionists with bad motives. I still think that's harsh and most Border Patrol agents are honestly out to do the necessary job of protecting our country's borders. But the timing of a major scandal involving Customs and Border Patrol certainly will make many people question just who the agency is hiring. According to the NY Times: After federal border agents detained several Mexican immigrants in western New York in June, an article about the incident...

    More... (

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  • prabhakarm22
    02-25 07:15 PM
    My wife is working as a consultant, her client is ready to give her full time and also ready to do her H1-B transfer. Her H1-B is valid till April 2011 and GC process has not been started yet. Client is hesitant to start GC because they are new to the process.

    1. Can she take the offer from client company, get H1-B transferred and start GC process with another company X?
    2. If that happens can she apply for H1-B extension with client company early next year?
    3. Should her PERM application be submitted before April 2010?

    Thanks in Advance



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  • Blog Feeds
    12-18 09:50 AM
    We like to share that the H1B cap is extremely close to being reached. The count as of December 15, 2009 is 64,200. This is 1300 cases more than the count from December 11th. This count is very close to the total cap of 65,000 which is actually somewhat reduced by numbers allocated under trade agreements. We continue to watch this very closely, and will provide updates until the FY 2010 cap is reached.

    We suggest to act quickly to avoid last minute embarrassment as H-1B Cap may soon be cease to exist.

    More... (

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  • ravi
    09-13 10:53 PM
    started as an intern with local in the month of march 06 and I was given offer till end of august. but my school official gave me work permit on a semester basis and gave it only for srping 06, which end in may 15th. I couldn't update my CPT status for 1 day for summer 06 and started on 16th may, so the school official has said that i am out of status.Since re-instatement is not possible from school as it was unauthorized work permit. They have advised me to go to home country and attend visa to be eligible for reinstatement. I have grauduated last month with masters of science..

    They said they will provide me recommendation letter for me to show to consular officer. Also, I have an MBA admit in same university for spring 2007.

    so should i come to new program..if thats the case how to get an emergency appoitment.


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  • ita
    07-08 12:04 PM

    I have my EAD/AP. I'm EB3-I.
    I paid my attorney for the 485 processing. But the law firm works for my company.
    They have been good so far (law firm) but I guess it would be better for me to first change the attorney If I plan to file AC21.

    I would appreciate it if someone can suggest me good attorney . What would be the fee I can be looking at to pay the new attorney at this point of my GC. processing( With EAD/AP ..renewal also taken care.)

    (If it is not appropriate to mention the figure I would appreciate it if someone can just give me a range/ballpark figure)

    Thank you.

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  • gconmymind
    08-22 12:40 PM
    I filed I-131 for AP renewal around 10th August and received a Biometrics appointment notice for I-485 yesterday. Is there Fingerprinting required for AP? If yes, why is the Case Type on the notice I-485? Or is the FP notice for I-485 and it is just a coincidence that I have filed for AP renewal. My PD will be current next month...

    There is no LUD on I-485 case...

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  • Blog Feeds
    08-10 12:00 PM
    South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has said many times in the past that the GOP needs to move back to the middle on immigration reform. He's putting his money where his mouth is and is leading the GOP's pro-immigration wing as they work behind the scenes shaping the bill likely to be introduced in the next few weeks. The support of at least half a dozen Republican Senators will be critical since there will no doubt be Democrats who don't vote with their party.

    More... (

    08-15 03:48 PM
    Yep. Refer to the July tracker thread

    10-11 12:24 AM
    It will import Adobe Illustrator files. I know that for sure.. that and as mentioned about 3ds files. I really don't know if it will do any others.

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