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  • nlssubbu
    07-24 06:42 PM
    If they are such smart to calculate numbers like you said, which is theoritically possible, they would not be creating mess like this for years.

    Yes, it is easy for them to know how many applications are filed and from which country and how many are in which category etc etc. Based on visa numbers availability, they could very well process the applications are request the visa numbers from DHS. When USCIS handles all the 485 processing, then how come DHS is responsible for moving the dates in VB. It is insane and ridiculous for DHS to have this functionality when they do not have any idea on 485 apps with USCIS. They are scewing up immigrants deliberately without transparency between them.

    As I already stated, it is proven beyond the point that DOL and USCIS has only the ability to count the numbers. They do not even know exactly how much labor is pending by country. The same is true for I140 as well.

    There is confusion even about how the count works. When your name is struck at FBI name check, it is not counted as backlog itself by USCIS anymore :( [I vaguely remember someone posting this quoting some reference from USCIS memo regarding reduction of processing times].

    This is why in many cases you see the sudden forward movement in PD followed by heavy retrogression. Historically those who got approved when the PD is moved forward are always lucky.


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  • anyluck?
    12-10 07:00 PM
    Repenting that i miised the chance, and should have applied at that time.

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  • ek_akela
    09-09 03:06 PM
    Unfortunately I can't attend Rally due to family reasons, contributed a small share of 100$..Google Order #642227016026725
    My sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart for all those are who will be showing up for this rally..hats off to you guys!

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  • pmamp
    07-12 10:36 AM
    Where did you get your DL renewed? Which state? :confused:

    Hoosier land - Indiana.


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  • plreddy
    07-14 02:43 PM
    Bank Of America Bill Pay Confirmation Number: 7YB5R-TV1TL for $ 5.00.

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  • ssss
    08-08 04:05 PM
    Feb 2005 EB3 India


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  • Bhanu
    09-14 12:59 PM
    Order Details - Sep 14, 2007 12:21 PM CDT
    Google Order #143895982951884

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  • Milind123
    09-14 10:59 AM
    A quick message and request�
    I did not check all the posts today. Will tend to it in the evening. If it disappears off the screen, someone, please bump it. Thanks


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  • santb1975
    05-23 10:21 PM

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  • immig4me
    05-14 09:11 AM
    Don't wait any longer

    Everyone must call

    Thank You for helping Yourself

    CALL Call call call Call CALL


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  • Keeme
    03-04 02:27 PM
    Soft LUD on my case. My I-140 is approved. My PD is May 15th 2002 India EB3


    Any one else with recent RFEs/LUDs on their I-485 ? Pl post.

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  • EndlessWait
    12-15 09:29 PM
    its been stuck at 2001 for so many years , except for 2007 july bulletin fiasco.

    with the way things are , it can take 10 more years for EB3 to even get to 2005. Lets try and push for something which works in this country.

    Buy a house get a GC! rule for EB applicants.


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  • pointlesswait
    03-03 06:08 PM
    can you be more specific on what ur "very influential" attorney said? ;)

    That is not true, my lawyer who is very influential and he has some good contacts he told me that this year spill-over would be different form last year. I was stupid so didn’t believe him about July 2007, and paying it for now for not having EAD.

    I know this is hard to believe especially if something comes from lawyer.


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  • sanju
    03-12 03:57 PM
    Great! Someone should give you an award for motivation

    For your information, i have contributed to IV monetarily. It just does not show up on the handle for some reason i do not know.

    So you are looking for motivation? Your post do not indicate that you are looking for motivation. There are those who are undecided or who cannot find enough energy/motivation to do something, and those people need motivation. You don't fall in that category. You are pretty much convinced that you don't belong here. Now you are just spoiling the environment to make sure that others all leave looking at you and mad-dog bickering. And one need not be a rocket scientist to figure that out. Its obvious. There goes your flag for "award for motivation". What's next, you need a shoulder to cry?



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  • krithi
    02-18 06:01 PM
    haha nice

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  • Ramba
    09-05 06:32 PM
    The unbelievable growth in India made me explore a bit in terms of investments, ended up with the financial advise and recommendation from experts that we cannot directly invest in equity as an NRI. Only investment allowed it seems, for NRI is in real estate. Not sure whether this is true. There holds the surprise I could not add up the numbers in real-estate in India. Real estate in India is darn expensive even by international standards (with per capita GDP of $700->$2500 per annum).

    Flats in Indian hub cities: 2-bedroom, 1000 sq ft apartment for average $200,000-$300,000 and above. ( Condos in most major metros in USA: 2-bedroom, 1000 sq ft average $200,000-$300,000 (google housing)

    Given that, median income in US is 50 times more than India. I thought the Indian cities are up in bubble. Next, look at agricultural land prices.

    Agricultural land in Northern part of India is average $50000 - $250,000 per acre (www. where in east, west and south is about $20000-$200,000. In Villages its about $15000 to $50000 per acre.

    Agricultural land in US is in the range of $6000-$15000 per acre. ($12,000 per acre in NJ, $6,000 per acre in California and $8,000 per acre in Florida. From USDA website)

    Now You can do the math. Commercial land is even more expensive in india.

    The reason, people say, population density. Now lets look at this factor, the density in India is much higher than USA. But, compare to NJ, NJ is actually slightly more densely populated than most states in India. Real estate is regulated by government in India that prevents easy buying and selling and land survey records are not properly maintained which makes it easy to bump up the price.

    Can someone explain to me how in the world, the farmers in India who make less than $1000 per annum continue to own land that is valued at several $100K? How many can afford a home in that country?

    Is this what economic experts call "bubble"? I believe there needs to be a correction in the market in India to avoid a disaster.

    There is no doubt about NRIs are the prime reason for the real estate boom in India. It is tottally unbelivable that 2 bedroom flat in a normal second class town has gone to up to 40 lakes. Decent independent houses are in terms of crores in small cites. Two factors. One is foreign money and second in black money from local dadas/politicians. Also demand vs supply. The availble land is small and demand for that land is too high due to these two gropus.

    I visited one of my NRI friends house in India, where he is not going to live as he is a US citizen. His parents already won two houses and they bought another house as a investment. This house in a recent development area in a small town where there is no high tech employment is avialable; In my feeling it may not worth 5 lakes; they were selling at 45 lakes. Even if anyone ready to pay 45 lakes there is no unit is avialable; everything was sold to NRIs. No resident won the houses in that area. All the dads and mos are baby sitting the houses. Renting alos not that easy. It is tottally unbelivable. I wonder why all the NRIs buying house in India and increisng the house price? The guys working here (or any part of the world) and not going to live in India, why government should allow to buy the house and increse the price? Everyone tries to do real estate bussiness there. That is the main reason for price increase.


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  • natrajs
    08-08 09:48 PM
    Finally Good News
    Best Wishes and Good Luck

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  • dilbert_cal
    06-05 11:04 AM
    Guys/Gals - Those of you who are planning to file your 140 and/or 485 and are worried about the future consequences, please stop worrying about the bill and first of all get your 140 and/or 485 filed.

    Now, when you are done with it , please help IV to ensure that the current bill has enough amendments to make our future secure.

    If you are one of those who can keep working on your 140/485 , worry about the bill and help IV all together in a balanced way, no need to follow the step by step process :-)

    Things happen - they can always happen - they can be good - they can be bad - but Life Goes On.... so you do what you need to do for your current processing and whatever plans you have for future but just be aware that things can always change. Say you dont file your 140 assuming the world's gonna end and then before the world ends, 140 premium processing is stopped - ( not that there are any rumours regarding this ).... so get the point - carry on with your processes assuming the best out of this bill and help IV as much as you can.

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  • va_labor2002
    06-23 11:00 AM
    I got my labor approved only on May 26 ,2006. My Pd was March 12,2002 EB3 Va.

    I've already entered details into

    Data was:
    PD 12/19/2002
    Approved EB3 RIR 6/14/2006
    received copy today
    Originally NY DOL
    Philly BEC

    That was 1272 days

    Here is a little good news for most....
    I had estimated that I would get my approval around beginning Sept, but I got it about 6 weeks earlier. I had been tracking estimating etc., also I had asked a paralegal about whether her customers were being processed in order or if people were disappearing into black holes (as a few appear to a None of her customers were in black holes.

    Currently it does appear that Nov and Dec 2002 are being processed at Philly BEC, and in general it does seem to be advancing in date order, with a few approvals now being a few months behind (oldest approval recieved in Dec 2006 was Aug 2002) so the spread was Aug 2002 to Dec 2002 being processed in June 2006. This is based on info at and my paralegal's customers.

    Also from it appears that most 45 day letters have been issued.
    They made a public commitment (and in court) to have data entry done by end of June 2006 (i.e. next week). So anyone who has not received a 45 day letter by the end of July should be banging on their door. They appear to be close to all data entry done, so that estimate looks to have been credible. Thus their estimate of all applications processed for Sept 2007 gains some credibility.

    Also I based my estimate of when I'd get my LC partly on their estimates of when they'd finish LC processing.

    03-10 07:05 AM
    So EB3-I may move only by 2 months for the rest of the year?
    Yes EB3I move is going to be painfully slow.

    08-18 12:23 PM
    you can modify the letter posted by mirage to include your details. i had updated it to the following.

    I understand that the visa allotment process is constrained by the laws passed by the Congress, USCIS should also understand that applicants from retrogressed countries that have spent significant years of their careers waiting without any indication or guidelines as to when their dates will be current. I am sure everyone will understand the futility of waiting in a line where your position keeps increasing or decreasing every month with no end in sight.
    It will help us make concrete long term decisions if you could provide the following information for the retrogressed countries.

    -- number of pending EB1, EB 3 and EB 2 AOS cases per year for retrogressed countries from 1999-2008.
    -- number of unallocated EB visas from 1996-2007

    I also wanted to send the letter, but saw a ton of comments on the original letter. It would be a good idea, if some one goes thru the comments and update the letter in the original post. I think we should all send a decent letter.

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