Friday, June 24, 2011

buddha tattoos

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  • Green.Tech
    06-18 08:35 PM
    contributed $50 via paypal

    Thanks, WeShallOvercome.

    Glad to see GC holders contributing.

    Folks - Do you need anymore inspiration?

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  • bpadala
    05-20 12:50 AM

    This is the check list I used when I submitted my AC21 paper work last November when I moved out of my GC Sponsoring employer.

    1. Cover letter mentioning you have all the eligibility to invoke AC21 after 180 days of filing your AOS and if your I140 is approved and as long as the roles and responsibilities are same or similar.

    2. Attach an employer letter stating the job responsibilties mentioned on your Labour Certification petition along with your designation (Make sure it matches with one on your labour petition too). Make sure your employer adds something like providing employment even after your adjustment of status and its a permanent offer.

    3. Attach approved I140 notice and pending I485 receipt

    4. Attach your PERM/Regular LC petition.

    5. Attach a copy of the AC21 memo which will remind there is a Govt Memo out to support your AC21..

    This should help your case. I wish you success.


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  • leo2606
    07-14 08:32 PM

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  • srikondoji
    08-13 03:59 AM
    Hey nave_kum,
    Why do you think this is misleading? If you look at the date of the post, then the monday should be the following monday from that date which passed long time back. Let me know exacly what misled you, i may try to re-interpret if need be.
    It is upto you to conclude who is right and who is wrong and nobody here is warning him because he is junior.
    I have politely warned him, because i thought it was the right thing to do because of this discussion going in the wrong direction. I complained the adminstrator and moderator becuase that was the only tool available to me. Whatz wrong in this approach?
    Best regards and cheers.


    I just logged in thinking that by Monday, we July 2nd filers wud be getting receipts. But after flipping the pages back on this forum, I saw that the Monday was indeed the previous one. This is indeed misleading. After seeing the ongoing tussle between buddyinus and Srikondo, I realised Buddyinus is right. Whats wrong in whatever he's saying??? The purpose of this thread is to discuss about the so called Monday's receipts. But since that Monday is gone, looks like u r fighting over nothing. How dare u warn anybody on this thread. I am with Buddyinus on this. He may be a junior but u dont have any rights to warn him. Beware.


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  • Buddha. Tattoo by KHAN

  • Jimi_Hendrix
    11-06 08:44 AM
    Good to hear from you. Yes, I think we need to touch base with as many members in So Cal as possible. I would like to meet you all and plan out some of the things we can do here locally.



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  • reddymjm
    03-12 02:35 PM
    I do not support this donor ONLY idea.
    Also, Day 1, the FOIA initiative had a goal of $5K.
    And without reason, the goal was increased to $10K.

    So, pappu should not complain of not reaching the goal when he keeps increasing the goal.
    stay consistent.
    Its just not pappu.
    We all felt like increasing the goal becasue out the 100 or so FOIA responses we got atleat we should be able to respond to couple of them. FOIA is not the only one needing money.


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  • Buddha Tattoo on Forearm

  • willwin
    06-10 10:30 AM

    Much awaited bulletin which says no numbers for EB3 and that come Oct 2008 Eb3 I will go to Nov 2001 again. What a news!!!



    There have been questions raised regarding the way numbers have been provided to the China and India in the Employment Second preference categories beginning in April. Section 202(a)(5) of the Immigration and Nationality Act states that if total demand for visas in an Employment preference category is insufficient to use all available visa numbers in that category in a calendar quarter, then the unused numbers may be made available without regard to the annual per-country limit. (For example: If the second preference annual limit were 40,000, number use by “All Other Countries” were estimated to be only 25,000, and the China/India combined number use based on their per-country limits were 6,000, then there would be 9,000 numbers unused. Those 9,000 numbers could then be made available to China and India applicants without regard to their per-country limits.)

    Based on the informaiton available, it was been determined that the demand from “All Other Countries” for Second preference numbers, plus the amount of numbers available under China and India Second preference per-country limit, would be insufficient to utilize all available numbers under the annual limit for this category. Therefore, pursuant to Section 202(a)(5) of the Act, the unused numbers have been made available to China and India Second preference applicants. Since Section 203(e)(1) of the Act requires that such unused numbers be made available strictly in priority date order, the China and India applicants have been subject to the identical cut-off date. As there are more Employment Second preference applicants from India and the Indian applicants may have earlier priority dates, it is likely that Indian applicants will receive a larger portion of the available numbers than Chinese applicants.

    It should be noted that the Employment Second preference category is "Current" for all countries except China and India. If at any point it appears that demand from “All Other Countries” would utilize all available numbers, then an adjustment would be made to the China/India cut-off date. Therefore, providing the unused numbers to China and India in no way disadvantages applicants from any other country, and helps to insure that the worldwide annual limit can be reached.


    Demand for numbers, primarily by USCIS for adjustment of status cases, will bring the entire Employment Third preference category to the annual numerical limit by the end of June. As a result, this category will become “unavailable” beginning in July and will remain so for the remainder of FY-2008. Such action will only be temporary, however, and Employment Third preference availability will return to the cut-off dates established for June in October, the first month of the new fiscal year."

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  • new2gc
    08-13 11:49 AM
    Most of the Indian companies (TCS, Wipro, Infy, etc) have more than 50% H1Bs, I believe.

    They will bring/hire more resources to near shore (if not onsite) Brazil/Canada to satisfy clients...This year the demand for H1b is around 25K.... next year that may go down to 10-15K... good for future EB -AOS applicants.. :-)


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  • Tribal Buddha Tattoos

  • chanduv23
    09-13 12:01 PM
    Just now contibuted USD 100.00..sorry could not contribute a big amount..under a huge debt now...may be in future..

    PayPal Confirmation Number: 06B71369TE645612G


    Thanks for your wonderful gesture

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  • vik352
    08-13 05:05 PM
    EB2 requires Masters or 5 years of experience. For those waiting in the queue for more than 5 years should automatically qualify for EB2 because they have 5 years of experience. I dont care the fine wording that says the job needs Masters or 5 years of experience. We should push lawmakers for this option to reduce the huge backlog. What do others think of this option and start a campaign for it?


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  • Humhongekamyab
    04-30 02:33 PM
    Can somebody post the link please?

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  • Buddha Tattoo on Foot

  • Mouns
    04-30 04:47 PM
    "To maximize visa number usage while working off its backlog, USCIS has adopted a production strategy that focuses on completing cases where visas are immediately available and on working cases to the point just short of approval (pre-adjudication) where visas will be available in the coming months. Pre-adjudication includes completing all required background checks and resolving all eligibility issues except for visa availability. This allows for immediate approval and visa number allocation as visas become available for pre-adjudicated cases."

    does it mean that if your EB3 (I) , your I485- file is not going to be looked at for the next several years?

    Yes I believe that's what it means... If you date is not current or not about to become current in the next months, then your case would be unlikely to be adjucated...


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  • ramaonline
    09-04 07:16 PM
    H1 status ends once u start using EAD (This happens after u file I9 with employer) Once you start working using EAD card, you cannot maintain h1b status at the same time.

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  • viskota
    07-15 05:06 PM
    Paid $10 through bill pay


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  • Buddha. Tattoo by KHAN

  • satishbsk
    07-13 03:08 PM
    near LAX.

    Contributed $280 so far

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  • gbof
    03-01 09:15 PM united nations may post

    One of my co-worker had a info-pass this friday and the IO told him similar comments to the one which you heard....not sure what to infer out of these comments......

    My IV friends:
    Begining April we should see significant movement and EB2 should see many approvals.:D I am not vdlRAO but I expect my approval by Aug/Sept this year-:D:D:D-: a wishful thinking. Say: Amen !!!


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  • chi_shark
    06-11 12:56 AM
    if the orignial post on this thread is really true, then eb2/eb3 india/china with p.d. older newer than 2002 should basically pack whatever they have so far and leave... is that a fair reading? does anyone care to ammend my statement to perhaps "newer than 2003 [or 2005]"?

    At least this clears up any hopes from future Visa Bulletins. What's next?

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  • tattoo buddha. keshtwo

  • sweet23guyin
    11-29 11:47 PM
    Myself (primary applicant) and my spouse are on h1 with EADs. If spouse starts a company(issue checks and do all admin work) and still maintain her h1 with old employer, will it invalidate her h1 just because she used EAD? Reason for asking is if some thing goes wrong with 485, can she fall back on h1?

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  • krithi
    02-18 06:01 PM
    haha nice

    07-18 12:06 PM
    Hmm..didn't see any email for this action alert/Funding drive. I thought all IV action alerts were sent out as e-mails.
    Franklin,can you please forward this to our Northern Calif chapter?

    09-27 09:44 AM
    Landed on 03/1997 on H1B. Didn't file for GC until 2003 as plan was to work for 2-3 years, get into an MBA program, and then go back.

    MBA resulted in loans of $120K which in turn meant spending some more time in the US which resulted in buying a house which resulted in even bigger loan.

    Now living the American "dream" on EAD.

    You must be earning more than the debts you have from MBA per year. With that you should have paid the loans.

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