Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • xgr3
    05-14 08:59 PM
    No, I have not moved to different state. I am in the same state since the day I filed my labor.

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  • maddipati1
    12-09 08:59 PM

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  • thomachan72
    04-21 03:08 PM
    Since it would be pending for >365 days you should be able to extend.

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  • sunandoghosh
    08-29 04:50 PM
    Hi Friends,

    My wife is going to apply for H4 Visa soon in India.

    Do I need to send her I-134 Affidavit of Support.

    I have heard conflicting opinions.

    Pls let me know.

    Thxs in advance. Rgs S


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  • Jithesh
    05-25 12:14 AM

    I am here in US working for a company on L1 Visa. My Visa and I-94 expires on November 2010. The company has already applied for my H1. I am planning for a vacation to India in August. I have the following question,

    1. When I comes back to US from my vacation, in September, I dont have to go to the consulate, as my L1 is still valid. And I wont be able to go to the consulate for H1 stamping, as they wouldnt have started the stamping for this year, right?

    2. Once I am back in L1, do I have to go back to India for H1 stamping, as my L1 expires in November?

    3. Or the best method is to visit India after October and get it stamped with H1 from the consulate while coming back from India?


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  • kk_kk
    05-10 07:50 AM
    My understanding is, you don't have to. AOS is a valid status until there is a yes or no decision on your 485 applicaiton from USCIS.


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  • bnmreddy
    01-29 09:45 AM
    Dear experts/Attorneys,

    Please help me. My EB2 priority date in 21Nov 2007. My I 140 is approved and yet to file for I 485. Now at work I have promotion offer from Sr developer to Team lead. Technologies I work for won't change, but I have to change my work location to different state in this case
    do I have to file for PERM and I 140 again?
    If I have to file 140 can I retain priority date?
    Is there any other option for me to escape PERM refiling other than not accepting promotion :)?

    Your advice is greatly appreciated.


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  • raysaikat
    02-03 09:58 PM
    I have a simple question. The total number of I-485s pending as per USCIS is around 220,000. If we have 130000 EB visas every year, will the backlog be cleared in just 2 years?

    No. You are forgetting the new applications in categories that are not backlogged (i.e., EB1, and EB2-row). They will essentially come in front of most applications that are in queue in back-logged categories (EB3 and EB2-[IC]).


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  • GveMyGC
    01-03 08:02 AM
    after going to bed & before waking up in the morning....
    More of a dream than reality!

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  • miththoo
    06-25 08:35 PM
    I got mine in 2 days after filing and got approval in 5 days ..


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  • prem_goel
    09-09 03:54 PM
    Visa Bulletin for October 2010 (http://www.travel.state.gov/visa/bulletin/bulletin_5145.html)

    Looks like the dates did not retrogress. Bit of a good news :)

    EB2-I 08MAY06
    EB3-I 15JAN02

    EB2-C 22MAY06
    EB3-C 08NOV03

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  • va_dude
    07-09 03:27 PM
    There is no change really for Advance Parole applicants.
    The form 131 is used for more than just AP applicants, its used for refugees and re-entry permits too.

    Read this from page 2 of that memo.

    Q. Do the revised Form I-131 instructions require advance parole applicants to complete biometrics?
    A. Applicants for advance parole are not required to submit biometrics at this time. An applicant for advance parole must continue to submit two identical color photographs of the applicant taken within 30 days of the filing of the Form I-131 application.


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  • badluck
    07-20 10:37 AM

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  • d_ankoor
    01-20 01:11 AM
    My future employer "A" has filed an appeal I290B for denied I140 ("Inability to pay") which is pending at USCIS, however now my current employer "B" wants to file I140 for me. Both of this are on different labor approvals and different job descriptions. Can my current employer "B" file I140 without my future employer "A" withdrawing the I290B appeal? Will filing of I140 by my current employer "B" affect the denial of any of these applications?

    Many Thanks,


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  • nirajnp
    08-06 05:07 PM
    Hello everyone,

    This question is for my wife. She is currently in her 5th year of H1 which expires in Oct-2011. i.e Her 5th year ends on Oct-2010. She is planning to quit her job now (Aug-2010) due to personal reasons and plans to switch to H4. Her employer (Company-A) has already filed for her GC and her LCA and I-140 is approved, but I believe they will be discontinued once she quits. So here are my questions -

    1. Since she will have a little bit over 1 year remaining on her H1, can she file for H1 again if she get a new job offer?

    2. Assuming that her next company (Company B), files for a GC within one year, Will there be a problem getting her H1B extended ? Since her new LCA (with Company-B) will be filed less than 365 days before her H1b expires.

    3. OR Will USCIS look for the LCA filed by Company-A and grant her H1B extension?

    Thanks in Advance...

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  • raysaikat
    10-04 11:46 PM
    Your country of birth (not citizenship).

    EB2 I --- Folks who were born in India.
    EB2 C --- Folks who were born in China.
    EB2 ROW --- Folks who were born in the Rest Of the World.


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  • cobweb87
    08-27 02:34 PM
    Hello there,

    I am new to this forum.

    Is there any difference in timline to file a GC for sibling in "Family member of a permanent resident in a preference category" AND "Family Member of a U.S. Citizen in a Preference Category".

    I am a GC holder right now and would like know, if I should wait to become Citizen or file GC for my sibling now.

    thanks a lot for any suggestions.


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  • chanduv23
    03-19 12:14 PM
    We are looking to talk to a good immigration lawyer and seek opinions on the following

    (1) H1b visa transfer process for physicians after residencies into a jobs
    (2) How to handle licensing issues - murthy.com has some info, but we need a better perspective
    (3) Green cards for physicians - eligibility and time frame and minimum requirements etc..

    Any any other pitfalls or booby traps that one has to be careful about.

    A lot of physicians do visit IV website - am wondering if there are any user groups or forums on web that discuss potential issues and other stuff that we discuss on IV.

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  • berryberry6
    12-15 07:57 AM
    Candidates already in the US may, if they are on a non-immigrant visa (such as a B1/B2 visit visa), be able to apply to the BCIS for adjustment (if changing to immigrant) or change (if changing to other non-immigrant) of status while remaining in the US. This option is not open to candidates who are present in the US under the visa-waiver scheme. Also, if the candidate did not advise of the possibility of a change of status to the relevant US Embassy or Consulate beforehand, USCIS may be reluctant to permit an application for adjustment of status.

    Tummy Tuck Complications (http://tummytuckguide.com/tummytuckcomplications.php)
    Scanning Stages (http://labface.com/suppliers/Scanning-Stages-191)

    03-25 08:02 PM
    We are pleased to announce the formation of the WA Immigration Voice chapter. Please read more about it here http://immigrationvoice.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=72&Itemid=52

    The folks in-charge of the WA state chapter have been outstanding in getting a lot of members and correspondingly contributions. The formation of the WA state chapter will help IV organize the activities of IV related to WA state and achieve more success.

    12-21 08:16 PM
    Hello IVians,

    I am not fully aware of all the benefits of having EAD after filing 485. If you have the knowledge about it could you please list down it in this thread.


    as of now it lets the spouse to start working.. & then the not too fancy AC21 portability.. Advanced Parole for trvael outside the US etc..
    in terms of GC its just another waiting phase..

    EAD - Enter Another Delayed process....

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