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princess diana car crash survivor

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  • sriswam
    09-11 03:17 PM
    Just put in my humble $100 contribution for the rally.

    You guys have a good thing going. I just the love the selfless spirit and patience in this group. All the very best.


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  • Libra
    09-28 09:52 PM
    I can work on weekend for free, where to apply? atleast i can push some of them out of line. i mean i am very good in approving cases.

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  • gimmeliberty
    09-16 04:39 PM

    1st time contributor to IV. Here's the Paypal Confirmation #: 6R998807RX0308502.

    Plan to join the rally with my toddler. Best wishes to IV and good work Milind123.

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  • gova123
    08-02 05:27 PM
    I am sorry for posting in here, but I was wondering if someone actually went in person to the Houston Consulate to get their passport renewed. Also, do we need to have any reason to attend in person at the Consulate such as emergency, etc.

    I am from India and my passport is expiring on Aug 17. I read before in the forum that it is better to go in person to renew the passport. Any experiences please let me know.

    Thanks a bunch


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  • Michael chertoff
    09-04 08:29 AM
    I think there is more smartness needed than luck in the greencard process. If you look at the posts in this thread there are some people that came to USA in 1990s and still waiting, while some that came much later are on their way to citizenship. Some got the EB2 route and are happy and some in EB3 have only gloom before them.


    Dear Pappu, what do you think about next bulletin? any internal information? there will a forward movement or reterogression?



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  • santb1975
    06-06 12:58 AM
    That is awesome

    Amount: $50.00 USD
    Transaction ID: *1701P

    Please come forward and contribute guys!


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  • bombay
    02-09 09:39 PM
    When a girl comes to US for a job as a nurse and starts earning a good salary. The parents try to get some money from her. they build good house to make a show. Once the money starts pouring in, the (brother)son wants to do some business, build a house, the relatives start. My wifes relatives (dad's sisters) called up for money. " you guys are earning good in US, we want to build a house. When can you send me couple of lakhs".
    I hate south indian nurses who came to US alone for jobs and more than that their parents who send them to earn money. I married a south indian nurse. The expectation from a daugther is more than a son because they tell their daughters once you become a nurse and go to US/UK or elsewhere i will start a business. "Our neighbour's daughter is in UK and they have a good house." Another great thing is once the girl is a nurse, guys come running to marry them and enjoy their life raising kids and the wife works at the hospital. I know several guys who got a green card through a nurse, works part time and take care of the kids. In that case the girl buys property at her dads house settles under her dad's wishes and should not do so when they married a person who earns the same salary as hers.
    I really don't understand the meaning of marriage if its like a slavery.

    My suggestion to those who are not married,
    Marriage is very good if both of them know their responsibilities. Before marriage know each other for more than 3 years then get married. talk about whats their thinking about marriage. IS she going to change her last name after marriage. This seems small but the surroundings make the life miserable after some years. How are you going to control the finances etc..
    As one of the old hindi dialogues, before marriage ... like moon(chand), after marriage .. like suraj (sun) and after having a baby - like a fire(juala).

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  • gc_on_demand
    04-30 03:07 PM
    ... King is happy with the current numbers. "Don't take the risk to go over the caps" he says...

    Why King is not understanding this is not over cap. These are unsed visa from past years.. Such a foolish politics.


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  • Jimi_Hendrix
    11-05 11:36 AM
    Hi All,

    I am an IV member living in Southern California. I wanted to give a loud 'hello' out to all members in this region. It will be great to know some of the members so that we can interact. Can you please post back a response with what counties you live in? This way we can get some idea about where members are residing.

    Looking forward to your responses.



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  • nixstor
    03-13 11:59 AM
    How long does it take to receive the cert in mail?


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  • Keeme
    03-06 04:52 PM
    Congrats everyone getting soft LUDs

    Don't waste your energy ! You have long way to go !

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  • snathan
    08-12 11:51 AM
    This will infact increase offshoring.

    These companies will pay the extra fees, but will change their onshore/offshore model. Will use less H1/L1 visas , but will increase the headcount of offshore operations.

    So the smart senator will force more jobs to be outsourced. These jobs will never comeback once gone. If we look back at the 2000 recession, it caused a major shift in the way US companies looked at outsourcing. Pre-2000 many companies didn't believe that all jobs could be outsourced. 2000 recession forced them to think otherwise.

    These kind of bills will cause a re-thinking in corporate america's thought process. They will think of creative ways to outsource. Against this senator's hopes, it will reduce jobs here.

    Not true. Whatever they can outsource, its already gone. There are certain position where the clients demand onsite resource. I am not supporting this bill in anyway, I hate infy as much as I hate this bill. Remember these companies did not leave any stone unturned, milked the client every possible way and expoilted the employees to the maximum extent. In one another post - VLDRao was saying these companies does the tax filing on behalf the emoloyee, get the refund and again claim that tax in india using double taxation aoivdance treaty.


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  • axp817
    11-25 04:00 PM
    A general question - Is it normal to see LUDs on the 485, approved 140, approved 765/131 a few (3) weeks after sending AC21/G28N documentation in?

    I changed employers about a month ago (140 approved, 485 pending more than 180 days), and the new company filed AC21 on Nov 3. I saw a soft LUD on my 765, 131, 485, 140 yesterday (Nov 24) and another soft LUD on just my 485 today (Nov 25). I wonder if these have to do with the AC21 and G-28N updates or if it is a sign of I-140 revocation and I should expect a 485 denial soon?

    Any response will be highly appreciated.


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  • Lucky7
    06-03 06:17 PM
    All this May 15th/21 date is open to interepretation there is no set concrete laws yet.I just filed I-140 and I-1485 on the 1 st June and my attorney told me just go and wait now and live your life.We can worry about stupid laws that MIGHT go into affect a yr or never and destroy your precious time.
    In the meantime go to NUMBERSUSA website and send as many faxs against this CIR bill and get it shutdown.

    Yes i know NUMBERSUSA is anti-immigrant but in this situation it beneficial to all us legals if this bill goes down in flames.


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  • yogkc
    11-10 12:55 PM
    Jimi thanks for taking the lead.

    Count me as well. I live in LA County - San Fernando Valley

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  • kshitijnt
    06-26 01:27 AM
    Some one has got a problem with me calling USCIS and Congress as bloody morons in above post. Funny people, really.


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  • hopefullegalimmigrant
    01-07 02:58 PM
    The agony is understandable. Even I set my vacation based on an anticipatory AP receipt. I even asked around what are the various methods for accountability that we can hope for but one one seemed to respond excpect for one or two members.

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  • forever
    07-23 03:38 PM
    It is good to know someone with PD Aug 2004 in EB3 from India is getting approval. This gives me confidence that there are not many people waiting in line when the doors open in Oct 2007 with new quota.:)

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  • amits
    07-23 11:37 PM
    Superb! I am going to try this in my company...

    04-30 03:56 PM
    I don't understand how removing the country limit may have resorce implications, as how I understand is, instead of adjucation an EB-2(2008) from Mali you'll be adjucating an EB-2(2004) from India, what difference it is for them ???

    07-20 12:23 AM
    Donated one time $100 ...

    Just now signed up for $50 a month recurring contribution ...

    Thanks to IV for all great work.

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