Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • ivgclive
    09-21 12:25 PM

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  • uma001
    06-28 07:21 AM

    Please delete this thread

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  • rskanth
    07-05 03:14 PM
    Yes, the AP is valid for one year and for as many visits as you want. Same thing happened with me. You can travel again with the stamped AP.

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  • webm
    04-07 05:04 PM
    Finally got our GC... PD : Sep 11 2001 EB3 India.... a looooooooooooonggggggggggggggg wait. Thanks IV... for the support...

    Are you filed using LS (Labor substitute) or own Labor of Sep 2001?? just curious..looks a long wait...


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  • Mezkla2000
    11-09 02:28 PM
    Hi, Im a pediatritian from Venezuela. I was hired by a research institution to work for a year here in the US, and i was granted a H1b non clinical Visa about 3 months ago. A month ago I was offered a position on the fellowship program of Pediatric Critical Care at the same institution but they need to change my visa to a Clinical H1b visa. I went to all the process here in the US. I havent go to Venezuela to get my passport stamped but at the International Depatment of the Institution they told me that i can Travel to Mexico or Canada for less than 30 days without my passport stamped, no problem. I have plans to go to Mexico for Christmas. Now my question is:
    Can I travel to Mexico with my first H1b visa aprooval while my other H1b visa is on process?

    Thank you.

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  • novice123
    03-05 07:58 PM
    Gurus, can you shed some thoughts on these questions plzz!


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  • sunnymit
    02-26 12:25 PM
    When my wife went to get her H-4 stamped, I gave her my original I-797. I think the applicant need to carry the original I-797 document with them for the interview...

    Hope this helps...

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  • AstroZombie916
    09-13 03:35 PM
    it takes 5-10 seconds per frame at first.


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  • KOEL
    08-08 12:41 AM

    I had applied for GC through my husband s employer for EB1 category. Recently USCIS websites has updated on its site regarding our case that I485 has been approved but I765 has been denied. Currently we are on L1/L2 visa. Has anyone faced such a situation? And what does this signify?

    Can anyone pls shed light on this.

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  • akash_chopda
    09-28 02:41 PM
    My husband will go to India for long time. I am on H4 in USA. He wants to file H4 to F1. If he is in india, then will I be out of status here ?Do I also have to leave USA with my husband eventhough if my visa change is in progress ? please advise


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  • .Matt
    05-27 11:55 PM
    Yup.. one of my first images :p:

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  • pcs
    01-06 08:40 AM
    You can port PD even to a new employer. Pl. read other threads which have more info ?

    By the way, during these two off days please tell every friend of yours about IV .............



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  • loudobbs
    08-29 01:23 PM
    Thanks Ajju

    Could be approval or rfe soon.. Keep monitoring your case...

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  • srisai122
    12-30 04:06 AM
    Company A filed my I-140 and it got approved, however I have not been provided with copy of the approval notice. I don't have the receipt number either. In this case, is it possible to obtain the copy of I-140 thru FOIA (Freedom of Information Act)?

    Thank you for the help.


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  • cobweb87
    08-27 02:34 PM
    Hello there,

    I am new to this forum.

    Is there any difference in timline to file a GC for sibling in "Family member of a permanent resident in a preference category" AND "Family Member of a U.S. Citizen in a Preference Category".

    I am a GC holder right now and would like know, if I should wait to become Citizen or file GC for my sibling now.

    thanks a lot for any suggestions.


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  • rimori3232
    11-16 07:31 PM
    Hi. I am a Canadian Citizen that was offered a Management job in US.

    I would appreciate any advice in regards the best way to ensure a LONG stay in US. The company wants to start with a TN.

    Strategy #1:
    To stay under TN and keep it renew it for a long term �. 10-20 years. The risk is that the guys at the border will say no at some point; however I wonder if I can request an appeal since there is no limit per TN rules.
    ( are there any cases that have stayed that long?)

    Strategy #2:
    Start with a TN then file an H1b and wait for the Labor of certification to be approved. If I do not hear anything in 1 or 2 years; change to TN to revise the strategy�. in order to avoid consuming the H1b 6 years lead time allowed and try again later.


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  • ranand00
    07-10 10:57 PM
    please if any suggestions on my previous post
    i would really appreciate it

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  • dr_serious
    10-09 10:19 AM
    I'm looking for a tutorial or a little code that can help me to move an object around by using the keyboard arrows or other letters.
    I googled already but I didn't find anything.

    thx, I'm trying to lurn silverlight on my own by making games in Blend 4.
    I think there is a future in silverlight!

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  • sledge_hammer
    04-13 02:39 PM
    The OPs link is broken. Here is the a link to the same article...

    Blog Feeds
    03-08 07:40 AM
    Congratulations to Swedish-born Paul N.J. Ottosson who won two Academy Awards this evening for Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing for The Hurt Locker. Ottosson came on a tourist visa in the 80s with some friends to try and make it as a rock musician. His friends went home, but he stayedand went on to become one of the top people in one of the most important jobs in filmmaking. Ottosson briefly mentioned his immigrant experience in his acceptance speech.

    More... (

    04-12 06:54 PM
    My 485 is under processesing with a priority date of March 2006.

    I was browsing through the instructions to e-file my I-131 (Travel document) and found this interesting point and was a little confused.

    This is from USCIS website

    You are not eligible to electronically file this form if:

    You have a pending I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence Status or Adjust Status currently at a USCIS office and you are eligible to file the I-131 for no additional fee.

    Does this mean we can no longer file for I-131 online...? I did this last year and didnot have any issue's. Any thoughts/opinions/experiences are highly appreciated. Thanks

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