Monday, June 20, 2011

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  • ruchigup
    02-09 03:26 PM
    Life is about compromise and you are right it is hurtful to the future of baby who don't realize what is going on. Baby really need both Mom and Dad, pls try to explain this to your wife.

    About cutting off with parents, she can chose not to talk to your parents and/or you can chose not to talk to her parents if things are not right. But forcing to breakup with own parents is utterly wrong and unacceptable. You can try to explain this to your wife.

    This is your side of story "She started harassing them too by saying something or other. " and you must remember there is something called postpartum depression which Indian parents in-laws don't understand when they come for their daughter-in-laws delivery. I have heard few other cases when things went really bad after delivery.

    Try to explain her that she and child are your first priority. I am sure you have tried to do this many times, try few times more. If talking results in a fight, try sending a long thoughtful email (make sure any of it can't be used against you if things still don't get better, probably you can use it in your favor if needed about the efforts you put in to improve). Before even thinking about divorce try to give life a 2nd chance and may be 3rd chance.

    I must say that it is hard to believe that in this whole thing you/your parents didn't do anything wrong and one fine day your wife went nuts. Try to analyze yourself too.

    These things are very depressing and sad and only the one who goes through it understands. Easier to give advice.

    I been a member of IV for a long time and just to keep myself anonymous for a while I created this account. I am so sorry for opening a thread in a completely irrelevant forum but I have no idea what to do. So, I request all the members to please help me by providing some kind of information.

    Here is my story:

    I came to US in 2002 and completed masters and been working since then. I got married couple of years ago. Whatever the monetary gifts the girls parents gave as part of the marriage, I put all that in an account on the girls name within 2 days of the marriage. We came to India and from then on the problems started. She and her parents want me to separate from my parents and support their family by sending money to their parents which I couldn't do. How can I leave my parents in their old age when they worked very hard to give a decent life. She has been harassing me mentally for this all the time. Recently her parents have been threatening me saying they will file dowry case in India if I don't send money or cut myself off from my parents. I provided for the girl in all possible ways, even encouraged her to join school to get a masters degree which she stopped soon. We had a baby recently and my parents visited us to help us with the baby. She started harassing them too by saying something or other.

    I am very frustrated at this situation and I don't know what to do. I am on H1B and applied for 485 too. At times I feel like applying for divorce but when I think about my little baby I am not able to take that step. The house we currently live in, I bought long before the marriage. It came to a situation where we cannot live together. I cannot ask her to go out of the house because she doesn't have anywhere to go and with the baby even if she leaves, it will be very tough. I said I will leave the house and stay in a apartment for which she threatens to commit suicide. So, I don't know what to do. I am worried about my baby because between all this my baby's life will be spoiled and I don't want that. Can anyone please tell me what I can do in this matter?

    Thank you very much for taking time to read this.

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  • EkAurAaya
    07-11 02:20 PM

    :(Bad News is all of us who applied for EAD renewal after June 30th wouldnt get a 2 years EAD instead would get 1 year EAD.

    bang on the money... i think this is just another ingenious way for USCIS to milk us :mad:

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  • newbee7
    07-05 11:16 PM
    "not entirely completed" = INCOMPLETE

    They clearly broke the law...this is the first time we see the officials at ucsics confirming this and the weekend work. Perhaps, they figured out they need to admit it before they are forced to do so.

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  • sprajulu
    09-10 04:42 PM
    We need to write letters to USCIS directors and inform them about USICS senseless activities like issueing the G cards to latter PD's and not touching the older PD files
    more and more letters should be send so that they will realize atleast for future visas. other wise older PD people won't get GC's for ever


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  • icedgin
    07-30 11:08 PM

    I have come across one interesting procedure in the USCIS website regarding beneficiaries of LPRs and I am asking a friend in the US in an immigration law firm to verify about this. I am just waiting for her to provide me the details and I will inform you about it since you can also be filed as derivative beneficiaries of your wife as an alternative way for you and your daughter to be with your wife.I do pray and hope she gives me a positive response.

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  • rajuram
    12-16 09:33 PM
    Gandhigiri approach to retrogression in my opinion will be to do some good deeds that give Immigration Voice positive publicity, which in turn pushes the retrogression debate in the forefront in the national press.

    There are several positive things that IV could do:

    1. Start a small scholarship in a poor/immigrant dominated school/neighborhood.

    2. Help some hospital in a poor/immigrant dominated.

    3. Have a blood camp.

    4. Donate food.

    5. Send flowers to Senate & House.

    Guys, all we need is positive publicity. We do not need large sums of money to do this.


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  • h1techSlave
    05-01 09:48 AM
    I have some black dots in my Control Panel? What is the meaning of a black dot?

    And how does one give black dot to some one? When I try to add reputation to a post, I can only see I approve or I disapprove options. I would imagine I approve=green and I disapprove=red. Where does a black dot fit into this scheme?
    how do u know if someone gives u red?

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  • iam_1900
    09-11 11:50 AM
    Google Order #366480709457688

    Good luck with the rally


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  • Sunx_2004
    05-19 05:56 PM
    I think it is a good idea..Everyone should write to local Congressman/Women senator detailing the case and asking Why it is taking so much time to process the AOS.
    They will come back with standard answer like country quota etc..BUT
    This will create awareness among the lawmakers..

    I would say we should start with local congressional office. Every case whether it is resolved or not should be taken to the attention of local congressional office.
    If members volunteer to do this, we could distribute districts among ourselves and take care of each district's congressional office. In that way we could raise the awareness among the lawmakers. I do agree that not every office will be friendly to immigrants like my district's congressional office, but we have to try.

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  • paskal
    08-13 05:50 PM
    now can all the 7.55 am filers breathe easy and work for the rally?
    let's go guys- end retrogression forever and ever...never again worry about the time fedex delivered- sounds good? see you in DC 9/18!


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  • hopefullegalimmigrant
    01-07 04:19 PM
    I am going to use AP as my backup> I will be going in for H stamping in India

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  • IV2007
    04-08 01:06 PM
    Can someone please respond to this ??

    Myself (primary applicant) and my spouse are on h1 with EADs. If spouse starts a company(issue checks and do all admin work) and still maintain her h1 with old employer, will it invalidate her h1 just because she used EAD? Reason for asking is if some thing goes wrong with 485, can she fall back on h1?


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  • SGP
    04-24 07:24 AM
    SGP, It took 3-4 weeks for a co-worker in eb2 to get an approval once labor was filed(excludes Pre activities like ads etc)

    It seems Feb 2011 is a golden era for PERM approvals , almost similar effect of July 2007. I have noticed people who filed in February got their PERM approvals in under 2 weeks.

    Thanks LONGGCQUE and forgerator. For the benefit of others, I will post the time time it took to get approval as soon as I get it.

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  • smc
    07-23 10:11 PM
    Congratulations, enjoy it!


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  • amits
    07-23 11:37 PM
    Superb! I am going to try this in my company...

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  • guyfromsg
    08-21 12:13 AM
    I live in Georgia and I agree with you all. All these DMVs were sleeping and woke up after 9/11 and imposing these strict rules that makes everyone's life miserable. Unless you live in a city life will be hell without DL and we are sweating it over every time a renewal comes up. How am I suppose to explain DMV guy about I-94, H1 extension etc. Even some immigration officers in airport give wrong I-94 expiry date without understanding the difference between visa stamp and extension.


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  • rajeev_74
    04-25 05:27 PM
    1) Can somebody explain what the CORE objective of asking the UCSIS/DOL
    to change the Priority date from the date of application of Labor to date of filing H1B is?

    2) What is the proposed plan of action to deal with the 100K plus applications already applied for?
    Ans 1) Fairness...H1-B transfer becomes a reality...One can look for better Job oppurtunities...otherwise why even allow H1-B transfer when there are hidden GC related problems.
    Ans 2) It should be applied to new AOS applications only.

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  • anilnag
    02-23 02:29 PM
    i thought it meant that you had to wait 4 months after your priority date is current to have any expectation of adjudication... no?

    In the guideline for interpreting the dates USCIS hasn't mentioned anything about PD being current. So I think they process applications regardless of PD being current or not

    'The table shown below is intended to be a tool for customers to view our processing times. When applications and petitions are completed within our target timeframes, those timeframes will be shown (example: 3 months). If we are not meeting our target timeframes a date will be shown (example: April 16, 2008).'

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  • pamposh
    07-11 01:18 PM
    I do not get it either. They seem to have this very complex formula to determine where to move the cutoff dates or they simply roll a dice. Is there no transperancy. Sometimes I figure I should just not be bothered. It is black box!!. But I can really not do that!. Atleast we are participating actively in the call campaigns. But is that all we can do?
    EB3- June 2003, India

    Don't worry be happy... atleast for a day. Coz I don't think it is going to last for very long. It is an Aug 08 fiasco instead of July 07 and this time they are being a lil reserved and not making the dates all the way current. Ofcourse there would be some lucky draws who get their GCs, we will have to wait and watch coz thatz all we (most of us) can do at this point.

    Guess what, they are all celebrating my Birthday and that is why.


    07-15 10:21 PM
    Dear So Cal members.

    nice to see good activity on the forum. Please hold on from holding any rally until you hear from IV core. We have some good synergy amongst or members in So Cal, lets plan a meeting in the coming weeks and decide on an action plan. I would encourage you to start thinking about ideas/specific actions we can take. I have a few ideas and would share it on our so cal email distribution list. Who can take the initiative to organize this meeting? Twinbrothers? any one else? Pls P.M me.

    07-23 10:47 AM
    NY/NJ/CT/MA Members -

    Please write to Sen.HILARY CLINTON expressing your dissatisfaction or concern with regard to failure of Sen.Cornyn Amendment. It's critical that we as Indians get her opinion on this issue. She voted NO on this amendment DESPITE the indian lobby contributing to her campaign. Also its likely that she might become our next president.

    Obviously, Sen.Obama does not care much for Indians!

    This is also a very good idea. By the way how many wrote to their senator's.

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