Wednesday, June 29, 2011

ipad 1 box

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  • Hyundai Equus iPad 1

  • smartboy75
    12-08 08:20 PM
    Yes ..I recently came back via Brussels to Chicago...I used my AP...No issues in Brussels....

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  • willigetgc?
    11-12 10:56 AM
    How many weeks of all possible unpaid leave can i avail while on EAD ?

    Did you apply late or is there a delay in processing? Which center did you send your renewal to?

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  • for Apple Mac iPad | eBay

  • vpadman
    03-13 06:55 PM
    Is it possible to file H1B1 transfer without lawyer?
    There is a desi consulting that says they will do H1B1 transfer without lawyer.

    For premium processing, they charge a fee of $3500

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  • What is in the ox: - iPad

  • ab3
    04-14 01:52 PM
    I have a question about filling out this section: PART 4, Processing Information. I am the employer and applying for a current H-1B holder (currently with another company) to transfer to my company AND extend his stay. He is currently here in the US.

    Some people tell me I don't have to fill this section in, however the instructions say "if outside the usa OR a requested extension of stay...cannot be granted, state US consulate or inspection facility you want notified".

    What address should I put/consulate should I use (H-1B holder is from India).

    Questions: 1) do i have to fill in all 1.a,b, c, and d?
    2) does it matter if i check off consulate, pre-flight inspection, or port of entry?
    3) if beneficiary doesn't have a fixed address in India anymore can I leave it blank?

    Thank you for any help.


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  • Invisible shield since day 1

  • webm
    06-19 03:26 PM
    Good to know about this..Thanks for the info..

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  • Apple iPad 1 64Gb with Wi-Fi

  • saurav_4096
    06-03 10:27 AM
    Dear Core Team,
    What is IV's stand on people still stuck in LC backlog in PEBC/DEBC, There are applications pending there since 2001/2002. If this becomes law that I-140 filed after May 2007 will be rejected then the biggest impact will be on such people as even labor is not cleared and even after waiting for so long they will lose everything.



    ipad 1 box. Apple iPad 1 64Gb with Wi-Fi
  • Apple iPad 1 64Gb with Wi-Fi

  • ysramu
    03-05 07:42 PM
    My wife's EAD expires 10/10/08, she is currently on H4 but we filed last july and got our EAD/AP. I am planning to send her to india in May and she'll be back in November around 4th (AP expires Nov 19th).

    Please help me with info on these questions?

    1. Does she have to be in USA to apply for EAD renewal?
    2. Can she apply for EAD renewal in May (5 months in advance), I know AP cant be applied before 4 months but dont know about this EAD.
    3. Or Can EAD be applied after it expires also, if yes till howlong after it expires?
    4. Also she'll come back on 4th Nov and applies for AP immediately, is this OK if she applies before expiry date of Nov 19th but doesn't get the approval? (I know that she cant travel until she has a visa in passport or AP again)

    Thank you guys in advance.

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  • alisa
    04-30 09:22 PM
    Nice one. Thanks for sharing this link..


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  • semiGator
    11-17 08:55 AM
    I recently joined UF. I have some doubts on working on F1:

    Can I work on F1 outside the campus?
    How many hours can I work and does it have to be related to the studies I am pursuing?

    Thank you for helping me.

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  • ita
    11-19 04:59 PM
    I requested for a document that got returned as undeliverable to be resent.
    I first requested CSR and she gave me a referrral#.
    Same day I spoke with IIO and she made the request again for me(before I could tell her I spoke with CSR)

    Today I spoke with a CSR and gave her the referral# that the CSR gave me last week and this lady says she didn't find any information related to this referral# .She did say it does surprise her. She also said she will open a new request .

    I was concerned if that will be kind of duplication of the work done by CSR & IIO last week and she said there is no need for such concern.

    What does all this mean?
    They open a request , give you a referral# and tell you the document will get mailed in 3-5 business days .
    IIO says she has placed a request.
    You go back after a week , and referral# has no information attached to it and this CSR says she 'll open new request.

    Anybody has any idea?
    Edit/Delete Message


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  • sri2005_05
    09-17 11:53 AM

    Next year i have my h1b extension with approved i-140 .I am worried about current year pay roll which will be 25k less than mentioned in LCA.Will it be any problem while applying for my extension?

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  • fromnaija
    07-18 12:27 PM
    Ron Gotcher talked about USCIS processing times here:


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  • anuh1
    12-28 11:32 AM
    Right now I am on my 5th year of H1B with company A. If I file for labor with Company B and got approved in a year with out holding a H1 in Company B . can i get 7th year h1 extension with company B as they already have my labor approved? any inputs will be a great help. thanks in advance.

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  • keerthisagar
    09-21 10:36 AM
    Bridge Collapses at Commonwealth Games (


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  • the iPad 2 out of the ox.

  • lost
    04-26 11:25 AM
    There is nothing like humor to put matters into perspective!! Check it out!

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  • HD for iPad 1 and iPad 2.

  • pappu
    05-05 03:37 PM

    Is it possible to apply for a Green card for my parents if I am a Green card holder?



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  • ameryki
    01-03 07:33 PM
    mate take it easy. my appli's were sent to NSC on august 1st and i still haven't seen any receipts come through for 485, ead nor AP. Although I have received Ead card and done finger printing so that way I know what my 485 appli # is but no info on the AP

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  • bigboy007
    11-19 09:45 AM
    I filed for 485 duing July . and i filed for EAD in Nov via e-file. in first week of Nov i got FP notice for 485 and i resheduled it and they gave me a slot in first week of dec acceptable to me. in third week that is on saturday 11/17 i got FP notice for my e-filed EAD a date in last week of Nov which again i cant attend. Now i went to ASC on saturday and i met the supervisor and told her can i do both FP's on same day . She looked at those forms and corrected the Appointment notice of EAD manually to date i want and signed on it. she said that should be OK and no issues for that. She told me multiple time and also gave me forms to be filled to save time on that day . Any issues ?

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  • to iPad 1 users as well.

  • Blog Feeds
    01-20 06:50 AM
    A reader sent me a link to a post at the The Future of Capitalism blog reminding folks that being pro-immigration fits right in to a conservative agenda: David Cameron, the British "Conservative" Party leader who favors a top income tax rate of 50%, also wants immigration restrictions that would limit Great Britain's population over the next 20 years to 70 million. The Financial Times has an editorial with some reasons this is a bad idea. Here in America, the restrictionist Federation for American Immigration Reform is a bronze sponsor of next month's National Tea Party Convention. Here at,...

    More... (

    05-27 09:22 AM

    My Wife was working as sole proprietor and she is planning to open Single Person LLC.

    She is also planning to start her second business.

    1) Can she do multiple businesses in ONE LLC?

    2) Will she file multiple Schedule C for EACH business ( If you have one person LLC you can file taxes in Schedule C) ?

    3) Does she has to apply for new Federal ID or she can use same she was using in Schedule C for this new LLC also?


    07-21 12:02 PM
    I entered US on AP but haven't used EAD (Using H1-B, which expires in the next few months). I am renewing both AP and EAD and have these questions.

    For: I-131 (AP)


    For I-765 (EAD)

    14. Manner of Last entry (Visitor, Student, etc)

    15. Current Immigration Status (Visitor, Student, etc)



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