Sunday, June 19, 2011

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  • kanaihya
    09-12 04:48 PM
    Sent an email to all in the list. will do it tommorrow again with different story and name. No work in the office today, just campaigning "Chalo DC"

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  • mbawa2574
    07-06 02:25 AM
    what is "something" you want to do?

    wwbd? what would bawa do?

    U need to change ur handle :-)

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  • ebizash
    07-14 04:01 PM
    Sig done too

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  • acecupid
    08-26 11:37 AM
    Getting a loan from ICICI is very easy and convenient, but they rip you off on interest rates. So you have to evaluate the pros and cons. HDFC gives better rates and pretty reasonable service. Bottomline : its a trade off between interest rates and the service(ease of getting loans).

    Just for fyi.. I have a loan with ICICI and pretty happy with my deal.


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  • uma001
    05-07 03:50 PM
    I sent an email to Lindsey Graham.

    I received the following reply from him.

    Thank you for taking the time to contact me. I appreciate the opportunity to hear from you.

    Due to the large volume of mail I receive, I regret that I am only able to respond personally to inquiries from South Carolinians.

    As we continue our work in the 111th Congress, I look forward to supporting our troops in the War on Terror, repairing our economy and creating jobs, strengthening Social Security, lowering the tax burden on American families, and making the federal government more accountable and efficient.

    If your correspondence pertains to a scheduling request, please fax your request to (202) 224-3808.


    Lindsey Graham

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  • GCScrewed
    08-16 09:21 AM
    This just dawned on me. They are supposed to following the current law of per country limit first before distributing it. But how come all the EB3 countries are not available while they are distributing "extra" visas to overscribed countries? Countries like Iceland should always be current as they do not have a lot of EB immigrants. So you would excpect that at least some countries still have EB3 visas. However, it is not the case.

    The purpose is to demonstrate that they do not have a process to follow the law. They screwed up before and they are screwing up again now. There have been other facts about their mismanagement that can be used to make the case. Therefore, they should compensate people who have been here patiently waiting with good faith... one way is to speed up processing cases pending for more than 5 years.


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  • ind_game
    05-15 10:52 AM
    When the USCIS is doing mistake, we need to ask for fee waiver. If they are nog giving, we should not hesitate to take them to court and make them pay for it. Even one time if we can succeed it will make all the difference.


    USCIS is very clever about the fee waiver. One of my friends got the same kind of denial as I got (trust me we compared the notes) on the same day from NSC. When he filed for the MTR, USCIS reopened his case but with an RFE on his case. He had to send some medical reports, birth certificates and some other documents. In that way USCIS is getting away with wrongful denied cases without refunding any fee back. I have donated $2500 to USCIS for my two MTRs (forget about emotional drain which is incomprehensible and unrefundable). I do not think USCIS will ever give me that money back after it finds there is error in my case. it will definitely come up with some kind of RFE. It is very easy for them......

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  • swissgear
    08-24 01:59 PM
    First be clear whats your point and then enlighten us how this supports your point.

    Please let me know how this so called multinational executives are getting compensated. Whats the stock/option given to these executives. The available information shows only three days of extended stay and one week of car which they need to share with other executives. Fortunately the extended stay suites come with attached rest room. Otherwise they need to share with other multinational executives. There would be long queue in front of the shared room and eventual back log...

    Yeap...we are very envious about this.

    Yeah, I was so envious about that designation, that I have to leave it risking by giving 2 months of advance notice(policy of the company to give 2 months notice) and finding an employer who could file my H1 and suffering 1 yr of constant followups with the company to get my pay and PF and so on. And forgot to mention, that if 2 months notice is not given we are asked to sign an agreement to pay back close to 10 grand.
    Is this how a multinational executive gets treated who are fortunately qualified for the EB1 category and company projects you as most valuable employee for business development who would be sponsoring you EB1.
    If the company really feels the need , they may as well recruit someone locally who might be much more qualified without going through all of those hassles. All this is done as part and parcel of exploiting the system and its employees.
    Luckily we have a choice whether to stay or not and move on to a different status like H1.


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  • singhsa3
    07-20 01:19 PM
    For my career sake, I hope you are right!
    H1Bs taken care by California and Vermont centers. 485, 131 and 765 are handled by Nebraska and Texas centers.

    Also, Nebraska is big and main center. They know how to handle load.

    Here are the EAD statistics (real numbers):

    Year Total received Approved
    2000 1,451,527 1,325,840
    2001 1,813,479 1,698,448
    2002 1,745,976 1,573,842
    2003 2,156,095 1,977,344
    2004 1,640,703 1,694,623
    2005 1,744,961 1,541,531
    2006 1,462,583 1,188,770

    By seeing above numbers, you can see how USCIS handles load of millions of EAD applications every year. so, 600K is not a surprise for them. In 2003, they got more 2 million applications, but they handled well. But it may be take one or two months extra, i.e. 3+2 = 5 months maximum to get your EAD. Thats for sure. They will be prepared for that when you they allow us to file.

    If you already applied for EAD now, then you will for sure have a EAD by December.

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  • lonedesi
    06-19 10:05 AM
    Also, please contact this person:

    Helen Parker
    Regional Administrator
    U.S. Department of Labor/ETA
    Atlanta Federal Center 61 Forsyth St. Rm. 6M12
    Atlanta,GA 30303
    Phone: (404) 562-2092
    Fax: (404) 562-2149

    Send faxes and call to request them to process our PERM applications. Please act now, if not we will miss the bus.


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  • rajeev_74
    04-25 05:41 PM
    Go back and look at the forum postings. There are much more amenable and practical suggestions made. This PD thing doesn't pass the basic test: was there a precedence or prior history, can it be done and does it lessen the time for one to apply for I-485 and GC. Does it reduce backlog?

    PD as the date of < insert whatever> doesn't pass this basic test.
    I guess we can move on then...Thanks

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  • kumhyd2
    07-18 02:51 PM


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  • komaragiri
    08-02 04:26 PM
    i am a 2nd july filer, my cheques were cashed today. filed at nebraska
    Congrats !! Hopefully we all get some good news before the weekend !

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  • lordoftherings
    06-20 10:27 AM
    I was wondering which center my PERM app will go? Atlanta or Chicago? My co is detroit based. I am just filing now, so if it goes to chicago, there is a chance that I can file my I-140 before 1st October deadline (assuming the new CIR becomes law) .

    any clues?



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  • Suva
    07-16 09:48 AM
    $5 sent and scheduled for every month thereafter. PNC confirmation number is 7YGYZ-R1Z0S. This would be processed on July 18.

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  • mhathi
    07-18 05:39 PM
    Both me and My wife were really impressed by the excellent work IV has done and achieved. I have made a contribution (albeit small) in the past, and will very much like to sign up for recurring contributions. We pledge to contribute $50 monthly as soon as my Wife gets her EAD. We were intending to signup for $20/month right away, to upgrade to $50/month on getting her EAD but I do not see that option anymore.

    Anyways, my pledge still stands effective on the day we receive my wife's EAD.


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  • santb1975
    06-06 10:06 AM
    Chanduv - Great to see you back here and rallying IV'ans

    Come on IV heros - you can do it. Lets push this thread on top

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  • yabadaba
    07-11 01:26 PM
    I can't believe this is how it feels to be sooo close to achieving your dream - regardless of how hard we've had to fight.....

    Congratulations to each and everyone of you in EB2-India and China that have been pushing and clawing your way (just like I have) to get your greencards. While my PD is a month away - I am so glad for you. Get ready to go on a loooooong break (mentally, emotionally, and physically if possible as well).

    I have been saving up every penny of my disposable income (after the shopping and eating out and everything else!) to go do the things I've wanted:

    Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
    Spend 3 months with my family in India and Dubai
    Go back to Culinary School
    Go to Bordeaux and learn about wine
    Become an amazing photographer (just like one of the members on this forum...)

    The list goes on and on....

    But most of all - I can't believe that the moment is here for almost ALL of us to be free of the shackles and really really live our lives. I'm proud to have participated in everything and hopefully we ALL worked to make this huge of a difference and will see this effort through to help all our colleagues stuck in the EB3-India and China mess....
    another dubai desi!!!

    are you ooehs, indian high, modern high, st marys or choueifat?

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  • ashutrip
    06-18 10:37 AM
    Good Morning guys,

    So we all should be fine to file I-485 up until end of September guys, before the retro kicks off ?
    Lawyers sugarcoat things man....I am getting bad vibes...that it will be august!

    05-13 09:45 AM
    I called the senator in MA. He doesn't support the bill but I did say we cannot be equated with illegals. I begged for them to bring skilled immigration out in the open.

    I hope we make difference.

    07-23 05:12 PM
    Thanks for the reply and encouragement. This is what makes this Immigration Voice community different from others...

    no problem

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