Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • whatamidoinghere
    07-28 03:52 PM
    H1B visa is meant to be for people with skills that are in shortage in the US. If any H4 feels that he/she should be able to work, he/she should get a H1B. I agree that it may be difficult for some H4s to find a sponsorer for H1B, because their skills are not in shortage in the US.

    Some spouses may join their H1B counterparts in the US, with an expectation that they will eventually get the GC and will be able to work, no matter what their skill set is. This is a reasonable expectation. So, blame the retrogression.

    I do not believe that H4s should ever be allowed to work. They just take away jobs of more skilled workers who are unable to get H1Bs and who are still in their home countries trying for one. Skill-less free riders!

    Now, please don't bash me with counter arguments!! ;)
    sorry but this is ridiculous. If the US has a skill shortage and wants foreign workers, it should ensure that the foreign worker and his/her family are given the same rights that a domestic workers family enjoys.
    If they can't give that right, why do they want to invite the foreign worker at all?
    Its true that they are not forcing this on us and we are free to go back anytime. But still isn't the inequality pretty clear here? and this country is supposed to be all about equality...

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  • bobbyvil
    03-25 08:38 PM

    My employer has filed second extension and due to the fees was not sent with the proper amount they sent back the application saying it has denied and sent an I-290B with it to apply for appeal, i just got a letter and my H1 was exp in Dec 07 please help what shall i do, i am in helpless state my employer is working but any help or info is much appreciated.


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  • cygent
    07-18 08:29 PM
    On the same evening.....Seeta and Geeta are shopping for tamarind in a nearby aisle....for some reason (I cant be more vivid than this) they notice eachothers tatto's; one has EB3 and one has EB2..........CATFIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/I]

    In this case the Eb3-I tattoo is more like a tramp stamp :D based on what is happening to these folks now. I know, I am one of them :rolleyes:.

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  • anu_t
    05-17 11:42 AM
    Doing it Right Now. Thanks . Go IV Go.


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  • zephyrr
    07-23 09:35 PM
    Ok, taking the emotion out of proposal, i agree fully with this post.

    My application with PD 2003 was stuck in BECs for more than 2 yrs. There were cases being approved in a random fashion - unfortunately, we were not organized to put enough presssure to sort out the mess and ask the BECs to follow some sane procedure.

    Now that we are at the 485 stage, I think it makes a lot of sense to first try and urge USCIS to follow a simple PD+RD procedure. If the PD of a case is earlier, than adjudicate it first. Plain and simple.

    I'm also happy for the greater good and the fact that people who got their labors cleared as late as 2007 are able to file for 485. The 485 filing problem, namely, being able to when PD is not current is on IVs agenda anyway and a top priority. But for people to just jump the line is more of a selfish act than 'risker' starting this thread.

    Btw, I don't see anything wrong with this thread, it is not a selfish agenda. We should work together to lobby and put pressure on USCIS to make this simple procedural change of using PD and not Receipt Date. It is fair and makes absolute sense.

    I agree with what you say. Yes, backlogged victims need some justice at this moment, otherwise there it is morally not good for everyone.

    1. Why don't we petition first before thinking of Lawsuit. We from IV should write a letter to USCIS stating the injustice brought to the backlogged victims and how it is mentally affecting them etc. We should ask USCIS to consider these things and come up with a solution for backlogged victims instead of threatening DOS and others with Lawsuit. Since we are at their mercy, there is nothing wrong in keeping them higher up and at the same time getting what we want.

    2. If the petition did not work out, then we can think about some suit. Still I don't agree with any suit as it is not going to bring justice. By the time the suit clears, you will have your GC in hand.

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  • test101
    07-05 12:46 PM
    called Kennedy office at Washington: They said that the sentor is aware of it but do not know what he action.

    called kerry office at Washington: they directed me to the boston office.

    Called Cornyn office: They said the sentor is out of town and they will pass the issue for him. The one i spoke to does not know the position of the sentor on this issue.


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  • delhiguy79
    07-18 07:22 PM
    i work for a big Indian MNC nd they r jerking me me...

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  • Hinglish
    03-21 05:55 PM
    What is fair is that we treat everyone here (and everywhere else for that matter) with respect without regard to the country of birth or the EB category. Some are more educated than others, some are more skilled than others, and some are more lucky than others when it comes to green card but what is common to everyone of us is that we are in this mess together. To be honest I don't think we are here to figure out what's best for United States, we are here to get our green card, live the American dream, and make the best out of it.

    Therefore, let's not make this GC journey anymore difficult than it already is by fighting amongst ourselves about who is more skilled and who is more deserving. Besides, constant bickering among the IV members will only further divide and alienate more members and won't help us in any way so I suggest that we avoid doing things that has the potential of dividing or alienating members.

    Apart from the bad language used by some people .... I dont believe that there is any infighting .... disagreements with point of view is not infighting ... It just a primer for the points and discussions that will definitely come up when lawmakers will argue their points of view. And from that perspective it is enriching this portal forum and not denigrating it.
    I welcome the discussion.


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  • Dhundhun
    09-15 08:20 PM
    Hey guys

    Just received email from CRIS regarding I-485 denial notice for both me and my wife.

    I used AC21 after 9 months of filing I-485. My I-140 was approved before even filing I-485 in July fiasco.

    My attorney promptly sent AC-21 and G-28 and i did see LUD on my and my wife's I-485 after that.

    My previous company informed me sometime ago that they are going to revoke I-140 and probably they did and i am assuming that's what triggered this.

    This is certainly a big damm mistake they did even after sending AC-21 docs and G-28.

    I think they misplaced AC-21 application and also they missed NOID step. This is basically two mishaps. Looks like every thing is messed up.

    Motion-to-reopen is right step as after denial, beacse case is deemed to be closed after AOS denial.

    I am not sure, how much info-pass can help.

    Good luck.

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  • munnabhai_zz
    12-01 10:12 PM
    How about sending flowers every day to the house, with a brief message about EB retrogression? Minimal cost, may bring good publicity...


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  • kak1978
    09-13 11:34 AM
    hang in there buddy, as others have already suggested just wait for the notice and file MTR. tough 10-15 days but after all this is over you will forget about it. I was in a similar state when I got a RFE on 140.

    Hey guys

    Just received email from CRIS regarding I-485 denial notice for both me and my wife.

    I used AC21 after 9 months of filing I-485. My I-140 was approved before even filing I-485 in July fiasco.

    My attorney promptly sent AC-21 and G-28 and i did see LUD on my and my wife's I-485 after that.

    My previous company informed me sometime ago that they are going to revoke I-140 and probably they did and i am assuming that's what triggered this.

    This is certainly a big damm mistake they did even after sending AC-21 docs and G-28.

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  • zram1977
    04-10 11:13 AM
    Iam sorry to say that i could not navigate to certain forum postings and IV did not communicate that these are not availabe for Non - Donors.... Why this caste system?

    "I am not blaming the Core at all, they are doing whateven they can given the limited resources, time and influence they have. But, what I am blaming, is the the "holier than thou" attitude which is adopted when distinguishing between those that are the exalted DONORS and those that aren't "


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  • paskal
    12-11 04:18 PM
    for your thoughts and your contribution to this movement.
    we need motivated members like you.

    i would like to request all of you to now stop debating this issue and move on. the january bulletin is out. if you had not seen the urgency so far, go take a look. let's do meaningful and constructive things so that we move towards our goal of ending retrogression.

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  • Bloomington
    07-15 04:03 PM
    Let�s say I receive my Green Card in couple of months .now my situation. Right now I am on EAD, Single and EB2 current. And I am planning to go to India to get marry ( if I find any girl but you know how its goes) . but my Green card is coming before may wedding so I can not add my wife in 485 ��now I can try F1 but lets say she got rejected and also she is not able to get H1B ( and you know F1 is not sure VISA) �.so what are my options to bring her in USA .

    One option I can sponsor her on family base but it will take 5 years to bring her in US. so I want guidance in this I am sure there are lot of people like me .


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  • GreenMe
    05-02 10:59 AM
    Contributed $100

    Paypal Receipt #: 2A117364NY238244U

    Thanks IV ...

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  • meridiani.planum
    09-12 02:45 PM
    if Obama wins:
    + its better for the world in general. The last thing we want is more of GWB policies destroying both America's economy, civil rights, and respect in the world.
    - his best friend Durbin will again pick up the stick and start beating up on H1 sponsoring. EB will also get run over by the same bus.
    - FB immigration will be put in preference over EB, we are screwed.

    if McSame wins:
    + my taxes remain low
    - CIR is back. 13 millions illegals will get in line. points based system for EB immigration and we are all screwed again.
    - if McCain does not live through his presidency, the biggest country and economy in the world, with the largest number of nuclear weapons, the largest amount of military spending... the rome of our time, with nearly unlimited power and presence around teh world, will be run by a mayor of a small town. Rember her trying to get her brother-in-law police officer fired during her sisters divorce? And when the administrator refused her requests, he fired him? Remember how she emails people off-the-record from her Yahoo account? Remember how she CC's her husband on official emails? Do you want someone that stupid, who already abused whatever little powers a mayor and governor has, to be the commander-in-chief of the united states armed forces?

    Either way immigration-wise we are screwed. I think for the sake of the rest of the world we must wish that this time McCain loses this election. He has made a very stupid VP choice.


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  • gcnotfiledyet
    06-12 03:20 PM
    Pressure from airlines to keep schedule and minimize fuel expense in the form of performance review/rewards/bonuses. Strong captains can resists but the pressure is constant. Not much unlike Health care companies that reward primary physicians that give minimal referrals to specialists. Such doctors are rewarded with free lavish vacation.

    And then complain about lawsuits waiting on their door after their return from vacation.
    I doubt what you are saying is true in US. Lawyers are waiting such things to happen and screw the hell out of doctors for malpractice/fraud.

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  • prem_goel
    07-27 12:31 PM
    Yes, I believe you are correct. If you've used the old fee structure in July 2007, you need to pay for EAD/AP renewal each time.

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  • nonimmi
    03-14 03:50 PM
    If many EB3 people start porting to EB2 then EB2 queue will grow. But if we think how many already jumped the line using so many ways...this is not a bad option at all. As long as we qualify for EB2 and employer is ready its the best thing to do for people waiting with 2002-2004 PD.

    05-22 02:23 PM
    Thanks Totoro.

    Can Totoro (or anybody) answer this question?

    We filed married filing joingly and received our tax returns and no stimulus rebate. Can we re-file our tax return by filing separately this year (i.e. extension/amendment within 3 months?) Has anyone done this? Please let me know.

    I noticed that if you itemize your deductions, you dont loose much even if you file "married filing separately".


    No you can't. You must have filed separately. You could have amended your return to file jointly, but not the other way around.

    07-20 05:40 PM
    I am with you buddy, but u have to understand
    1. AILF will not file such case as they dont have big numbers of people supporting it as plaintiff
    2. Your reasons are justified but you forgot one thing: US govt agencies (whether it is USCIS, DOS or DOL) treat immigrants as with the principle "beggars are not choosers", so per them you as an individual and your feelings doesnt matter much
    3. Try to think positively, even though everyone will file 485 now but come Oct and if your labor is approved by that time you will be much ahead of everyone and you will not loose your place in the line. I am sure u will get GC approval before most of the July filers

    Stay positive, stay calm. May God bless you!!

    Again, sorry to say, but you are looking for excuses. I am looking for reasons. I know there are enough people out there to support this case. It is a simple matter of people spreading the word and jumping into the bandwagon.

    I don't care whether they consider us as beggers or kings or whatever. It doesn't matter to me. It is a justified case and we have to put up a fight.

    So please don't give excuses. That is not what I am looking for here. We might have a 1000 excuses for not filing a case, but only one reason to file it. We want justice. This can't go unheard or unnoticed.

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