Thursday, June 9, 2011

honda city interior 2010

honda city interior 2010. Honda City Zx Interior. 2010
  • Honda City Zx Interior. 2010

  • Suva
    10-15 11:18 PM
    I have also very positive experience with them.

    gee_see, Cyrus Mehta/firm has been handling my F1 to H1-B filing and GC processing; I have had a very positive experience with the firm, no complaints.

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  • Honda city 09 bonnet and

  • navyug
    06-11 07:17 PM
    Totally agree with you. I know guys who worked in production support and QA applied in EB2. At the same time people like me in positions such as Architect went with the ill-fated EB3. It is sad, but is the truth.

    Dear Architect:

    Get your "Bu__" moving and try getting another job which will qualify you for an Eb2. Stop whining like a Public sector employee and get out of your comfort zone. Go achieve something.

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  • A light interior.

  • immique
    07-17 11:02 PM
    Excellent response. I have been a silent admirer of IV for some time. IV has represented the aspirations of all the EB applicants. people should understand that the US allotment of visas to foreign Nationals is only based on what is fair for the country (US). It does not matter to them to what country the applicant belongs but what matters is the qualifications and their benefit to the advancement of the US. I am appauled to see some of the members racheting up this irrational discussion about the spillovers when DOS clearly stated recently what the intent of the law was. the sooner they get over this issue, the better for them and for every one on the forum as the existing rules will NOT change regarding the spillover. we have to concentrate our efforts on how we can improve conditions for every body affected by this retroression. efforts aimed at one category and that too one country will almost certainy fail. I am also shocked to see a few EB3 I expressing anger over dates moving for EB2. personally if I see a person from my country getting his visa approved, then I would feel very happy for him even if I am waiting for some time. I know it will be difficult, but atleast spare some joy for your country men and women who are getting some well deserved relief after such a long wait. one of my old friends told me once "if you have a friend from India, don't rely on him to help you, because you will not get much help moreover some people will only try to pull you down, but if you take people from other countries, it is exactly the opposite as they try to help each other in every possible way". I agree that it is very distressing for every one that the dates are retrogressed, but now that EB2 has moved, all of a sudden some people woke up from a deep sleep and started making these arguments that have no legal basis. None of these people expressed their anger when EB3 ROW was being preferred over more qualified EB2 I and C and making EB2 unavailable. I know a lot of people from EB2 protested at this wrong interpretation of the law, but I don't remember anyone ever criticizing IV for not taking up their cause even though we knew all along that spillover from EB1 to EB2 retrogressed countries was the right interpretation of the law. now some people are asking IV to take up an issue that is straight forward illegal as was clearly explained by DOS in a recent bulletin. instead of wasting time and efforts on such futile suggestions, people should concentrate on making some constructive effort along with IV helping every one involved in retrogression.

    you must know something i don't.
    aman kapoor is the president and founder of iv- of course you can argue he now has his GC but that fact is he is still the heart and soul of iv and runs the organization on a day to day basis. he is EB3.

    the "core group" does not much exist in practical terms right now. there is instead a large "leaders group" that helps coordinate actions and strategy.
    this group has a lot of active members- and i find it "comfortable" to say that the majority are EB3. which may actually count for something- since i actually do know somethings you don't :-)

    no one stops anyone from doing anything. but whatever you do (and yes you actually have to DO, not just keep talking), has to have a sound basis. Many of the suggestions put forward have flaws, and actually papu and others have been pretty helpful in politely helping to point those out and suggesting changes. of course reddog took objection even to that! incidentally, just for the record, you may want to look at pappu's profile . HE IS EB3!

    so what do you want anyway? should we go tell USCIS that leftover Gc from EB2 ROW should go to EB3 ROW instead of EB2 I/C? what about the 28.6% that should belong to EB2? and since you are EB3 I- how does this help you in any way? or should we tell them to stop the preference catogories in INA and make EB1=EB2=Eb3? somehow i do not think that is going to fly.

    where were you when USCIS implemented vertical spillover in 2006 and left EB2 I in a U state while giving EB2 Gc numbers to EB3 ROW?
    did you object then? did you start a campaign? did EB2 I folks here start saying that iv did not care about them?

    in 2007 ordinarily, (like 06) EB2 I and EB3 I would have got only 2,800 GC each. because of iv's efforts in reversing the july bulletin, EB3 I got a huge number of Gc instead. many more than any other category. i don't remember anyone else standing up and saying that this was unfair and that iv is all about EB3I. and that's what a lot of anti iv folks say. that iv is all about EB3 India. so this is very ironical.

    and i see here a comment that every campaign has been bad for EB3 india.
    i guess july reversal was bad. i guess the campaign for recapture is bad. and the 2 year EAD is bad too. not to mention the gathering support to end country quotas.

    you opened my eyes :-)

    honda city interior 2010. Honda City 2010 Interior
  • Honda City 2010 Interior

  • anilsal
    11-24 01:48 PM
    Credit cards are issued mostly to GC holders only unless they have a checking account as well with the institution-unless one lies in the application. You are also presuming a 100% credit worthiness and sign up rate - extremely optimistic. This would work when IV is about a million strong and if people like you and me become 'resident' aliens - and dont turn our backs on those behind us.

    Many banks in the US will not allow you to add additional accounts like CD account etc ONLINE unless you are a GC holder or a citizen. They ask you to go to a branch to open an account. This is even when YOU are an account holder with the bank for a number of years.

    One way of supporting IV and feeling good is to buy some IV merchandise.


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  • 2010-honda-insight-picture-1-

  • nc14
    02-12 11:30 AM
    Very well said IV and I can tell you that you may very well be right when you say that 90% of people trust you guys. I am proud to be supporting an organization like IV and will continue to do so till we get success. It is not easy now and it was not meant to be easy but hey we will get there. We will get there together.

    God bless IV and its agenda.

    honda city interior 2010. Honda Insight 2010
  • Honda Insight 2010

  • abhisec
    07-15 03:47 PM
    I guess they are very low in numbers. Thats why they moved the PD to 2006.
    Again when I say low , it could be low number of ripe cases.

    I'm one them - see my sig. Waiting for NSC to process my case :mad:


    honda city interior 2010. like its interior though.
  • like its interior though.

  • frostrated
    06-11 02:35 PM

    This is one of my friends case: Please guide him....

    "My wife's employer filed for her GC during 2007 August rush for all of us. Her case is in EB3 with Feb 2005 PD. My labor is approved and filed for I-140 about a year ago and still hasn't been approved. Now, my PD is current based on yesterday's Visa Bulletin. Can I file another I-485 for me with a pending I-485 thru my wife's employer?"

    Thanks in advance....

    yes, you can file a 485 based on your PD. But it will be processed only after your 140 is approved or while it is being processed.
    OR, you can wait, and once your 140 is approved and provided your PD is still current, you can transfer your wife's 485 to yours making you the primary and the wife the dependent.

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  • The city preservation efforts

  • new_horizon
    04-10 01:40 AM
    chaanakya, why do you have a problem with the donors? if you don't want to make any monetary sacrifice that's fine...nobody's complaining. Now it's only fair that you don't complain when people making additional sacrifice are given some recognition. Don't mistake...those donors also make all other forms of non-monetary contributions. Have patience things will work out slowly but surely.


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  • Honda City 2010 White

  • prince_charming
    12-08 07:38 PM
    Thanks to all the moral support given by Chandvu,Pd Recapturing and all others.

    With all your wishes and almighty blessings today I got MTR approval and I485 into reopen status.

    My earlier employer revoked I 140 in Sept 08 . Applied MTR in OCT and got MTR approval and 485 reopened notification today.
    However online still not updated - may be site is still down.

    Thanks again.

    - Ram

    Hi Ram,

    My attorney also filed for MTR on October and i am still waiting for my MTR results.

    Thanks for update and good luck for future.

    May i ask which service center your I-485 was?

    honda city interior 2010. Honda City 2010 Interior
  • Honda City 2010 Interior

  • rp0lol
    05-19 04:26 PM
    Transaction ID: 23W42494LY532151G

    Donated 100$ today...


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  • 2010 Honda Civic

  • bestin
    10-04 08:18 PM
    only 6 so far?comeon guys.seems Mi guys are all GC holders already?:D

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  • Latest honda city Interior

  • digital2k
    05-22 05:48 PM
    Let us change our old record and donate Now for our cause ...

    Everyone need to act ...

    Many may remember the past succesful

    Historic Event > $32,750 / 8 days / 100 pages


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  • gc_coming
    01-12 06:19 PM
    Hi All,
    I got a notice from uscis on sept 24th stating that my 485 has been withdrawn as my previous employer withdrew my 140. I filed in july 2007 , and ported to a new job in April 2008. I filed an MTR on 24th Sept, but the status of the MTR is still received and pending. Its going to be 180 days since my 485 has been withdrawn on march 9th. And my lawyer is saying that i have to leave this country if we dont get the MTR accepted before 180 days.
    Gurus could you please suggest some ideas on all possible steps that can be taken..


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  • pappu
    10-16 09:11 AM
    If you have a good experience with your lawyer and are recommending the law firm, pls also try to talk to your lawyer about IV. Ask the law firm if they want to contribute/ or even publicize IV to their clients. If they agree to do it, please post here. If they refuse, pls post here.

    So when you write about how good your lawyer is, pls also mention if the lawyer supports IV and the help that has been extended to IV.

    This will help maintain a list of lawyers who are recommended by members and at the same time, help IV.


    honda city interior 2010. Honda City Interior
  • Honda City Interior

  • needhelp!
    02-25 11:14 AM
    This makes me WOW!
    I am up to 281!

    honda city interior 2010. 2010-honda-city-1-5e-interior
  • 2010-honda-city-1-5e-interior

  • Pineapple
    04-29 06:51 PM
    Small correction. I have contributed $ 200, not $ 100 for the latest effort (Paypal transaction ID 00M756271K0810455). So PA's contribution is at least 200. :)

    Thank You to IV members who are contributing:
    gconmymind-51, snathan-50, smanikandan-100, ahasan-100, MunnaBhai-100, vineet-100, rameshk75-50, mariusp-35, gcfordesi-50, belmontboy-100, Houstonguy-200, vikasw-50, kshitijnt-100, pune_guy-100, walking_dude-100, prasha98-100, ivvm-50, manojp4-100, Pineapple-100, sammyb-50, ca_gc-100, santb1975-100, nav_saini-100, gcpadmavyuh-100, pcs-100, akbose-100, eastwest-50, ubetman-100, pmurgai-100, deba-100, 5-Jun-100, wa_Saiprasad-100, chaukas-100, arunmohan-50, jimytomy-100, aspiration-50, prshah102-100, czar_the_king-100, maverick6993-100, eb3_nepa-100, kumar_77-50, Alien-100, nagio-100, vin13-100, manja-100, loti_GC-50, sonaliak-100, mdmd10-100, surabhi-100, m306m-100, malaGCPahije-100, patbose-50, clif-100, goel_ar-50, djit71-100, Jitamitra-100, rajtp-100, espoir-50, rp0lol-100, kicca-50, rajmalhotra-100, anuraj1234-100, yetanotherguyinline-100, MI member 1-100, MI member 2-100, NolaIndian32-50, poreddyp-100, Karthikthiru-100, pshah-100, tapukakababa-100, h1techSlave-100, uffyegc-100, rameshk75-50, Nagireddi-100, srinivas_o-100, nc14-50, aa2aa-100, add78-100, jbr-100, jayleno-100, naidu2543-50, vansvenkat-100



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  • Almond
    07-17 07:30 PM
    You expressed frustration at your situation, and rightfully so, anyone one of us would have felt the same way in your situation. This is so unfair. As far as I'm concerned, you have nothing to apologize for. I hope you get approved soon so you can join the rest of us I485'ers. Good luck to you.

    honda city interior 2010. Honda City 2010 Interior.
  • Honda City 2010 Interior.

  • NolaIndian32
    04-28 10:17 AM
    Contributed through paypal and Receipt ID: 5WU062607T926773U

    Thanks Sonaliak!!!

    GO IV

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  • dish
    03-16 01:05 PM
    There is a site called which conducts surveys about the lives of poeple on different H Visas. They were lobbying for H4 work authorization and protection under VAWA for non-immigrant woman.

    I have a suggestion. Why not ImmigrationVoice Join with HVisaSurvey and Lobby for more rights for H4 Visa Holders.

    At least the H4 should be allowed to work if the labor certification is pending or the I-140 is approved for the H1 visa holder. Waiting for I-485 to become current is a long wait. Why nobody care about H4s. L2's got work permit because the big multinational companies who used a lot of L1 visas lobbied for it.

    07-14 10:28 AM
    this is sheer speculation.
    the actual number is likley to be much much smaller based on the few signals we get from our sources. the visa bulletin is issued by DOS NOT USCIS. DOS as we know (remember July 07?) is trying it's best to get USCIS to use EVERY available GC for the year. that is the most important reason for giving them scuh an extended date for RB2 I/C. it appears that they have concluded that udsing the numbers is more important than FIFO.

    whether the overflow goes to EB3 ROW or to EB2 I/C, the fact is EB3 I is going to be the last receipient. i hopw everyone undrestands this. the change in interpretation bu USCIS has not changed the ground facts for EB3 I. ONLY one thing will change those facts- MORE GC NUMBERS, whther by recapture or exemptions or CIR.

    02-15 08:03 PM
    ....As far as your pre application post is concerned, desi3933 is right on money. .....

    So far kate123 has not responded to my post. May be because reply was something he wasn't looking for .....

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