Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • Neo7
    03-11 08:57 PM

    During the July 2007 fiasco I applied for I485 and I got my EAD and AP, but I have not used the EAD and still using and maintaining my H1.

    Here is my dilemma, 2 years ago I went to India and used my AP when entering US though I had a valid H1 but I did not get the Visa stamped and after entering US on AP I am still using and maintaining my H1 and NOT using EAD. Recently I also got a 3 year extension on my H1.

    Now I am applying for my new AP as the old one is expired. My question to you gurus is what should I put in the "Class of Admission" field? Shall I put the AOS or H1?


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  • eager_immi
    02-13 02:27 PM
    Logiclife. I know why you are responding to these comments you all are frustrated with such comments. I know it is hard to not respond but please ignore these asinine comments. Please have some of these comments linked to the main page. But believe me "barking dogs seldom bite." Such people will ultimately sap your energy. But, just like how IV is asking people to contribute please also ask them to use their own judgment, they do this at their own risk. There are many people like us who have faith in your group although we know you cannot do miracles. Please have faith and I sincerely request to all members & moderator that once we see these comments let us move this to the some thread called �IV bashing thread� and let the rest of us completely ignore them.

    Yeah. We know that. A lot of people think IV cannot get anything done. IV never promised that we will cause CIR to happen. We never promised that we will cause SKIL to happen. They all happen, mostly on their own. There are other factors.

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  • needhelp!
    02-12 06:09 PM
    CA - 1349
    TX - 374
    Tristate - 140
    LA - 105
    FL - 102

    Following states have less than 100 letters.

    Go IV!

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  • walking_dude
    10-05 09:14 AM

    I understand your concerns that if there's a huge crowd, nothing will come out of it, in all the din created by the crowd and everyone throwing their suggestions.

    Right now the question is hypothetical as we don't have a overwhelming confirmations of 100+! Even a crowd of 25 is okay, if we can reach that number. Since this is the first ever MI level meet, I will be surprised (and happy too) if we cross 25-30.

    If it's 100+ a new level of pre-planning will be necessary. Our leaders ( cagedcatcus? chintu25?) will need to book a hall, set a clear and focused agenda (so that we don't lose focus), get IV core to address us by telephone/speaker phones, they can even persuade an Immigration attorney (trying to reach out to future clients) to address our questions etc.. It will be a different ball game! It can be handled effectively without limiting numbers.

    I think for first meeting 10-12 are enough. Let us meet and decide upon the strategy to have more people. I would prefer not to have lot of people in the first meeting.


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  • paskal
    12-11 04:18 PM
    for your thoughts and your contribution to this movement.
    we need motivated members like you.

    i would like to request all of you to now stop debating this issue and move on. the january bulletin is out. if you had not seen the urgency so far, go take a look. let's do meaningful and constructive things so that we move towards our goal of ending retrogression.

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  • jambapamba
    07-18 07:48 AM
    I don't know the history of BigTime007 postings. Maybe he has said some things in the past that lead to the ban but his most recent post which got him banned seemed just like venting and nothing more.

    What I do find annoying though is when ppl whose PD's are in 2006-2007 tell ppl rotting in BEC to "enjoy the ride". I have seen a few threads in the past where someone stuck in BEC was just venting and then ppl come along and tell them to "be happy for others". I don't get it. How is a person who is stuck for years, sees ppl with later cases get interim benefits, supposed to feel happy knowing they will still be stuck. :confused:

    I think all these poor souls are looking for is a few words of sympathy and company of ppl in similiar situation (not very different from ppl complaining about retrogression mind you). If we can not do anything to help ppl stuck in those blackhole let's not rub salt into their wounds.

    Lastly, regardless of whether you are stuck in BEC or expect to be stuck in retrogression for the next few years, there is no reason to be uncivil.

    I didn't read bigtime* posts either...but if he was being uncivil to us who are filing...its not right. He has every right to be frustrated but being uncivil is not right.


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  • anu_t
    06-20 08:46 AM
    as per, democrats are up to restore family and employment immigration and eliminate point system
    that's a good news for people like me who has yet to file for Labour. Right?

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  • avi101
    04-05 11:32 PM
    With due sympathy for affected folks, you really can't blame US govt for this. The law had H1B with dual intent and work constraints based on LCA and H4 as a dependent visa and not eligible to work.

    Why? I don't know. Is it fair? Maybe not if you consider that L1 dependents can work but US govt did not have such provision for H1B dependents.

    But that has been the law even before you got married and came here. If you did not know that you can't work on H4 then it's your own ignorance. Blame your spouse for not mentioning it to you or blame yourself for not asking that question or blame ignorance that you were not aware that would happen. There have been spouses who came here on H4, transferred into H1 because their skills were marketable (Marketable in the sense that companies (not body shops) were willing to get into the hassle of an H1B) or chose to pursue further studies, arming themselves with an US degree and made themselves marketable. Some took up unpaid internships for a while, thereby gaining experience, and when the opportunity presented itself were able to get an H1. some others took up volunteering jobs nearby.

    Frankly, US govt is not responsible if you did not do your due diligence before getting married.

    Now, that said, I think it would be great if H4s are allowed to work considering that so many are well educated and possibly skilled and trained. Take up the cause and enlist more people and try. Nothings impossible. Good luck.


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  • harivenkat
    05-20 04:06 AM
    Got response below :

    Thank you for contacting me about the issue of immigration. I understand and appreciate your deep concerns. As you know, several members of Congress have proposed various reforms. These proposals deal with a broad range of issues including our national security, border enforcement, guest worker programs, immigrant children, a path to citizenship, and the issues of immigrant workers in agriculture, seasonal jobs, and high-skilled positions.

    Michigan faces unique immigration issues as a major border state with Canada, and I have helped to increase resources along our northern border. In addition, my office has been contacted by thousands of Michigan citizens about their problems with our broken federal immigration system. I am well aware of the urgent need for reform and the impact of our system on those trying to navigate this complicated bureaucracy.

    For these reasons, I believe that we must consider any reforms to our immigration system in a comprehensive and balanced manner, first and foremost taking into account our nation's security, the jobs of American workers, the rights of individuals and the economic interests of our state. I will keep your strong views in mind as the Senate considers this issue.

    Thank you again for contacting me. Please continue to keep me informed about issues of concern to you and your family.


    Debbie Stabenow

    United States Senator

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  • nyte_crawler
    03-14 11:03 AM
    In june 2007, USCIS did'nt reach June 03. But DOS pushed it to use up numbers. The dates are basically a dance between USCIS and DOS and it is based on demand from the previous month or qtr. Yeah there are tons of people who got their GCs with PD 03, but there are tons more waiting in 02 to get their GCs. I do agree with the Labor black market that flourished which adds more complications to the progress. The only way PD moves to 2005 in the next two years is by luck or DOS calculates it wrong (like they always do)

    First Bullshit Period: 2003 - Realization that EB3-I will be dead slow - Sub
    Labor black Market flourished mainly in NY, CA and TX.
    We saw a new animal "Virtual Office". Lot of ethically and
    morally(Now even legally) illegitimate transfers occured
    from EB3 to earl PD based EB2.

    Second Bullshit Period: 2005-JAN to APRIL is a key "Bullshit period" - As in
    May PERM was gonna to be released, people
    fanatically started preparations to switch over to EB2
    using PERM. So maximum fence hopping done in this
    period and continued till 2006 mid.

    Fact: In june 2007 EB3-I was already reached to June 2003 as current PD.

    So logically speaking once dates for EB3-I reaches to 2005 start mark then virtually it should not take long to reach to 2006 mid mark as EB3 numbers considerably reduced and with same amount EB2-I considerably increased so EB2- I will stuck for a very long long time once it reaches to 2005 start mark and Eb3-I will be moved with jet speed. Now we may have some EB3-I with PD before June 2003, it will surely be a stock from NC stuck - That is the only entity which you can not tag a number and hence the base of inaccurate prediction.So far so good. Considering all this I believe Eb3-I at least with PD 2004-mid should become current by the end of 2008 december.Last quarter of this year will be THE quarter for EB3-I

    Other thing is unpredictable and abrupt decisions by USCIS, just like what it did during this April - So all in all, I think it (EB3-I) should reach to 2005 mark by 2009 mid.


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  • thepaew
    05-30 12:41 PM

    LONDON: Nationals from India, Pakistan and four other countries would now need a visa to even travel through the UK on their way to a third country, the Home Office announced on Wednesday.

    The new visa regime -- 'Direct Airside Transit Visa (DATV)' -- would come into effect from midnight tonight, it said in a news release. The other countries affected by DATV are Bangladesh, Angola, Cameroon and Lebanon.

    Previously, nationals of these countries needed the visas to visit the UK, but could do without one if they were passing through, within 24 hours.

    The Home Office cited six reasons as to why the measure was being introduced saying "there is a significant level of abuse of the UK immigration control committed by Indian nationals".

    Home Office Minister Beverley Hughes said, "We are responding to intelligence that a growing number of nationals from these countries are using the transit route to flout our immigration controls and to enter the UK illegally or to make unfounded asylum applications."

    He said the announcement was part of a package of measures being used to strengthen UK border controls abroad, including new screening technology and better use of intelligence to break up gangs that profit from the trade in illegal immigrants.

    He also said that the UK is committed to a continued increase in the number of visitors and students from India.

    "We can ensure that those who do not qualify under these waivers and who need to apply for a DATV can do so as smoothly as possible and at any of our 11 visa application collection offices across India at a cost of Rs 2,150," he said.

    On why Indian nationals would need DATV, the release attributed it to the significant level of abuse of the UK immigration control by them.

    It said between January to June this year there was evidence to indicate that Indian nationals accounted for 40 per cent of the cases where passengers able to transit the UK without a visa and who then sought to stay here illegally or by making an asylum claim involved Indian nationals.

    Last year, around 2000 Indian nationals applied for asylum in the UK and indications were that the number this year would be even higher.

    Further, during the same period some 400 arrived without any documents and more than 270 using forged documents.

    Indian nationals account for the highest number of asylum applications made on arrival in the UK, it said adding that this was part of a general tightening of controls to prevent abuse of the asylum system.

    There is a reason why Indians are required to take a transit visa. Coz, in the past there have been Indians (at EU airports) who have claimed that they have lost their memory, do not remember who they are, don't have any ID and hence qualify for asylum on medical grounds. Now these gov'ts are requiring ALL Indians to have a transit visa so that if anyone pulls such antics, they have all the information that they need to identify the individual and deport. Some bad apples have f&^%ed it up for all of us.


    Wow, this is one of the most baseless and preposterous statements/arguments I have seen so far..very interesting indeed!!

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  • GCard_Dream
    03-21 02:48 PM
    ... but only after they have issued a greencard to each one of us. :D

    I propose to dissolve USCIS. No matter what USCIS failed in all respects of appeasing

    1. Indians
    2. Chinese
    3. Mexicans
    4. ROW
    5. Philippines
    6. EB1
    7. EB2 - NOW
    8. EB2
    9. EB3
    10. EB4
    11. EB5


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  • nissan skyline gtr r34 blue. Nissan Skyline R34 Gtr Blue.

  • pbojja
    02-09 10:12 PM
    Are you from different world. Yes it is necessary even to get the H1. Now I understand why the anti-immigrants are targetting us. Do you mean to say the English speaking people diminished this country. Can we replace all these guys with mullas. What are you trying to say..

    Hello ... I m responding to a some one who dis-respected my fellow citizens . So what do you say English speaking guys are great IT professionals ? To work on computers you need brian and understand bits and bytes not english .

    I think you got my message wrong all I m saying is you dont have to be a great english communicator to qualify for EB2 , unless you are applying as professor .

    In 70s most of the towns having only local language schools and stuided in local language schools , thay may be part of reason why some of them dont communicate well ..That doesnt mean they can not work on computers ...

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  • ivvm
    04-25 11:19 PM
    Contribution of $50 through Paypal
    Amount: $50.00 USD
    Transaction ID: 81U35657VU5343548


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  • senthil1
    07-19 01:57 AM
    In many consulting companies when a H1b person joins then first question he asks is Can I file in EB2 because I have Master degree. Then only they are creating a job requirement. So there is more possiblity of creating job requirement mainly in consulting. It may not be a illegal so no violation of law involved but it is not good faith. So we cannot complain to officials. Also I am not telling all the Eb2s are like that.

    Are u saying all eb2s have earned the experience under the table. Then why couldn't you do so then ?
    Dont blame the lawyers or the employers. May be there are one or two, which I am yet to find. But if you have seen it and very sure of it, why didnt u complain about it earlier to the appropiate officials.
    Dont be a cry baby.

    nissan skyline r34 blue. Nissan Skyline R34 GTT Blue. chrismacguy. Apr 15, 11:53 AM. Oh Fart!!:mad: I forgot that I only have 256Mb RAM so I can#39;t load it up.
  • Nissan Skyline R34 GTT Blue. chrismacguy. Apr 15, 11:53 AM. Oh Fart!!:mad: I forgot that I only have 256Mb RAM so I can#39;t load it up.

  • santb1975
    04-30 07:04 PM
    We need $$ to be able to lobby and make things happen. Please do not hesitate now


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  • diptam
    06-14 09:36 AM
    Good news for some and not so good news for others. I have been waiting for my labor for last 4 years and have still not got the approval on hand. So I am not ready to apply for 485. Where as a friend of mine who came to US last year and applied for labor through perm 2 months back has his approved labor and can apply for 485. I feel this is kind of unfair. The dates should have progressed slowly but steadily instead of trying to create a mad rush now.

    Look, i sympathize with you but you SHOULD HAVE poured in some money to start a parallel PERM application ..... PERM started from APR 2005 - you got almost 2 years +

    My case is also like you but my Labor was 2 years old and applied just
    before PERM and it went straightway to Phily Backlog center ... I thought
    of applying for a Parallel PERM but mine was a RIR ( quicker) and Phily was saying that they would clear all Backog by SEP 2007 ( another 2 months)

    Did you check your status in Backlog tracker ??

    nissan skyline r34 blue. nissan skyline gtr r34 blue. Nissan Skyline Gtr R34 Blue. Nissan Skyline Gtr R34 Blue. MattA. Jan 12, 09:50 PM
  • nissan skyline gtr r34 blue. Nissan Skyline Gtr R34 Blue. Nissan Skyline Gtr R34 Blue. MattA. Jan 12, 09:50 PM

  • bkn96
    12-09 10:13 PM
    Great news. I am in smilar case, My MTR is filed 10days ago and waiting for case to reopen.

    Ram, Did you work during 7 weeks? Some attorneys suggest not to work.

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  • ssingh92
    06-11 08:29 AM
    Congratulations to all who will get GC now. I understand that after receiving GC you will leave this form for good. My Request is before leaving if you can contribute something then will be highly appreciated.

    07-23 09:35 PM
    Ok, taking the emotion out of proposal, i agree fully with this post.

    My application with PD 2003 was stuck in BECs for more than 2 yrs. There were cases being approved in a random fashion - unfortunately, we were not organized to put enough presssure to sort out the mess and ask the BECs to follow some sane procedure.

    Now that we are at the 485 stage, I think it makes a lot of sense to first try and urge USCIS to follow a simple PD+RD procedure. If the PD of a case is earlier, than adjudicate it first. Plain and simple.

    I'm also happy for the greater good and the fact that people who got their labors cleared as late as 2007 are able to file for 485. The 485 filing problem, namely, being able to when PD is not current is on IVs agenda anyway and a top priority. But for people to just jump the line is more of a selfish act than 'risker' starting this thread.

    Btw, I don't see anything wrong with this thread, it is not a selfish agenda. We should work together to lobby and put pressure on USCIS to make this simple procedural change of using PD and not Receipt Date. It is fair and makes absolute sense.

    I agree with what you say. Yes, backlogged victims need some justice at this moment, otherwise there it is morally not good for everyone.

    1. Why don't we petition first before thinking of Lawsuit. We from IV should write a letter to USCIS stating the injustice brought to the backlogged victims and how it is mentally affecting them etc. We should ask USCIS to consider these things and come up with a solution for backlogged victims instead of threatening DOS and others with Lawsuit. Since we are at their mercy, there is nothing wrong in keeping them higher up and at the same time getting what we want.

    2. If the petition did not work out, then we can think about some suit. Still I don't agree with any suit as it is not going to bring justice. By the time the suit clears, you will have your GC in hand.

    08-07 12:34 PM
    There are many not so preferred areas in Canada, where there is always a demand. Most people prefer large cities such as Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, etc. These are mostly saturated, but with persistence you should find something even there. If you don't care where you live, you should definitely find a lot of openings in the area you mentioned.

    Thank you, really appreciate your responce.

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