Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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  • baburob2
    03-15 01:00 PM
    Sen. Majority Leader Bill Frist, frustrated by the sluggish debate over immigration reform at the committee level, plans to introduce a bill that deals solely with border security as early as today.....
    Republican aides say the move by Mr. Frist is not meant to trump similar legislation offered by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter, Pennsylvania Republican, but rather as an "insurance policy" to ensure the topic is addressed.
    Mr. Frist's bill, according to aides, would simply take Mr. Specter's proposal and strip out the guest worker plan and provisions dealing with illegal aliens already in the U.S.
    Mr. Specter's legislation has stalled in committee over his proposal to criminalize illegal aliens already here as well as other issues. His bill would allow employed illegal aliens to remain in the United States indefinitely, although it would require them to return home before applying for permanent citizenship.


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  • Libra
    09-10 04:46 PM
    thanks for contribution.

    contribute $100 - Google Order #466330497623100

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  • twinbrothers
    07-17 11:14 PM
    Hi eagerr2i,

    Just saw the message. Will send you a PM on this. FYI to other members, I know someone has prepared a list of So. Cal members which is very comprehensive. I will try to send a PM to get their details. If you have any other questions, please feel free to send me a PM or an email at twinbrothers@gmail.com

    Dear So Cal members.

    nice to see good activity on the forum. Please hold on from holding any rally until you hear from IV core. We have some good synergy amongst or members in So Cal, lets plan a meeting in the coming weeks and decide on an action plan. I would encourage you to start thinking about ideas/specific actions we can take. I have a few ideas and would share it on our so cal email distribution list. Who can take the initiative to organize this meeting? Twinbrothers? any one else? Pls P.M me.

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  • GCKaMaara
    10-27 07:43 AM
    Good job GCWonder & cnachu2.

    I got few PM from senior members that they sent mails too. Please do not loose the momentum - keep sending mails.

    ItIsNotFunny, thanks for reminder.


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  • amitjoey
    07-18 05:17 PM
    Hi guys,

    I am sure every company would have their own 'stuck in gc process' alias.
    Please start an IV fund drive, so that you can do this on a company basis.

    Theres one going on in mine..and guess what..20 contributions in a couple of hours.

    Thanks jk333. That is just awesome.

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  • JunRN
    05-15 11:20 PM
    Thanks for your wishes.
    I agree with you regarding the timeline and evidence. I have mentioned it to my attorney numerous times. My attorney was insistent that adjudicating officers can see all my info on their computer screens. It is only a matter of looking at the info correctly.
    It looks like the first MTR went to the same IO who denied my I-485. I could say it from ID in both the denial letters.

    Sometimes lawyers are used to their old ways of doing things. However, IOs are not the same people of the old. Most IOs are new hires and still in their learning curve.

    I think the problem with your info. on USCIS screen is that the previously approved I-140 was changed to "denied" on same date it was approved. USCIS probably didn't have a log of the change.

    The only evidence to prove that it was "approved" before is your copy of approval notice and it seems they don't believe the legitimacy of your copy. USCIS relied solely in their faulty database system.

    Did you have a screen capture of the I-140 approval in CRIS? I screened captured mine just in case because it's another proof that one point in time, I-140 was approved.


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  • krish2005
    12-10 03:45 PM
    Its hurting to see that no major movements in jan bulletin. :mad:

    Sad story continues. Only EB3 moved by 1 month surprisingly.

    There is a chance that during this year, EB2 might become unavailable too.

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  • chintu25
    07-18 02:04 PM
    Paying USD 50/MONTH right now WILL INCREASE THAT to USD 100 from next month

    Also i have encouraged a few other people to join in and they have joined with USD 50/MOnth commitment.



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  • vine93
    05-10 02:49 PM
    First I called my few freinds in MT, WY and RI. Passed on info them since they are local.
    Then I called all of them . Now a days they do not even transfer to the right person who deals with Immigration issues. They just ask for the message and pass on to them .

    Well..I did my part.


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  • Sakthisagar
    02-24 11:41 AM
    The Congressional Hispanic Caucus has successfully blocked consideration of all immigration legislation until amnesty is brought up for a vote. Unless and until the issue of amnesty is resolved, we aren't going to see anything. On the other hand, if amnesty is voted down, then expect to see just about everything else passed.

    The good news is that the jobs bill is ready to pass the Senate within the next day or two. On Thursday, they are going to have the health care summit. At that point, they will either decide to push the health care bill through via reconciliation, or go into extended negotiations with the Republicans. Either way, it definitely looks like a window might open up for CIR in the next couple of weeks.

    The above is what Ron Gotcher (imminfo.com) says rather gives hope for the future!


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  • vactorboy29
    06-11 05:59 PM
    I have been investing in Lottery every week 1$ .Hoping I may hit Jackpot and Donate some money to our community.
    My optimism says I may win lottery before I get green card or US congress works in our favor. Till then keep my finger cross..................

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  • Green.Tech
    05-26 04:37 PM
    Another bump!


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  • gc_mania_03
    07-07 11:32 PM
    The NYT Editorial is on reddit. Please go vote on it...

    Search for immigration malpractice.

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  • anujcb
    03-15 11:24 AM
    did it start yet? any updates?


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  • vinnysuru
    03-14 11:13 AM
    Thanks for you post about Canada Visit. You mentioned that one shouldn't say vacation for purpose of visit. What should we say then? My wife and I are going for Landing to Canada and people have posted that if you tell you landed as immigrant in Canada then Border Officers give you a hard time as well and some have even got RFE's from USCIS regarding their intent with US immigration process. So either way we are in trouble!

    Friends please advise. What should you say to Border Patrol Officers on Re Entry to US with AP?:(

    Also would you mind sharing what was your purpose of Visit?

    I drove back from canada today. and I though I should post my experiance at the buffalo border crossing.

    Drove up to the IO gave him my AP and passport. he gave me a token number and asked me to go into the office. Very polite. parked my car went into the office.

    waited for about 40 minutes then they finally called me. the lady was very polite soft spoken she had already gotten all my papers ready like new I-94 card. stamp on AP and passport. She asked for my old I-94 cards I handed here all my old ones (i had about 6, since i first came on student visa then switched employers) i mentioned to her that I lost one of my I-94 would a photo copy work and she said yes thats not a problem. after she took all my I-94 cards stamped my passport with ap exiration date same on i-94. I mentioned to her that I will going back and forth to canada very frequently and she jokingly said then I will be seeing you alot.

    No other questions were asked. the whole process went very smoothly.

    O a friend of mine told me if asked purpose of visit outside US don't say vacation on AP that pisses the IO's because AP is only for emergencies originally.

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  • onemaveric
    07-20 09:11 AM
    Its a surprise that they have voted against legal immigrants with exceptional ability or advanced degree.


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  • johnnybhai
    07-14 01:03 PM

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  • missourian
    09-09 11:33 PM
    I feeling really bad because I couldn't participate in rally, I just made a modest contribution of $100 through paypal

    Web Accept Payment Sent (ID # 0830757928815571G)

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  • Sachin_Stock
    08-23 10:24 AM
    My friend EB2 is all ONE category. Please see the OR in that sentence.

    to qualified immigrants who are members of the professions holding advanced degrees or their equivalent or who because of their exceptional ability in the sciences, arts, or business, will substantially benefit prospectively the national economy, cultural or educational interests, or welfare of the United States, an d whose services in the sciences, arts, professions, or business are sought by an employer in the United States.

    Its sad but its going to apply for all EB2 applicants.

    This draft memorandum was released today for comment until September 3, 2010 when it may be adopted as an official memorandum revising Adjudicators Field Manual. It touches the issues of evidentiary criteria for adjudication of I-140 immigrant petitions in EB-1A(Extraordinary Worker), EB-1B(Outstanding Professor or Researcher), and EB-2(Exceptional Ability), requiring two-prong test in the adjudication.

    09-12 10:47 AM
    Let is choose one, otherwise we run the risk of diluting the whole idea, I have put up a poll.
    I am Ok with this idea as long as the issue doesn't get diluted.

    I think everyone should send the letter in the same format though.

    11-19 11:09 PM
    This scenarios is for those who used all 6 years on H1 and got H1 extension due to a pending AOS application. they may have EADs too..

    Ron Gocher quotes:
    "Again, to be clear, my point is that if your AOS is denied, you immediately lose all eligibility for post sixth year extensions of H status. All time spent in H status counts against the six year limit. If you burn up time in H status while you are waiting for an AOS adjudication, you may well make it impossible to go back into H status if your AOS is denied."

    My interpret...

    Rule 1 :

    > The max limit for H1 is only 6 years.

    > You can only extend H1 beyond 6 years if there is a pending AOS
    this means if there is no pending AOS, u r not eligible for H1.

    On thing is clear, if AOS denial is valid, then thats it, no more H1 (after 6yrs)

    but surprisingly Ron doesnt use the same logic for EAD too.

    > EAD is also given as a temp relief for those who has pending AOS
    so if there is no pending AOS, no more EAD too.

    he thinks EAD is valid even after AOS valid Denial.

    THe BIG QUESTION is, If AOS is wrongly denied and MTR is open,

    What is the status of the dude?

    Is the status AOS, coz its been denied already...

    But again, if the dude's out of status due to AOS denial,
    how come CIS allow to file MTR? Coz they know the guy who is
    filing MTR is out-of-status due to AOS denial :-)

    Its like a software u tested a lot with all kind of scenarios,
    but there is one scenario still not tested.

    Like in software, the dudes who initially wrote the code and the dudes who initially spcified requirements, are long gone to a different jobs. and after a few years (5,10 etc), a new set of dudes trying to wonder why this scenarios is missed, coz the whole biz process is already changed totally.

    so, the dudes who wrote these rules and regulations are long gone and retired. and there are hell lot of things changed afterwards like AC21 etc etc.

    thats is why systems need to be re-evaluated in a regular basis.

    can this shit be any more tangled.... :-)

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