Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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  • nivasch
    03-09 12:48 PM
    Thank you so much
    No. It is over. Will reconvene next Wednesday.

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  • enthu999
    05-09 07:41 PM
    I had similar issue when trying to refinance
    My loan was Jumbo and to bring it to confirmation limits to get better rate the lender
    tried doing home equity loan, at the end when we thought every thing was ok
    they back and told they cannot give home equity loan because my Green card has not been aproved though I provided the AOS reciept and EAD.
    The underwriter is FannieMae.
    This for sure is a discrimination, in the current situation we cannot really make any benefit out of low mortgage rates..and the when the ARM is close to expire...god knows how
    the interest rates would be.

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  • tomatocup
    07-20 12:47 PM
    Core members may give us instructions on how to work out this important matter. Count me in if local assistance needed. Anybody else in DC area and willing to do something to help?

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  • satyasaich
    03-15 08:41 AM
    Let's try after few more minutes

    Did anyone else get through? I was trying www.capitolhearings.org Dirksen226!


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  • eagerr2i
    07-06 02:12 PM
    The USCIS automated line for Priority dates is still playing the PD's for June 2007 showing that EB-3 India cut off June 1st 2003 etc..

    We have so contrasting images of the efficiency of USCIS. Hope they keep the same tempo as of the last week of June on Oct 1st when the FY 2008 quota kicks in.

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  • Marphad
    07-06 03:28 PM
    ban this guy/girl.....

    This type of language is not acceptable at all. He is new Sanju (and he was..... no comments ;)).


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  • Green.Tech
    06-17 05:12 PM
    Paypal away!!!

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  • letstalklc
    12-11 05:09 PM
    My pain is similar to yours buddy mine also took 6 months to file. The VB is now an monthly sadness event, even my wife is waiting for EAD, in the current time its almost impossible to get a job if one needs sponsorship read H1, despite being well qualified and having work experience. Also if we have EAD you probably would not have to go through H1B Extension (RFE's), I had to undergo this as well, fortunately my stamping was smooth. Until our day comes we just have to wait, I think the only chance is the new proposed 485 filing procedure when its implemented.

    Mee too.

    but the proposed 2 tier system has been pushed from this december to next June 2010 (i.e 6 months) as of now, not sure whether they will come up with it at least in June...

    Lot of people are waiting to file their final step....They should start allowing to file 485 at least one year after based on their work load and based on their pre adjudication....


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  • GreenCard4US
    08-13 07:10 PM
    Mr. Ron Gotcher believes that it means "Mexico F2A and [Mexico] employment third preference cut off dates.� Had they meant Worldwide, they would have said so explicitly".
    Relax guys.:)

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  • Green.Tech
    06-20 03:19 PM
    Please contribute.


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  • h1techSlave
    04-12 12:05 PM
    I think the advantage of LLC against Sole Prop is about liability.

    If some one sues your business, LLC offers you protection, but Sole prop. may not.

    If you are on EAD, you can start the business in your wife's name. Now the risk is that she will run away and take the business with her; can't say that would really be a bad thing.

    S-corp is much more complex compared to LLC.

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  • h1techSlave
    05-15 06:03 PM
    I have recently tried to explain them the EAD/485-pending concept and failed.

    At the end, they waived their commission of 1%, so that I don't have to pay that amount.

    The bank is GMAC.

    this is a bank owned property, and there is a pre-condition that we should use their bank for the loan.

    Wondering how to explain the VISA situation in a way they would understand.


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  • texanguy
    09-10 05:23 PM
    What this means, is that the december visa bulletin is the correct time to expect a major jump on the priority date. since the leftover visas (EB1 & EB2) from other countries for the first quarter will be used for the oversubscribed countries.

    Considering 7% country quota and 26.7% EB2 quota of 140k, we get 2800 visa for EB2 annually. For first month this number comes out to be 234. Considering 1.2 dependents this means 106 families get GC under EB2.

    I am sure they have more than 106 cases before the cutoff of 1 April 2003. This may also include people delayed by background checks.

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  • chanduv23
    02-24 01:17 PM
    Dont assume that people who gone back to India and working a manager are living happily without any issues.
    One of my friends whome I used to work in 2005 was promoted to manager in 2007. Now he is in a dilemma whether to continue to go up the ladder or come back doing technical stuff. Salary wise he is not getting that much and he doesnt know how the company will do infuture. It all depends on US economy. If you are looking for 18L above salary, then it is very very tough to get a job in india.

    That is right. Every place has its problems. And when you are an employee - u r ONLY an employee no matter what. To come up in life or to grow, the onus is on you. It is you who choose what you want to be. If you want to return to your home country, the choice is yours and you must do it wholeheartedly, use your US experience and do something there. The world is full of options and you can chose what you want and percieve.

    Navigating the system in India is not as easy as people think - u will have to tackle crocodiles and sharks for your so called dream job.


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  • GCSeekerCT
    03-04 07:34 PM
    I am on H1 and AOS and I refinanced my house at 5% . There were no issues and no questions. Just all the usual documents - W2 , paystubs etc etc . It was with a local bank too and not with any high profile institution.
    You mean Fancy, big building institution, I think. There are no high-profile banks left anymore. They lost their integrity in screwing people and are not to be trusted.

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  • JunRN
    09-29 01:40 AM
    Hahaha! It sounds that you're really mad though! I am optimistic that I'll get my GC next year! No need to wait for 2009!


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  • ganguteli
    03-13 02:49 PM
    While we work in different Please find addresses at 15
    Telephone (202) 225-3072

    Stop Spamming the forum. I will write the letter only if core asks me. Its a waste of postage money and nobody reads email in such offices from junk senders.

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  • go_guy123
    06-11 12:14 PM

    When this July bulletin was released, I had given the following points in that thread.
    I am seriously considering this. Indian economy is going to go leaps and bounds and I dont want to miss out on that. And wait here in the whims and fancies and their ridiculous illogical visa bulletins by these people. They shouldnt harass and take Indians for a ride. We are paying our taxes and all the fees and what not. Still they prefer illegals over us.
    Enough is enough. I have self respect.

    Looking at this visa movement for the past year and the current economy, I am just giving up hope to get GC in this country folks.
    I am seriously thinking about going back to India. The reasons I was proding over are:
    1. Well.. first and foremost, no hope of visa movement in near future.
    2. Employer uncertainty. The company is not doing too well.
    3. Tough job market and US economy will drag like this for another 2-3 years.
    4. If they lay me off, I will have to find another job first. I havent even applied for 485 yet, so no EAD and priority date is Feb 2008
    5. Restart GC again which is another excruciating process - moneywise, timewise.
    6. Wait again in the line for visa movement
    7. No career advancement because cannot jump companies and I am already early 30's. (I am non-IT). Career is stagnant, company doing very small projects.
    8. Cannot even think of having kids because job and life here is hanging by a thread.
    9. Cannot buy a house in this market. Its not that I dont have money, was thinking, if I lose the job, I wont get much time to sell it off and I will have to incur losses.
    10. India is doing well and going to to do well in the future.

    Is anyone else thinking on these lines?

    Hi waitforevergc

    You say that you are in non IT
    If you don't mind which area are you in ? Oil/Mining/Finance sector ?.
    You can try the Canada option like me. Lately Alberta/Canada closed
    the door for IT people, therefore I am wondering if you have other options in Canada.

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  • asharda
    08-10 04:11 PM
    Did you file concurrent?

    I140 was approved January 06.

    07-27 03:18 PM
    has anyone tried renewing their DL in CA based on a receipt of extension?

    02-09 06:17 PM
    Yes, you are right! The Indian parent should have given their retirement a very high priority than their kids education. There are millions of middle class parents who didn't care about their retirement but worried and planned for their kids future by spending not only money but also precious time.

    I am not sure, I think you are being sarcastic to my post. If someone's dad gets cancer, whats your advice? He should bring him to US to the best cancer hospital and spend life's saving on him? Personally I have been very fortunate. My parents took care of their retirements and financial affairs as well as my education. Very lucky indeed. Despite all this, I have told my parents that I would not be able to get treatment for them in US but would provide best possible one in India. Is this being ungrateful? No. Everyones life comes to an end.

    I also said that if someones parents need financial support they should make it a very clear requirement at the time of arranging marriage. Like my maternal grandmother was bedridden due to medical condition for about 10-15 years. So when her son got married, it was a precondition that she will be part of the family and that the daughter in law will have to adjust and support her. One girl (my aunt ) accepted it, and lived happily with it as her duty. So it all depends. Different people different experiences.

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