Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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  • satishku_2000
    06-09 04:48 AM
    I am not sure how MBPS is better than the system we have now . At least in the present system every one in each category gets their turn .

    With the new point system A person from india may not get green card even if one has 100 points and a person from Bangladesh may get green card if that person has 50 points. On top of that in new system application gets trashed if one does not get his GC in the year he or she applied.

    Any given year there would be more than 38500 people who could get close to 100 points from india whether they are employable or not ...

    If country based caps are removed then I would agree that its true merit based system or MBS otherwise its just another BS...

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  • seahawks
    09-08 11:28 AM
    You still have time! Come on, change your mind and attend the rally! We'll help you with the funds!

    So there is people to help with funds, there is people to help with accommodations, there is people who are organizing and planning the whole event, all we need to do is show up, make up your mind today, it makes more sense from planning to preparing and coordinating your trip if you say yes today.. ACT NOW, say Yes, one day of your life, probably two, work over a weekend, wake up an hour early and save 24 hours to make it up to the rally. Don't miss being part of an historical event!

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  • gsc999
    09-20 04:15 PM
    IVers thanks for all the good ideas. Keep them coming.

    At this point I would point to what Logiclife and Pappu mentioned
    earlier, we will post the next action items in a couple of days.

    The rally is one of several item in our tactical arsenal. We ought to be mindful how we utilize it to further our long term strategic goals.


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  • suriajay12
    04-10 11:17 AM
    Dear Dr. Teli (I am sure you are a Dr. because you dont let facts or reality come in the way of your diagnosis of a situation, argument or person, only a PhD can do that)

    Thank you for doing the homework on my 1 year of postings..Not even my wife pays that much attention to me, makes me feel really valuable :)

    I could have told you that. I have never contributed any money to IV and probably never will. Because i dont think they are doing anything. I have, however, answered a few people's questions about AP or H4 visa (something with which i had to spend a lot of time researching). That is the extent of my "contribution". I just answered a few earnest questions to the best of my ability.

    You can attack me all you want. For example, probably I am not EB2..Hmm, I thought EB2 was an employment category and not a species classification but I may be wrong...

    Anyway, what happens is that whenever a new visa bulletin rolls out, there are all these posts which basically say
    1. Contribute
    2. We must do something
    3. What is IV core doing
    4. Where is VDLRAO
    5. When will the injustice end
    etc etc etc

    I have been seeing this for the last 3 years. First things first, If you want to take action, spend 41 cents every day and send a letter to your congressman or senator everyday for 1 year....For $149 per year (365 * 0.41 not counting leap years and counting on the fact that you will mail a letter even on holidays :))
    At the end of the year, at least you have something to show for what you did. With IV, you can convince people that Patton Boggs is doing all they can for you, Trust them.

    I am not blaming the Core at all, they are doing whateven they can given the limited resources, time and influence they have. But, what I am blaming, is the the "holier than thou" attitude which is adopted when distinguishing between those that are the exalted DONORS and those that aren't :)


    You said "Thank you for doing the homework on my 1 year of postings..Not even my wife pays that much attention to me, makes me feel really valuable :)".
    He is not that partial that he leaves others. If you look at my posts, I noticed exactly the same. He appears to know everything about me :) . And I am very sure others here who raise valid points have noticed the same.
    Please show some pity of this guy.He probably has no job, thinks supporting blindly gets him some points from core or someone.. He does manage a good # of greens though. Its possible he has 15 to 20 accounts in this forum and logs in with each account, gives greens to rest of them. Please excuse him. I usually dont reply to these folks.


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  • fide_champ
    09-29 11:13 AM
    dont claim uei, it is for gc and citizens only.

    That's not correct. Everybody pays UEI including the H1B people also. But if you are AOS status, the AOS demands you be in a job but it has nothing to do with UE benefits.

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  • anilsal
    12-01 06:56 PM
    Can we organize a hunger strike in front of CAPITOL HILL ,just for one day ?
    IV can co-ordinate the event. It will give BIG media attention in DC. It will open the eyes of American people !

    1 day hunger events don't make as much splash as longer ones. But that day be better a working day. :)


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  • bondgoli007
    12-10 02:31 PM
    Good to see and hear about the pros and cons of Logiclife's post. Both sides are valid and rightful in their own way...

    However there are goals that need to be achieved for this grassroots organization and it is just not viable for just a few dedicated people to achieve it. Is it wrong on their part to appeal/call out for help? By the way this is not for the benefit of just a few people. Whoever comes to this website will be benefited by the outcome of the efforts.

    No one is demanding anyone to just volunteer. Logiclife's post might have shown emotion and for members like Ram (with all due respect) it might have seemed unprofessional....but this is not a corporation which is run on a profit/loss basis. It is a people's organization solely to benefit the members. Emotion and dedication are a major part of its survival. I am not a leader but I do my minimum.

    1. Contribute financially.
    2. Spread awareness among friends and acquaintances in similar position.

    I respect all the people who responded because I am sure they might have contributed in some way. For the others, please do more than visit the site for just updates.

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  • what_now
    05-29 09:13 AM


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  • vdlrao
    09-20 10:36 PM
    Hi all,

    First I thank IV core team for making the D.C rally a big success.

    Here are few of my thouts.

    1)To get more chinese and other foreign nationals involved in our team we better to put active chinese and other nationals in IV core team (Its just my idea and if you think its not a good one please ignore it.)
    2) Yes we better do a second rally but at thesame time we better to educate them first by giving adevrtisements and things like that.

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  • shukla77
    04-10 02:34 PM
    Good post and to the point. On the side note you might be able to hide behind the portable closets.:)

    Chandu, you made me laugh (in a fun way, not in the making fun of you way). Hiding is done inside the closet, not behind it. Maybe lack of clothes is explainable because one is "behind" the closet :)

    On a serious note though, You provided so many ways that money is being raised by running marathons, funding drives etc etc...but come on, where on this website or anywhere else is it mentioned how this money is being spent??

    I have absolutely no right to ask that question because i have never contributed money. But when i am told that I dont have access to this thread or that thread because I am not a donor...I do have the right to question if this organization actually represents all immigrants or just the donors?? If the motto of IV becomes "Change for fairness and justice (For Donors Only)" then it would make a lot more sense to me. But as long as IV keeps on harping that they represent the plight of legal immigrants (which I am) then I do have the right to ask the question ..."What exactly has IV done?"

    Asking the question is never the problem, it may make people uncomfortable but I want people (like yourself) who are contributing to at least ask IV before ranting on people like me (who dont contribute) to support the cause...Supporting the cause is NOT equal to giving IV money. The republicans already tried something similar ..."If you are anti-war, you dont support the troops"..That was fallacious and so are all the personal attacks on the "freeloaders" (like myself ofcourse).


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  • H4_losing_hope
    02-08 05:42 PM
    Volunteer for your own cause! Don't let this thread slide.. Sign up on this thread and make a pledge .. Set a small target first. You will see it is not at all difficult.

    I am going to try and make it to 200! Count me in for CA :) Come on folks, I bet you we could do it!

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  • go_guy123
    08-09 11:02 AM

    Did you read post#43 ont his thread. Doors are closed for canadian PR for those are in NON Managerial IT positions. Try Australian PR. here is the helpful link
    MODL - Migration occupations in Demand for Australia (MODL) (

    Yes you are correct. But if you have MBA in mind in future then you can have a look at Canada. A lot of people on H1B have applied for MBA in Canada and they contact me for


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  • nk2
    07-18 12:38 PM
    IV core keeps telling us, BEC is always on their agenda. Really?

    I am also stuck in BEC, but I know IV has kept BEC victims in mind.

    See the following links

    It is thru expert drafting and analysis of IV core and its push with various like minded orgs that we got AC21 provisions of H1 re-instated by striking the text in "grand bargain" draft that removed it. THE ONLY PEOPLE THAT WERE HELPED AND WHOSE CAREERS AND PRIORITY DATES WERE SAVED BY THAT CHANGE ARE BACKLOG CENTER VICTIMS.


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  • factoryman
    02-12 05:32 PM
    don't let attorneys / companies file for LC till PD is current. Release visa numbers in much in advance.
    Say, EB2 India PD is Jul 2003 (or whatever it is now), allow EB2 LC first stage filing for those whose H1 is between the next 6 months, Aug 2003 to Dec 2003.

    Its actually the strategy that is wrong. The numbersusa
    , zazzona etc is also a very small group but they use
    right strategy.

    At one hand you support H1b increase and also want greencard reform.

    Those are contradictory things. Unless IV starts working against further
    H1B incease , then only Corp America will start working on EB reform.

    actually thats the reason I like unitednations. Whats he says is very true
    (yes not very pleasant)


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  • NolaIndian32
    04-28 12:46 PM
    Paypal Receipt ID: 46D6598937139321B

    Just your second post on here, and you have already shown us your support with this contribution!!

    Thanks Rajtp

    Go IV!!

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  • bigtime008
    07-17 07:27 PM
    Hi all, this is the new ID of bigtime007. As many has noticed, I was banned for the following reason:

    You have been banned for the following reason:
    Disruptive posts

    Date the ban will be lifted: Never

    After thinking about it, I feel very very sorry for disrupting the cheerful atmosphere on this forum. It is time for champagne, not complaints. This should be a place to congratulate and applaud IV's achievements, instead of that to express one's own frustrations. People with 07 PD has the privilege to cheer when they cut in front of us, but we should not feel sad for being pushed back because it is a disruptive behavior.

    Please do not list what you have done to add items in the legislation to help BEC victims, it does not look genuine any more when it is considered disruptive to express one's depression on a board specially for BEC victims.

    This will be my last post, as I am sure they will ban both my ID and IP. For everyone who still reads my post, Good luck!
    Your apologies are accepted and the ban is lifted. Please make sure not to post anything offensive or disruptive. Please also update your profile. You were anonymous and you are still anonymous. We do not welcome annonymous users and their posts. IV does not even answer any anonymous user or helps any anonymous user in PMs or emails.

    Making mistakes anonymously and apologizing anonymously has zero value to us.

    - Admin


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  • vhd999
    08-21 02:59 PM
    We also have a good experience with San Francisco office.

    We used the $20 FedEx mail return option. We got the card in two weeks.

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  • cin45220
    03-26 01:07 PM
    Just to add.... porting process is legit for EB-2 as well. EB-1 is current now. :p

    The Indian CRAB is the story of how a fisherman kept a basket with crabs, uncovered. When asked, he replied " They’re Indian Crabs - If one tries to climb out, the others will pull it back in, hence there’s no need for a lid "
    The Indian CRAB - Contribute - MSNIndia (

    The CRAB STORY also applies to EB3. Whenever somebody talks about spillover to EB2, all the EB3s are against spillover and making comments that it's not happening this year. It feels like EB3s do not want EB2s to get GCs. If porting is legit, then spillover is also legit and EB3s need to accept that.

    Porting was always there and porting must not be more than 300/quarter this year (other wise EB2 PD dates would have retrogressed or gone back). Porting was not something started in FY2011 or FY2010. However, I do accept that the frequency of EB3-EB2 porting has increased slightly due to more US companies outsourcing IT jobs (bad economy -> more outsourcing to reduce costs{check the stock of CTSH!} -> demand for consultants -> resulting in firms like CTSH and small consulting companies agreeing to EB3-EB2 porting to keep talent). Outsourcing will not always result in all the US jobs to completely move to outsourced countries (I guess smart people in this forum already know that).

    There will be spillover this year and EB2 PD reaching DEC 2006 by end of FY2011 is a real possiblity. There is no need for EB2s to get all worked up when somebody ports or EB3s to get worked up when somebody talks about spillover. There is GC pie for everybody. Just be patient or do something to solve fundamental problems with GC process ( by participating in IV campaign).


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  • dagabaaj
    09-25 11:07 AM
    that Fragomen is a big firm but they are absolutely careless and have no regard for the eventual client / applicant. All said and done I am getting an opportunity to bash them I am not going to miss it. They have messed with my life and career. They deserve to embaressed in public :mad:.

    08-20 10:37 PM

    I get my H1B with company .A can I apply for transfer with another company B without starting work with company A?

    07-20 09:38 AM
    hi guys,

    have you seen this link??

    search for text "Reminder". the point no. 15.
    i think that paragraph is a bit relieving...

    what do you infer from it??

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