Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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  • indianabacklog
    07-27 01:12 PM
    indianabacklog, did you make your video and upload on you tube? you know about 2 action items posted by core right? you people are the right one who should stand first in the line to show our problems. I really appreciate if make a video along with your family.
    I would like to shout this issue from the rooftops since it would appear that nobody appreciates how awful this situation is. IV do not have aging out on their agenda, nobody does, only those affected by it. If the delays get long enough waiting for priority dates the horizon might change for many many more employment based people. Did not make video for youtube, to be honest do not know how to and am not sure I could make the message short and sweet since my emotions run away with me when I start talking about his issue.

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  • suriajay12
    04-10 08:20 PM

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  • jimytomy
    04-27 09:19 AM
    Good Morning Friends !

    Just Contributed $100 via PayPal

    jimytomy :)


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  • chanduv23
    03-09 08:12 AM
    Last 2 days - come on folks - lets get as many letters as possible


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  • ajay
    05-22 07:01 PM
    I am preparing I131 (AP) renewal application for me and my family. For my son, who is 8 years old, do I need to fill "Part 9. Signature of Person preparing the form, if other than the applicant" since I am preparing this form? OR can I just sign Part 8 on-behalf of my son?

    G-28 form says it needs to be filled in case if you use Attorney or Representative. Just wondering whether I need to fill a G-28 form for the above AP renewal application for my son since I am filling Part 9 in his application.

    Can somebody clarify? Thanks for your help.
    I don't know if you are filing online then I am sure that you don't have to go through all these hassles. I filed two times for all of us online and I got AP in 3 months both times.

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  • TheOmbudsman
    07-19 03:24 PM
    I am sorry to tell you that by going to Canada, in the end you may be better off going back home. I lived there as a PR and I have many Canadian citizens that are tired of the lame system back in the Socialist Canada.

    Still your end in mind is US. Ok when I have a job in US and waiting in retrogression, what is the adavantage of having canadian PR and moving there unless otherwise you get a jump in career.

    Just becos it is retrogressed and you have canadina PR, there is no advantage in moving to Canada.


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  • needhelp!
    02-14 03:36 PM
    IV volunteer (moi) got a free lunch today + Promise of letters
    The world is such a wonderful place.

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  • diptam
    06-14 09:36 AM
    Good news for some and not so good news for others. I have been waiting for my labor for last 4 years and have still not got the approval on hand. So I am not ready to apply for 485. Where as a friend of mine who came to US last year and applied for labor through perm 2 months back has his approved labor and can apply for 485. I feel this is kind of unfair. The dates should have progressed slowly but steadily instead of trying to create a mad rush now.

    Look, i sympathize with you but you SHOULD HAVE poured in some money to start a parallel PERM application ..... PERM started from APR 2005 - you got almost 2 years +

    My case is also like you but my Labor was 2 years old and applied just
    before PERM and it went straightway to Phily Backlog center ... I thought
    of applying for a Parallel PERM but mine was a RIR ( quicker) and Phily was saying that they would clear all Backog by SEP 2007 ( another 2 months)

    Did you check your status in Backlog tracker ??



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  • STAmisha
    09-26 01:32 PM
    Chandler Sharma (ATL based) is also a horrible law firm.

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  • chanduv23
    09-12 11:40 PM
    Does the online status reflects when the 485 case gets NOID?

    I got soft LUDs on my approved 140 and 485 on same day and in 5 days got the NOID letter


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  • santb1975
    04-28 12:23 AM
    Just when I thought we are done for the day. Thanks a lot. you get us to 3886

    Just sent $100 via PayPal. Glad to help out.


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  • desi3933
    03-20 10:17 PM
    Desi, with due respect, I have to clarify this, I am not talking about H1B status here I am talking about "unauthorized work" part upon change of sponsor.

    Please explain.


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  • nk2006
    09-15 10:37 AM
    I think our argument is getting a bit too emotional and thought of letting it go but wanted to respond to a few points mentioned by you:

    I was Dem leaning too, and I liked Hillary. But Obama has in no way been running the honorable campaign. He is using others to do his dirty job, if you think otherwise, you too have been sold on the propaganda of the left.

    yesterday i was reading a commentary by Karl Rove, even he said that McCain's ads went too far. I think that says enough (BTW Karl Rove is master republican strategist whose tactics are famously credited for Bush's second term win - him commenting negatively on a republican candidate and saying that ads are going too far - it wont happen everyday unless they really went toooooo far). I havnt yet seen any sleaze tactics from dem side (yet..atleast).

    when obama made a sexist remark, what did the press do? Nothing. I dont know which comment you are talking about. In presidential election time journos wait for a little gaffe and make it out of proportion - even so I dont remember any offending "sexist" comment yet. If you are referring to "lipstick on pig" comment - its laughable to see republican pundits trying to imply that is referring to Palin - he was talking about the new found "change" message and how their new campaing wont change their old policies. Incidentally McCain seems to have made the exact same comment on Hillary herself during primary season. Yeah the same press was sleeping then.
    Let us see what happens if his opposition makes a even a hint of racist remark. I am sure then that the republican campaign will be pounded by every media outlet in the country.
    Dont even mention about race. We all know that Obama's race is to his disadvantage - just ask elder white voters from south about the prospect of voting to a black candidate named barack obama - whether they say it explicitly or not we all know in our hearts that race does play a role in voting and it is to his disadvantage (I was listening to an NPR public forum where some people insist that Obama is muslim and that is their main concern - this despite of repeated clarifications from him saying that he is a christian and despite of a major controversy surrounding his christian pastor; I wonder if same suspicions would have persisted if its a white candidate named John Smith). The notion created by some pundits that Obama is trying to exploit his race towards his advantage is idiotic in my opinion. Being a racial minority myself with a strange name and an exotic religion (struggling to get a greencard :)) I know what it would have been taken for Obama to came to this stage. I cringe when people suggest that his success is "because" of his race - it is actually in spite of his race and in spite of his poor background (he came from even poorer background than most of members here I guess, he and his mother lived on food stamps for some time). Yes media might have gone overboard about his candidature at some point during primaries - but that honeymoon is long over and in fact these days McCain/Palin are getting a free ticket.

    Again, not to say I like republican ideology, I am very left leaning in my thoughts and actions. However at this time, I see that majority of the left is leaning towards Obama just for the sake of leaning towards left, and not on the merits of candidacy.

    As I mentioned earlier I am a non-voter, so dont have much stake in this election (considering my GC stage I wont be voting to either of these candidate's second term too). I was just referring to the two candidates and who is running a better campaign. As an independent observer (though slightly dem leaning as you:)) of presidential politics for last several years - I think in the last two elections - trivial/non-sensical matters overshadowed real issues and look what state the country is in. The reason for those two elections getting into trivial issues is not coincidental or is it a fluke. The propaganda artists dominate and try to "manipulate" people opinion. This time I thought it would be different and seemed different for sometime but last couple weeks the same tactics came back and they are firmly followed by McCain without even regretting. That is sad.

    If I have had a vote, I would have thought about issues like economy, war, immigration, health care, et al and decided whom to vote. Republicans know that if people think seriously about these issues they would lose - that is why they are concentrating on personalities and slowly and systematically making Obama the villain who support sex education to kindergarteners, who raised gas prices even though they are ruling for last eight years and their candidate in the senate for 30 years (whose experience they tout), etc. If personalities is the only criterion, I have to say that I like Obama more since I appreciate the way he rose out of poverty and got great education and despite of lure of earning money (whose pull is more for someone coming out of poor background) he choose to be a community organizer. McCain has a pretty good story himself but he is from a affluent family with political ambitions cultivated from beginning and was taken under wings by bigwigs from early his career - it is nothing wrong but I like a self-made man who can inspire youth and old alike.

    On expereince, just having experience is of no use. A president is someone who leads and inspires the nation - he/she does need to have enough experience to allow people judge him - being a state senator and federal senator and being in the national limelight for last 5 years and being under intense media attention for last 18 months, Obama has enough experience to allow people make decision about him. What is the use of having hundred years experience without able to inspire handful of people - lets say Sen. Sessions with hundred years of experience (not exactly but close to) runs for president does he make a good candidate??? Dont you think that Obama has shown enough leadership and inspirational fire in the primaries to be eligible to where he is now.

    Both candidates changed their positions and its fair game to discuss - its also good to discuss their stands on various issues (personally I would like to know their stand on immigration in general and EB in particular - but I am sure they both would avoid talking about that) - the thing is, last couple weeks from the time Palin came into picture - issues have taken backseat and republicans seems to be enjoining that. They seems to be following the same tactics that put them in power in last two elections (in '00 the pundits exhorting people to vote for someone with whom they can have a beer with; and then exploit voting and results in one particular state; and in '04 putting mini referundums on gay marriages while the country was in a war and then swift-boat the other candidate) and unfortunately it seems to be working again.

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    04-18 10:05 AM
    How many of you all dealt with the lawyer named Alex Elsberg?

    which branch r u all talking about pls


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  • ghost
    07-03 08:18 PM
    If I'm not mistaken the bill has the provision for H1-B number increase from 65K to 115K. I'm assuming that this will be effective starting October 2007.

    There is no incentive for the congress to act quickly (in August 2006) on this during an election year. They can simply wait out on this until december. Also the below mentioned corporations can wait until October 2007. They do some early planning, unlike a number of tech staffing companies.

    So please do not be over-optimistic, only to be disappointed later. In your words, wait and watch!

    :D This bill will be passed for sure before August. You and me are not behind this. Microsoft, CISCO and Oralce are the ones indirectly calling the shots. Anti immigrant groups can just talk and shout. Money($$$) will show it in action. Wait and Watch.

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  • ca_immigrant
    10-20 02:17 PM

    i too got an email saying card production has been ordered....

    was overjoyed....

    few days later I recieved a cover which almost looked like it could be the card...

    I was about to open it that my wife woke me up saying...."it's time to go to the office, get up"

    I had an arguement with her after that saying...you should have waited 2 more minutes before waking me up....we would have had a gc if you had waited.. !!

    anways, back to square 1.

    one of the forum members mentioned above..."I finally got a letter from the Director of Homeland Security apologizing for the error and appreciating my honesty "

    I wonder if we are all going to get a letter some day saying...thanks for your patience...we are almost there ! just a few more years please....and I assure you that we will send you your green card...


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  • coopheal
    05-20 05:36 AM
    All the best!

    Paypal details:
    Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #6YG80096FS504340L)
    Details $103.20 USD

    Thanks amsgc, smaram1

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  • surabhi
    04-28 10:02 AM
    Made 100$ contribution.

    Receipt ID: 8D820608S2713543L

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  • chmur
    07-18 06:46 PM
    If that could happen i would say sort it by PD irrespective of EB1/EB2/EB3 or country of birth. Juistice for all !

    Normalization among EB categories can indeed happen today under current laws for some of the candidates . Unfortunately, the normalization across country of birth cannot happen under the given laws(don't know if Divorce+marriage can help).

    I am all for normalization across countries ...till that is possible let's use the opportunity for normalization among EB categories .

    Contrary to your earlier post , it will NOT lead to herding

    04-28 04:16 PM
    I would like to report that 2 more MI members have contributed $100 each (total $200). They are puneet chandra and chokha. They posted on the MI chapter list instead of here. I'm posting it here for them (as I don't see their names in the list)

    06-12 03:42 PM
    Please help!!!!!!

    I just filed i-485. My pD is Jan 2004
    i-140 has been previoulsy approved. I was laid off but my original employer agreed to give me evl, but with the way the economy is going they are not doing well.
    I have another employer which I am working now with.
    How likely is to get an approval (or an rfe for paystubs?) before 180 days.
    I am eb3 row
    Thanks, I am very depressed it took too long I guess and the economy changed and now the whole future of my family is pending

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