Friday, June 17, 2011

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  • Maverick1
    11-09 11:52 AM
    I don't have a PERM case pending so no personal gain for me here. But it is unfortunate to see the trend here and it looks like another backlog center is being created (Got myself struck at BEC before and lost opportunities). Do we know whether IV is working with DOL on this ? Any progress ?

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  • Libra
    07-06 12:35 PM
    Yeah because we already sent applications before bulletin revised:D

    Something is cooking and they try to cover their as.... before the legal action takes its stand....:-)), but it is too late for them..

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  • singhsa3
    07-20 12:34 PM
    You can change the assumption of the calculations. 750,000 are anticipated number of applicants. Now, even if u reduce it by half, i.e. 375,000, the wait could be more than a year long.
    Plus we do not know if there are 10 or 100 people working on EAD stuff. Lower this number , longer would be the wait.
    I don't believe all 750000 are EAD wannabies!

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  • eb3retro
    03-04 04:00 PM
    see my post here..


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  • somegchuh
    01-03 01:40 PM
    More than 4 years ago when I started the process I really was looking forward to getting a GC and eventually citizenship. But a lot has changed in the last 4 years. GC process has become much harder (after 4 years I am yet to file for 140 and 485). At the same time the economy back home is booming. So the financial incentive to go thru the long process is really going down by the day.

    More than the financial factor, I have gradually started realizing that no matter how many friends I make here its never the same as having a large family network that provides for social stability for each family. Also, I have started observing aging indian couples in US who came in 60's and 70's. They look pretty lonely and sad. I guess the question I am asking myself today is, is finanical success today worth the social loss I will face once I retire?

    PS: Does anyone know how to turn a thread into a poll?

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  • eastindia
    08-23 08:55 AM
    Why there is nothing for EB Multinational Managers? Even a small project manager gets a priority greencard and people with masters degree and 10 year experience are waiting. Nobody has told to USCIS yet?

    Where is GCperm when you need one?


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  • Green.Tech
    06-18 01:25 PM
    Need to hit $20k as soon as we can!!!

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  • digital2k
    05-07 04:20 PM
    It feels great to have called everyone and making sure friends call as well ..

    Pls Don't wait any longer, pick up your phone and be part of it NOW
    Make sure you motivate others also
    Let those phones be busy for the GOOD

    For your convenience here are all the details : (

    This is The call
    Don't miss the chance

    IV and We suceeded in July, 2 Year EAD and many more ...

    Pls pick up the phone and do your bit

    IV is YOU and is Your Best Friend


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  • senk1s
    05-02 09:08 AM
    thats all the more reason to recapture visa numbers ... forever.
    If they hit 90-95% of the target for the current year - the following year the exact number will be known - and that can be allotted

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  • royus77
    07-17 11:23 PM
    Given That All Dates Are Now Current And There Will Be Hundreds Of I-485 Filings By August 17, Will The Uscis Process Them In Order Of The Original Labor Cert Priority Date Or The Date Of Receipt Of The I-485 Filing Itself?
    Only on PD when the date is current


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  • ind_game
    05-15 10:13 AM
    Hi ind_game,

    For me, 1. I-140 approval in September, 2007 (actually 09/04/2009 as I have the hard copy) has typo. I think your 09/04/2009 should be 2007.

    Please correct.

    I have corrected my previous post. thanks ak_2006

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  • test101
    07-05 02:50 PM
    Not really, without a mass enquiry, it is useless. USCIS will simply return my package and then will have NO reference to go by. I was actually pushing quite hard for a Bigger enquiry.

    post the phone number and what you actually told them, and i will call...
    been calling senators all day.


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  • immm
    07-18 03:27 PM
    I am confused about receipt date?

    Is receipt date the date when they do data entry into the system or is it the date when they receive the package even though they may do data entry a month later?

    My application was sent on June, 14th and delivered on June 15th (I have the FedEx tracking info and signature page confirming 6/15).

    The case status online based on receipt number (obtained by calling them a few times until I got lucky) says:
    "On July 11, 2007, we received this I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS, and mailed you a notice describing how we will process your case."

    Not sure if the online status is referring to the receipt date or the notice date when it says "On July 11, 2007, we received" when, in fact, they received it on June 15th!!


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  • bharol
    07-11 01:14 PM
    This bulletin does prove that very few labor certificaions were done in 2005, due to move to PERM.

    And those who had applied in PERM in 2005, got their GCs already..
    I know a few who applied in PERM as soon it was introduced and got their
    GCs last year.


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  • Macaca
    09-13 09:45 PM
    After Protest, U.S. to Take Green Card Applications ( By Xiyun Yang Washington Post Staff Writer, July 18, 2007
    Government Does U-Turn on Green Cards ( By SUZANNE GAMBOA ( | Associated Press Writer, Jul 17
    U.S. Reverses Visa Stance In Bid to Fix July Mix-Up ( By Miriam Jordan ( | The Wall Street Journal, July 18 2007
    U.S. immigration relaxes rule for "green card" seekers ( By JoAnne Allen ( | Reuters, Jul 17, 2007
    Microsoft backs cricket to woo Indian employees ( By Daisuke Wakabayashi ( | Reuters, Mon Sep 10, 2007
    Skilled Workers Win Reversal of Decision on Green Cards ( By JACQUELINE PALANK ( | New York Times, July 18, 2007

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  • greyhair
    04-30 09:25 PM
    Sen. Kyl: Has also released a press statement, did not read it, asked me to check it on the senators webpage. Took my opinion though.

    Senator Jon Kyl Press Office (

    Kyl and Graham have released the press statement together -

    Kyl, Graham Response to Partisan Democrat Immigration Proposal

    WASHINGTON, D.C. � U.S. Senators Jon Kyl and Lindsey Graham today made the following statement in response to the immigration reform proposal announced by Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid and other Democratic Senators:

    �A conceptual paper that promises everything to everyone is not the same as responsible legislation that compiles the best ideas from both sides of the aisle. The Senate Democrats� proposal is nothing more than an attempt to score political points. It poisons the well for those of us who are working toward a more secure border and responsible, bipartisan reform of our immigration laws.

    �What is being billed as a comprehensive immigration and enforcement package, is actually far more permissive than the 2007 bill. It doesn�t provide the funding to ensure that the border is actually secured, it doesn�t end chain migration, and there is no real temporary worker program. Both of us have been involved in serious efforts to pass comprehensive immigration reform, and believe, given the increase in violence along the border, that additional border security measures must be funded immediately.

    �Since 2007, threats have increased, some border technology has failed, and the American people have lost confidence in the federal government�s ability to secure our borders. So it is our belief that Congress should focus on border security first and that will eventually allow Congress to seriously consider bipartisan immigration reform, instead of politically-motivated �conceptual papers.�

    �Most of the border enforcement measures that have been proven effective can be achieved by appropriating necessary funding. We need to work on a bipartisan basis to get this done.�


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  • Milind123
    09-17 10:25 AM
    Please step up to the plate. Only five shots to be fired. Only a few precious hours left before I start my travel to DC and I don't mind talking to myself. You are most welcome to interject me with a post stating your contribution.

    In my posts so far, I have tried to maintain a distinction between donation and contribution. In my dictionary these are two separate words. If you go thru my earlier posts, I had never requested for donations, every time I used the word contribution.

    For me the only big difference is; donations are made because you heart told you to part with a small fortune because the cause was moving or the subject was close to your heart earlier (but it does not affect you now). Successful outcome is not probably important to you. (For example donating to American Cancer Society). You do not stay back to make sure the cause was actually fulfilled, you would like to, but other events in your life draw you away. Contributions on the other hand are part help and part self help. You believe in the cause and you stay back to make sure the outcome is moving in the right direction, and if it doesn’t, you tend to loose, not only your contribution but your passion too,which is valued so much more than your monetarycontribtion, and if the cause is getting lost you try to bring it back on the tracks someway, somehow.

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  • sunny1000
    02-27 12:04 AM
    still waiting...july 2002...NY

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  • sunny1000
    04-30 05:32 PM
    how do u know if someone gives u red?

    If you click on the userCP on the top left side on the forum page, you can see a bunch of reviews for your posts, if you have any (be it red or green dots with or without description). But, you won't know from who you received it though.

    06-29 02:43 PM
    I'm really hoping they'll catch up and we won't have to wait 4 months. My 6th year H1 is expiring this December and I need to get the I-140 approved so I can get H1 extension.
    You dont need a approved 140 for filing H1 extension for 7th year.. Only advantage with approved 140 is you will get 3 yr extension instead of 1.
    All you need for H1 extension for 7th year is that a labor cert be filed at starting of 6th year.

    05-22 03:31 PM
    People are very busy since morning looking for a positive news regarding the amendments..there is no time to contribute !!

    IV members, try to contribute otherwise nothing will happen without lobbying !!

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