Friday, June 17, 2011

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  • vayumahesh
    10-22 12:30 PM
    Please read my previous message regarding date filed etc.,

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  • coolngood4u80
    12-12 01:37 PM
    You will get your GC in 2011.
    Which state are you in? Try other means of financing for the car. Sometimes the dealers themselves have options but might be a % or two higher.
    There was a previous post regarding admisibility of EAD as one of the documents for DL. You might want to search for that post. I asume you dont have an H1b, right?
    I am on H1 and I140 approved. Bank of american denied my car loan. Infact Honda Finance too denied my loan. Finally I had to go with Credit union who gave me very good APR for my excellent credit history. So there is a way out guys ..we just have to live with it untill we get our GC

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  • thescadaman
    05-10 11:40 AM
    Thanks for your reply. Infact I talked to the manager(Supervisor) at two DMV locations in Houston TX. First one only told me about this rule. At second place, since I insisted they showed me the rule in writing. I also expressed my frustration asking what kind of rule is this? They just washed hands saying they didn't make the rule and put the blame on texas legislature and parliament! Anyways will try your written rejection letter option.
    Suprised to read that you were able to make it in texas. Does your DL has Temporary Visitor Status Expies <Date> stamp on it?

    This is the highly detailed Official Document which (thankfully) does a good job of explaining the various statuses (25 pages long) - the criteria for applying and the validity of the DL.

    aerady - Have you applied for I-485?
    If Yes - then Look at Page 3 of this document

    Applicants for adjustment of status:
    Doc Required: Immigration documentation indicating this status � or Employment Authorization Document (EAD)(I-688B or I-766) with category C09. This documentation can include, but is not limited to a form I-797 indicating a pending I-485 or pending application for adjustment of status.
    Temporary Visitor Status Date: 1 year from date of application.

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  • sunny1000
    04-30 07:09 PM
    Sorry, I didn't do that...

    That's ok and thanks to everyone who gave me greens :)


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  • aycy
    04-01 12:00 AM
    Yesterday I sent an e-mail to Secretary Chao indicating poor performance of Philadelphia Backlog Processing Center.

    I have done that many times and all she did was referred me to head of foreign Labor certification. She knows what is happening but she could not do anything about it because her hands are tied due to the limited budget allocated for foreign labor certification. Very ironic don't you think. :mad:

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  • knnmbd
    04-25 08:58 PM
    Tell me, in any of the bills that came in 2005, PACE, CIR. Dream Act etc., or later, IS there even one mention or a discussion of changing the PD? Let's discuss more on how to bring out more into the open, the issues the H1 visa holders are facing from their small time employers in applying for permanent residence, backlog issues and how redtape is destroying these young men's goals, about lack of visa numbers.

    Why there is even a provision in the last Senate bill, for illegals to SELF petition for GC, if employer doen't apply in 2 years. Let's discuss about a similar provision for H1 visa holders who are legally working here, paying taxes. Let's discuss even more important issue.
    Why should we pay, SS Tax and Medicare if we are temporary workers. Let them START collecting once I-485 is applied.
    This last point will resonate well with all It will be picked up easily; you will see the panic flying in the press, TVs, Senate and what not, when a simple mention of it is made.
    These are the practical things we need to discuss. Not a theoritical PD definition, on which we have no locus standi.

    This is the most outrageous and ridiculous stuff anyone could have heard. We want to change the laws of the land to benefit us. We are here because WE WANT TO BE HERE .No one is forcing us to work and pay SS tax and Medicare here. So what's next: No State tax too? We are lucky that the core IV team has accomplished so much in such a short time with limited resources. We need to push the amendments that will allow concurrent filing of I145, period, or we are jeopardizing any thing from going through.


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  • pappu
    09-30 06:00 PM
    My EB3 PD is Oct 2003. I-140 approved and I-485 ND is July24th.when can i expect to get the green card?. thanks in advance.

    We all have the same question and are looking for answers. Till now it looks like the wait can be as long as 4-8 years for different nationalities.

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  • dipmay2002
    11-05 02:14 PM
    If my Wife's employer starts GC for her on EB2, can my case be ported / interfile to her's? She is dependent on my GC application. :eek:


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  • NNReddy
    09-05 12:57 AM
    I came to USA in July 1997. I did my masters here. I worked for 3 fortune 500 companies so far. I have been with one company since last 11 years. I am on EB3(mar 2003). I am a senior manager in fortune 50 company and on the path towards directorship. I wish I had green card, that didn't prevent me from having a good life and career. I brought an house 10 years ago. All I can see few more years of wait. Reg' Pappu post about action, the only action I can take is converting my case to EB2, which I tried several times within the company and it didn't work. The second action I can take is change employer. I have a good career, pay in this job, not sure if I would be able to get same one outside.

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  • NolaIndian32
    06-11 01:40 PM
    Here is a small contribution from me today.

    $25 check made out to IV - 6/11/08
    Placed in mail to IV - 6/12/08.


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  • harsh
    03-16 02:03 PM
    Would it help to call senator Specter's office to find out what he feels about the chances of his bill? Will it get a chance to go through all the amendements by the committe or Senate Leader will table his own bill on 27th?

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  • fruity
    07-23 06:32 PM
    hi fruity..

    we have the same concerns regarding the ds230 approval..

    anyway, i just wanna ask about what you said earlier.. is it true that there are some August scheduled embassy interviews being cancelled? what did those people you know exactly said about this?

    hear from you.. thanx

    Yeah, PD is April 2005 EB3ROW, and its just frustrationg when you see a lot getting their approvals with a much later PD's. He was scheduled for interview in Aug. she already recieved her packet 4 when Aug vb came out and reinstated July VB. I knew that it had something to do with July vb fiasco since he got his packet 4 after July 2. There were no visas left for that time, so AUg. vb doesn't really matter.


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  • GCwaitforever
    06-20 02:44 PM
    One of my friends received labor approval from Philly. His priority is October 2003, EB3, Non-RIR. Of course, my PD is from November 2001 and one other guy's is from August 2002. They were not processed, but my friend got a break from the drab BEC. Strange things happen in life. :)

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  • vvrmurthy
    09-01 10:21 PM
    Arrived in Jul 1999. Worked for a consulting company till July 2000 as consultant (client - a major computer server maker). Joined the client July 2000. Even now, same job, same designation. Luckily my employer applied for EB3 BEC labor (May 2004). Since it got stuck, my boss convinced exec mgmt to apply for EB 3 PERM in Aug 2006. PERM labor got thru in Nov 2006. PERM based I-140 got thru in March 2007. Applied for I-485 in July 2007. BEC labor came thru in Oct 2007. Filed I-140 for BEC labor and it got thru in Feb 2008. Interfiled and now PD on I-485 is May 2004 (EB3 - India).

    On some site there was a way to know how many are ahead of me, given my PD, my nationality and my category. And looks like some 25,500+ EB3 cases are ahead of me.. Some 10+ years... Honestly, life has more to it than a colored card... let us move on with life... I will not allow the card to determine (ruin) my life...!!!!


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  • belmontboy
    07-20 11:22 PM
    the numbers may be exaggerated, but it doesnot change the facts..
    even if we agree that its going to be 500k with 15-20% of them being indians, we still have a long wait ahead of us.

    Rather than fighting among ourselves, we should channel our frustration/anger towards the fight for :
    adding back unused visa numbers,
    increase in GC numbers.

    We can express our support to Senator Lofgren or whoever is leading this effort.

    While we enjoy the interim benefits, our fight for permanent solution should not be obscured by it.

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  • MDix
    03-03 11:09 AM
    Not much movement.

    EB2-I : 15 August 2004
    Eb3-I : Either U or 15 Jan 2002.



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  • xyzgc
    02-09 09:49 PM
    My stand is based on the premise that a man is financially responsible for his wife and his kids and not to wife's parents! The point I was making is about a completely non working spouse. It is not about a wife that leaves workforce for medical reason temporarily.
    Let us not confuse the responsibility towards a man's wife and kids with that of in-laws!
    Using the same token, a man shouldn't expect/demand any property/cash from in-laws!
    I'm perfectly OK with humanitarian and need based help. What crosses the line, according to me, is that 'taking for granted' attitude!

    If the brother in OP's story is taking care of his parents, then this situation wouldn't have occurred. Look at it other way. If the man's parents are in need of money, it is better to ask the man instead of their son-in-law!

    A man taking a stand and be done with it has a better chance of saving a marriage than a man caving to the demand and building resentment. Hey, if a man is willing to please his in-laws in all possible ways, then who are we to stop him! Let him enjoy!!

    I think, gcisadawg, the problem is the structure of the indian society. This is true with westerners too but as much true.

    An Indian/asian guy has to earn because he is perceived to be a bread winner. Unless he is properly settled he is not eligible for marriage.
    On the other hand, if a girl is not career-oriented she can still get good husbands depending on her personality and so on.
    And such girls invariably forfeit the right to send money to their parents. In such cases, one should not expect girl's parents to give her a share in their property. Its all clean.
    You have Indian house wives (many of them) but you have fewer house husbands. Even if your wife works, it is supplementary income and not the main.

    This is a complex equation and husbands and wives must understand the social structure we live in and adjust with each other.

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  • shana04
    07-14 08:04 PM
    Heck all I am asking for is $5.00 ;) A meal at Burger King these days will cost you more :)

    I have mailed a check for $10.00, check is on its way.

    Thanks for taking initiative ;)

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  • pani_6
    09-12 12:23 AM
    I wouldnt mind sending old bata slippers:D to beat themselves with

    07-15 01:21 PM
    I am in San Diego.... I am in....

    08-02 05:33 PM
    Bumping ^^^^^^^^^^

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