Saturday, June 11, 2011

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  • cagedcactus
    10-03 03:13 PM

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  • pathmaker
    09-20 01:19 PM
    Any thoughts on organizing rallys state capitals ?

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  • TheOmbudsman
    11-08 02:37 PM
    I hope you are right.

    Thanks to people with your mentality, nobody reacted - if such awareness was ever able to trigger action - against the 245(i) amnesty and that is one of the reasons why you are stuck. Keep up with your rose mentality if that makes you feel good.


    The Ombudsman

    :D Where have we heard this before.

    To any member who has been looking at some of the posts since April/May of this year it will be apparant that there has been an attempt by the ultra conservative, anti-immigration groups to create a divide among legal and so called illegal immigration issues. It was good to see that most members perceived this and stayed away from singing the legal vs illegal immigration tune.

    Now comes the lame attempt to play on your fears again. What would happen to you if all these so called "illegals" were to get in line ahead of you? The knee-jerk reaction is so obvious. If you see deeper, you will find that all this is BS and just wenting of frustration by the anti-immigration groups. There is a precedent for this behaviour. After the CIR was passed in Senate in May earlier this year, these same anti-immigration group members posted so many inflamatory posts that created a bad vibe on this forum. Well today is a redo of that. Just count the number of posts and you will know what I mean. ;) I urge all members to look at the new ray of hope provided by the change in the new congress and ignore attempts to dampen your enthusiasm in garb of fair and balanced aka an anti-immigration spin :)

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  • dixie
    07-07 05:10 PM
    I've read the document. IEEE is supporting "Immigration Visas" but not H-1B visas(temporary).

    Can you shed some light what they meant by "Immigration Visas"?

    It would be great if you can give us an example of some one coming on "Immigration Visa" and becoming a permanent resident and subsequently a US citizen.

    Immigration visas are really GCs themselves. The only ones that I know who come directly to US on one are the family sponsored immigrants.

    i agree IEEE is right about H1-B visas denying rights to workers (we dont claim it is perfect either).But it is just not conceivable for EB immigrants to come directly on a GC, given the long delays. So what they say sounds valid in theory, but impossible in practise.

    If USCIS takes 5 years to process an EB visa,how is anyone going to wait that long to hire a foreign worker ? And what is going to happen to a foreign student when he graduates ? go back home and return after 5 years ? Even allowing for significant reform, and assuming their "instant GC" proposal is really instant, I dont see a GC ever being processed in under 2 years anytime in the near future. IEEE only provides lip service to legal immigration, while pushing its case against H1-B. I have not seen any concrete proposals from them to make the GC process painless. To me, it all smells of a veiled attempt to make the immigration process so cumbersome that few employers will want to even go for it.

    IEEE-USA might at best be neutral towards our cause, but going by their reaction to CIR, I dont see them jumping with joy if GC numbers are increased.


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  • H4_losing_hope
    02-14 07:43 PM
    :) The golden letter from my previous attorney arrived today! GO IV!!

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  • morpheus
    04-06 10:56 AM
    There is a different visa category for australians called E1, only THOSE ppl's spouses can work. If an australian is on an H1 his wife cannot work on an H4 either.

    In that case you also have to argue, why H4's cant work but L2's can? :)

    The Australian visa is called E3, not E1. E3 is like a simplified H1B that can be renewed indefinitely and yes, dependents can work anywhere. The filing process is quick and inexpensive. There is a quota of 10,000 per year, not including dependents. Given that Australia only uses a few thousand H1's a year, this is a very attractive visa.

    In the Australian press it was implied that the US govt passed the E3 visa as payback for Australia's support in the Iraq war. Originally it was supposed to be part of a free trade agreement.


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  • belmontboy
    08-21 06:34 PM
    I am not sure if it is only me.....but many times I see strangers wishing me or each other morning, evening...."how u doing" ,,,etc....

    but Indians (I am also an Indian -:) are a little reserved....I do not see a greeting from fellow Indians that easily.....again I am not saying Indians are bad (cause I too am one -;)

    maybe it is a culture thing for us not to greet strangers ?

    PS - I have had my share of experience where non-Indians are also sometime rude me to me .....

    mommy told me not to talk to strangers :p

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  • Macaca
    02-13 01:04 PM
    IV has not been able to achieve a single thing in all of its existence.

    From Lobbying and Legislation (

    Be persistent. Lobbying campaigns rarely come to a definitive end.

    If your proposed legislation is defeated, there is frequently another opportunity to reintroduce it. Don�t be discouraged. Often it takes several tries to pass a measure, especially one that seeks to bring about an important change.

    If you win, do not get complacent. Monitor implementation and make sure your legislation is fully funded. Look out for opposition attempts to undo or diminish your victory by trying to repeal your legislation, filing litigation to overturn it, or seeking regulations to significantly weaken its implementation


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  • AllVNeedGcPc
    05-20 06:07 PM
    There is no mention of legal EB immigration :(

    Response follows:
    Thank you for contacting me regarding our nation's immigration system. I appreciate the benefit of your views on this important issue.

    Our current immigration system is broken, which is why I believe Congress should work to pass bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform. Comprehensive immigration reform should include policies to secure our nation's borders, curb future illegal immigration, establish an effective employer verification system and find a practical solution for the millions of illegal immigrants currently residing in the U.S.

    I do not believe that illegal immigrants should gain an unfair advantage from their actions. Any effort to earn legal status must include paying back taxes, a fine or penalty and taking steps to learn English. Reform should also not penalize those individuals who have followed the law and are here legally.

    On April 23, 2010, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed into law Arizona State Bill 1070, which grants broad powers to local law enforcement officials to determine and request proof of legal status of anyone suspected of violating federal immigration laws. The enactment of this new law is yet another sign that the federal government needs to act to fix our broken immigration system rather than allowing for a state-by-state patchwork of laws and ordinances. I also believe Arizona's law raises civil rights concerns, fails to recognize the economic contributions of legal immigrant workers, and harms our nation's ability to attract entrepreneurs from around the world who create jobs here in the United States.

    Our nation faces many tough challenges. Immigration reform is a complicated and difficult issue but the current system is not working. We must put our differences aside to create a better system. Again, thank you for writing. As we move forward in the 111th Congress, please continue to contact me with your opinions and concerns.

    United States Senator

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  • eers
    07-23 02:30 PM
    I do not recommend Attorney Richard Prinz , Houston.

    In my experience he is terribly slow, do not communicate with clients , do not pay attention to details.

    His incompetence , has caused a colleague to miss the opportunity to file I485 before the retrogression kicked in july 2004 (?) and poor guy had to wait 3 years until jun 2007 to file his I485.

    He hasnt filed I1485 yet ,for 2 cases from our firm, with PD current in June 07 , though the docs were provided with all the forms filled by mid june.

    Once he collects the money he does not entertain any communications and says "your if u send me email or call about the case it will be further delayed".

    His lack of attention caused me a denial on my I140.

    I did not know abt these cases before i I had to deal with delays and denial in my own case.

    He has only 2 admin assistants in the office. He still uses an aol dialup connection ,so you can imagine how updated he is.

    Its frustrating when u need to be at lawyers mercy to get your case filed after paying big $$.


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  • eb2waiter
    06-09 12:29 PM
    A canadian citizen does not have to leave this country. But if your family members are not canadian citizens then they should leave. Also a canadian citizen can get a TN visa and work in US.
    Instead you could just stay here till you get a similar job, and apply for 485 when visa numbers are available.
    You should ask your company to not withdraw your petition.

    Better to contact a lawyer.

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  • vikki76
    03-05 12:28 AM
    Let's see if giving them 5K brings more transparency..seems like a good idea about pooling in money


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  • svam77
    07-20 02:49 PM
    Is there a basis for what ur lawyer said ?

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  • satishbsk
    05-27 11:45 AM
    I attended last time, but I miss this time.
    Contributed $50
    Transaction ID: 07352958P5986850X


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  • pmat
    06-10 02:18 PM
    EB2 india moved at last :)

    Visa Bulletin for July 2010 (

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  • NolaIndian32
    05-01 09:48 PM
    New total is at $9,211.

    We have crossed 9K... now lets get this past 10K.


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  • pmmo
    10-25 11:44 PM

    Thought this may be some helpful information. I contacted an attorney and she showed me a recent circular (dtd. Spet 26) from AILA about premature I-485 approvals and how that can be corrected through an AILA liasion. So, Alias, looks like your attorney followed the same procedure.

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  • pappu
    07-18 02:17 PM

    Message from IV for BEC victims

    We are aware of the issue and if there is any acion item, we will post it.

    also be aware of what we posted earlier on this issue:

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  • waitnwatch
    05-30 06:34 PM
    According to thomas this amendment was ordered to "lie on the table". So there isn't much to celebrate:( :( :(

    03-17 02:31 PM
    Senator Frist bill is better as it has no so called 'Guest worker' clause.
    Just wrote an email to Senator Frist for removal of country limit.
    I hope with this bill I'll get my GC by next year.:)

    03-28 02:11 PM
    ahhh now clear my frined eb2 he get greeen card now in last year. he spillover use good i am happy. now i get green card in a few years awway

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