Saturday, June 11, 2011

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  • chanduv23
    09-20 12:10 PM
    they were not formed at the last moment in most cases
    what makes you think people participate in those? from personal experience
    in the MN chapter, it's hard to even get replies to e mails, forget meetings etc. of late though i'm glad to say the MN chapter has really beugun to pick up again.
    ask the tri state guys how much effort they put locally- meetings- fliers- phone calls, all by a handful of volunteers. so all this is good in theory and yes it takes time. but the apathy (even hostility) that was encountered was frightening. ask chanduv23 someday what the tri state guys went through...

    Yes, it was a major let down. We were hated, cursed, some members lost morale - but everyone who worked hard - did work very hard. We kept changing strategies based on situations trying to see if people will come - we did every little bit we could.

    I am still trying to revive the chapter - some new members are active like laborchic and dressking and offcourse our Tri State volunteer team has always be trustworthy.

    Once again - I know a lot of people do have genuine reasons and you must communicate.

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  • cagedcactus
    10-15 07:06 AM
    The information, and guideline we got from you is going to help us a lot pappu... also many thanks to other chapter leaders who took time out and helped us learn the process.
    Lets get going friends here at Michigan.....
    we must fight this monster..... we must fight for our rights, and what is fair....
    we must fight for our families and friends.....

    Concentrate on the topics you want to discuss on, and bring more friends to the 20th meeting.....

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  • Jaime
    09-20 11:43 AM
    I don't personally think we had much media coverage except some hidden links, can we post some paid adds where everyone can get know what we are addressing in here i.e., on the front page of google, yahoo, msn, cnn, etc. I know some people might have second thoughts as it involves $ but I'm ready for it to get public attention. There is a thin line between legal and illigal and they are ready to club both together for their benefits. I'm starting to wonder how many people know what is going on, we have to educate them first.

    I support this, and am ready to contribute $, time and sweat. We need visibility. Our main goal is to EDUCATE people, (and even the government!) that we are the totally opposite of illegals! The Congressman who spoke at our rally had a lot of good intentions, but then he started talking about how "illegal immigrants are also people who look like me"(meaning Caucasian/White) and he mentioned the thousands of illegal Irish immigrants living in Boston, who have a group called "Legalize the Irish Now".... those comments had no place in our rally of highly-skilled LEGAL immigrants! And that was a Congressman talking. EDUCATION IS THE WORD, and we need to invest in it NOW!! Let's go guys! Ideas!???

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  • RNGC
    09-20 08:04 PM
    Any thoughts on organizing rallys state capitals ?

    Good Idea...I had the same thought.....

    We should do this rally in all the 52(?) states on one day to make it more historic!....This way the Local State chapters will get motivated and media will always be there on the state capital.....

    Ideal would be a Friday afternoon....So people who don't want to take a day off, can just take few hours off and drive to the rally location...

    People/Media will forget these rallies very soon, Once some OJ news comes up....we should keep on knocking the door!!! crying baby gets milk :) ....lets keep trying till our goals met!


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  • MunnaBhai
    05-29 03:00 PM
    Donated another $100.00

    Transaction ID: 6NC87980LW165504H

    Munna Bhai

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  • texanmom
    08-14 05:52 PM
    Alisha has been my immigration attorney since I completed my schooling. She did my H1B, labor and I140.

    She has been very very responsive, and is now a great personal friend. I'd be happy to recommend her to everyone who needs an attorney.

    Alisha Clester Campos,
    Morley & Morley, P.C.
    5909 West Loop South, Suite 300
    Bellaire, Texas 77401
    713-839-9955 Phone
    713-839-7249 Fax


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  • nousername
    06-30 02:21 PM
    Unfortunately not.. AP is only for 1yr. You see in these tough times both US gov. and our attorneys need to make some extra cash..:rolleyes:

    Are they approving parole for two years similar to EAD?

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  • the_googly
    07-15 05:45 PM
    As we do not have any real numbers :) my predictions are based on EB2 numbers from (assuming the data to be a true random sample)

    Here are number of EB2-I I485 pending cases by year

    2003-50 (250 have been approved)

    USCIS has approved about 450 EB2-I cases last year. A conservative estimate of approval rate going forward would be 30 cases per month. Based on this the movement..
    2003 cases will be approved by Sep '08
    2004 cases by Apr '09
    2005 cases by Sep '09
    2006 cases by Dec '09

    Good Luck !!!


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  • thomachan72
    06-10 08:27 AM
    I have a question in case any experts come back today to visit this thread.
    Its reg the point system. We get points for employer sponsorship and number of years of US employment right?
    1) If a person has been working here for 4 years on H1b in STEM decided to leave to canada this week. He then comes back lets say in 2008 or 2009 and then wants to apply for GC. Will he get points for the previous 4 years, even though there was a break in service (canadian trip) for 1-2 years?
    I need to know this because I am contemplating moving to canada (my current employer has filed for LC, which I will then be nullifying). Ofcourse I intend to renter after 1 year or so.
    2) My seccond question-- I am also planning to start a new GC before leaving to canada. Can GC application proceed while you are out of the country? If so until what stage?

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  • deepak
    08-07 05:27 PM
    I agree, India is a far better option.

    Assuming this discussion is about immigration/permanent-settlement and not about short term visits, work and study.

    On the side note, The only problem faced in india is over population which triggers almost all other issues. If india implements onechildpolicy most of the problems faced today will disappear in few decades. Your child (note: singular) need not leave india to enjoy international level lifestyle & benefits.

    As a backup plan to greencard advocacy we need to lobby the indian government to implement onechildpoilcy immediately.

    You do realise that one of the biggest reasons for India's rapid growth is it's population right? It is both a boon and a curse. And if you "enforce" a one child policy, there will be a rapid decline in population. There will be major social problems, what happens to a couple if their only child dies in teenage?. Apart from obvious social issues (kids will have fewer cousins and fewer relatives), the biggest problems will arise in 30 years when the severely depleted young populace will have to support the huge number of retired old workers either directly through parental support or indirectly through taxes.
    Think of your old age too, these solutions look interesting, but it will kill the very reasons that make India attractive today.
    A gradual stabilization of population by encouraging families to have just two children through social programs is the way to go and I think India has done a good job of it in the last 2-3 decades. These things take time.

    And before you quote China's "significant progress", 25 years later, they are going through a lot of issues. For example, take a look at this


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  • saimrathi
    07-05 08:18 AM
    Isn't that good news? Atleast we wont have to redo the medical exams if that were true.. Or do you think this is a strategic move by USCIS to be immune from any lawsuits?

    Hi guys,

    I have just called the USCIS. They told me that the applications will not be rejected but just put on hold until our visa numbers will be avialiable ifor the nerw FY 2008.

    In addition she told me that the Nebraska office is sending back the filing receipt to the applicants which it should not affect our h1-b visa status in case we are going to travel.

    For the last part I do not believe her. Is there anyone else that can confirm that ?

    Thank you.


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  • ram04
    09-24 08:38 PM
    Got H 1 transfered to new company and G 28 in August 08
    Applied Ac 21 in August 08
    EAD and AP renewals received yesterday.

    All done well after 180 days of 140.
    Could not contact old employer today - will do tomorrow.

    Thinking of taking info pass interview next week if I dont receive any thing by then.
    Informed to attorney by mail today. As I receivied deniel email late in the evening could not contact any one today.

    Hopefully all will end well with God s grace.



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  • MeraNoAayega
    06-10 03:43 PM
    I am going to hold my breath for 24 hours. DOS suckers can change the dates on the web site anytime. Last month, Mumbai consulate did similar fiasco.

    dos will not change dates once published.... they already learn their lesson from july 07...:p

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  • gunabcd
    07-17 10:52 PM
    I am aganist amnesty to these illegal posters who post offensive messages.

    We are here legally. We follow all the rules, contribute. :)
    With you buddy, if they are getting benefit that easily or they getting in our way. i have no problem if illegals get GC if they pay back-taxes equal to the average amount paid by legals + fine for breaking law and stand in the line behind us.


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  • prinive
    07-18 04:27 PM
    Yes ? No?

    I applied my Lab at Sep 2001 got approved in Ocy 2005. I140 cleared in 3 months. Now I applied for my I 485 in June 2007.

    My friend applied his lab through the same company in May 2001. Got GC 3 years back.

    Another friend came to this coutry in Dec 2006. Applied lab in Feb 2007. He is going to apply his I485 tomorrow.

    What should I say? Am I pissed?

    Ahahaha good luck guys.

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  • walking_dude
    09-21 06:16 PM
    Is "Dog Ate my Boarding Pass" a valid excuse?

    PS : I attended the rally


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  • waitin_toolong
    06-24 12:13 PM
    same would go for a child born this year

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  • duncanidaho
    07-17 05:24 PM
    Here are my observations:
    * Fragommen, National - if you sre shelling dough out of your pocket, stay away from them. They are a corporate law firm & if your case gets into a mess, you'll end up paying by the hour. Their rates are higher and you will not get personal attention
    * Greenberg Traurig, National - Dealt with them at a corporate level. Their team from DC did not have answers to some complicated situations that we had in our organization
    * Murthy, MD - Sheela is good. She is aggressive and creative but they don't pay attention to detail and have good churn in their staff. Take into account you will not deal with Sheela herself on a day to day basis, so no point going to her firm
    * Thomas Fan, MD - dude is in Baltimore. Avoid his firm like the plague. I know at least 2 cases where this guy has screwed things up bigtime AND washed his hands off the mess he created. These 2 cases eventually moved on to other firms & were successful
    * Ellen Krengel, CA - Ellen is certified to practice in IL but lives and works in CA. Very approachable, empathetic, she will research things for you and keep you plugged into the situation. Relatively junior attorney but is commited to the cause
    * Gowda, MI - Similar situation to Murthy. Firm's day to day work load is taken care of by junior attorneys not Gowda.

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  • stldude
    07-05 11:52 AM
    Pls. DIGGGGG...

    06-23 05:28 PM
    Called Just now.. Talked to lady who handles immigration issues. She was nice, note down the message and name and said that she will pass on the message.

    05-30 07:47 PM
    Because of unlimited H1b entire bill may be voted down if taken for consideration. It will be big surprise if any bill passes with unlimited H1b or GC in any category.

    I don't understand the risk you are mentioning. How unlimited H1B is going to cause problem in eliminating retrogression in EB catagories?

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