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  • BharatPremi
    12-10 04:15 PM
    It's a sad day to see IVers granting each other 'red squares' , and committed members asking each other to 'shut up'.

    We are quick in jumping at each others throat for no apparent real reason ! Being part of a forum is sharing space with others, with those whom you disagree, and those who disagree with you. Argue logically, but don't make it a personal fight.

    Don't agree with someone, make your displeasure known. If things seem to be getting hotter, ignore the other person. Live and let live. We have bigger issues to worry here - GC mess - instead of who said what !


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  • krishnam70
    07-18 12:12 PM
    None has called a ban for anyone being differ but it's just the way you express your opinions by using the words like "herd mentality", "dimwitted" etc. Not that you have accepted that you are here for news only, I don't think we need people like you.
    IV is not a news site. It's a group of people who are fighting for a common cause. One needs to understand the common cause is not just helping July filers or people affected with retrogress but a bigger aim of helping all the legal employment-based immigrants. But one also needs to understand that not all the objective can be accomplished at a time and we need to strike the iron when it's hot and make every opportunity count, be it a BEC, retrogression, July filer or Visa recapturing.

    Having said that, I do agree that BEC is one of the issue which should definitely be focussing on next. I'm sure IV members (even if they are not a BEC victim) will support whole heartedly any cause which can bring some relief to BEC victms. What we need is a united front and some unique ideas like flower campaign. Do not forget the flower campaign idea was pursued by one of the IV member who was not part of core.

    I think critics of both sides of the argument need to have their say but in a decent manner. This is a public forum and while personal opinions are welcome please be sensitive to the situation other people are in before making any statements. Everybody needs a place to vent out but this is not an forum for vents, it is for a common cause. While we acheive some small victories in this long wait the actual battle is ahead of us and lets not lose focus. There might be many of our fellow members who might become inactive because they recd their GC's or simply not interested anymore and yet at the same time there would be many more new members joining the group for help and advise.

    It is imperative to understand , as often pointed out by logiclife, that one person's loss is not anothers gain here. While some of us may feel bad because even latest PERM approved can file 485 while BEC stuck filers are waiting in the benches there is no guarantee that they will get GC before us. If that were true then there would be not so many people waiting here for their GC's. I do feel worried to an extent about how this might affect my chances of getting a GC(waiting 7 yrs already, 485 filed 3 yrs ago) but is there anything we can do to change this? -certainly, the way to change it is to look at the big picture and try to eliminate the reasons for the backlog issue and see that reduced. If that is done and we see some changes on account of the SKILL bill or any of the other initiatives like re-capture of old unused visas or one Visa number per family then all of us would be in a better situation.

    For those people who are insensitive to the emotions of people who are stuck in BEC remember till yesterday you were also cursing USCIS(irrespective of your PD) about not being able to file 485 and yet today you scorn those who feel wronged for not being able to file because of this BEC mess.

    Lets all unite and try to work towards the large picture issues rather than squabbling over things like this. TO BAN or Not to BAN is IV moderators perogative, if somebody violated the spirit they need to get a warning and given a chance to change or then thoughts..


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  • Jaime
    09-04 05:17 PM
    Someone asked earlier, who changed their mind after reading Jaime. I did after one of his earlier posts.
    I was decided on not going, but then as I spent more time on this forum, I realized it is definitely the right thing to do. If not us speaking up then who? Simply answer that. How do lawmakers even know that we exist, that an injustice is happening to us, that we feel frustrated about our situation. They keep getting lopsided anti immigrant venom from some well organized and well funded groups and keep hearing about illegal immigration. Our pain however has resonance with them. We played by the rules, we came and lived legally at the invitation of our AMERICAN employers and the US gov't certified that there is no one to take the jobs we are doing, we paid taxes, we have integrated into society and we are asking, why are we being made to wait this long?
    What's to feel bad or shy about in that?

    I'll tell you something, those who are skeptical simply do not understand how this country works. It is a representative democracy and people pressure and protests and lobbying DO WORK. Otherwise lobbying would not be the biggest growth industry of the day. There is no other way to inspire change, and it has been, can and will be done. I have seen it time and over again.

    The final point I wish to make is, those coming to this rally have pre-selected traits. They are the pre-selected ones who are programmed to be successful in this country. They understand it and are proactive and entrepreneural and willing to spend, take risks, take a leadership, are responsible and will do the right thing. These traits have been and will continue to be rewarded in the long run in this country. I wish we can project that our community has many of these people.
    Those meek, follow the leader, risk averse, miserly, behind the back types, may have their little breadcrumbs but will never have the attributes to achieve anything of note in the USA anyway. They will continue to find lame excuses for their lack of progress.

    Every reader needs to decide for himself which type he/she is.

    Alterego, what great news! You WILL NOT REGRET coming! I totally agree with everything you say! At least we know that we will have stood up for our rights and we will be proud to tell our children that we did so!

    Besides, you are absolutely right. This country takes notice when people speak up! The problem is that that's not the case in our birth countries, and thus we are not hard-wired to speak-up! But if we make an effort we will definitely see the results! When people speak up and make a case for their basic rights then they are given those rights! But the rights will be taken away if we give them away, and the way to give them away is to remain quiet! This is a country where the fittest survive, and people will take what is yours if you do not claim it and/or protect it!

    We will make our voices heard, and we will end retrogression! But we cannot do it without us all joining together!

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  • santb1975
    04-27 03:40 PM


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  • ganguteli
    04-10 04:19 PM
    Reddog: We discussed enough on this Donor and Freeluncher's. You decided not to pay. Why still keep arguing about it?

    Why not you provide free lunch to your neighbor's every day? Over a period of time, those neighbor's will think it is their right to get Free lunch from you.

    If you are a student and not earning, you have every right to request for free access. You claim to be Highly educated and earning and you still want free ride?

    This was a smart reply.
    People are so used to getting everything for free.

    The starter of this thread never did anything all this while and when he has not got his greencard, he thinks he has the right to blame IV for his problems in life.

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  • DSJ
    06-19 03:50 PM
    Are they going to redo the amendment process in S.1639 for the already agreed amendment through S.1348?

    One change I noticed.

    Now people can continue in the old system if the I-140 was approved or pending before the first day of the fiscal year subsequent to the the bill being enacted. So if the bill is passed right away, you need to have filed your I-140 before Oct 1 2007.


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  • ianlock
    09-19 01:50 AM
    I am at the final stage,

    my attorny just sent back my DS-230, and just got wait for the dates to br current.

    so i can get the last bit at the embassy sorted, and yes i am doing CP, its my only option. and yes i do have all the rellevant experice and qualifications, i never would have got my i140 other wise.

    it carnt stay at AUG 02 for ever. it will move, just got to see what happens.

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  • kerstbrd
    09-21 01:55 PM
    I guess the cat is out of the bag. Yes, I got my greencard a few weeks ago. Yes, my PD is early 2004.

    [[insert napoleon dynamite quote]]


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  • pbuckeye
    03-28 01:45 PM
    my friedn ask me go iv site i come site and see spillover give my family gc soon this consufion what happenning

    Hilarious! Talk about overplaying your hand.

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  • Leo07
    05-17 08:23 PM
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~


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  • NolaIndian32
    02-07 02:11 PM
    Sent three letters yesterday, and an additional 10 letters were sent by friends and family yesterday and today.

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  • jungalee43
    09-28 11:36 AM
    By waiting you are doing the same mistake that I did last year. My AC21 RFE was mailed to my previous employer's attorney. They promptly mailed it to me. But I did not get it for one month. In the mean while my priority date became current and I thought that attorney was playing games with me.
    After waiting for one month I went to my post office and lodged a written complaint. In two hours the notice popped up in my mail box.
    What had happened was that the mail man had simply delivered the notice in mail box 5617 instead of 5616 and no one was living in apartment 5617 and no one picked it up.
    By the way, with that much delay I missed the 2007 bus.

    My attorney called them and requested the copy of Denial notice as well as asked them for faxing it.

    Still not received anything.

    Not sure what to do except waiting.

    Irony is that all notice reaches on time except denial notice. Seems like they are trying to eliminate backlog by doing some tricks


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  • storm
    07-05 09:18 PM
    Hi guys,

    I have just called the USCIS. They told me that the applications will not be rejected but just put on hold until our visa numbers will be avialiable ifor the nerw FY 2008.

    In addition she told me that the Nebraska office is sending back the filing receipt to the applicants which it should not affect our h1-b visa status in case we are going to travel.

    For the last part I do not believe her. Is there anyone else that can confirm that ?

    Thank you.


    Everbody's posts here are speculations on what USCIS will do to I-485's filed on or after July 2. Everybody is trying to get an answer from USCIS. You called and got an answer DIRECTLY from USCIS which you doubt and don't believe. So what you want is for people here, who can only come up with speculations as to what USCIS's action would be, to confirm what USCIS already told you??? definitely need a brain check.

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  • garybanz
    09-20 02:58 PM
    How about having a monthy/semi monthly conf call (similar to Rajiv Khanna's call), that will probably help in making every one aware of the structure and heirarchy in IV. I am sure a lot of us want to do some thing...posting 100 times to get noticed can't really be the best way to manage the ideas.

    I got a feeling that some members feel that IV run a secret community with-in IV (I am not sure how many watched the movie "The Stepford Wives" ).

    I think that core members and volunters knows strategy and action plan well before others. I think there would be hierarchy within that also.
    I dont see anything wrong in that.

    Here I think what goes on internally.. If you are more active in the threads you would sure get a message from IV moderators about ur willingness to volunteer. IV core seriously does not have the ability to read the psyches of each individaul member and invite them int to the secret soceity(?). Only possible way to know for them is how much active you are for a while. i dont think there are any specific paramters for that , it is a matter IV core getting convinced that u r serious enough. Not a day or two.. How long .. and how serious you are with ur ideas...

    About funds .. none of the organizations declare their monetory dealings openly. There is a youtube video by logiclife on this. see it if u have not laready seen it.

    Keep up the good work.. Sure you would become the member of secret soceity soon :).

    I read sometime back nixtor became IV core member recently..


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  • samcam
    12-11 03:40 PM
    I know you have done a lot for IV.. no body needs to vouch that.. i have seen you in action..but.. i disagree with you on only one thing, calling names.. I understand your frustration, but as a leader you cannot set a bad example... No leader has ever got people to do the right things by calling them names.. while your intent is right, you have done more harm than good by starting this flame war..

    I guess the right thing to do for the texas chapter is to call the members and find out what happened. We have chapter members phone number right?

    I myself was slated to attend the MO chapter meeting, but could not do so and I called the co-ordinator to let her know..

    remember having people skills is not the same as being politically correct..

    Again everything you said is right on point except for calling names.. I respect you for having done SO much till now and I believe you will raise the expectations of new comers with right actions and right words!

    Please contribute for the omnibus bill..

    I have said what I have felt. I am not going to be politically correct, never have been. This is not a forum for pracitising genteel speeches, pampering and politically correct messages.

    If you RSVP that "I will come" and the host prepares entire day for meeting, makes her daughter skip the extra carricular activities, ends up using better part of weekend for an event she is thinking will be attended by you, but you dont show up even and dont even bother to call they you are cancelling, then you ought to be ashamed of yourself. If you do something like that in your workplace, then you will get fired. If you signup for a volunteer training/conference on behalf of your company, get company to book your travel, make them spend time/money and then on day of travel, you dont even show up at the airport and attend conference/training that you volunteered to attend, then you will get fired. You wont get fired from Immigration Voice and there are no personal consequence to your bad, lousy manners therefore its afforable to do so, and so you can do it.

    If you think EAD is the end of the road and you are free now with AC21 options BUT on the contrary you feel more and more need to visit forums here, on Khanna portal, on Murthy's forums/chats then probably you are wrong, you are not free. You are still bound by strings that restrain your mobility and freedom.

    LURKERS : And finally, if the only reason (and this is the most common reason) for not volunteering or participating in activities or contributions is that you are afraid of USCIS or some agency retaliating against your pending 485, and the problem is cowardice. The most common reason why we have 3 times more "visitors" then logged in members is that "visitors" are afraid of the government in the most democratic and free country in the world. I need you to login so that I can get email and information about you so that I can seek your help. And I dont need your help for my own personal gain. I am not going to sell you used cars to send you spams and advertisements about something I am selling. I am one of you. Struggling and fighting against an unfair system. I need your email - not to sell you fortune cookies - but to ask for funds, ask you to attend local events, ask you to meet lawmakers. None of these things bring a single penny to my bank account. None of these things make my PD current. This is for you, if you think you are up for it. But if you are a coward then no one can help you. And if you are offended by being called a "coward" by me, then you are too coward to even recognize that you are a coward.

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  • espoir
    11-15 12:40 PM
    Why is the December visa bulletin not available on the USCIS website ?? It still shows November as the current bulletin.

    It does show the December Bulletin. Delete you cache/ refresh the page.
    If you want to see the bulletin, go to this link


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  • Jaime
    09-22 03:41 AM
    and let's also focus on action pretty soon! Let's not get the iron cool!

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  • Jaime
    09-14 11:31 AM
    There is nothing impossible in life!!! Those who haven't yet decided to go to DC, you can still make it!!!! If you are withi 4-5 hour driving distance to DC you have to tell yourself that there is no excuse not to attend! Just hop on your car or the train/bus and come!!!! GUYS, WE REALLY NEED YOU! AND YOU NEED YOU!!! Did you think about that? YOU NEED YOU! You need to help yourself by helping IV!!!!! COME ON GUYS! MANY PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY CHANGED THEIR MINDS AND THEY ARE ATTENDING! YOU WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE BY COMING, AND YOU WILL BE SO HAPPY WITH THE RESULTS!!! Ask us if you need travel funds or other type of assistance! We are here for you!!!!!

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  • NO_Free_Rider
    07-27 01:51 PM
    I posted this below when everyone was busy talking about lawsuit against and USCIS, and there wasn't a single response to this!
    07-03 12:01 AM

    what is the lawsuit and who gets benefited?


    My labor was pending in Philly BEC from 2003 May. Last month they asked us to do a TR and we're in the process, though my original LCA was filed in RIR. So I didn't get a chance to file my papers on 29th June. As thomachan72 said, there are many IV members whose labor is still in BEC.

    Tell me, what is the lawsuit and who gets benefited? For those who are on B1, L1 and filed on 29th June? (No offence to any individuals)

    What about members like me?

    What about the members who were not smart enough to file on 29th June?

    I’m a contributing member of IV and IV’s major agenda was the legislation, which allows filing of AOS, even with retrogression. If we win this lawsuit do I get a chance to file my I-485? Or the unfortunate members who haven’t filed on 29th June?
    IV shouldn’t deviate from it’s agenda and leave the lawsuit to AILA attorneys who where dreaming about windfall with the announcement of EB visa number availability. Why would IV collect money from members for somebody else’ cause?

    Dear members, please don’t take this personally, I was forced to express my feeling when I read all these posts!


    Subject: Injustice :mad: for people with priority dates in '02, '03, '04 etc. who are still waiting for their labor certs to be processed using the traditional process - we want to file a case against DOL's lethargy - Let us join together and file a case against DOL and bring justice to this unjustified system.
    Please join and show your support. Please help!!!

    04-28 12:16 AM
    Just sent $100 via PayPal. Glad to help out.


    02-26 02:33 PM
    Sent 2 letters for self and wife..have asked a couple more friends...sent email to local senator , will follow up with a letter also..

    Will send IV copy asap..

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