Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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  • dixie
    07-05 12:28 AM
    Yep. My impression is that IEEE USA is anti H1b, but it supports EB visa. For those who rail against desi consulting firms, IEEE USA is the friend, not the foe.

    On the surface, yes, IEEE-USA supports EB visas and opposes H1-B visas. But if you take a closer look, its not as clear cut as that. What they really want is to restrict immigration to the most exceptional foreign scientists and engineers (roughly those who would qualify for EB1), and make the path to a GC faster for them. They are dead opposed to foreigners being hired for general engineering jobs, and the current practise of almost everyone on an H1-B being eligible to apply for a GC. I would think twice before calling them a friend to any of us; they are at best anti free-trade restrictionists minus the rabidity and political incorrectness of our "friends". A while ago there was a discussion on IEEE-USA's reaction to CIR, where they expressed displeasure on the increase in H1-Bs along with the increase in permanent visas.

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  • coopheal
    05-21 11:54 AM
    Please contribute for your own benefits.

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  • needhelp!
    12-10 12:51 PM
    1) Yes, the positive was that the attorney was very helpful in answering the Qs in detail with several follow up questions face-to-face.

    2) The members we had never met before who boldly allowed me to video tape their introductions. And committed to being more 'Active'.

    3) New member brought two items for the future garage sale. Now seeing that nobody else had acted upon that request, it will probably give him an impression that the next time something is asked of members, it is not to be taken seriously, right? sorry to go into the negative again.

    I wouldn't call anyone coward, it is a very strong word. No one would like to be called that. But I definitely saw a lack of commitment or 'proactive' (I dont want to sound like your manager :)) attitude.

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  • ram04
    12-19 08:46 PM
    No updates for online yet. Looks like they hage stopped updating online statuses. Anyways Why to bother for that now when we have phsical MTR approval and letter in hand physically.

    - Ram

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for your help guys.

    My MTR has been approved after 70 days and I-485 has been reopened. Though online status has not been changed yet but attorney received an MTR approval notices.

    Ram, have u seen any online updates?



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  • sunny1000
    09-22 11:32 PM
    I guess the cat is out of the bag. Yes, I got my greencard a few weeks ago. Yes, my PD is early 2004.

    There are 2 current theories why:-
    1. I'm very vocal in the media and lawmakers about the problem, and something made this happen (as my co-workers say "they gave it to you to shut you up")
    2. I was a lucky one that was assigned a visa number in early June (when I applied for AOS) - it was approved when my PD was not current.

    I'm not going anywhere, nothing has changed with the current policy. It is still broken. If for no other reason, the bizarre circumstances around my GC highlight more unpredictability and uncertainty in the whole process. I hadn't mentioned it before since it really isn't a big deal in the big picture.

    First of all, congrats and hope you celebrated with Champagne! :):) I appreciate your dedication to this cause. I am sure others do too...

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  • mheggade
    07-15 05:26 PM
    Thanks for the post. However I read testimony that said more than 80% of EB visas have been used up. That leaves only 28k (20% of 140k) at most as spill over for Fiscal 2008. Thoughts?

    My understanding is they wait until last quarter to give the spill over. But this time they started giving the numbers in 3rd quarter itself. Keep in mind EB1 is current and Eb2 except I and C is still current.

    I expect to see at least 20k visa's issued to EB2 I and C.


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  • msjaggi
    07-19 04:54 PM
    1. I am on L1 with current company A(with current i-94 expiring in Nov 2007). I got my H1 approval this year from consultant B and they got the I-797B. This document shows the validity from Nov 2007-2010. But I have heard people get something called I-797A which has a new I-94 attached to it and in my case it is not.

    Here are my questions.

    1. Can I start working for consultant B from Oct 1.(after quitting the company A with L1).?

    2. What should I do since I have current I-94 only till Nov 15th 2007 and if I ask my current company A to extend it they wont do because I want to leave them as early as possible before Oct 1st.

    3. Can my consultant file for the change of STATUS from L1 to H1B(the approval for which I have already received from USCIS) and then in that case it will have new I-94 attached.

    4. Anyother suggestions what should I be doing so that I can start working on H1 after Oct1st here and then whenever I go back to India, after 4 or 5 months I will have the Visa stamped.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • gsc999
    07-17 08:11 PM
    Please understand that your older PD is much more important because u would get ur gc that much earlier compared to 2005-07 people. Just because ppl are able to file 485 does not mean that they are going to take a number out of the quota for that year. The numbers are only taken during approval and hence they would all still be stuck in the same queue and you would have gotten an oppurtunity to file and possible get your GC too...take a deep breath, relax and think about this with a cool mind. I definitely do feel bad for you. My labor was stuck in BEC too and i left my company and joined a new one and restarted all over again. Been on H1 for seven years without ever getting any chance to file 485 until now...

    Only if people stop complaining when they see how they don't loose out even if others can "apply" for I-485.

    I guess, there is lot of frustration and anger which maybe clouding judgement.


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  • ksircar
    07-20 07:37 PM
    Lawsuit will not help you. See AILA lawsuit for Visa Bulletin. USCIS did not even negotiate with AILA and chose to negotitate with IV. So you need to learn from it.
    AILA now feels defeated because they could not show themselves as the protector of this community. If you see the lawsuit text by AILF, it clearly asks for money for lawyer fees, but does not asks for moeny for Medical exam and mental agony. So if you are going to trust your lawyers to help you, then good luck.
    By the way, your Indian lawyer I dont know the name, sued DOL once and lost.
    Secondly, how are you going to pay for the lawsuit? People here dont even want to pay $20 and you will need 20K or more for a lawsuit. Do you think you can raise that much?

    Thirdly you are using IV site for your agenda. Instead of supporting IV you are creating your own selfish agenda and not listening to IV. I have seen lot of offensive messages by you guys. You guys celebrated when all of us got screwed

    I do not support your agenda.

    Although, some people may call it SELFISH AGENDA and advice not to use IV platform, I strongly support the cause. Some people may advice that once the labor is cleared, people with 2001/2002/2003... PDs will be at the front of the line. But, when those old labors are cleared, will they be able to apply for I485? DOL may say that by September 30 the backlog will be cleared. Is there any gurantee? Even all are cleared, they will not be able to apply for 485 now (has to apply by August 17). I think some SELFISH people with recent PDs are scared as people with older PDs may take the quota.

    Regarding IV platform, it is an organization for the GC sufferers and by the GC sufferers. So this is of course the right place. If IV is busy with other issues, then people have to start their own fighting.

    I am neither sure about the legal complications nor have any idea about the legal fees (or who will pay it) etc. Better consult attorneys about the viability of the case.

    BTW, my labor is not in BEC and I have already contributed $500 to IV.

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  • gc28262
    07-24 03:01 PM

    Do you have a valid AP ? If yes, you wouldn't have problem entering US on AP. Just show your valid AP at POE and they will let you in with a "congratulations". I know someone whose GC was approved when he was out of US. He was let in with his AP with no issues.

    approval when not current:
    Are you sure you never applied for I-140 on your previous labor ? Your company might have done it. There was a recent occurrence of GC approval where USCIS picked up on old dormant I-140 and approved an IV members GC when she least expected.

    Refer this thread



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  • pappu
    11-15 08:42 AM
    Swamy - You have posted a truly brilliant quote my friend. My contributions to Immigrationvoice will begin shortly. Good luck to us all and God bless.

    Thanks for your contribution

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  • rajeshalex
    03-05 08:40 AM
    I will contribute 25$ on my behalf. And I suggest that we can take a copy of this letter and send it to Ombudsman, president and hilar clinton telling that USCIS even dont know how many applications with PD per country.

    We can also send the copy of this letter to AILA and any other media and try to get an publicity so that ultimately aim should be like the processing times there must be a web page in USCIS where it should display each month what is the no of applications with pd per country. If we dont request this then after an year again we have to pay 5K to get this report.

    Third thing is can IV management contribute some money?



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  • xeixas
    06-27 05:51 PM
    I just got an email saying that my AP was approved, nothing about the EAD yet. Sorry if I missed this in some other thread, but are AP going to be valid only for 1 year? But EADs valid for 2 years?...

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  • Juan28210
    07-01 09:20 AM
    Congratulations and enjoy your green card! Don't worry about the priority dates not being current when yours was approved. My green card was approved in September 2007, sometime after the July fiasco wherein the PD for all categories became unavailable. Since my gc approval, I've been in and out of the US, and I hadn't had any single problem getting back in.

    PD: April 2007, EB2, ROW


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  • reve23
    07-07 02:18 PM
    com 'on. H4 process is known as Dependent Visa. You knew this before getting your "Babli" to the US. Let H4 prove the Credentials and Get H1 and then start seeing "Green".

    Nobody asked you to get married :)[/QUOTE]

    I really take exception to that comment. I have 2 Masters degrees (one from the US)...unfortunately they are not in Engineering/Science. What people don't seem to realize is that it is extemely difficult to get an H1-B if you are from a Humanities/Liberal Arts background. I'm a teacher and there are jobs in my field...the only problem is that school districts/community colleges/universities are unwilling to sponsor H1-Bs!

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  • cagedcactus
    10-10 10:19 AM
    Ok so here is the update on the list so far.

    Confirmed are :
    Cagedcactus, Walkingdude, Simon, Swamy, Chintu25, Amitga, Bestin, Janisal, Siravi, Alien, Curious techie, noGc noProblem, GCcomesoon, miapplicant.

    FinalGC, Kumar, Lakewalker.

    If you see your name here in correct catagory, you may confirm.

    If you dont see your name in this list, please post and confirm.

    If you change your status from Maybe to Confirmed, please post.

    Lets keep the thread alive and kicking so we can recruit more people.

    I understand that we have friends in Lansing and Flint and elsewhere. Troy is the centerpoint right now, because we have more folks in the area. we will change the location for next meetings upon a common vote in first meeting.
    If you cant attend, doesnt mean you are not active and useful. You are very much an important part of this. Once we get comfortable with each other, and place name to the faces, we can have meetings over the phone, and be able to communicate that way too....

    If you are able to bring a friend or co worker, who is not a member here, just mention it in your post. We can talk to them about becoming a member here at the meeting.


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  • som_yad
    07-18 10:55 AM
    My I 140 is delivered on 16th July.
    Please some senior guys who have overcome this problem, please explain us how it needs to be handled ?
    Only tracking number OR covering letter OR cashed check ?
    OR All of them?

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  • mheggade
    07-05 11:29 AM
    OCT VB All current :)

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  • what_now
    05-28 06:54 AM
    everybody for their donations.

    05-10 09:44 AM
    I got laid off with a pending I-140 filed July 2006 along with I-485. I was told that as soon as those docs are filed my H1B becomes invalid. True? I still have an approved H1B receipt from another company valid thru Feb 2008. Can I still use it? Thank you.

    09-29 01:01 PM
    Airline industry has changed a lot. People still asume that travelling on a plane is something aristrocratic. Not any more. Airline industry has realized that mostly what consumer cares for is "price" and also that most of the travellers are "obligatory travellers" particularly on international flights. So the rules have been written with lots of ambiguity and also since international travel involves multiple countries the legal battle is also not often successful against the airlines. Another thing is that most often people purchase tickets from agents and not directly from the airlines and often there are multiple airline cariers involved in international flights. It is a very complicated issue and it is kept that way so that the consumer has litterally no way to complain.
    My advice; Treat airlines just like a cab. Dont expect good treatment from the staff and dont respect them either. Dont behave as if you are in a 5-star hotel once you enter the airport instead feel that you have entered a railway station which is the least predictable. Enjoy the fun if your flight is on time but dont always plan to be on time. Forget eating good food on flights and dont argue if you get bad because that is what it is most of the time "bad". Good behaviour from the flight attendents / customer service...No not at all. I dont expect them to behave properly at all. If one happens to deviate from the norm and behave nicely I just smile back and acknowledge the craziness.

    Finally; If you have decided to take a flight to somewhere remember to enjoy all the rest of the trip and be prepared for the worst part of it that begins the moment you step into an airport and get out of the F****** place. People people people when are you all going to get it. airport and flying is no longer luxory. It is just the cheapest thing we are forced to do during our busy lives.

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