Saturday, June 11, 2011

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  • chanduv23
    06-12 03:30 PM
    When I disucss such issues among my Indian friends - people discuss it for sometime and move on to the next topic. if I try to convince people about the seriousness and how everyone should feel bad about it and do something aboout it - all I get from them is "Relax and chill, life goes on - these guys will get some apology"

    A lot of Indians are also not vocal about the issues they face. They just absorb it and digest it and pretend as if nothing happened.

    If I discuss the samme with non Indian - they will say "You guys must all do something together and stand up against this - I can support you if you all stand up"

    All I see is only non Indian support - no Indian standing up.

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  • gc_kaavaali
    05-20 04:47 PM
    It is good to be part of Immigration Voice efforts. I did my party. Donated $100 through paypal. Transaction ID is : 16B6932611262260B

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  • delhiguy79
    07-18 12:54 PM
    They will definitely accept the copies of the check. The reason I applied my I-140 in May 07 and didn't got any receipt and I intend to file PPS for which I require copy of I-140 but when I talked to the customer service they suggested me this solution and after that I got my check photocopies from my employer

    if the employer does not give u the check then we cant send check copies. :-(

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  • gc_delhi7
    12-23 07:28 PM
    I work for company A on H1 B. Got offer from company B and I accepted it set all the papers for H1 B transfer. Company B filed for LCA and recvd. it. They are ready to file for H1 B transfer. Gave notice to company A and they countered the offer and I want to stay.

    Now my concern is as Company B has filed for LCA but H1 transfer is not filed yet. If I decline the offer will it effect my current H1 B?

    do my present employer Company A needs to file another LCA?


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  • jchan
    02-14 03:25 PM
    dear hydboy77, after reading your posts, I agree with another member -- that you have totally different goals and concerns from the pre-application of AOS. It would be the best to start a new thread for your concerns, and leave this thread soles for AOS pre-application.

    Getting rid of semilar\same job requirement is going to be as easy or as difficult as getting prefiling AOS.

    Getting rid of same\semilar job is not semilar to getting to green card. If you are a software person then you can put a restriction that you have to work in a software related job, in the same way if you a civil engineer then you should work in the civil engineering field. But the way USCIS does same\semilar job is job code match, responsibilities match etc etc etc, the problem with this is it is a very grey area, it is almost like doing labor all over again. It has not become that bad yet but it will sooner or later, how many H1b rfe\denials did you know in the last 2 years, I bet there are more H1 denials in the last 2 months than the whole of last 4 years.

    I understand you are not being selfish but why would anybody want to use EAD instead of H1 other than for getting rid of visa stamping purposes. The overwhelming majority of people are going to use EAD to switch jobs because of layoff . When people are transfering H1b because of layoffs they are getting rfe\denial notices, when you move from H1b to EAD because of layoff USCIS might hit you with the same\semilar job rfe (when you file ac21, when previous employer revokes H1 or I140), that is my point.

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  • coopheal
    03-13 05:09 PM
    Well...I am one of us stuck in EB3. I do qualify for EB2 but my employer choose to file it under EB3. I recently invoked AC21 and moved over to a new employer on my EAD. Is there a way I can ask my new employer if they can file new I140 under EB2 and change my category to EB2?

    Is there a way I can ask my new employer if they can file new I140 under EB2 and change my category to EB2?
    Does someone has answer for this?


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  • nagio
    04-27 11:47 PM
    Contributed $100.00
    Receipt ID: 8Y827090SS825123P

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  • Amma
    12-10 03:13 PM

    I was one among the people not attented the Plano meeting.I had to attend a very important family meet on that day. But, I didn't inform Niloufer about this.I am Sorry,Niloufer.

    I also spread the message of Plano meeting by pasting flyers in Irving India stores. I was ready to attend alongwith my family. But, for the last minute unavoidable family meet. I became helpless.

    Today,I convinced my friend EJSR to contribute $100 towards Omnibus fund drive.

    I am sorry.

    Keep going IV


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  • gk_2000
    05-24 05:36 PM
    What is donor access? Can I have it too? I have contributed $100 (in this thread)..

    And can you delete my red's?

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  • LostInGCProcess
    08-20 07:47 PM
    Hi All,

    I applied for my daughter's PIO card and sent all the documents as mentioned in the instructions sheet of the embassy website along with the self addressed stamped envelope. I heard from my other friends that even after you send everything in order, the embassy people would call and say that they did not receive the self addressed stamped envelop. It happened to three of my friends. I am the 4th one. They called today to tell that I did not send the envelope.

    The funny part that happened with my friends is that, they all sent $20 and the package came in the very envelope they sent in the first place, that the embassy said they didn't receive.

    Did anybody of you also had the same kind of experience or similar incident. If so, please do share.

    Why are they doing like that? Do they really think we would do like that, trying to save on an self addressed envelope? It really bothered me for the fact that the lady from the consulate was utterly rude when talking. I am amazed how in the world, The Indian Government is still hiring such people? Of more then a billion population, is that the best person the government of India could find for that customer service post? Its a shame and I am ashamed that such dic*heads working and representing India?

    Coming back to the issue...she said sternly, send $20.00 or send envelope stamped otherwise the application would not be processed.

    Folks, please let me know where I can complain about this careless attitude of this monster woman. What steps can I take to make sure they don't do that again? I live in TN and I can't fly/drive to Washington DC. The questions is not about the money, but the way they are operating without any ethics is deplorable.

    Hoping to hear all your valuable suggestions.

    Thank you.


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  • rkumar18
    07-05 11:42 AM
    Calling USCIS is not going to help any single beneficiary. I guess this has been already answered by Oh. As long as we do not get away from concentrating too much on "Whats happening with my application?" we are going to sulk.

    I agree..calling USCIS customer service doesn't make any sense.They are all front desk people who have no clue of what's happening inside.

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  • another one
    02-13 07:35 AM
    There is no Santa Claus. Let me repeat, there is no Santa Claus.

    Open your own forum, invest your own money, invest your own time, get your own following. If all of that seems too much, then rejoice that you are getting to have a lobbyist in DC for $20 a month.

    Don't spoil my morning coffee with your whining. This is not an organization that was started because you started contributing, and therefore makes you have a say on leadership.

    I think a change of leadership of IV is critical if we have to get anywhere. IV has not been able to achieve a single thing in all of its existence. Not a single thing, nada, zitto, zapata. Not disclosing the issues they are working on, not disclosing how the funds are distributed, not disclosing the lobbyist they are using. Who in the world calls that leadership!

    That is the reason that no one wants to contribute. First get some results, show people results for what they have paid for. Then ask for more money. Most people I talk to are confident that IV will achieve nothing given their track record. I tried to convince a colleague to join IV. He bet with me that they will not be able to achieve even this filing I-485 issue. He bet that he will join and pay if they did.

    I know IV works like dIVorced wIVes club and saying anything negative is taboo. Anyone saying anything negative is crushed with (p)curses. Only good mushy things are allowed here. So here it is: We will get our GCs by the end of the month. Hallelujah!

    But I am writing this for the benefit of IV and please take this as constructively as you can. As a member, I have full right to suggest a change of leadership when I think it can help.


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  • saimrathi
    07-02 08:50 AM
    I recommend my lawyers:

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  • IneedAllGreen
    04-11 01:53 PM
    My earlier offered me ticket to my home country when they let me go. They specified in letter that they are offerring this according to the law. But I think its not neccessary to have employer to send termination letter to USCIS. Actually person can request company to stop sending this letter if employer is intend to. This way employer will not going to loose anything.


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  • acecupid
    07-15 06:19 PM
    Based on the wording of the visa distribution law, it does not look like the pattern change is a permanent one. The pattern might change again as per USCIS whims and fancy.

    Read the part "Nothing in this paragraph shall be construed to limit the authority of the Secretary of State to determine the procedures for the processing of immigrant visa applications or the locations where such applications will be processed."

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  • somegchuh
    07-19 04:46 PM
    I agree with you there is no point in moving to canada if u are going to do the same job there. You might as well do it here.

    The point is that if you move to canada or any other place you have the freedom to take a higher position and your spouse gets to work too. Thereby improving your income. I think these decisions are really based on personal circumstances. For some ppl it might be the right thing to do, for some it may not be.
    Again what is the point in moving to Canada just because you are tired in waiting here. Are you going to do the same job in Canada. If yes, I would do that here.

    For me, only person who could move to Canada is:
    1. Way better career jump.
    2. Do not have wavery mind of coming back to US. If happens come back, but do not start with that as you will not lead happy life.
    3. Keep the GC processing alive in US.


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  • waitnwatch
    06-09 01:46 AM
    Yeah! sure............. in America you take things and nothing is given to you..........Have any of you guys heard of students protesting tuition increases. Have you really heard of young folks protesting about anything. Folks like Jack Nicholson can say a lot of things but I'm sure I wouldn't depend on him for intellectual sustenance.

    I would request that you find a statement from a better role model before starting such a superficial thread.

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  • sanju
    04-10 08:37 AM
    Dear Bigheart Sanju
    3. You seem to be under the impression that IV got the visa-bulletin reversed??? Moses, wake up and smell the roses. The massive class-action lawsuit being pursued by AILA, the Silicon Valley lobby pressuring Zoe Lofgren, almost all immigration lawyers asking people to join the class action .. what about all of that? Do think your 25 bucks on the flower campaign is what got the bulletin reversed?

    Thanks chanakya, I do have a big heart. But I understand where you are coming from. You joined this forum in Jun-08. You were not here in July-07. So did not see how things unfolded and what actually happened. I am in no mood to narrate and spoon feed it to you. If you think aila did something for you, then why are u arguing here on this forum and why do u want access to some donor forum. Why don't you go and join aila? If noone is even doing anything here, why do u want access to some useless forum. You don't think anyone has done anything or anyone is doing anything, right? Maybe you need to go to in the next annual convention of aila. Good bye.


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  • gemini23
    07-27 10:16 AM
    I work for a fortune 50 company and my company hired fragomen , and they have been exceptional. They provided me with timely updates and answered all my questions. My 485 was submitted last week. I will recomment fragomen.

    02-09 08:38 PM
    If you read my post carefully, I am suggesting this 'in addition' to what's already on IV's agenda. Why can't we work on this item in conjunction to what's already being worked on? I have started preparing a fraud list from a bunch of websites like I noticed that almost 90% of firms reported there are fraud firms and it makes me wonder about the efficiency of local authorities. Also I don't see how targeting blood sucking desi firms would feed the anti-immigrant trolls. I would think we Indians would benefit the most since it would increase our credibility in general. Thanks for considering this idea at least. I would like to know other people's thoughts based on my clarification here. This drive might clean up cases freeing up visa numbers for genuine EB cases from India. Why should I be in line with crooks ahead of me? It doesn't make sense whatsoever.

    And yes, my contribution to IV so far as been $1000 and involvement in other drives. Your question to me regarding my contribution made me squirm a bit since you might have categorized me with many of IV's freeloaders. That's just like Americans asking me all the time "Are you on an H1-B visa and do you work for a bodyshopper". :)
    But I will work on making new contributions as well.

    Contribution so far: $1000

    06-09 08:18 PM
    I dont know why people are thinking CIR will be advantageous :

    WHat does CIR do :

    Lets divide in to Four categories :

    1. PPL who has to still enter US
    2. PPL who have not started GC
    3. PPL whose Labor pending in BEC
    4. PPL whose 140 pending or approved.

    In each i have not seen advantages but these are disadvantages , please enlighten me about advantages over current system in each cases.

    Case -1: THere are enough provisions like Increase in H1B fees, Eliminating contracting etc that would effect and truely we may not be worrying about this in this context.

    Case -2: For people who have not stated GC yet , its utter chaos, as per the dates in CIR. Now point system is not tested, there are severe imbalancements , No up system yet in INS , no yet personnel allocation . I dont see any reason INS will be on to this even if passed for atleast 2 years.
    Based on this even if people say 5 years or so , no one exactly knows it might even take more than 7 years becoz of initial filing delays , accessing points , etc . What about extensions in H1B , anyways H1B system is so scrwed up consultants will be reduced by atleast 50% , and only survive who can find an work around. after all this High filing will force many out. I dont see anything good with new system. No big diff in Visa allocations to say that it will be faster for ppl. H1B Cant be renewed 3 years. Now is there any advantage over old sytem ? I dont think so .

    Case -3: People who were stuck in BEC. Its bigger problem for many people who are renewing H1 based on this. Now that cant do it . SO its again their issue.

    Case -4: People who got I140 approved or pending , They wont be effected anyways.

    Also there will be labor somewhere as becoz there will be some clause that aims at not displacing any american worker for sure.

    With all these there is only one drawback of current system , i.e. backlog. that is not addressed anyways in new system so whats the point?

    Only if cantwell amendment finds its place in current form then is a hope in a hurricane else its utter waste.

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