Saturday, June 11, 2011

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  • delhiguy79
    07-18 07:01 AM
    Hi frens,

    My employer filed I-140 on July 12th and at Nebraska Service Center which must have been deleivered by now. And my employer persist that they cannot file I-485 until I get receipt notice. I even came to know on another thread even without receipt notice I-485 can be filed with an application as a cover letter.
    So can I do that myself without the help of the employer or I have to wait for the receipt notice.

    Is there any way we can get the info by USCIS by calling them or by taking InfoPass Appointment and asking them..

    Please advise. Thanks in advance.

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  • piyu7444
    09-12 07:28 PM
    Hey guys

    Just received email from CRIS regarding I-485 denial notice for both me and my wife.

    I used AC21 after 9 months of filing I-485. My I-140 was approved before even filing I-485 in July fiasco.

    My attorney promptly sent AC-21 and G-28 and i did see LUD on my and my wife's I-485 after that.

    My previous company informed me sometime ago that they are going to revoke I-140 and probably they did and i am assuming that's what triggered this.

    This is certainly a big damm mistake they did even after sending AC-21 docs and G-28.

    Sorry to hear about this but

    If your employer revoked I-140 after 180 days of filing 485 and you did work for the employer who filed 140 for 180 days after filing 485 you will win with USCIS. Wait for the denial notice to find the reason, then file for Motion to reopen with your lawyer's help.

    Your employer should not have revoked 140 (bummer) and if he did it after 180 days it cant be the reason for denial unless someone at USCIS just did the job in their usual way (read they dont read rules which they should follow day to day)

    Hope it helps! Good Luck

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  • tdasara
    07-05 09:08 AM
    There were approvals on July 1st and July 2nd for PD which were current according to the earlier released visa bulletin.

    This does mean the earlier bulletin was valid for few hours and the applications received during that period should be valid!!

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  • senthil1
    06-20 09:34 AM
    You will be surprised that even with the restrictions H1b cap will be reached but not in one day or one month but within an year as demand will be there. These restrictions will impact only Indian bodyshoppers who are running just by H1b. Though H1b will be costly if CIR in the same form is passed but Most of good companies will overcome. So if you want to relative number of gc then you need to increase Gc by atleast 50 to 100% from current level.

    Well..if thats the case they seem to have gotten a bad deal cause even togh the H1B visas will increase - there is still the $5000 inc in fee with other restrictions on consulting, removal of dual intent plus the Sanders amendment that deals with layoffs - these conditions nullify whatever the inc in numbers is


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  • gc_kaavaali
    05-20 04:47 PM
    It is good to be part of Immigration Voice efforts. I did my party. Donated $100 through paypal. Transaction ID is : 16B6932611262260B

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  • harikris
    06-10 02:18 PM
    Visa Bulletin for July 2010 (


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  • pappu
    02-11 10:01 AM
    Here is an update on Visa recapture from Aman:
    "I know some people ask for achievements of Immigration Voice and comment, sometimes ridicule, that Immigration Voice has not been able to get even one provision in last one year. There are many other organizations working on behalf of various groups. If no immigration provision has passed in more than last one year, does it mean that all those organizations are also ineffective? We all know that this is a world of instant gratification but please understand that there are groups who go to DC to get their issues addressed and they wait for 2, 3 -5 years before anybody would start listening to their issues. You see, just to explain using an analogy, Microsoft is working to get H-1b numbers increased long before Immigration Voice started. If Microsoft has not been able to get Congress to increase H-1B numbers, does it mean that Microsoft is no longer an effective corporation? Likewise, Immigration Voice has made significant progress but due to the political climate and statistical discussion about the undocumented, which of’course is different but an important issue, our provisions are clubbed in the comprehensive bill. If it would have been any other year when Congress was not considering the issue of undocumented or comprehensive immigration reform, advocacy effort of Immigration Voice would have definitely translated all our provisions into law six months back.

    If you want us to get Visa recapture as interim fix, allow me to share with you that as it stands today, it will not happen outside of Comprehensive bill. Infact as it stands right now, even H-1B increase will also not happen outside of comprehensive bill. Reason? Most of the groups and companies have stopped pushing for temporary relief because any kind of temporary relief or interim relief chips away support from CIR and the offices of Senate and House Leadership along with other proponents of CIR have made it clear that any immigration relief has to be a part of CIR and not outside of it. Other companies/coalitions have stopped pushing for temporary H-1B increase as they do not want to be in the bad books of committee chairmen and the leadership offices by trying to sneak temporary relief that divides the supporters of CIR. Leadership wants support for CIR and want all sides to wait for CIR. And not doing so and trying to get interim relief before CIR would put them in bad books of Senate and House leadership, which no one wants coz if CIR fails, then after CIR, these offices will not co-operate with any group that tried to take away support from CIR. So it would be counter-productive politically to do things that take away good stuff from CIR. Also, if you think that any effort in the final week could help in anyway, then let me to share with you that most provisions and their language are decided much in advance and last minute efforts almost never yield any result on the Hill."
    more update on what we are doing is here

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  • praveen_h1
    02-12 06:05 AM
    First of all please forgive me if this is a repost. I will be grateful if you could point me to a previous discussion. So, here's my problem.

    I work for a client A. I got this contract through a layer of vendors. SO my relation with the client is like this.
    Me > My Employer (ME) > Vendor 1 > Vendor2 > Vendor 3 > Client.

    Now, I want to transfer my h1 to Vendor1. My employment agreement with my employer says that within 12 months of my termination with the employer, I can not have relations with any company (in my case vendor 1) that i got in contact through them. My client also has agreed to renew my contract through Vendor 1. So that would mean that Vendor 1 will have client as a direct client.

    I have been an employee of my employer for 2 years now. ANd vendor 2 is really giving me a good offer.

    Can my current employer do anything legally if I transfer my h1 to Vendor 1? Please help.


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  • needhelp!
    02-07 04:20 PM
    Will you give three hours over the next three weeks? Thats what it takes to collect a few letters to help your cause.

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  • yetanotherguyinline
    04-28 03:29 PM
    $100 - Paypal id 26E989535P105301L


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  • nixstor
    06-19 11:27 PM
    I've been having sleepless nights ever since a cut off date of May 15th got in the fray.
    Here's my case -
    I140 sent to USCIS on June 06th (They should have received it on June 07th)
    I have not reveived a receipt date yet.

    What would the receipt date for my application be -
    June 7th when USCIS receives the application
    Some later date when my application goes into the system
    Now assuming that a new cut off date of June 19th is established, would my I140 be treated as pending on June 19th? Or only those applications will be treated as pending that have a receipt date prior to June 19th.
    Gurus please enlighten and help me sleep.

    Tell me about it. My I 140 was couriered on May 21st (reached on May 22nd) after I submitted everything on Mar 16th to my lawyer. It was very painful to read that bill text and figure out that all the time spent waiting on labor cert for the past 3 years has gone to /dev/null. Have you filed under PP or regular processing? I have done mine under PP and its approved now. All notice of actions will have two dates
    1) Receipt date
    2) Receipt notice date

    Its difficult to predict which one will they pick. We are better off with the first one. My H1 which was received on Jan 4th 07 had a receipt notice date of Jan 10th 07 under normal processing. Give heads up to your lawyer to support your case if the bill is enacted into law. They can possibly argue on the basis of the Fedex/DHL receipt or receipt date itself, as your receipt notice date happens to be after Jun 19th 07. I hope that this bill dies again in the senate and the house forces the senate to break CIR into small pieces. Teddy in senate will be playing spoil sport, if at all that happens.

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  • Kodi
    06-26 10:25 AM
    Its 11am now and I believe they're supposed to start at 10am. Does anyone know what's going on?


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  • kukitron
    11-08 01:37 PM
    This is a public and OPEN forum,
    Insulting TheOmbudsman it's just not acceptable, I though we were all H1B educated people who are open to discussion, not just a child crying and insulting as soon as someone contradicts you.

    I know many people who stopped comming to this forum (contributing), they just get tired of those insults. If someone has a different opinion, is immediately insulted



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  • kate123
    02-13 05:25 PM
    I agree.. Let us focus on the main agenda "APPLYING FOR AOS WHEN PD NOT CURRENT"

    I read through your reply, however, I found it extremely hard for me to accept your points. You've been probably on EAD too long to remember what a dire condition you came from as an H1B worker. Let's look at it:

    As an AOS, you can:
    - Work for any employer
    - Not work at all
    - Travel out of the country without worrying visa delay
    - When you got laid off, no need to worry about being out of status or restarting GC

    As an H1B worker:
    - If you are laid off, everything, years of wait, thousands of dollars, down the drain, and the whole family becomes out of status immediately. And in this dire economy, this is a sword hanging on the head of every H1B worker.
    - Worry about re-entry visa each time you travel

    With such a huge different, I can hardly convience myself that EAD is 'useless' or 'waste'. True, you'll need to work for same or similar job, but compared to the benefit, it is not nearly as big a problem faced by H1B workers day by day.


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  • swamy
    11-21 08:09 AM
    Please contribute - let's not make IV plead for contributions, t's ridiculous. This is a thankless job IV is doing - and as the main post says "Consider yourself part of something big. What we are doing is something big." The process is so horribly long and demeaning that people may even become terminally ill during the process! This is no time for lethargy - get off your big behinds and start acknowledging the mess we're in - the anti-immigrant forces want to squeeze every ounce of blood & sweat out of you before you get your due, if at all and you cant not just afford to keep quiet!

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  • walking_dude
    10-05 08:16 PM
    3179 Livernois
    Troy, MI 48083

    I plan to come but what is the street address of the recreation area?


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  • rayoflight
    05-20 08:54 PM
    Thank You Ashwin

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  • houston2005
    06-10 09:36 AM
    Senator Hilary Clinton introduced an amendment to exempt apllicant's dependents from visa quotos, which will reduce the retrogression signifcantly, why Core choose the Coryn's not supporting Hilary Clinton's? She is very likly to be our future president.
    Her amendment realted to FB based and not to EB based.

    PS: I am not from IV core

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  • needhelp!
    02-07 01:30 PM
    23800 more to go

    07-10 12:30 PM
    Your post shows your ignorance on how things work on the capitol hill. SKIL was introduced on thursday June 29, 2006 in the house.

    The congress was in recess (on the field) the entire last week. So effectively they were in the house for ONE day. What updates do you expect in this time?

    I'm sorry to say but there is no reason for you to be in IV if you have no belief in them. So, stop posting divisive messages and get the hell out of here. That's the least you can do for our cause.

    Don't you guys think there is no spark anymore in IV? Have you heard anything incourging from IV lately? Where is QGC or whatever there name is? Where is money?

    Many many times members asked for update once in a while, but what u got , nothing.

    Come one guys, stop dreaming.

    07-03 08:50 AM
    Called uscis and asked what happens to the app already received by them?
    The rep put me on a hold..(guess went and asked somebody) and answered that all the app received will be put on hold(not returned) and said they will not process ead/ap too.Di anybody else tried calling and ask the same?did they tell the same thing?Just want to know if i interpreted it right?

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