Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • panky72
    06-30 05:07 PM
    No its I-485 I just cut and pasted the two emails I received, first at 10am then the second at 3 pm check online and the system had same messages. If its true I am having a party wow man thanks I did come to US in 1997. I do have a labor which was approved under RIR PD date 2004 but the employer refused to file I-140. Then again filed PERM in 2007 under EB2 and filed I-140/I-485 based on this PERM

    Congratulations on your green card approval. Make sure you talk to your attorney also about this. I have seen an article on about green card approvals due to USCIS error.

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  • rsrikant
    07-20 10:37 AM
    hey guys,

    please put me in loop also..
    my id is r s r i k a n t @ g m a i l . c o m

    i will appreciate if you let me know how you plan to file for 485 with out receipt no...

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  • pakrish
    06-25 06:38 PM
    Called Rep Smit and left him a voicemail.....

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  • gonecrazyonh4
    03-16 12:43 PM
    I wonder why nobody takes up the cause for H4 visa holders who are mostly women and who becomes completely dependant on their husbands once they enter this country .With retrogression and the endless wait for GC it means losing all the skill sets that you have and all the opportunites that come along just because you donot have a EAD card. Worst of all nobody who speaks so much about womens emancipation seems to care.


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  • Pandi
    05-17 02:05 PM
    I have sent the email to my local senators :)

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  • amitps
    09-26 08:46 AM

    How long does it take to get the "prevailing wage info"? Does it come from State DOL or the Federal DOL?? I'm from Ohio


    You are still in a very early stage, change your law firm. Fragomen will be a PAIN to deal with....


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  • needhelp!
    02-18 12:09 PM
    Your weekend success counts on this thread.

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  • cagedcactus
    10-08 07:16 AM
    I have updated the front post to reflect our meeting information.
    Now lets start on the game plan.

    We would need some help from our leaders here..... what are the crucial topics that shall be discussed, and who are the people in state that we should target?

    I think, calling our senetors and possibly arranging a meeting with them would be on our top of the list. But lets meet and discuss first to decide what points shall be covered, and what shall be avoided....etc...


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  • H1Girl
    07-09 04:07 PM
    I don't think i should necessarily agree with this statement. The shortage of manpower is w.r.t US Citizens with specialized skills...hence they recruit specilized people on H1/L1 categories which are known as specialized skilled employees. They won't bother about others unless they hold H/L.

    Moreover, they have to think about unemployment issue caused by foreigners. Hence, I think they can't allow anyone work just like that...

    I can see the most wierd issue with immigration law is that GC Holders can't bring their spouses on any dependent visa just like H4. In that sense, H4 is a bit better than 'foreign spouse of a GC holder'.

    ... One the one hand they will keep on syaing that we have shortage of manpower and on the other hand they try to restrict. ...

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  • test101
    07-17 08:37 PM
    I'm sorry to hear your story. I feel bad for you & i hope a solution comes soon.


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  • njdude26
    07-19 09:42 AM
    I have an EB3 app from Oct 02. One more PERM filed 2 months back. My wife has an approved EB3 140 waiting to file 485.

    We have canadian PR cards. We have decided to move to Canada in Oct. We may come back here once numbers are available to file for 485 or im thinking of becoming a canadian citizen. who knows t'row some bright guy in Congress may create a rule saying Canadian citizens are exempt from visa numbers :)

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  • ram04
    01-14 07:26 PM
    You should be fine dont worry, just do it in time. I got my MTR approved in 7 weeks successfully on providing the required docs from new company.

    If you have changed job after 180 days.
    Just provide additional evidence about your new position and new company details. Make sure your new position matches your labor certification and I 140 requirements.

    Your MTR should be approved after 7 weeks.

    - Ram


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  • what_now
    05-30 05:22 PM

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  • rfarkiya
    09-12 11:46 PM
    Prince charming - I invoked AC21 sometime back after 180 days of filing 485 and moved to a new job on EAD.

    My ex employer revoked 140. At this point of time I did a lot of research and found out the following things

    (1) AC21 letter never reaches your file - there is no system in place for AC21 letter. G 28 gets into the system because there is a process in place for G 28
    AC21 is a law that allows you to change jobs but there is no system in place.

    (2) AC21 letter must be provided upon request - different officers want differtent information so they generally issue a NOID and ask you to submit evidence in 30 days. USCIS in some cases sends out straight denials. The denial letter generally has information to file MTR within 30 days if the case needs to be reopened due to USCIS error.

    In August when my case was being processed, they sent me a NOID but sent my wife Fp notice - I called customer service and was advised that she can go for FP as usual but I have to respond to NOID before they move forward with my case and I promptly responded with AC21 and my case status changed to "Case reopened, response received" and there were soft LUDs hitting my 485.

    Keep all documentation ready and be proactive, you can hire a good lawyer from MTR, remember that when you file for MTR, you cannot work - so before you inform your employer, get a letter from them and then inform them - in case employers will be reluctant to give any documentation if they know you cannot work for sometime. If you are on h1b you dont have to worry.

    MTR approvals can take 3 to 5 weeks or more too.

    if not on h1b you start accruing unlawful status and usually lawyers suggest that you stay till less than 180 days when your MTR is filed - it never takes 180 days for a decision on MTR so dont worry about unlawful status.

    These are hidden risks in AC21 but good news is that AC21 cases have always been successful.

    You may have to go through this period of uncertainity.

    Good luck.

    Take care man


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  • chanduv23
    10-20 10:12 PM
    how was the meet? updates, pics etc...???

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  • chaanakya
    04-10 03:11 AM
    Dear Bigheart Sanju

    I would love to get a free lunch but facts are facts. I will not argue with you or about you but when and if you can refute ANY of the following statements, do write back and we can have a healthy discussion on this forum:
    1. Why does Walmart/Gas station charge me money? I pay for a service or product I want which they give and have irrefutable proof that they gave. IV has no such proof of anything it has done for anybody individually or as a group on this forum.
    2. You buy bandwidth and free lunch by donating?? NO. Do you see that big ad for a lawyer splashed on every page? That is what pays for the bandwidth. Many "non-donors" answering questions for each other in this forum or just by the act of engaging in fruitless discussions with you is what is paying for the bandwidth.
    3. You seem to be under the impression that IV got the visa-bulletin reversed??? Moses, wake up and smell the roses. The massive class-action lawsuit being pursued by AILA, the Silicon Valley lobby pressuring Zoe Lofgren, almost all immigration lawyers asking people to join the class action .. what about all of that? Do think your 25 bucks on the flower campaign is what got the bulletin reversed?

    And there were some comments about "if you dont want to contribute, get the heck out of here".... Can you explain to me how this is any different from "If you dont agree with me, dont talk to me?"

    Why is dissent from the popular ideology of "IV is our saviour" treated with such disdain?

    I just said that "IN MY OPINION (which is mine and only mine and I dont speak for anyone else) I dont think IV is doing anything". People who think IV is doing something are most welcome to put their money where their mouth is....But the problem arises when IV pretends to represent the "Immigrant Community" but then turns back and says Well, there are 2 kinds of immigrants, the kind that give money to us and the kind who dont....See where i am going with that? Do try to think about the possibility (and i am only saying possibility) that you might be wrong and the one with the different viewpoint might have some merit to the discussion?

    that's ok, you are eb2. so no worries, totally understand. no one is asking you to donate, did u get a personal email or phone call from me asking you to donate? You came to this thread, read my post, felt guilty conscious, and thought someone is asking you to donate, and came up with an absurd reason not to contribute. who asked you to contribute in the first place?

    History? your I-485 was applied on 2nd July, 2007. Do u know the history of why u'r AOS was not thrown out the window because CIS reversed the visa bulletin? Who cares, as long as you are in the queue and others are paying for your free lunch.



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  • shaikhshehzadali
    03-21 03:56 PM
    I know....finally u do admit what u are .....
    It doesn't really matter to me though...Point Proved..End of discussion

    As if I really care about your thoughts, feelings ...

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  • sanju
    09-12 01:00 AM
    Still trying to search for online videos for the interview so see the answer of Sen. Obama for the question about EB green cards.

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  • rainy
    05-29 07:36 AM
    Contributed 200.
    Receipt ID: 2462-8385-5555-4203


    07-14 01:40 PM
    I think you guys are current with the Aug bulletin only (EB2 India has been on Apr 04 for a while)...I was asking for folks with BEC EB2 with PDs that have been current for a while but still not received their GCs. WOuld be interesting to know and also gives an indication of how fast really USCIS adjudicates applications once they become current.
    Repeating. - It would be interesting to see folks whoese PD is prior to Apr 2004 and still waiting for GC..Can you come forward.

    06-14 01:48 PM
    This seems to be a very good site with stats on approvals.

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