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  • akhilmahajan
    10-21 11:33 AM
    Kudos to the MI chapter for their first chapter meet.
    I am sure it will act as a great motivating factor for the other chapters also.

    Lets keep the good work going on.

    GO IV GO.

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  • bvibhu
    07-17 12:25 PM
    These guys are just great. They prepared my case in less than a week. The turnaround time for any e-mail was less than half a day. They answered 90% of my phone calls.

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  • krishna
    03-05 12:47 AM
    If you guys read the letter a bit carefully, it says they do not have information about the country of chargeability and they cannot share it with us. For $5K all we can get is a breakdown of how many apps are there in each category and then it will be a guessing game of how many are pending for applicants from India/China/ROW etc. Just something to keep in mind.

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  • pansworld
    12-10 03:09 PM
    before it gets out of hand!!!!


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  • logiclife
    09-25 12:04 PM
    Your rights as a participant of a bulletin board or online forum like Immigration Voice forums:

    The rights of bloggers (site admin, site owner or site moderators), their liability and section 230. Section 230 refers to Section 230 of Title 47 of the United States Code (47 USC � 230) ( To learn the plain English language explanation of this section, go here: (

    What this means is that whenever someone posts anything against anyone, Immigration Voice is immune from libel suits or defamation lawsuits, with couple of exceptions (discussed in item 2). Therefore, any anonymous poster saying bad things about their lawyers, employers, or anyone else DOES NOT HAVE TO BE DELETED.

    Immigration Voice is not going to delete, edit or moderate the posts and threads posted by our members no matter how defamatory or criticizing they are. That�s because A) Immigration Voice is not liable for what our members do or not do per section 230 and B) Immigration Voice needs to give freedom to members to vent out against the incompetent immigration lawyers and/or dishonest employers because that is what makes us unique and different from censored forums and it is the ESSENCE of this bulletin board.

    Other than couple of exceptional scenarios (see point # 2), we are not liable for content posted by users of message boards, forums, discussion boards etc. Section 230 protects Immigration Voice website administrator and moderator against libel suits or other lawsuits caused by participants who post messages against their lawyers, employers or anyone else. A recent example of such a case is illustrated in 22 page opinion of a federal judge in DiMeo V Max (

    The exceptions when Section 230 protections won�t work.Section 230 will not protect Immigration Voice if site moderators and administrators themselves post content that causes damages to others. We (site admin and moderators) will not edit or delete posts that say bad things about other orgs or persons - no matter how derogatory or defamatory they are against some lawyers, employers etc. We are not liable or responsible for them and legally it�s best and safest for moderators/site admins to leave those posts alone. Besides, that is one reason why people come to this site � freedom to vent out without any censorship, sometimes even against the Immigration Voice leadership and core group.

    The other scenario when the section 230 wont protects us is in case of intellectual property. So don�t post any patented information or technology details on this website. However the laws give us a lot of latitude when we post some news articles or other content created by other sources. More details of intellectual property are here on this link. (

    Are we obligated to provide information to plaintiffs about our anonymous posters?First of all, most of the time, we ourselves don�t know the anonymous posters and who they are. The most we can do is provide IP address. Those IP addresses too are not easy to pin down in certain kinds of network environments. However, we will not give any information about our members to anyone unless and until we are subpoenaed for it. Subpoenas are either issued by law enforcement or by plaintiffs who file the lawsuit. Unless we are subpoenaed, we don�t have to give away any information like IP or email of any anonymous poster. Immigration Voice will never make the IP address or any information available to anyone unless it is ordered by court. Immigration Voice will use all possible legal avenues to protect the privacy and anonymity of its members and online discussion participants.

    What if someone with deep pockets sues Immigration Voice with the objective of shutting us down, even though they know they don�t have a case, but want to sue us just to drag us into expensive court battle and make us bankrupt?There is nothing that protects Immigration Voice (or any such website with discussion boards and forums) from frivolous lawsuits. Anyone can sue anyone else, whether he or she lose or win is a different matter. Section 230 protects immigration voice from libel lawsuits resulting from anonymous participants posting messages that cause damages to organizations or individuals. They are even more counterproductive for the plaintiff if that state has ANTI-SLAAP laws.

    SLAAP means �Strategic lawsuit against active participation�. If someone sues us just to make us bankrupt and shut us down without caring for outcome of the case, then it�s a SLAAP lawsuit. The objective is such lawsuit is not to win but to drag the other party into expensive court battle and make them bankrupt. Some states have laws against SLAAP lawsuits called ANTI-SLAAP laws. They are different in every state. What those laws do in general is make the plaintiff of SLAAP lawsuit pay the defendant for the cost of litigation and defense if they lose. So if someone from state that has ANTI-SLAAP laws sues us, then the money we spend on litigation would have to be paid by plaintiffs if they lose. Therefore there is good chance of finding a pro-bono lawyer because if they win, they get paid from the other party. What this means is that it�s difficult to drive someone to bankruptcy with frivolous lawsuits if the state has good ANTI-SLAAP laws. California is one example. Therefore the chances of us getting sued by someone in CA are lesser than other states.

    Should any party sue Immigration Voice for libel based on posted messages on online forums, Immigration Voice will fight back to the fullest extent and will not remove posts or threads against those organizations.

    What should one do if they have been badly hurt due to incompetence or malfeasance on the part of employer or lawyers?Immigration Voice will neither encourage nor discourage members to post messages against their employers or lawyers or any other party. Members and participants are free to post whatever they want to post. If you lawyer�s actions have hurt you and if you think it�s due to malpractice then you can file a complaint against that lawyer in a state bar. If your employer�s action has hurt you and if you think his actions are illegal, then you can file a complaint against your employer at the department of labor (for wages issues) or other departments for other issues.

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  • NolaIndian32
    04-29 12:49 PM
    Contributed $100 by Paypal.

    Receipt ID: 7NB04504610762627

    Thanks Srinivas_o.

    We appreciate your contribution!!!

    Go IV


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  • nk2006
    09-13 06:36 PM
    If the media holds Obama to the same standard as they do the republicans, you will see the democrats crumbling faster than a cookie.

    There is so much hypocrisy in the media. If women vote for Sarah Palin it is wrong because you voting her just because of his gender. But oh, if you are black and dont vote Obama, then you are the most odious person living in this world. How will you explain your kids that you did not support a black person for presidency? This kind of duplicity is keeping Obama look good in the eyes of people. Throw off your goggles and you will see the same issues with Obama that you see with Sarah.

    Also, so many low intensity criminals are asked to do community service, that does not qualify them to become the president of US. And what happened to his moral fiber when he changed his opposition to the telco immunity bill and voted so that he does not look bad on security issues? Did he use that fiber to get rid of his constipation issues??

    Oh...Comm'On you seems completely sold onto typical propaganda now.

    Lets just keep the Rep and Dem propaganda lines aside. You and me are non-citizens without a vote so we can afford to be on the sideline and have an impartial opinion. Now with that attitude think about the two contenders. I liked some aspects in both, McCain seemed like a great guy with a great story (POW et al) I liked the way he initially backed CIR even though most of his party men opposed it; I liked the way he started supporting Bush when everyone else in the world is hating him and gave the support for troop increase. But of late his campaign has become sleaziest...all lies. They took one vote of Obama out of context and say that his only contribution to education is sex education in KG. They showed Obama as the reason for increasing gas prices etc. Even I can see how idiotic these claims are and McCain is still supporting them. Then his whole equation with Bush - he is using his connections for fund raising and accepting his support but publicly acts as if he is running against Bush. This whole republican propaganda machine projecting Palin as next best thing in US politics is laughable. She does not have any experience and whatever little experience she has - she seems to have abused it. Well she does look good and seems to have fired up their cadre - that is good enough for them. Of all McCain's shortcomings - his choice of VP is most horrible - its a purely political choice. Nobody is complaining about women voting her (actually none of women's organizations vote her as her extreme right wing opinions) - the problem is republicans wants people to stop thinking about ISSUES and think who is reposible for this state and think about who is better to solve them - they just want people to think about pigs, lipstick, moose, sex, kindergarten, etc and vote enmasse to Palin (note they gave up on McCain already that is why this sensationalism on a VP).

    Obama side - yes he is inexperienced (and infact I liked Hillary during primaries) but atleast he is running a very honorable campaign and convention. He is atleast talking about issues. The notion that journalists are light on him so .... over ... and so primary time theme. If there is a Palin like issue on him (say he is involved in firing someone; or exaggerating facts about her opposition to bridge to nowhere; or even about family with a teen-aged pregnant daughter) the press would have been on fire just like when Rev.Wright was an issue. So dont say that press is light on him. About the race - you may not see everything open in our offices but yes his race is a main reason why he is still backward in polls if Obama with same policies and same charisma and same experience level and background is a white guy he would have run away with this election already. Whether we like it or not race is a factor and it works both ways. The thing that I dont like about Obama is the fact that dems are still didnt close this thing - the state of economy, an illogical war, an all-time low popularity of incumbent president who belong to other party - still thing is not closed. I truly think that it would have been different if Hillary is the nominee.

    About whether community organization is a reason enough to become president - on the same token we can ask - whether crashing your plane in a war is reason enough to become president. Ofcourse not - both of them have enough strengths to came to this point than being onetime organizer or onetime POW. As someone in the sidelines - I like them to see to run this campaign in a honoroble way and discuss real issues rather than rake up silly/idiotic/dumb/fake issues. Both initially seemed promise in running campaigns in that way but of late McCain/palin went off the line and its slowly becoming a mug-slinging match. In that respect I started liking Obama more.

    On immigration related issues - especially EB related issues - I think none of them can make a difference. We need something to be done in congress and personally I think that probability of something happening next year is very low (that is why HR5882 is so important for us - its right time and if we miss it we have to wait for another couple years maybe).

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  • Caliber
    05-21 07:45 AM

    Unless we wakeup for the cause now, we will continue to suffer for many more years.

    Please contribute. Remember Anti's are sitting on millions of dollars and we the Hi-tech people can not even contribute $50K.

    Help yourself.


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  • pandu_hawaldar
    06-30 05:33 PM
    Based on the instruction of the paper file EAD, you can file your application based on the state you live in. it is either nebraska or texas.


    You have written nice procedure for efiling.

    Do you happen to anything similar thread or resource for paper filing.

    I am confused on address fro mailing....
    I live in PA and 485 pending at Nebraska...whereas EAD was issued last time from California...

    Thank you.


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  • delhirocks
    06-19 06:59 PM
    I want to ask if I file my labour before oct 2007 am I going to be safe?
    Or I will still come under the merit system?pls anybody will ans this question. I am going to start my GC 2 months(after adv etc)

    You need to file for I-140 before 10/1/07.
    For that you need to have an aproved Labor.
    Bear in mind this is just one of the opinions out there (albeit the most prevalent)
    Nothing is final yet, untill CIR passes both houses and signed by the president before 09/30/07. (Though it looks highly likely now)


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  • pcs
    04-08 08:13 AM
    Please check Q&A ( I think Q&A no. 18) in . It has been detailed & you can do it. Also keep sharing your info / experience as it will be of use to some other like you.

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  • gcisadawg
    03-24 10:51 PM
    I do not think this is the case with OP, given that I quote, Employer X offiered me a job and sponsored my H1B and got it approved too". I guess this is a new H1B filing rather than a transfer from Employer #2 to Employer X. if this is a transfer, OP is in trouble as you suggested and the employment from transfer approval date till now will be considered "unauthorized work".

    could you confirm whether Employer X thing is a transfer or fresh filing?

    There is no such thing called H1B Transfer. You either file an Extension with your existing employer or a New H1B whenever you change an employer. New H1B may or may not come under quota.

    One can have multiple H1B's. In this case, he had multiple H1B for several months butb used only one them. So, he was in H1B status all along with a employer who filed his H1B petition.


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  • senthil1
    06-09 05:22 PM
    That is right. But same country quota is there in EB system also. So in point system also 80% of people will get same quality of people as current system. But advantage is process delay will be eliminated.

    Because of the country quota what you have said below is applicable to only people from India, because of the tremendous competition from Indian applicatants you would need the highest points , ms or phd, 5 years experience, employer sponsorship, and also relatives, but if you are from non Indian countries then you will easily get it because there is not much if any competition.

    For example people from India might need 90+ points to have any chance but people from other countries might need just 60 points to get in. This is not merit based system, it is Kennedy Diversity Visa disguised as merit system.

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  • Jaime
    09-20 11:43 AM
    I don't personally think we had much media coverage except some hidden links, can we post some paid adds where everyone can get know what we are addressing in here i.e., on the front page of google, yahoo, msn, cnn, etc. I know some people might have second thoughts as it involves $ but I'm ready for it to get public attention. There is a thin line between legal and illigal and they are ready to club both together for their benefits. I'm starting to wonder how many people know what is going on, we have to educate them first.

    I support this, and am ready to contribute $, time and sweat. We need visibility. Our main goal is to EDUCATE people, (and even the government!) that we are the totally opposite of illegals! The Congressman who spoke at our rally had a lot of good intentions, but then he started talking about how "illegal immigrants are also people who look like me"(meaning Caucasian/White) and he mentioned the thousands of illegal Irish immigrants living in Boston, who have a group called "Legalize the Irish Now".... those comments had no place in our rally of highly-skilled LEGAL immigrants! And that was a Congressman talking. EDUCATION IS THE WORD, and we need to invest in it NOW!! Let's go guys! Ideas!???


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    04-18 10:05 AM
    How many of you all dealt with the lawyer named Alex Elsberg?

    which branch r u all talking about pls

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  • rockstart
    06-26 08:54 AM
    AILA does not care about people its an organization to take care of lawyer's interest. When you file every year the lawyer can make money every year. So be rest assured they will make some noises but will not bite USCIS.

    i am pretty sure, there wont be any fee for next 1 year, for the guys who got 1yr EAD. but, third year u pay again $340 for 2 more years. bottomline,$340 is for 2 years of EAD. otherwise there will another law suit from AILA.


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  • kandhu
    05-18 06:30 PM

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  • Pineapple
    04-25 11:33 PM
    Just contributed $ 200. Receipt ID: 00M756271K0810455

    Frankly, with a priority date of May 2003, India, EB 3, I've given up on my own green card. I've contributed over $ 1000 so far to IV, excluding the $ 200 contribution I just made. (Making my cont. over $ 1200 so far)

    At this point, if Anyone at all, ROW or whatever, gets Any benefit, its money well spent. I don't care anymore whether I get the GC or not... I'm getting older by the day, and the whole thing is looking more and more stupid... even surreal to me. The whole thing is piece of crock now, a Kafkaesque joke.

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  • ravi.shah
    05-17 12:04 PM
    Thanks IV.
    I sent an email for first time to the Senators !

    05-25 12:48 PM
    Paypal Transaction ID: 3XD21983XR083501J

    Also forwarded this thread link to all friends stuck in Immigration limbo!

    07-19 04:35 PM
    Again what is the point in moving to Canada just because you are tired in waiting here. Are you going to do the same job in Canada. If yes, I would do that here.

    For me, only person who could move to Canada is:
    1. Way better career jump.
    2. Do not have wavery mind of coming back to US. If happens come back, but do not start with that as you will not lead happy life.
    3. Keep the GC processing alive in US.

    I think Canada might be a good option for some ppl. Here are some reasons:

    You move to canada, have greater flexibility to change jobs, your wife gets to work, in the meanwhile your employer lets the GC process continue. This way, you live a free life until you get a GC. But I seriously doubt if any employer will continue to process GC if you leave the country.

    Or you have waited long enough and are too tired to wait any longer. You would rather be elsewhere. In this case it doesn't matter where you go, Canada or back home.

    Another good reason can be that you have waited for 8-10 years in US and have no hope in sight. You are not tired but you can clearly see that the wait is completely futile and you are just hoping. You have decided to stop waiting but still want something that's close to US standards. And I think canada still comes very close to good standards.

    What do you guys think?

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