Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • billu
    08-06 09:35 AM
    Canada and Australia are good backup options. You want to apply for one of these countries as a backup while waiting for your GC.

    going by the current EB 3 india scenario,I think canada and australia seem to be good 1st and 2nd options respectively and I will keep US GC as the last option as it looks more far fetched than the other two.

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  • starscream
    06-26 12:16 AM
    Per AILA:...2 BIG 'IFs'

    Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has scheduled a procedural vote on a motion to proceed with the Senate immigration reform bill (S. 1639) for Tuesday, June 26, 2007. If the motion passes with 60 or more votes, senators will begin debate on a negotiated list of 24 amendments, split evenly between the two parties.

    Debate and votes on the amendments will continue until the morning of Thursday, June 28, at which point the bill will be put to a second procedural vote to limit debate. If it passes with 60 or more votes, the Senate will have 30 hours of additional time to debate and vote on the outstanding amendments. If the bill survives this procedural gauntlet, a vote on final passage could occur late on Friday or possibly Saturday.

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  • 485InDreams
    09-21 04:19 PM
    if that is the reason...give way to next person in the queue....

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  • sledge_hammer
    03-28 06:48 AM
    My PD is Dec 2006. I got my EAD 15 days ago and the card is valid for 2 yrs. So the guy that approved my card doesn't believe Dec 2006 is a possibility this year!


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  • 99mutd08
    05-21 06:44 PM
    Contributing 100 more..Thanks..Lets' go guys..

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  • singhsa3
    07-17 09:58 PM
    Some of the core members are also stuck in BEC. But they still worked selfleshly. And don't preach injustice to me, I came here to study in 1999, got one labor (PD 2002) rejected on technical grounds, went in for other labor PD 2005, so my situation is probably worse than you.

    Most people showing their cool wisdom still not getting the point. A BEC person with Feb 2005 PD may not be able to file for another 2 years while a PD 2007 person will be enjoying EAD during that time. In my dictionary this is injustice. And that's why i was kinda happy when they updated the July bulletin, now I'm not really happy even if my company has already filed my 485/EAD on july 2. I'm still wishing (and i'll be honest) USCIS come up with a reason/regulation/rule that will delay EAD for everyone until BEC people are able to file 485 OR in Oct they retrogress only till March 2005.

    P.S. if you are superstitious, you want to know this: most of my relatives/freinds call me "Black Tongue" because usually when i say something unpleasent it happens. e.g. i told my wife last month that i don't believe everyone is able to file 485, something will go wrong and everyone will be disappointed. (when everyone expects something it does not happen- contrarian theory)


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  • nrakkati
    03-24 10:43 PM
    I-797 validity dates determine employment authorization.

    Belle is incorrect, IMHO.

    Not a legal advice.
    US citizen of Indian origin


    I am going with attorney. Attorney has just asked me to send all H1Bs, EADs, W2s and Tax Returns. Attorney is working on it.

    Thank you

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  • gcsucks
    07-01 06:51 AM
    I'm bachelor's, EB3 with I140 approved. Does this bill include I485 filing for me ? and also for 3 year validity for Travel docs ?


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  • general17
    06-23 02:24 PM
    I am on L1 Visa & I went to SSN office to apply SSN for my child (L-2 Visa). They refused to accept my application and they wanted Documentation from the appropriate government entity explaining the need for the SSN as per

    Please let me know what should I do next to apply for SSN.

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  • rockstart
    07-18 10:18 PM
    If you are talking about IT then to code in Java or VB you do not even need Engineering degree. Any guy with basic education can do the job with equal ease.

    I think Eb3 people are still finding it hard to accept that it is only them resposible for being in EB3 blaming any body else will make no difference. :confused:

    even though I am in EB2..from my personal experience, the kind of IT contracts/jobs/assignments we (most of us) do, I dont think there is anything that an EB2 qualified can do which EB3 cannot do.

    I saw threads (this site or elsewhere) where EB2 ppl felt superior and blasted the threads where EB3-EB2 conversions were discussed.

    IMHO, I would always say, if it is legal and possible and beneficial, ppl should think of conversion.


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  • bestin
    10-17 10:36 PM

    I am coming.
    .................................................. .....

    Guys utilise the opportunity .Only a few days more.Guys from far of places .....Dont think u need to travel so far for a couple of hours.After the meeting you can plan some temple,desi cinema nearby.BTB there are also lot of good Indian restaurants.Give your family a break .....Enjoy the trip.;)

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  • ivvm
    03-22 10:09 PM
    I would not agree with your interpretation. You are insinuating that a majority of the EB based green cards sponsored by employers are similar to family sponsored green card and also that people are favoured for their did you arrive at this conclusion?
    Possibly your exposure may be limited to mom and pop shops and that may be the basis of your analysis....!!
    Working in a "regular" company and having the authority to hire people in my department, "nationality" thoughts have never crossed my mind....!!!

    I agree; the law definitively leaves no room for error. If all the visas are held back until fourth quarter then there is a significant chance that visas will go unused.

    At a high level; country quotas in EB do not make a whole lot of sense. I have tried to figure out why they are there; how companies and candidates use EB greencards. Conclusion, I came up with is that in a lot of ways EB is a way to circumvent family base immigration. Many peoples parents have greencards, brothers, sisters, friends, etc; and they realize that it takes too long to get greencard through family base and the fastest way is to come through h-1b and go through EB route. Also; companies; company owners will favor their own people in filing h-1b's and greencards and then you have a situation where certain people are favored due to their nationality or connection. I firmly believe that uscis and the regulatory authorities understand this and hence the reason why there is country quotas.


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  • seeniraj
    06-24 12:51 PM
    When i request the staffer that i want to talk to some one who handles immigration bills,she immediately asked whether its to support the bills HR5882, HR6039 and HR5921.She told me that they are getting lots of calls on this

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  • alahiri
    06-29 11:30 PM
    I googled it high and low but could not find this news originating today...


    Any wise guesses by when we will know ispar or uspar (one way or another)?

    Land of the free is in your head :D


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  • minimalist
    04-10 02:22 PM
    Asking the question is never the problem, it may make people uncomfortable but I want people (like yourself) who are contributing to at least ask IV before ranting on people like me (who dont contribute) to support the cause...Supporting the cause is NOT equal to giving IV money. The republicans already tried something similar ..."If you are anti-war, you dont support the troops"..That was fallacious and so are all the personal attacks on the "freeloaders" (like myself ofcourse).

    this reminds me of a true story of a 5 year old kid who asked his grandma, why are you pouring somuch money building a wall around the empty site when you could have built a nice house. For him to understand and appreciate the necessity to spend money on the wall, he needs to understand numerous things. What can you tell such a kid. You'd smile and leave it at that. Sure he has a valid point about putting the money to a better use.

    The point you are making is also same. There is definitely truth in that but there is more around that. When you look at the big picture , you'd get it. Otherwise, when some one tries to explain it , it will sound like a rant.

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  • TheOmbudsman
    11-08 10:43 AM
    Hi NK2006,

    I am afraid my analysis reflect the reality. I have heard a number of people talking about this and polls have shown that is the case. Iraq war & scandals were the driving force behind this. Nothing else. Even liberal newspapers such as The Nation report that is the case:

    Americans are really disappointed with the GOP in general and I personally know a leader of an anti-illegal alien group who voted against his Republican representative. That is true. It is odd, but that is the truth.


    So your analysis is: people are unhappy with GOP that “some” of them are in favor of immigration measures and punished them by giving control to a party where “most” of them are certain to support those same measures ????!!!???!!! Its most illogical and even comical analysis I ever heard.

    Elections show that American people are much smarter than some politicians/talk show/TV show hosts hoped for. True, elections are fought on much stronger issues like war, economy etc and exit polls have shows that people are not too concerned about illegal immigration issue despite of coverage given by likes of Lou Dobbs. Also based on the fate of candidates who made the immigration their main plank, it can be argued that majority is actually in favor of such measures…..election results are a lot complicated to say anything like that…..but….its a much more logical conclusion that what you were saying.


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  • japs19
    07-20 02:08 PM
    You didn't specify if it has been 6 months since you had 140 approved through company A. Assuming it has been over 6 months (so company A won't revoke your 140), you can file for 485 and use the LC+140 of company A. You do not need an H-1 with company A as employment based GC is for future job not present job. The only risk involved is, if you apply for 485 which you are employed by company B, and if you get approval within 180 days (which I highly doubt) then you HAVE to go and work for company A for 90 days. If nothing happens for 180 days, you are safe.

    Hope this answers your question. Anyone, correct me if I am wrong.

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  • needhelp!
    03-04 09:56 PM
    I have received a response on my request last year to USCIS for information on number of AOS applications pending. Here it is: (
    February 24, 2009

    We received your request for information relating to Adjustment of Status applications in the employment-based category. You have specifically requested the number of pending employment based AOS applications, (excluding approved, denied) filed with USCIS since 2001, for each of the following countries and categories:
    - EB-2 China
    - EB-2 India
    - EB-3 China
    - EB-3 India
    - EB-3 Mexico
    - EB-3 Philippines
    - EB-3 Rest of the World

    Your request is being handled under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C 552). It has been assigned the following control number: NRC2008065126. Please cite th is number in any further inquiry about this request.

    In order to extract the information you have requested, a customized computer program will be required. You will be charged for the time it takes to write the program as well as the time involved in running the query to extract the date. You will not be charged for duplication, review and search time. We estimate the cost to be $5000.00. Due to the time and effort involved, you will be asked to sign an advance fee agreement before we proceed with your request. In addition, a deposit of $2500.00 payable by check or money order, must be paid within 30 days of the date of this notification. Please make your check payable to the United States Treasury, Failure to submit the $2500.00 deposit within the time frame given will result in your request being administratively closed.

    In order to assure that we provide the information you seek in the format you have requested, we ask that you clarify the information sought. Employment based status is broken down into the following 14 categories.

    Page 2

    E21 203(b)(2) PROF/EXCPTNL ABILITY
    E22 SPOUSE OF ES1 OR E21
    E23 CHILD OF ES1 OR E21
    E26 203(b)(2) PROF/EXCPTNL ABILITY
    E28 CHILD OF ES6
    E30 203(b)(3) CHILD OF E36, E37
    E31 203(b)(3)(A)(i) SKILLED WORKER
    E32 203(b)(3)(A)(ii) PROFESSIONAL
    E34 203(b)(3)(A) SPOUSE OF E31, E32
    E35 203(b)(3)(A) CHILD OF E31, E32
    E36 203(b)(3)(A)(i) SKILLED WORKER
    E37 203(b)(3)(A)(ii) PROFESSIONAL
    E39 203(b)(3)(A) SPOUSE OF E36, E37

    Are you asking tha the information we provide be broken down into the categories listed above, or may we group all EB-2 categories and ass EB-3 categories together?

    Please define priority date.

    You have asked for information concerning the country of chargeability. This information is not assigned until the application is approved or denied. Since you have requested information on pending applications only, this information is not available.

    If you have any questions concerning your pending FOIA/PA request, please address them to this office, Attention: FOIA/PA Officer, or call us at 816-350-5570, or fax any FOIA/PA related correspondence to 816-350-5785.


    T. Diane Cejka


    I will post a scan tomorrow

    From what I understand, they aren't able to get the numbers by country of chargeablility.

    Its funny they are asking me to define priority date ! :)

    Here is the original letter template sent to USCIS

    FOIA Request for number of pending Employment based AOS/I-485 Applications

    John Doe,

    200 Main Street,


    National Records Center, FOIA/PA Office
    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
    P. O. Box 648010
    Lee’s Summit, MO 64064-8010

    Dear FOIA officer,
    Several Employment based categories have been retrogressed for 4 years now and the exact number of pending AOS applications sorted by priority dates in the employment-based category is unknown. Department of state has been establishing the cut off in priority dates based on educated guesses and approximations. DOS and none of the Employment based applicants know the number of applications pending per category, per country sorted by priority dates. DOS visa office expressed similar concern in Oct 08 bulletin.

    “Little if any forward movement of the cut-off dates in most Employment categories is likely until the extent of the CIS backlog of old priority dates can be determined.”

    This information would be helpful in determining the priority dates accurately and in determining when a visa number will be available for a given priority date in a certain category. I request you to provide me with the number of pending employment based AOS applications, (excluding approved/denied) in the following categories sorted on a priority date basis from 2001.

    EB-2 China & India: Number of employment based AOS applications pending with USCIS sorted by priority date on a yearly basis from year 2001 till now

    EB-3 China, India, Mexico & Philippines & Rest of the World: Number of employment based AOS applications pending with USCIS sorted by priority date on a yearly basis from year 2001 till now

    John Doe.

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  • Imm_Exploited
    03-21 12:31 PM
    Before others trying to guess which country I belong to, I want to admit that I am from India.

    The point I am trying to make is about the categorization of the Employment Based immigration, which in itself is proof of the differences between categories (including the EB-5 or the Religious category) as identified and classified by the USCIS/DOS.

    It is altogether a different matter as to what exactly a person classified in a particular category is doing in his/her job.

    I would like to question what qualifications some of the CEOs in this country have, who draw undeserving remuneration from their companies. How many of the Bear Stearns employees are immigrants, both who will still be working and those who are already fired or are likely to be fired soon? How may of the those sub-prime loans are taken by illegal or legal immigrants?

    Before starting to question me as to how my post relates to immigration, I request every body to critically think and then respond.

    Thanks - IE

    02-08 03:40 PM
    chitta123, do not panic. You are in a better situation overall. Find an employer willing to sponsor your H1 and greencard. Start H1 Process (transfer). You will get a new H1- with date of April 2008. Start working as soon as you get a receipt date.
    Also start new perm-labor with new employer. apply I-140 with and ask to retain old PD date from employer A -I-140 (Old employer). Since Employer A has laid you off (guessing that they were out of work for you), they cannot and will not benefit from revoking the I-140. Since they cannot use it to hire any other foreigner, since they just layed off.
    There might be some other easy way you can do this. Please do not take my views as legal advice. Consult a lawyer (good one) immediately.

    05-25 03:52 PM
    Thank you everybody that has contributed. We need to raise $50,000 in the next 15 days. That is $3334 raised every day. Now even though this looks like a big amount to raise, with a collective effort we can do this.

    Goal by end of today: $23,338
    Amount Reached: $6,300

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