Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • sanju
    04-10 02:29 AM
    reading above posts it reminds me what I read :
    Lot of junk sold in US...
    People have gotten used to buying things that have no value. Wherever donation boxes are putup or beggers stand , people put money. Come on one does not need to pay because a other guy is asking.

    So its upto the individuals to donate. Personally I dont feel one can do much to accelerate the GC process. If you read the history you can comeup with a list of things that changed the way things got done in US!!
    Have a good one guys.

    that's ok, you are eb2. so no worries, totally understand. no one is asking you to donate, did u get a personal email or phone call from me asking you to donate? You came to this thread, read my post, felt guilty conscious, and thought someone is asking you to donate, and came up with an absurd reason not to contribute. who asked you to contribute in the first place?

    History? your I-485 was applied on 2nd July, 2007. Do u know the history of why u'r AOS was not thrown out the window because CIS reversed the visa bulletin? Who cares, as long as you are in the queue and others are paying for your free lunch.


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  • needhelp!
    04-29 12:28 PM
    We have people waiting to give us a head start at 10K..

    m306m: $50 for every 10K
    espoir: $50 for every 10K
    santb1975: $100 when we reach $37K
    gconmymind: $50 when we reach 10K
    axp817:$50 at 10K, 13K & 20K

    So lets make it to our FIRST 10K by EOD.

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  • H4_losing_hope
    03-03 10:13 PM
    will sent more.

    Cheers for your efforts :)

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  • factoryman
    02-12 12:49 PM
    Here is the status update from HLG website. Note the date. Anybody here at IV, agree with me, if it needs to be countered by a direct web fax to Congress.

    2/12/2007 IMMIGRATION ALERT:

    HLG has confirmed that the Senate leadership is comfortable with a proposal to solve retrogression for Schedule A occupation -- registered nurses and physical therapists. It was through grassroots advocacy that we were able to explain to the Senate leadership just how important this issue is. Thank you to everyone who made an effort.

    We now must turn our efforts toward the House.

    If anyone works with or at any hospitals in the following Representatives' districts, please contact Chris Musillo (; 513-381-2011 x223) ASAP.

    Rep. Lofgren (D - CA) : 16th District - San Jose

    Rep. Eshoo (D- CA) : 14th District - San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Cruz

    Rep. Pelosi (D - CA) : 8th District - San Francisco and north

    Essentially anyone who is located in the Bay Area and wants to see retrogression solved should contact their hospital leadership and see if they are willing to make a few phone calls and sign onto a letter. If they are willing to do that, please let Chris know ASAP. Chris can then explain exactly what needs to be done.


    We're getting close.

    Keep up with the latest Immigration News by signing up for all of Hammond Law Group LLC's free publications:

    Immigration Alerts, Medical Monthly Monitor and Business Immigration Quarterly.


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  • kevinkris
    02-12 05:51 PM
    Hi Needhelp,

    Why don't we do signature collection instead of collecting same letter templates from all people? Do we need to waste this much of paper?

    Go Green !

    Sorry if i hurt IV member feelings.


    Technical difficulties to implement what you said. Just post on this thread, I will count for you.

    It is very important to send a copy to IV, it will be used in making a case during talks with White House and DHS. Please see address in first post of this thread.

    I have a dream: IV team carrying at least 10 big boxes full of letters to show during the meeting.

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  • harrydr
    06-11 06:47 AM
    Dates moving forward is a good sign and also based upon USCIS prediction of dates reaching to April 2006 by the end of FY, i don't think dates will retrogress but with these folks you never know.

    Anyways, a sideline question is even though they are moving the dates, why don't they let other applicants waiting for their date to be current file 485. Filing 485 could give them flexibility and income for USCIS. Right??


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  • jchan
    02-13 02:50 PM
    What regulatory or legislative changes (including a possible pre-application filing procedure for adjustment cases) are recommended to facilitate caseload planning and make optimum use of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services adjudication capacity?

    By the way, we will have minimum participation for this as most of guys/gals in this forum are on EAD(you will know this when you see amount of questions answered for someone EAD and all H1B related questions are usually buried under within an hour or so)...

    Indeed it seems very few people are interested as most member may have their 485 submitted already. EB immigrants are a small minority of this country, yet we are only a small portion of this small minority. It is a sad fact, but it should not stop us from fighting..

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  • saint_2010
    09-21 09:24 PM
    I agree with Logiclife...


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  • desi3933
    01-23 01:12 PM
    To be brief:

    Any location restrictions when using AC21?

    >> Any location restrictions when using AC21?

    AC-21 job should be same/similar and must be full-time position.

    Not a legal advice.
    US Citizen of Indian Origin

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  • shukla77
    11-15 01:34 PM
    Though majority would not agree but I agree with your point.

    Flower campaign wasnt started by iv (atleast not by the seniors), it slowly gathered momentum on its own and produced results .


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  • deepakd
    07-06 12:30 AM

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  • chanduv23
    02-14 03:32 PM
    Come on folks, lets make this campaign successful


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  • amitjoey
    06-04 10:34 AM
    The messages you are getting from your House reps and Senators are standard messages that they have on this issue.
    Please do not be discouraged by the email back messages from them, because frankly it is just an automated standard reply.

    The idea really is to make them take notice and hopefully have some body (staffer) read atleast one of our email messages entirely and realise what our issue/s are. We need to make them aware of us- "Immigration voice" as an organisation and educate them on the issues we face. So if we continue to send them messages, that will be a big help and it builds momentum towards the advocacy event.

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  • Macaca
    09-17 04:04 PM
    If you have
    not changed your mind
    Check your pulse.
    You may be dead
    Gelett Burgess


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  • felix31
    12-05 02:48 PM
    I second you on that.But we must keep in mind,we know the law before coming here .Every immigration lawyer wants H4 law to be changed but, you know "USCIS".. they have handsfulll.

    But even knowing what H4 entails is not so much helpful. Only when you experience it on your own, you realize what a bad move that was.

    E.G. If I knew the time in H1/H4 is counted together I would not have accepted moving every 3-6 months with my husband on his projects. I would have done everything to get my H1 in my first year here and my husband would stay and change H1 sponsors every year if need be.
    But no, it had to go other way.

    Several imm lawyers misguided me in this H1/H4 time matte, until it was literally too late. Hiring time in my profession is tied to the beginning of the school year when all H1 visas are long long gone.

    I was getting offers when I cannot get a visa and vice versa. Not a single school district wants to tend an offer 9-12 months in advance...
    And - well, you all now how the story goes from there. We cannot buy a house, we cannot start our business, .....I guess we are just fed up with 'no - you can't do that' answer, every time we want to do something with our lives.

    This 'on hold' situation lasts too long.
    I am only staying here to further my professional education and benefit as much as I can, so that in the end the trade off is not going to be so bad..

    7 years ago, when my hubby and I had enough of civil war in our home country, we were almost ready to send our papers under SW category and move to Canada.
    As luck would have it, his H1 went through faster then we imagined, so we ended up in the US. I wish we had a foresight to go ahead with Canadian PR as soon as we came here. We would have been both much better off, already citizens, profesionally more satisfied and happy.

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  • optimist578
    04-09 01:24 PM
    Financial applications - FI research. BTech Comp Sc IITBombay'96 9 years exp. Currently a part time NYU Masters student in Maths


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  • ash0210
    11-08 04:37 PM
    Immediate attention of Congress/Senate to increase GC visa numbers for Retrogressed/ALL countries needs to be set first priority in Lame Duck or new congress sessions...and we/IV have to work towords that..

    CIR is a good vehicle to piggyback on, and I realize it is better to bank on a bill that is already introduced.

    However it seems like asking for increase in visa numbers, or just the ability to file I-485....What does this mean - automatically it would require increase in visa numbers, and reduction in name check times, for example.
    Dependents can wait to work if it is only a year. We dont need to keep renewing visas. We are not stuck to one employer.

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  • matreen
    09-24 07:51 PM
    Hey Ram,

    What is your priority date?

    When did you invoke your AC21?

    Did your previous employer invoke your approved 140?

    I did change two employers so far and going to invoke my AC21 next month. Just wondering how and why you guys did get denial.....

    Let me know.


    Hi Prince charming,

    I m in simillar situation as you are.

    Transefered to new employer : Filed Ac 21,G 28 , H1 Transfered to new company through corporate lawyer
    Even received EAD and AP renewals last week.

    Today I have received deniel notices for me and my family applications.

    Thank God I did not use my EAD so far.

    Dont know what to do? It is so frustrating.

    No NOID also , they sent deniel directly as your case.

    Please post if you have received any updates.


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  • vdlrao
    07-14 11:13 AM
    So far there have been around 100k approvals in EB3 category out of about 170k (unused family visas made available to emploment based category) approvals in employment based category. Out of that EB2 approvals are around 50k only. Now the scenario would be like 100k approvals in EB2 and out of that 50k would be exclusively for EB2 India, leaving very little share to china. Now you could presume how fast EB2 runs.

    08-20 07:55 PM
    Hi All

    I am a july 07 filer, and now its time for my AP renewal.
    I would appreciate if experts can give me suggestion regarding the AP Process?
    or point me to thread having a information, I remember in 2007 we used to have a thread/blog with screen snapshots for AP filing.

    My 485 is in Texas Service center.

    1) ANy restrcitions for filing AP Electroncially
    2) Fees
    3)If Paper Filing do I have to sent seperate cheques for me and my wife or a combined cheque.


    If you do it manual you need to follow this

    1. Complete apllication
    2.2 Photographs
    3. Copy of I-485 reciept
    4. Copy Last advance Parole
    5. Check.

    either you can do online also.

    09-06 05:59 PM
    I know you're thinking about it...probably sitting on the fence and deciding which way to go? Choose your freedom!

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