Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tron Legacy Olivia Wilde Wallpaper

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  • vparam
    07-21 10:53 AM
    Bring our issues in front of Ombudsman with the kind of time line we expect and let him take it up with the Govt.

    I strongly doubt whether he could help. I am not sure how many people have done like me, but the recent change of de-linking H4 time from H1 was a year long effort by me with all the laws reffered and countered arguments that i provide to ombudsman. He helped in that but the help was routing it to appropriate AG's staff. So with such a deluge of application , he will analysis and make a recommendation that would take as long as this EAD issue will cease to be an issue and that would take another year for USCIS to implement.

    wallpaper olivia wilde, actress Tron Legacy Olivia Wilde Wallpaper. Olivia Wilde – Tron Legacy 3D
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  • bestofall
    09-12 04:48 PM
    for any IV core agreed plan

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  • lonedesi
    08-08 08:22 AM
    People who have been waiting for I-140 approvals from TSC & NSC and those filed during Jun-Aug 07, please join this campaign to make it effective. Unless people who are suffering, actively participate in this campaign, we will not be able to achieve anything. Its still not too late...get those letters (modify to your personal situation) and get those DHS Form 7001 completed and mail them out soon. We need to act now, instead of just expressing our frustration on the forums...fight for yourself, no one will do it for you. If not, USCIS with the idiotic rules, will our petitions still pending even one year from today...for some or other reason.
    My sincere thanks to members who have already mailed the documents. Please leave a comment on this thread, so that we have an idea about how many people actually took the time to send it out.

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  • cbadari99
    06-24 09:40 PM
    Hasn't this been discussed already?

    It does not make a difference to America, if a few hundred thousand foreign workers get their GCs today or 10 years later. The people America would really be concerned about are outstanding researchers, but then these people fall in the EB1 category which is always current and so they have no cause for complaint. The other category that the US is concerned about is cheap and illegal labor, but that is not related to GCs. So in short, there is nothing about the Eb2/Eb3 GC backlog that America needs to worry about.

    The delay causes anxiety & frustration only for us applicants. So the impact is only on us.

    America is not bothered about losing outstanding researchers.


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  • Winner
    06-10 09:32 AM
    IF you've not called already, the visa bulletin is probably a very good reason for you to call :

    Predicting and hoping that things will get better is not going to help. Lets take action. Please call the lawmakers if you have not done it already.

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  • reddymjm
    06-10 06:30 AM
    cat India ROW
    E3 Unavailable Unavailable
    E2 1 April 2004 Current


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  • ramus
    09-10 06:45 AM
    Thanks for contribution..

    just donated 100$ thru google checkout . transaction id Google Order #312235194400027

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  • vandanaverdia
    09-10 03:54 PM
    p_aluri... Thank you for your contribution....


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  • insbaby
    07-06 01:33 AM
    oh that's easy stuff - I can do that :p sign me up. I love chicken parmesan at olive garden. There is just one problem. What do you want me to do after my lunch and before my evening flight. That's just waste of too much of my time. :rolleyes:

    It is a 3 hour lunch. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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  • u.misc
    12-11 11:49 AM
    Looks like they are changing the spillover rules again from Horizontal to Vertical this is bad news for EB2 I

    Pardon my ignorance.... Can you enlighten me as how Vertical and Horizontal spillover works ? What exactly happens in Vertical spillover and how is it different from horizontal.


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  • chocolate
    06-05 08:36 AM

    I guess you are also speculating .. When people read the notes from aila (point 4) ,people do speculate till it becomes or does not become law.

    My labor is approved and i am yet to file 140/485/EAD/AP. Am i in trouble?Its still a bill right?Not a law.:mad: :mad:

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  • go_guy123
    09-02 01:49 PM
    other options? u mean like Canada ?

    what life? do u have one? in Canada ? if u have, u wouldn't be on this US immi website posting stupid comments.

    sour grapes? feeling like jumped out too quick?

    feeling like NA GHAR KA NA GHAT KA ?


    Way better than EB3-I/H1B in US....actually jumping out was the best thing I did before the GC train wrenk. This site keeps me aware of the latest changes in US immigration. After my wife's cad citizenship I might work in US even. Till then myself and wife...combined earn well
    (I do agree as GC in US one can earn even more...I never deny that but GC is a pipe dream for India born)...actually I work incorporated (reduces tax liability)...sponsored my parents's pr few days back.


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  • lonedesi
    08-07 09:21 AM
    Please leave a comment on this thread, after you have mailed the letter & Form. It will motivate others to do the same. If you really want some justice, stand up and get counted by participating in this campaign. Else, Julu-Aug 07 filers, will keep waiting and will have to go through frustrating and agonizing wait for an uncertain period.

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  • mrdelhiite
    06-22 02:36 PM
    can some one share there login user name and password to check status of labor. My lawyer has not shared this with me and i have to check with him every other day ... wish i could do it myself ... you can pm me if u prefer


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  • dummgelauft
    06-11 09:43 AM
    I would say fight back against the indirect discrimination against the Indian and Chinese nationals in the employment-based immigration.

    If they want us to leave..then so be it..but they should say so directly. All India and Chinese EB immigrants please leave USA. Until that comes out of the US government directly, we can not be forced out through indirect policies.

    Here are a few things you can do:

    1) Withdraw all the $ you deposited in US banks from savings, checking, CDs and other investment accounts and setup an NRE account with an indian bank and move funds over. If you need you can bring back those funds in a day or two. Leave only bare minimum for your expenses in US banks. This would have an impact of ~$50K X 100K effect.

    2) Do not leave the country just because the hopes of greencard are controlled, sqeeze out every $ from your jobs and economy as long as you are here.

    3) Spend minimum and buy swadeshi when possible. Lets not give back even 10% of the income we make back into the economy. This is an economic blockade.

    USCIS and US government has long harassed Indians in the name of greencard for a longtime and year after year we hear the same BS. Come on people, show some self-respect and fight back.

    4) Those who are in foreclosure, stop paying your mortgage, your home is going to get foreclosed anyway.

    5) Despite all this...those who still decide to leave to India, max out all your credit cards, leave your car in airport and abandon your home/apt without paying rent/mortgage for the few months before you leave.

    TAKE all you can from your hard-lived and harassed lives out of this place before you do decide to move.

    I am not keeping more than 5K in any of my US banks starting today. I am also pulling back from my mortgage application for 300K condo. I am determined to sell-off my investments in equities here and begin investing in BSE.

    That is the least I could do to peacefully protest against the discrimination against me and my country people.

    True to your handle, your ideas if implemented, can turn the tide (or move the mountain) as Sri Hanuman did!!
    BUT, amigo, seriously, don't you think we, Indians as a community, are the biggest sell-outs. Only somebody with the caliber of Subhash Chandra Bose can bring us together

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  • snathan
    02-10 10:11 PM
    I will. Thanks for rounding up.

    I am still waiting to see your contribution....Do you need any help to write the check


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  • saileshdude
    09-10 10:43 AM
    I think these guys are just playing with our minds. They know how many applications are pending. At least they have a estimate and idea.

    Now they will sit on these pending applications until the end of year and then suddenly move dates 2-3 years ahead and approve some GCs. Few will be happy and most of us will be disappointed.

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  • gapala
    09-09 10:15 AM
    [quote] to add to the conversation on the price -> locals are also experiencing a glut of money due to the economic boom in the last 5 years or so. Small businesses have really taken off in a big way exporting to Europe/ US. Investors in the stock market have also hit the jackpot. And, once you have money, for most Indians the safest option to invest is in property or gold.

    Also better salaries all around fueled by attrition of talent to the IT sector. [quote]

    This may be correct to certain extent but only the elite class and creamy layer of 1.8% of total population. When we look at the bigger picture of the country, I could not connect the dots. GDP is just above $2500 and PPP is about $3300. How in the world will you justify $200,000 to $300,000. Plus the cost of financing the purchase.

    In simple terms, median home price is 100 times the GDP and life expectancy in india is 70 years. average work life span is 40 years. Home Mortgages are 15, 20 or 25 years in India which will cover only 1/4th of the median price of a home based on even anticipated high GDP growth and considering moderate increase in cost of living. Given that the risk of default is huge and banks are running at very high risk. I believe buying a house is a big gamble in India and more to that for Banks, lending is also a big gamble.

    Note that according to banks, investment in apartments capitalize only over 25 years in india. (Rent vs. Own) Is this correct? Average rentals in ONLY Big cities are Rs. 12000 ($275 / month $3300 a year) to 15000 ($340 / month $4000 a year) for the same 1000 sqft 2 bedroom apartments which itself is above the GDP :). What that tells me, even the rentals are also not affordable to majority of the population. Back to captalization part 4000 * 25 = 100,000. which is half of the investment... add the alternate investment value for 25 years, capitalization will be way below 50%.
    That means it will take more than 50 years to capatilize the investment. This is more that Mod average work life span of 40 years. Note that Maintenance and Taxes for 25 years excluded in above calc. Are banks stupid?

    I do not know what to tell ya man! To me its really scary

    A small credit crunch (crisis is not required) might bring the entire economy to floor.

    fine print: (Above analysis applies only for working taxpaying people like us who does not have unaccounted money.)

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  • reddymjm
    03-12 02:37 PM
    I do not support this donor ONLY idea.
    Also, Day 1, the FOIA initiative had a goal of $5K.
    And without reason, the goal was increased to $10K.

    So, pappu should not complain of not reaching the goal when he keeps increasing the goal.
    stay consistent.

    You just joined and started questioning moran..

    09-13 08:15 PM
    I'm getting red dots now for believing in the right!
    Who cares? Give all the red dots in the world...:D

    03-13 11:59 AM
    How long does it take to receive the cert in mail?

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