Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tillakaratne Dilshan First Wife

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  • paskal
    07-20 02:27 PM
    this is not over
    this might just be an opening salvo.
    these things usually get negotiated behind the scenes.
    things of note in this event:

    1. we garnered 55 votes in support, in any up and down vote we win.
    2. Durbin was the man again...that derailed us.

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  • mmanurker
    09-26 11:00 AM
    This is the worst DMV in NJ... You may be better off going to Jersey City, Princeton or anywhere else.

    Princeton/Trenton are also worst...FYI...My DL already expired on 9th Sept.
    I went to Trenton with original receipt and employer letter but still they refused to renew my license.
    My attorney forgot to upgrade my H1 application to premium process and then started to defend himself by saying that he did not get any approval from my employer and at the same time he never told me that he did not get my employer authorization till Sept 11th where as I asked him to upgrade to premium sometime in last week of July'07. So from July to Sept'11th he kept making excuses one after another but never mentioned that he needs an employer authorization.Thats how these attorneys work and screw our lives....

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  • SA EB3 Retro
    08-13 05:19 PM
    Congrats: I feel better after seeing your posting. Mine too was received by R William at 7.55 on 7/2. May be it is on way too

    Thanks. It appears they are working their way through the July 2nd filers. I was getting quite nervous as my current visa expires this year and is non-renewable. If the checks had not been cashed last week, I probably would have re-filed the paperwork this week. (If my attorney thought that would be in my best interest.)

    Best of luck to you and all other's that are still losing sleep over this. ;)

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  • Blessing&Lifeisbeautiful
    08-19 07:58 AM


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  • eb3_nepa
    07-16 12:20 PM
    $1 gas money saved from not going to subway :D :cool:

    Good one!

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  • saimrathi
    08-10 03:25 PM
    Congrats!! Please contribute to IV!

    All 6 of our checks got cleared today below are the details

    I-485/131/765 recd date: 2nd july 07
    I-485/131/765 notice date: 06th Aug 07
    Service Center send : NSC
    I-140 approved : on 31-May-06, TSC
    Got Recipts : NO


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  • perm
    07-20 04:10 PM
    Hilary and Obama said NO to Legal Immigration...

    MCcain said YES...

    Choice is yours..

    i Will vote for his (MCcain) great great grandson when I get citizenship (and if I am alive)

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  • hitpauler
    06-10 04:41 PM
    When do you think would EB2-I hit Feb 2005? Before this year end?


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  • Humhongekamyab
    02-18 03:49 PM
    pardon my ignorance. But since you already applied for 485, it means you will get GC in april 2009(if pd becomes dec 2005) ?

    Yes and No. If the PD stays at (let's say) December 15, 2005 and during that time the officer is able to review my file and request a visa number from the DOS then I will get the green card BUT if during this process the PD moves back (let's say December 14, 2005) then I will have to wait for it to be current again for me (i.e. December 15, 2005).

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  • seahawks
    09-13 01:58 AM
    Send emails to TV Stations in WA

    KING (NBC-5)
    KIRO (CBS-7)
    KOMO (ABC-4)

    More Newspapers

    The News Tribune
    Tacoma Weekly


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  • MahaBharatGC
    09-27 08:54 AM
    Arrived before the Millennium: Dec 1999
    Started GC processing in 2003 finally filed in March/Apr 2004.
    2007 lucky fiasco gave me and my wife chance on EAD.
    Still counting....:confused:

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  • ngodisha
    09-09 11:41 AM
    Paypal contribution of $300. I cannot make it to the rally because of prior commitments. Thanks to all who are going to be at the rally in person.

    I feel good after making the contribution. Hopefully, several others will join this contribution drive and experience this good feeling first hand.

    Good luck to all.


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  • Macaca
    09-17 07:39 AM
    Congress quietly returns to immigration ( A broad overhaul failed this summer, but an array of smaller measures is under discussion, including ways to legalize certain workers By Nicole Gaouette ( | Los Angeles Times Staff Writer,
    September 17, 2007

    Republicans also are considering a bill that would overhaul visas for high-skilled foreigners.
    Senate Republicans are also discussing ways to increase the number of visas for high-skilled workers, now capped at 65,000 a year.

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    07-24 03:09 PM
    makes no sense.....

    EB3 India setp 2006 wasnt even current in Jun 2007....

    Since LuckyPaji mentioned his brother came on investors visa, I'm thinking even he applied under INVESTOR CATEGORY-EB5..

    Probably he is right that he got EAD, 140 and 485 receit notices etc...:) ..
    Anyway he is not sure about his category..So it could be EB5 which was NEVER retrogressed..


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  • semiGator
    01-11 08:48 AM
    I had a similar problem last year. Could not get the needed loan and finally gave up arguing with the 2 loan officers from 2 banks. Sorry can't give a cheerful picture:(

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  • vpadman
    01-05 03:53 PM
    What are the scenarios under which we can request emergency AP through INFOPASS appointment?
    Specifically, does marriage count as reason for emergency AP ?


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  • ind_game
    05-14 11:48 AM
    Just an update from my side:

    I have just talked local Congresswoman's Office and I have talked to a staff member for 1 hour and she is helping me. She is going to call NSC and get to the root cause of this problem.

    If you are reading this, do not lose hope. We have to try every avenue and knock every door that is open.

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  • GCNirvana007
    09-17 06:12 AM
    Explain to the DMV about this... and try not to go on a weekend. They are extremely busy on weekends are easily irritated. Find them when they are relatively calm and free...

    pal :)

    Mr.CoolPal - No offense to you. However your suggestion basically says we should be at their mercy and most of us let them treat us this way.

    This is God damn license. If you have all the right paperwork why the f*** we need to care about their mood. They need to do their job. If they dont give you the license when you have all the paperwork, go sue them. But do we do that?. No. We are Chickens. All we do is come to a free forum and whine.

    Yeah all the chickens go give red.

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  • qplearn
    12-18 04:38 PM
    While we all sit here discussing Gandhigiri, time is silently slipping by. New congress session is only two weeks away, but guess what � immigration is not even on the agenda���..

    CIR has come and gone�.
    Elections have come and gone�.
    Lame duck has come and gone�.
    I guess the season for waiting is still here�.may be for a very long time
    so rajaram, what do you suggest? any updates on action in Jan?

    andy garcia
    10-01 05:08 PM
    Let us wait for the statement from USCIS

    It is a long wait.

    First the DOS publishes a preliminary report on March/April
    then the final report from CIS is not published until July/August of the following year.

    08-13 03:58 PM
    We can write letters, emails, fax, contribute to IV but nothing is gonna help. This is the fact!

    Yes. It may help, but EB3 is not the one who is going to get any piece out of it, as EB2 is increasing in huge amount. Even if it is CURRENT for 10 years, thats not going to help anyone below that level as everyone will qualify for EB2 in future, almost all the future candidates will have minimum of 5 years experience.

    1. Live with this. Don't come to any forum, don't think about VISA bulletin. Take your Gc when it comes to your doorstep. May be by then, we may not need it. We may be tired of being on the same job and GC may not bring any
    motivation to our career.

    Well, if one decided to continue the process of waiting, there won't be any career to talk about at the end.

    2. Move over to EB2 - If possible, take all the pains of changing job, place of living, unpredictability in PERM queue and I140 queue and move over to EB2. But you never know. One of our Indian brothers might have just won a lawsuit to stop us from moving over!! In that sense, EB3 I is worst than illegals. Least wanted legals in the USA!!

    Not possible for all to go to EB2 as most of the companies hesitate to spend huge amount again and same is applicable to the individual too. It may not be worth at the end to spend another 5K on this. Well said, we should then fight with our own friends (because they may not like us to get the Lion's share) before going to DOS and USCIS.

    3. Get out of this country - Give up the American dream and come to reality and start a new dream. May be Canadian dream or Australian dream...

    I am waking up from 'abroad' dream. The real dream in front is "Home", without any issue that works for me.

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