Saturday, June 18, 2011

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  • jonty_11
    07-14 01:30 PM
    I know some of you must think:

    "What the heck difference is FIVE dollars going to make?????"

    Well $5 x 30,000 = $150,000 I hope people understand that, $150,000 is NOTHING to sneeze at. So people, you dont even need to dig too deep. Just FIVE DOLLARS.

    Less than the cost of a SUBWAY Sandwich LUNCH.
    Subway sandwich and that too a get going to mail those checks.

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  • arunmohan
    06-24 06:39 PM
    I agree with mpadapa,albertpinto and other folks.

    US is going to gain something.

    - We are staying in the apartment more than 8-9 years, we want to live in the own house but we cannot buy a house.

    - We have some idea and we want to implement it but we cannot do it.

    - We want to send our kids in the private school but we are sending in the public school and charted school.

    - We want to go for MBA/Higher education on own expense but we cannot do it.

    - We want to buy 57-60 inch LCD TV and other luxorious items but We cannot buy it.

    - We want to go on the Vacation/Home country but we cannot go.(Visa restriction for people whose H1 is expired or working on the EAD)

    Money is required for all above items. Each item will give at least micro level boost up to the US economy. But without GC we cannot spend/invest our hard earned money. Because we don't know what is going to happen of our status tomorrow.

    Another most important things, when we came to this country most of us were mid twenties and now most of us are mid thirties. We earned money but we gave best of time of our life to this country.

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  • vin13
    02-19 11:55 AM
    I don't understand why EB3-I is a lost cause. Isn't the percentage distribution for the various categories taken into account? I don;t think I understand how the percentage distrubution works probably. Can anyone please explain?

    India and China get most of their share through not only the allocated %age but also through the spillover from ROW. Since there is less spillover from ROW for EB-3, the amount of visa for EB-3I is less.

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  • gcisadawg
    02-08 07:15 PM
    Absolutely wrong. If husband and wife are filing a joint tax return, it is wrong on her part to send money to her parents without informing her husband. Leave the taxes, it was simply wrong on a wife's/husband's part to do ANY major money transaction without letting your other partner know. Its equivalent of cheating (just financial cheating). Do you think it is ok for a man to send money to his parents?

    I do agree with your point that information about transactions should be known to both parties. To answer your question, yes, in my opinion, it is perfectly OK for a man to send money to his parents since the man is earning. If the girl earns, she earns that right.
    Say, when the couple goes to India for a vacation, I totally support the girl buying gifts similar to what the man has bought for his family/relatives. I also support assistance based on humanitarian needs for girl's parents. ONLY when it is comes to demands of sending monthly allowance or occasional lump sum, a line needs to be drawn.


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  • newbie2020
    08-12 01:01 PM
    The impact to companies like Infy etc is ~5-10MM

    If someone look at their last year Balance sheet, They spent appx 16MM on visas, now assuming H1 cost came to ~10MM (these companies do lot of business elsewhere )

    that would translate to ~ 2500 filings (including extn, new etc)

    this additional $2000 would result in additional $5MM cost if they decide to continue filing 2500

    This would not be too huge to make a dent on these companies. yes they may increase their billing to client by $2-5

    So who is ultimately paying it is the American companies who use offshoring companies.

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  • santb1975
    05-23 10:21 PM


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  • chanduv23
    10-16 04:42 PM
    good post - add a poll to it

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  • cbadari99
    06-24 09:40 PM
    Hasn't this been discussed already?

    It does not make a difference to America, if a few hundred thousand foreign workers get their GCs today or 10 years later. The people America would really be concerned about are outstanding researchers, but then these people fall in the EB1 category which is always current and so they have no cause for complaint. The other category that the US is concerned about is cheap and illegal labor, but that is not related to GCs. So in short, there is nothing about the Eb2/Eb3 GC backlog that America needs to worry about.

    The delay causes anxiety & frustration only for us applicants. So the impact is only on us.

    America is not bothered about losing outstanding researchers.


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  • coopheal
    06-02 01:59 PM
    Contributed $100 for June
    Receipt ID: 47W850****

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  • funny
    09-12 01:56 PM
    That is right. I said before and I am saying again. I am against sending flowers or calculators because.
    1. They cost money (Some people may not do that just because of that).
    2. USCIS will like those toys for their kids (Please come out of the movie mood, movies impress a lot but they are a lot different from real life). Believe me they will treat these things as wonderful gifts and we will end up spending time and money for these.
    3. It will not make any difference to USCIS.
    4. USCIS can always redirect all those flowers to orphanage or other places, what they cannot do is redirect our posters trying to put them to shame.
    I have been appealing a lot about this. Why do not we have a letter compain along with posters which should put them to shame. These should not only be sent to USCIS, but also to the press, congressmen, president of US and yes the director of USCIS. I have created several posters here.
    The letter campaign thread is

    Does anybody here agree with me ? Singhsa, your thoughts ?

    I totally agree with "bsbawa10" , Not many people will invilve if its a matter of spending 30-50$ and for sure stuff like Calculators and clock will go to the Kids of USCIS officers and their friends as Thanksgiving "Gifts". I think we should send mass letters to all the involved agencies with posters. Not only all the people will be involved, it will be difficult for USCIS to redirect the stuff to some orphanage/veterans Hospitals etc. Just my 2 cents.


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  • vinabath
    05-01 02:33 PM
    We pay tons of fees to USCIS

    The fee we pay is very less compare to what we pay to Attorneys. And USCIS cannot drastically increase fees. And we are stuck. That is the reality.

    I think we should cut a check of same amount what we pay to attorneys.

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  • immi_seeker
    10-01 05:46 PM
    After the july fiasco, USCIS need not have to worry about recieving huge applications if they move the dates forward. Since almost all the folks (except for folks stuck at BEC) would have turned in the applications uscis should be able to move the dates forward for FY08 to a big extent , so that visa numbers are not wasted.

    but again it all depends on how they view this.These are cry from our end..


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  • chanduv23
    05-15 10:41 PM
    I totally agree with you on this. But I am not talking about the MTR. I am talking about the fee issues. Why do we need to pay if its their mistake. I dont think we are talking about the fee waiver with congress men's office or anyone else.

    I agree. We definitely need to get some kind of process to correct "service errors" against filing MTR which is associated with a cost.

    Remember MTR is basically for presenting NEW FACTS and not to correct service errors.

    If members can come up with innovative ideas of correcting these issues, we can definitely do campaigns.

    All we need is cooperation and help from members.

    AC21 denials is clearly a service error and when one invokes AC21 the person should not be punished by slapping a denial and making him/her accrue unlawful status and forcing them to open a Motion.

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  • Imigrait
    03-03 03:55 PM
    It's stupid to have rules around which expect Immigrants from India and China to hold on to their jobs for 10 years without changing it when everyone around is losing their jobs.


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  • sfcwtu
    10-05 08:49 AM
    I am pessimistic about it too. It won't attract congress's attention until news breaking out that, patients are dying due to lack of nurses.

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  • sanju
    03-12 03:57 PM
    Great! Someone should give you an award for motivation

    For your information, i have contributed to IV monetarily. It just does not show up on the handle for some reason i do not know.

    So you are looking for motivation? Your post do not indicate that you are looking for motivation. There are those who are undecided or who cannot find enough energy/motivation to do something, and those people need motivation. You don't fall in that category. You are pretty much convinced that you don't belong here. Now you are just spoiling the environment to make sure that others all leave looking at you and mad-dog bickering. And one need not be a rocket scientist to figure that out. Its obvious. There goes your flag for "award for motivation". What's next, you need a shoulder to cry?



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  • gchope07
    07-18 03:14 PM
    I am confused about receipt date?

    Notice date is when the receipt notice is generated- That's simple

    Is receipt date the date when they do data entry into the system or is it the date when they receive the package even though they may do data entry a month later?

    In other words people who filed there application on July 2nd,3rd etc ... and lets say USCIS takes 2 months to receipt those cases.. then after 2 months when the notice is generated won't it have a July 2nd receipt date? for July 2 filers?

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  • pamposh
    07-11 01:18 PM
    I do not get it either. They seem to have this very complex formula to determine where to move the cutoff dates or they simply roll a dice. Is there no transperancy. Sometimes I figure I should just not be bothered. It is black box!!. But I can really not do that!. Atleast we are participating actively in the call campaigns. But is that all we can do?
    EB3- June 2003, India

    Don't worry be happy... atleast for a day. Coz I don't think it is going to last for very long. It is an Aug 08 fiasco instead of July 07 and this time they are being a lil reserved and not making the dates all the way current. Ofcourse there would be some lucky draws who get their GCs, we will have to wait and watch coz thatz all we (most of us) can do at this point.

    Guess what, they are all celebrating my Birthday and that is why.


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  • Edison99
    09-13 01:07 PM
    Congrats 9years!
    You are very close to enjoying freedom...

    Hi All,

    My Eb2 Perm Labor Approved. It took 2 months to get approved. It was filed on 07/09/2010 and approved on (email received by HR dept) 09/10/2010. This is just to share with all of you.

    Thank you.

    07-06 01:25 PM
    I never saw this roumer any where..
    well its a few posts above on this thread..

    BTW, I am wondering why DOS keeps posting updates to July VB, rather than justmaking everything "U" instead of "C".....This is confusing.

    07-18 04:03 PM
    Assuming that the PD cut off date for a specific stream is 2004 Aug and there are still visa nos available but there are not enough application (can this ever happen for real) what are they going to do? They move the PD further up and whenever the pool is depleting they move it back again?

    Assuming they move back the PD to 2000 after they ran out of the nos they start accepting AOS apps for that PD but they donot look at them (for adjudication) until the queue before is cleared based on the receipt date.

    In such a case the PD lost all it's significance once the adjustment of status if filed?

    If receipt date is the only significant date after AOS is filed then retrogressing to a specified date does not make sense as there is no need to accept new applications if they are not going to work on them and particularly when they know the current size of the queue.

    Or May be I am missing something......

    Consider I-485 Processing as a 2 Door Room. Front Door is for people who's PD has been current for the given month and can apply & Back Door is for Adjudicating People who are already applied & still current for that month.

    The size of the room depends on what date they retrogress it to. If Cutoff date is say 2002, there are few people in that room who would be ready for adjudication. Instead if cutoff date is say 2006, there will be a huge number of people in the room.

    As long as you stay in that room for more month (be current), the more chance you have of getting adjudicated fast, but also depends on how many people are ahead of you per RD.

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