Friday, June 17, 2011

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  • nirenjoshi
    03-05 05:04 PM

    Same here.. LUD=9/11/07

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  • uumapathi
    03-04 01:17 PM
    I have a refi approval from DCU for a 15yr 5% 0pts and I am in AOS status. They did not have any issues with that.

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  • eb3_nepa
    07-05 02:28 PM
    Called up Sen Casey's office and I was told that in the local office they cant do much about a mass enquiry but he volunteered to do it on a personal basis for my case in particular.

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  • meminime
    11-30 02:47 PM
    Thanks for all the info about interfilling guys, very useful .

    I have EB3 Nob/04 with I40 approved and AOS in progress.

    Apllied EB2 10 months ago and got labor (6 months prep + 3 months in filling) + I140 approved (in 2 days)
    with prem processing.

    I'm also in the same boat as others, not clear as to what one has to do for porting/interfilling, I will let the attorney decide if he/she needs to submit a request or it will be automatically linked to the current 485.

    Please keep us updated on your progress which is more helpful than attorneys and SOPs followed by USCIS, thanks.



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  • imv116
    07-15 08:38 PM
    Let�s wait until tomorrow to see the outcome of the big announcement. Based on the outcome lets plan a rally around LA downtown City hall on Saturday 21st July, 2007.

    I stay close to downtown and I can co-ordinate all the activities. I can do the conference call or some one among us can co-ordinate to do that.

    Any help from San Jose chapter members would be great.


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  • lg72
    07-24 10:18 PM
    fairboy and friends,

    Could you please tell me how to check an ad on the AJE website? Can I check the ad for my case using my case number? My case is stuck in DBEC.

    Thanks for your help.


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  • sracharla
    09-04 10:59 AM
    I live in H1B is going to expire Oct 27...I have not applied for H1B Extn. yet...But i have EAD...According to colorado DMV i should be able to use EAD for driving license extn...but does using EAD invalidates my H1B??...i am planning to apply for my H1B extn this week...but i won't be able to get approval in 3 weeks (assuming i do premium processing)...Please help me.

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  • acecupid
    09-13 01:16 PM
    Hi All,

    My Eb2 Perm Labor Approved. It took 2 months to get approved. It was filed on 07/09/2010 and approved on (email received by HR dept) 09/10/2010. This is just to share with all of you.

    Thank you.

    Wow!! Congratulations.... That was very fast indeed. Good luck with the rest of the process.


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  • Libra
    07-15 09:50 PM
    I dont know how much my 25 dollars help IV cause, but i want to see eb3_nepa's HIGH FIVE campaign a big success.

    USBank billpay, 7YG7S-6Q5RV.

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  • MDix
    02-26 10:46 AM
    Forget about LIFO or FIFO, this year EB2 won't be getting enough visa's from spill-over. They would be giving majority of spill-over to EB3-ROW/I/C and EB2 would be getting very small fraction. And how's that is possible for that they would play around the law ( by making EB2 current).


    Yes and then they should process in LIFO order so people like you can get their GCs :p :rolleyes:


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  • insbaby
    03-04 02:33 PM
    I have seen my friends refinancing, received mixed results.

    Few say, can not approve loan because of temproary status (They have no answer for why they allowed last year when purchasing the home).

    Same guys were able to get it done thru other banks.

    EAD - is not popular as H1B in the financial area. They don't understand. You have to give this as a supporting document along with your H1B Visa and I-797.

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  • singhsa3
    07-20 12:43 PM
    It is still optimistic my freind. As one of our member pointed out, realstic number would be around 600K, which implies 16 months wait for some people. Also , we do not know the level of work force at USCIS engaged in processing EAD. It could be 10, it could be 100. More the better but it we it is fewer than we are doomed.
    Additional Comments:
    Also, any new hires will need to be trained, and infrastructure need to be set up. All these things do not happen overnight
    If you assume 30 people, you get 1 year per your calculations. Make it 90 and we get it in 3 months:D


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  • paskal
    09-11 12:08 PM
    Just bought a NY t-shirt and selected fast delivery. See you all there.

    looking forward to seeing you in DC!! :D

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  • gc_wow
    02-19 10:40 PM
    The chances are very good that EB2-I, will move fast this year untill sept 2009,Row EB2 and EB1 will be slowed down because of economy,EB4 is already current and over flow from FB category may provide some more visas.

    But the risks are USCIS indiscriminately and irrationally sits on applications with out approving them and for most of the July 2007 filiers finger prints has expired but USCIS is not sending finger printing notices.


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  • w3313
    03-31 01:06 PM
    Wow, so you're telling me be happy as somebody else is in pain now ???
    Their problems doesn't make me smile here. I want solutions to my problems.

    I couldn't agree more, how come any immigration rules in britan should have any thing do with USCIS ? any time we have a problem with USCIS or in general US policy there are few people who want to jump in and comapre the rules and other stuff with rest of the world. This is not how an issue should looked at people came here because they thought this country encourages immigrants what I want see is let this country talk the talk and walk the walkif they don't want to give green cards or fix H1b porblems just say we no longer need any immigrants we have gained every thing we want from the immigrants and we are ok now when we need talent and work force we will call everybody , I am sick of this I could go on but .....

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  • chanduv23
    05-14 03:57 PM
    Does anyone know the process involved in 140 revocation? What is the INS processing fee? How much does an Attorney charge and what exactly do these employers write to USCIS?


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  • bigboy007
    06-02 08:26 PM
    True , hope it will relieve as house sees through it and will make life of all easier by making it amendments or even drop the whole law , We dont want it.

    But also can some one point to me to place where it says H1B is not dual intent , i could only find DUAL iNTENT for some students.

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  • nivasch
    03-09 12:48 PM
    Thank you so much
    No. It is over. Will reconvene next Wednesday.

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  • yabadaba
    08-08 04:02 PM
    please guys just write as many as you i pm'ed piece was touchy feely, because i wanted it that way. He suggested some additions to add contributions of immigrants/details of retrogression but I declined cos i felt the touchy feeliness (so to speak) would be diluted.

    the more number of op/eds we have, the more they can have an ongoing set of articles that can flow to the news media. Momentum!

    03-09 10:39 AM

    07-05 07:34 PM
    Hi Folks-
    We (5 People) work for IBM company, SFO, today we went personally to the congress men and we submit the letter which is provided in this forum and after that we called state senator office and we explained about our problem. We faxed and email the letter to the senator office, staff had taken my contact details and they told me that they will inform the solution in 2days.

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