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  • h1techSlave
    01-13 10:30 AM
    Contact ACLU for this.

    MM Singh daughter is a big shot in it.

    our prime minister wants us to come back to India. So his daughter may not be a good candidate for our GC issues.

    Don't get me wrong, as the prime minister, he is interested in India progressing and using our talent for that purpose, not the US taking advantage of us.

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  • needhelp!
    02-11 01:09 PM

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  • GCBy3000
    07-19 09:50 AM
    Yes, I used to say like this five years back when I had time and age in my hand. I assume you are in early or mid 20's. I will put it differently for you.

    Assume there is a big pond which starts from 1 feet and gradually increases up to 100 feet. People with one year work experience steps 0.5 feet. There are life jackets(GC) floating around the pool and whoever is lucky is picking it up. There are guys like me who are already in 5th-6th feet deep without finding the lifejacket, but we are sure if we go further, may be 3-4 feet more we WILL find it. There are guys who are lucky to find a life jacket at 1,2,3 feet also and happily float to the shore passing us. The fifth feet guy is practically seeing how the 6th and 7th feet guys are struggling. May be they are seeing some one in 8 feet to 10 feet. Now a big Tsunami (retrogression) comes and drags all the jackets 20 feet down further. These guys are dejected and some of these guys even pull their spouse/kids in one hand when they float/swim.

    Dont forget, it takes one year to step 0.5 feet. Every year the pond management drops a fixed number of jackets. These guys keeps their hope alive based on the above fact. But these guys are seeing some kids passing in motorboat(LC Substitution) paying that guy 10K and getting a life jacket. Hmm pain, but even if I had a chance I would have also done it.

    Now comes your saying. When the deepest s...t guys talks about their fate down the line and how to take their family safe ashore, a guy at 0.5/1 feet shouts saying "Dont give up, it is like deciding to take a sanyas because you are tired of dealing with social issues".

    If you are in 5+ feet, I take your statment. Otherwise, you will not understand what I am trying to say until you reach 5+ feet without finding a life jacket and also pulling your family in one hand and seeing your seniors struggling more in 8+ feet. :)

    NOTE: BTW, no offense. I thought to express what I am saying in different way. I understand what you meant. Cheers.

    I think that going back to your home country ONLY because you feel overwhelmed by the delays in GC processing/retrogerssion (assuming you are quite content in your job and standard of living) is not a good idea. Especially true in the event that you and your family experience difficulties in adjusting professionally and socially after returning back. Chances are you might soon get a feeling of having taken a wrong decision in the heat of the moment, especially if the guys who stay back and ride this retrogression storm see some relief while you are still trying to adjust to the changed environment of your home country. You may even get tempted to come back and give the GC thing another shot but then you have to start at square one again.

    Going back to home country only because of the shortcomings of GC process is like deciding to take a sanyas because you are tired of dealing with social issues. I belive a decision to renounce something should only come from a position of strength. A true jogi is one who understands the triviality of society and decides to rise above it...not the one who denouces it because he can't deal with it.

    As the saying goes..its darkest before the dawn...I truely hope this is the case for all of us here...

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  • paskal
    09-22 11:48 AM
    I really dont know what the purpose of this thread is, or whether it accomplishes anything.

    It seems to be doing more harm than good.

    if the movers of this thread have no objection i would like to close it.
    i hope though in the meanwhile we can turn the discussion to more productive directions. there is much to be done yet.


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  • gk_2000
    03-25 01:25 PM
    Agreed 100% Porters will eat everything, there will be no movement.

    Brother, why the mean intonation? We are all for stopping EB2-EB3 war, until one of us is slightly at disadvantage. High time we change attitude

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  • vinabath
    03-21 03:02 PM your post properly...u are making a statement...u r not saying it is what USCIS thinks...

    And nobody is insecure over's just people like u who have made this forum a place of hatred between people of different countries....

    Didn't u learn on day 1 of ur job? a few times before u post/mail to anyone....u have no right to use words EB3 and unskilled together...

    If u think USCIS thinks that way....pls mention it so...Get a life


    Sorry for sqeezing in to the argument.... I am here to say that I am an Indian too. Thats it.


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  • verma
    02-20 06:53 PM
    More letters = More strength for IV !

    But of course....I should have been more specific with my question. I see that we are not even 20% near the target so the question is .... does IV still go with the campaigne? or do they increase deadline and try to get more letters?

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  • mirage
    06-25 04:17 PM
    They hushed up and approved my EAD in 20 days. Why ???? 'cos So they don't hit Jun'30 and give 2 years. They wanted to milk another 680 from me so they hushed up and sent me the 1 year EAD in 20 days.


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  • delhirocks
    07-21 04:22 PM
    I agree with you, not fair for someone to wait for so long.

    But practically speaking, since most of the BEC cases are now aprooved, and since those folks have a much earlier PD, most of them have a short wait ahead of them for GC. I doubt at this late stage in the game anybody would want to go through an ordeal of a long lasting lawsuit. You might not get a lot of support.

    I understand that it might be late and filing a case might be expensive etc. But how come people like etc. were willing to fight the sudden revoking of I-485 by UCIS along with AILF? It will only be hypocritical to consider that as injustice and this as not. I don't think filing a case is going to bring the whole process to a halt. The BEC will still continue to process the cases while this case goes on.

    We have to do away with all those naysayers and all those IFs and BUTs. I don't belive in it.

    We know we have a justified case here and it is a simple matter of whether we are willing to fight.

    Why can't we get the support of AILF for this or other law firms? I know there are enough people who have been affected to justify that.

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  • mbawa2574
    07-17 07:47 PM
    Anyone in this situation would have expressed frusturation. He did this in BEC forum. I don't see a reason to ban him. Please....
    Aman/Ashish if you can jump in and unban him.


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  • gbof
    06-11 08:21 AM
    My PD of 12 Oct 05 is 'So near yet so far' will be missing aug VB. Dates are only going to move forward from here onward and NOT going to retrogress as predicted by our learned members...

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  • gunabcd
    07-17 10:39 PM
    I'm still wishing (and i'll be honest) USCIS come up with a reason/regulation/rule that will delay EAD for everyone until BEC people are able to file 485 OR in Oct they retrogress only till March 2005

    This is not how you should have said, delay EAD for others just because people are struck at BEC. Comeon buddy show some wisdom, you should have said USCIS come out with a plan where as soon as BEC labor is cleared, they accept the applications for 485.
    The reason i said that: the manpower/funds that will be spent on the 1M+ EADs can be made available to BECs (if possible) and get the BEC job done quicker. EADs will be delayed only by a few months. Also don't forget the "OR..." part dude.


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  • GCcomesoon
    07-24 09:39 AM

    I would higly recommend RK's office , they are very approachable & generally respond on the same day.Not only the paralegals but even the actual attorneys will respond back the same day.I have had good experience with many( Rita, Pramitha, Mathew C, Bharathi ) from thier office


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  • senthil1
    06-22 12:12 PM
    Just a simple question. Corporations are arguing that every year 100k new jobs are created in high tech. Even 75% of the new jobs are for H1b then only 75k H1bs are needed. Even if you include other jobs teacher,Healthcare you do not need more than 120K every year Why do you need unlimited H1bs? Any pro immigrant lobbying group is not giving justification in numbers though everyone accepts there should be increase in H1b numbers.There should be increase in GC numbers as backlog had increased(But in this case also no one gave correct numbers based on requirement) but nothing wrong in H1b quota and some regulations in H1b to minimise abuse.

    Another aspect is in the bill they gave 115k H1b for 2008. If they do not put restrictions your company cannot get any new H1b as most of H1b quota will be used by Indian consulting companies in one day. Do you think it is correct?
    If not correct what is your solution? Corporation solution for this problem is unlimited H1bs by giving exemption to STEM and US master degree holders from H1b quota.

    I am also opposing the restrictions in H1b program in the bill. But I do not have any alternative solution for the problems in the H1b program.

    Again, there is a common misconception that companies have unlimited access to talent in other countries, and the only limiting factor is the quota of H1B visas.
    Not true, by a long shot.
    To give a simple example, our company is looking for people in Australia, Denmark, Finland, Canada and UK since the pool of qualified people in India has dried up in our field. Can anyone guess where is the biggest talent pool? Nope, not in Bangalore, its right here in USA!! Not all companies are looking for the cheapest person. They are looking for the best person. And in many cases, the best person is already here, and has gathered more experience over the years working for US companies. But they cannot hire her, simply because she is on a visa and thereby beholden to another company. If she had a GC, that would free up the talent pool and thereby make many companies less reliant on H1Bs. Increasing GCs for EB candidates has the same effect as increasing H1 quota, with the added benefit of making the cream of the crop available and reducing the uncertainty and hassle of hiring an H1.
    This is why it is in the best interest of companies to support EB GCs.
    My friend Senthil makes the same mistakes (repeatedly, unfortunately):
    (A) Assuming that "good" companies will not be affected by any change of increase in fees for H1B, since they presumably have unlimited pockets and unlimited access to unlimited talent. (Big ha!ha!)
    (B) "Good" companies can always get to hire people in US if they exist, and the only reason they hire H1 is that they cannot find anyone in US as there is no one in US who is good enough for the job for love or money (Bigger ha!ha!)
    As to the question "then why are companies not doing enough for EB candidates", I do not know, and neither does anyone know, truthfully. Maybe they are, but as someone pointed out, no single player in the CIR game has enough clout to run the whole show. Or else the bill would have been passed long ago.


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  • WantGCQuick
    05-27 03:03 PM

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  • NolaIndian32
    04-30 11:03 AM
    Just contibuted another $100, Receipt Number: 1735-7394-6342-4534

    Thanks Amit_sp.

    Lets get this number to $10,000 by today.

    When we reach $9,900 - I will make a $100 contribution to get us to $10,000!!

    Lets go IV!!!


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  • snathan
    04-25 06:28 PM
    Once you have contributed, please post on the thread and we can know how much closer we are from our target. IV chapter leaders and Team IV members will run this thread and count the contributions

    -Which Thread or how to post ?

    I have singned up for $50 recurring contribution and willing to volunteer...


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  • anilsal
    06-26 05:57 PM
    Is LUD mandetory after finger printing? I applied for EAD for my wife and me on 5/21. Sent supporting docs and had LUD on 5/23. Went for finger printing on 6/10 but no LUD so far. I am concerned if the finger printing center sent the data to USCIS or not. Our EAD expired 7/30 so I am concerned.


    Posting the same Q in multiple threads. I answered in the other EAD thread.

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  • chanduv23
    07-09 07:22 AM
    She is yet to file for my 485 and I have been following up constantly. No responses or very rare response. But she was prompt before I gave the check and documents.

    01-13 10:18 AM
    That is absolutely right. I would also extend the argument from the perspective of the sponsoring employer.

    The excessively longer wait would make the employer biased against hiring people from retrogressed countries with similar skills/experience.

    Especially since this is an employment based category, I believe your line of argument should work!

    It's a valid point from ur prospective, but let me give u the example if the shoe was on the other foot..
    I'm sure this is a simplistic generalization, but urs is too
    * In 2001, 20 people graduate in retrogressed country and equally qualified 20 graduate in non retrogressed.. both aspire to land a US opportunity
    * In a few weeks, all the 20 in the retrogressed country find opportunities among dozens of giant offshoring firms that quickly send them on H1 or L1 projects, within months or may be a year they are settled in the US and at most in 2003 their greencard process is up and running
    * The 20 equally qualified non-retrogressed however linger in their homeland for years and duke it out till the brightest 3 manage to find a rare opportunity that only comes every several years.. those 3 finally come to the US in 2005 and may be start their gc in 2006
    * Turns out (or actually it was known all along to people before they chose to came) that the US only gives 5 greencards per year and because they know qualified people exist in all countries and they don't want few countries to swallow the whole quota alone, they give 2/5 to non retrogressed and 3/5 to retrogressed.. only then do some people remember to cry not fair, well it wasn't fair to start with!

    I agree a universal 7% limit for any coutry regardless of its population and number of college graduates is stupid.. the percentages need to be adjusted. But to tell me that the 3 unretrogressed have to stand at the end of the line behind the equally qualified 20 retrogressed who came here faster (and chose to come here knowing their homeland is retrogressed) that is really fair.. yeah right!

    02-13 03:54 PM
    Dear jchan,

    We are very interested in this provision. Immigration Voice has heavily invested in this measure, both, legislatively and administrative. We have consistenly advocated for this provision which we believe will curb arm twisting by bad employers, that are like few bad apples in the big basket. Such a provision will help everyone including USCIS, lawyers, genuine companies, and direct+indirect beneficiary. Its a win-win for all.


    Dear Admin, appreciate your reply. Is there any action items we can follow? I can start by creating a petition letter addressed to the secretary of DHS.

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