Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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  • qualified_trash
    08-10 11:51 AM
    I tried an ITIN but I got a formal response from IRS that the child needs to have a SSN to be eligible for the credit.

    This is from the IRS website at:

    Can I get the Child Tax Credit for a child with an ITIN, not a social security number?

    Yes, with an individual tax identification number (ITIN), you can claim the Child Tax Credit if you otherwise qualify. The Child Tax Credit can only be claimed by the parent claiming the child as a dependent.

    Please refer to the Form 1040 Instructions or the Form 1040A Instructions index for the Child Tax Credit. The referenced pages will explain who qualifies for the Child Tax Credit, and how to calculate it.

    When you are finished with FAQs, please tell us if we have helped you by clicking here and taking a short survey.


    * Form 1040 Instructions
    * Form 1040A Instructions
    * Tax Topic 606, Child Tax Credit

    As for:

    If you ever filed your tax return yourself and have a kid, you will know what I mean.

    I have filed returns for my child but my child was born here so we do have a SSN.

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  • yabadaba
    07-11 08:40 AM
    ok..i am typically not a cheesy person.. but exteme situations require cheesy gestures

    so here goes

    ode to my green card (plagarized from lambi judaai from movie jannat)

    Tere bin dil mera lage kahin na
    Tere bin jaan meri jaye kahin na
    Kitne zamane baad o rabba
    Yaad tu aaya, yaad tu aaya


    Khoya raha mein, saason mein apne
    Aahat bhi teri, bhool gaya mein
    Kitna jeeya hoon tanha raho hoon
    Ishq tera bhool gaya hoon

    Tere bin dil mera lage kahin na - without you my heart is in nothing anymore
    Tere bin jaan meri jaye kahin na - without you my life goes nowhere
    Kitne zamane baad o rabba - after how many days, o god
    Yaad tu aaya, yaad tu aaya - i remembered you, i remembered you

    Aaaaa….aa..aaaaaaaa…. - Aaaaa….aa..aaaaaaaa….(no translation required)

    Khoya raha mein, saason mein apne - I have been lost, just breathing
    Aahat bhi teri, bhool gaya mein - your footsteps, i have forgotten
    Kitna jeeya hoon tanha raho hoon - just been living, been so alone
    Ishq tera bhool gaya hoon - that I have forgotten your love

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  • JunRN
    09-28 10:08 PM
    Well, do you want to be the most cursed person in the world?:D


    Putting myself in their shoes...that's why I don't curse them...not even once...I pray that they do their job honestly and efficiently...that's the least they can do for us...

    who knows some of them are legal immigrants as well!

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  • singhsa3
    07-20 12:52 PM
    Not trying to be pessimitic her but any new hires will need to be trained, and infrastructure need to be set up. All these things do not happen overnight.
    There are dependancies. I-485 information needs to be entered in the system and A # on I-140 need to be crosschecked. If one is not available already then it needs to be generated. In any case, 5 minutes per EAD is still a conservative figure.
    All these add to the time.
    Also, due to H-1B pile (65 K +20 K+15K= 100K cases pending), this may not take priorty and resources may be diverted.

    I think USCIS will hire contractors to take care of this shit like DOL does. EAD and AP is the most easy to process. Very less dependencies.


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  • smitin_2000
    03-04 08:08 PM
    I also had lud on my I-485 on 12/05/08, my pd is oct'06 - EB3 I

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  • srikondoji
    08-13 03:59 AM
    Hey nave_kum,
    Why do you think this is misleading? If you look at the date of the post, then the monday should be the following monday from that date which passed long time back. Let me know exacly what misled you, i may try to re-interpret if need be.
    It is upto you to conclude who is right and who is wrong and nobody here is warning him because he is junior.
    I have politely warned him, because i thought it was the right thing to do because of this discussion going in the wrong direction. I complained the adminstrator and moderator becuase that was the only tool available to me. Whatz wrong in this approach?
    Best regards and cheers.


    I just logged in thinking that by Monday, we July 2nd filers wud be getting receipts. But after flipping the pages back on this forum, I saw that the Monday was indeed the previous one. This is indeed misleading. After seeing the ongoing tussle between buddyinus and Srikondo, I realised Buddyinus is right. Whats wrong in whatever he's saying??? The purpose of this thread is to discuss about the so called Monday's receipts. But since that Monday is gone, looks like u r fighting over nothing. How dare u warn anybody on this thread. I am with Buddyinus on this. He may be a junior but u dont have any rights to warn him. Beware.


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  • gk_2000
    08-24 02:17 PM
    First be clear whats your point and then enlighten us how this supports it

    One of my points: "loopholes" are NOT what we are here to fight against. Now, is the rest of your reply relevant?

    And anyone who irritates you is a troll. So be it. This troll is there to prevent nonsensical ideas

    Please let me know how this so called multinational executives are getting compensated. Whats the stock/option given to these executives. The available information shows only three days of extended stay and one week of car which they need to share with other executives. Fortunately the extended stay suites come with attached rest room. Otherwise they need to share with other multinational executives. There would be long queue in front of the shared room and eventual back log...

    Yeap...we are very envious about this. Let it be. I am not going to post anything on this any more and feeding the troll.

    Yeah, I was so envious about that designation, that I have to leave it risking by giving 2 months of advance notice(policy of the company to give 2 months notice) and finding an employer who could file my H1 and suffering 1 yr of constant followups with the company to get my pay and PF and so on. And forgot to mention, that if 2 months notice is not given we are asked to sign an agreement to pay back close to 10 grand.
    Is this how a multinational executive gets treated who are fortunately qualified for the EB1 category and company projects you as most valuable employee for business development who would be sponsoring you EB1.

    All this will feed the anti's and true trolls. Why don't we focus on our objectives?

    If the company really feels the need , they may as well recruit someone locally who might be much more qualified without going through all of those hassles. All this is done as part and parcel of exploiting the system and its employees.
    Luckily we have a choice whether to stay or not and move on to a different status like H1.

    Don't we?

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  • nursekm
    10-24 12:00 AM



    REF :


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  • selvaela
    07-16 09:34 AM

    Donated 10 dollar. Here are my details.( DCU allows me to release the payment only on 7/21. Sorry about that.

    Confirmation No: 7YHSG-0JVVC

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  • gcwonder
    10-24 12:12 PM
    mailed the letters


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  • add78
    06-13 11:03 AM
    You just paid without exposing your financial information.
    $ 100
    Receipt ID: 5190-9283-7820-4961
    An email with your order summary has been sent to ashokmohanrajes

    Thanks my friend.
    You finally posted the details!!!!

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  • bskrishna
    07-11 12:42 PM
    I don't see what is really different. I am not talking about July 2007. I am talking about May or June bulletin 2007. Do you mean the bulletin on May or June 2007 is to utilize the visa so the dates are not the "real" date? Then how do you know Aug. 2008 move is not for the same purpose? Especially if this movement is caused by spillover.

    There is chance that CIS and/or DOS know the breakdown of categories by country now as against last year. That is being a bit on the optimistic side.


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  • Ram_C
    09-11 03:08 PM
    I tried my best to attend the DC Rally, but sorry to say that I'm missing a great event. I'm trying to make it up by contributing a very small amount to DC Rally.($ 200 - Google Order #703505280174212 ).

    I appreciate all the selfless efforts put in by all the members of this group.

    kudos to the Rally attendees.
    and to my Brothers,Sisters and Friends,

    It is vain to wait for help, we are on the eve of battle, it is now or never, tighten your belts and rise to the occasion. You are made to stand up for yourself, let the world feel your existence, be no longer at the mercy of this broken system, let our Immigrant Voice be heard by this broken bureaucracy. together we can make a difference, together we can shatter this shackles put around our careers/lives. lets join our hands and march at DC rally, a march towards brighter tomorrow.

    go IV.


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  • greensignal
    12-28 12:30 PM
    Hi Guys, Even my receipt date for AP is October 12th but status is still pending.

    However, I got 2 soft LUD's on my I140 & I485 on 12/26/07 & 12/27/07. Can I expect my I140 approval????

    Hoping for the best......


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  • needhelp!
    03-12 12:42 PM
    Please read the purpose of the organization.
    Information exchange is only a by product and not the goal of IV.

    With this model can IV still claim to be a non-profit organization? It seems you are exchanging information in return of cold hard cash? :p

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  • raysaikat
    01-07 12:24 AM
    raysaikat, and others, can we call a truce and focus on the original intent of the thread? I am sure we can all agree that the top 5 % of the worst university (does not matter which, or where) are usually better than the bottom 5 % of the best university (again, does not matter).

    In my life, in our company, I've seen some of the sharpest brains around (PhDs working for the Russian defence before they defected in late 70's and early 80's) and some of the dumbest (a mechanical engineer who refused to believe me when I mentioned the sun was approximately 300000 bigger than the earth in terms of mass and 1000000 times bigger in terms of volume). Believe it or not, I've met a taxi driver who graduated from an Ivy League institution and used to work at NASA in 60s and 70s and worked on developing algorithms for decompressing transmissions. There are all sorts who make the world a pretty interesting, if unpredictable place. :)

    You never know whom you are sitting next to on the plane! ;)

    Rather than arguing over silly matters, perhaps we should focus on intelligent analysis and if necessary, rebuttal of arguments.

    We do not prove anything by arguing over IIT vs Osmania, or North Vs South, but merely conform the worst aspects of Prof. Wadhwa's sweeping generalizations.

    I, for one, have serious questions:
    A) The video was edited. It is a collection of sound bites. How do we know the context of the statements if we do not have the full transcript?
    B) We have no visuals of the charts and figures referred to by Prof Wadhwa.
    C) We have no access to the raw data used by Prof. Wadhwa. He may had published it, but I have not seen any of it. (Unless Macaca can ferret out the details.. if anyone can, he is the man!). I have, for instance, basic questions whether immigrants and foreign students were excluded when he (Wadhwa) was counting the openings filled and engineers graduated in US.

    I do not mean to offend anyone, nor am I commenting on any country, university, or anything.. so please do not misunderstand me. Let us focus on the what is more important.

    I agree with you. It is important to know if the US data excluded international students or not. You can find the papers here:

    The relevant one seems to be the following:


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  • arc
    07-15 07:48 PM
    10$ - Good work guys BABY STEPS...:)

    ....IV EB3 NEEDS HELP....

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  • bestofall
    07-15 11:51 AM
    I donate another $5 if we reach $2000.00 today.
    Total so far = $1170.00

    Thanks SkilledWorker4GC !

    Any one else would like to pledge just 5 $ when we reach 2000 $

    PD March 2005 India
    485 Applied Jul2 2007

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  • singhsa3
    09-12 11:29 AM
    We won't know if it effective unless we execute it, which is the biggest issue with us "the execution".
    So far as locating old PDs are concerned, it USCIS knows it exists and if there is willinglness, they can dig it out from anywhere.
    On the other hand , if this not fixed then even if there are 200K extra visas, the sufferings will persist.
    Well - what I say is - there is an issue and we have to fix it. But do you think such a tangential effort work?

    It is also known/unknown that USCIS simply does not have a system in place to locate files with old PDs - constant changes to system may have resulted in poor record keeping. I do agree that this issue has to be brought to limelight.

    I personally feel that any effort must be effective and not a half hearted effort - what I am trying to say is opening a thread and running 10 pages of messages and doing nothing? Does that work for us? Can that be effective?

    07-05 10:52 AM
    Admins can we combine this thread and

    12-10 04:20 PM
    Does this mean that spill over is not "quarterly" as we've been discussing

    Yes, that's is correct. and they clarified (once more) that "when spill over occurs, PD of oversubscribed countries will move together".
    For example, if EB2 India and China has different PDs, spillover is not occuring.

    Additionally, it looks like demand in Eb1 is high enough that spill over may not be big, and so even with spill over, EB2 PD will not cross 2005. (they are saying indirectly that dont hold the hopes for big jump in the last quarter this year....)

    USCIS seems to be working very efficiently and has a good grasp on the number of applications now (at least it seems...). All that extra staff they hired for July 2007 fiasco is working now and there is not much new filing. System will stay efficient until the time comes for them to handle 12 million undocumented after the CIR.

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