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  • Rihanna at 2010 Grammy Awards

  • Jaime
    09-04 11:54 AM
    Learn from MLK. He ended Opression. We can end Retrogression!,_Jr.

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  • willwin
    06-26 08:38 AM
    I know IV is doing its best and there are other groups fighting for HR 5882.

    But honestly, what are the chances for this bill to succeed this year (before election)?

    100% or 75% or 50% or 25% or 0%

    Ron Gotcher predicts that none of the individual bills may pass this year.

    And also that EB3 I may not move forward even next year!

    I am not sure how many EB3 (I) volunteers are there in IV (who are really focussed). Are they getting nothing? The prediction is that EB3 I may go back to Nov 2001 and stay there for a while (or may be for the rest of next year).

    Is the efforts of EB3 (I) volunteers being exploited (indirectly, ofcourse)? What are they fighting for?

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  • Rihanna GQ Magazine January

  • BharatPremi
    03-14 01:46 PM
    There is a largish I140 backlog today.

    There you go. Fantastic factor. People rotting in I140 would indirectly helping to I-140 approved ones.Technically say for an example 40000 EB3-I are stuck in I-140.. they will simply be not considered in 485 queue so USCIS will not see them in "Demand Queue" and that also pushes USCIS to forward dates. Now I-140 stuck , though his date date is current can't do anything except getting frustration.

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  • reachinus
    07-20 11:25 AM
    1. I am on L1 with current company A(with current i-94 expiring in Nov 2007). I got my H1 approval this year from consultant B and they got the I-797B. This document shows the validity from Nov 2007-2010. But I have heard people get something called I-797A which has a new I-94 attached to it and in my case it is not.

    Here are my questions.

    1. Can I start working for consultant B from Oct 1.(after quitting the company A with L1).?

    2. What should I do since I have current I-94 only till Nov 15th 2007 and if I ask my current company A to extend it they wont do because I want to leave them as early as possible before Oct 1st.

    3. Can my consultant file for the change of STATUS from L1 to H1B(the approval for which I have already received from USCIS) and then in that case it will have new I-94 attached.

    4. Anyother suggestions what should I be doing so that I can start working on H1 after Oct1st here and then whenever I go back to India, after 4 or 5 months I will have the Visa stamped.

    Thanks in advance.

    Here are my answers, may be wrong use it at your own risk.

    1. Can I start working for consultant B from Oct 1.(after quitting the company A with L1).?
    No u cannot. Since u said the valid date is from Nov 07.

    2. What should I do since I have current I-94 only till Nov 15th 2007 and if I ask my current company A to extend it they wont do because I want to leave them as early as possible before Oct 1st.
    U have to leave the country and re-enter agin so that u will get a new I-94.

    3. Can my consultant file for the change of STATUS from L1 to H1B(the approval for which I have already received from USCIS) and then in that case it will have new I-94 attached.
    I don't think its possible, may be worng.

    4. Anyother suggestions what should I be doing so that I can start working on H1 after Oct1st here and then whenever I go back to India, after 4 or 5 months I will have the Visa stamped.
    Its illegal to work before the start date mentioned and also since ur I-94 will expire u have to leave the country.


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  • 01/16/2010 - Rihanna and Matt

  • WaldenPond
    11-09 12:53 PM

    A number of IV members have complaint about your posts. We know that you have earlier posted on IV forums with the screen names �Communique� and �marlon2006�. If I remember correctly, your handle 'Communique' was banned but it was pretty clear that you were an anti-immigrant. I want you to read this post because in next 15 minutes, I will be putting a ban on your handle.

    Immigration Voice forums are created for high skilled immigrants and their families. We contribute constructively to the society. Your hate mongering tone and disguising as 'someone waiting for green card' is pathetic example of how low you can go. I try to read forums everyday and I try to read each and every post. Each day I try to read your post to get more determined to continue to work on this very important issue. But now, I think its time for you to leave IV forums as your tone is again becoming offensive and your posts drive legitimate IV members away.

    We are requesting you politely to please leave IV forums alone and do not bother IV members.

    Thank you,

    Good morning,

    If you pay a closer attention, I don't start threads. I just reply to messages following that topics you started. The real issue is that many members in this forum are so biased that you cannot take a different view.

    For example, yesterday many in this noble forum became so uneasy and angry as soon as I mentioned that shift from democrats to republicans was triggered solely by the disatisfaction with the Iraq war. It turned out that Bil O'Reilly last night said the same thing. That is based on facts, because exit survey according to O'Reilly, did not indicate that people voted against Republicans due to other issues such as immigration. Then I went on and even showed articles from liberal newspapers such as The Nation to confirm my sources. CNN published e-mails from several voters on why they voted against republicans and immigration was not even mentioned in that sample. If you do not want to believe that and prefer to follow other views, that is fine. My point is, I won't get mad with you. I won't request that administrators shut you down. You have the option to do so. However, saying that my analysis is off base and I bring here unrelated topcis is not true. There are reputable people out there who agree with me. Grow up and learn how to deal with the reality.

    What amazes me is that those are not fundamental issues for you to discuss and get so mad about. Who cares now on why people voted republicans out? For you and me it matters that we take the greencard and move on. I feel that it is my way to contribute when I admonish you about distorted views. I feel a need to provide this forum with another view, which many times I believe is the correct one. Bringing that level of critical thinking may strength your maturity and knowledge and that can certainly increase your skills in the fight for immigration relief for the employment based immigrants.

    Best regards,

    The Ombudsman

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  • ujjwal_p
    02-14 02:43 AM
    Getting rid of semilar\same job requirement is going to be as easy or as difficult as getting prefiling AOS.

    Getting rid of same\semilar job is not semilar to getting to green card. If you are a software person then you can put a restriction that you have to work in a software related job, in the same way if you a civil engineer then you should work in the civil engineering field. But the way USCIS does same\semilar job is job code match, responsibilities match etc etc etc, the problem with this is it is a very grey area, it is almost like doing labor all over again. It has not become that bad yet but it will sooner or later, how many H1b rfe\denials did you know in the last 2 years, I bet there are more H1 denials in the last 2 months than the whole of last 4 years.

    I'm hoping this does come through. This is a great step and I'm surprised that the Secretary brought this up on her own. However, hydboy's point is true. This will be most useful if AC21 is honored by USCIS. Kiran's point about convenience for visa stamping doesn't move me. The biggest advantage of applying for AOS is being able to move jobs after 6months using AC21. Anyway, I guess it all depends on the numbers. How many people have had issues with AC21 versus how many have had no issues with AC21. Also in almost everything in life, the ones with negative experience will be more vocal than the the ones who've had a positive experience.


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  • rkdownload
    02-01 03:57 PM
    We moved to Florida from California last week. Did AR-11 yesterday. We are about to file AP, our I-485 is pending at NSC but Florida comes under TSC.

    So not sure where to send our application.

    Intending to send following supporting documents.

    1. 2 PP Size photos
    2. EAD copy as we switched from H1B to EAD
    3. I-485 receipts.

    Should we include any additional docs like Copy of your previously issued AP or passport copy (1st ,2nd page and last 2 pages) or Last expired I-94 copy.

    Any advise would be of great help.


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  • rinkurazdan
    05-31 11:01 AM
    You are right but unfortunately history has thought us that when it comes down to GC versus H1b everybody is willing to throw GC under the bus to get H1b provisions.

    This current bill is no exception, h1 increased from 65,000 to 115000 with triggers to increse it to 185000, but no provisions for green cards.

    a exclusive emendment with GC will be the only way out. nobody is offering such amendment and if somebody offers it might be ordered to lie on table.
    I think industry and their senators alike will be happy with quota increases...waht they will try to strike out is the extra fees....($5000 now) and also the retrictions on recruitment / displacement policy, which will make H1B useless as it will take umpteen number of months to get an H1B approved.

    This ammdt is still difficult to pass

    BTW, I cannot find the text of this ammndt on Thomas.|/bss/d110query.html|


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  • newuser
    03-05 11:13 AM
    I am ready to pitch in my contribution

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  • pathmaker
    09-20 01:19 PM
    Any thoughts on organizing rallys state capitals ?


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  • zilmax007
    08-03 11:54 PM
    East or West, Gotcher law is THE BEST!!

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  • snathan
    03-28 01:27 PM
    i read somewere spillover go in july. perchance i thinking that spillover go to eb2 while i am eb3 waiting. what chance now for spillover for eb3 getting some?
    i thank all you for replies for help me get infermation to know spillover

    Call Obama and ask to him change the rule for you


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  • murali3000
    10-01 04:02 PM
    Does any one filed saying why you need AP.

    Where do you find the information where to mail you application and documents ?

    I filed my I485 nebraska , do i need to send there ?

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  • chanduv23
    10-09 05:35 PM


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  • sunny1000
    09-21 11:14 PM
    I didn't attended because recently I had a new boss and he was monitoring my daily schedule and being in H1b and coming so close to filing I-485, I was just waiting for my EAD or I-485 cheques to get encashed. On 21st Sep, they got encashed. Now I am bold enough to take a day or two as vacation and attend rally if organized in eastern part.

    I did paid 50% travel cost to one of our member from CA.

    Sorry for not attending this time, will do it next time.

    hello all, could not attend due to work schedule and a baby due any minute!! but am contibuting monthly and sponsored a student from houston. way to go iv amazing effort!!!

    I was 100% determined in the beginning to attend the rally, but could not for the following reasons.

    1> I was in Dallas and family in SoCal for last 9 months(from Dec 2006 to be precise). I used to meet my family every other weekend. Was trying very hard to find a project in Socal, and finally I got one where joining date was Spet 13th. I could not dare to ask for leave in the very first week. To tell you the truth it took so long b'cos of H1 status, everybody wants me to transfer my H1 or they are looking only for GC/EAD holders. Hoping to get EAD soon.

    2> My husband was planning to attend but somewhere in Aug last week we got FP notices and date is Sept 18th. The FP letter clearly mentioned that postponing might cause delays so we decided that he also has to drop the idea.

    Of course we contributed towards the rally.

    I am very proud to be part of such excellent grass root organization and now since I am in Irvine I can be active in Socal chapter.

    Also we are eager to join in the next rally and have total faith in IV leadership





    Above excuses seem perfectly genuine to me. I had a court hearing myself. I applaud your friend's sincerity in attending the rally and I also applaud everyone who attended for that matter. But, IMHO, you were too quick to judge/question other people's genuineness.

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  • PlainSpeak
    03-28 07:47 PM
    Please Donate to IV Advocacy or participate in the Advocacy in person. This is for your own benefit and you are working for your own green card



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  • pd_recapturing
    06-21 12:18 AM
    I have applied AP two times so far. I have always got my AP started date is same as expired date of previous one so in a nut shell, I dint loose a single day. I have always sent a cover letter explaining the different dates so that might have been the key.

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  • paskal
    09-21 09:29 PM
    Well, it's time to break the news.:p I didn't attend the rally because

    (1) the first and foremost reason: a recent surgey at my backbone , and I may not be able to walk for more than 15 minutes continuously.

    (2) the second and honest opinion: Even If I were doing well, I wouldn't have attended the rally due to the yelling-nature of words from some of the Core leaders, and their pushy messages.

    (3) the third and final point: The rally pictures and the rally experience of other members have impressed me very much and have totally changed my mind. So, next time, whereever you organize the rally, I will be there.:p

    This is my honest opinion about my abscence. I hope noone will jump on me for my reasoning.


    do not want to jump in here but inskrish disappoints me very much.
    i have engaged with him more than once. he complains about someone or the other being rude on a non-stop basis. i would like to hear from him which core members has yelled and posted pushy messages. most of us desist from such actions most if not all of the time. actually he probably has no clue who core members are. after all it's not announced on the July 2 filers thread. in the past inskrish walked around with a red square to his name and accused me of being responsible for it. maybe he needs to see how many comments he gets in his user cp. interestingly enough i may be responsible for the green. this kind of passive aggressive behavior is not going to be of any help whatsoever to us.

    i'm glad to hear he has a change of mind. but i will believe it when i see it. so far i see no change in the constantly complaining-accusing tone from him. words matter. constantly putting down others and acting superior is not constructive to an effort that is voluntary- each one of us- and certainly you franklin- have given up a lot to push this effort forward. words from the likes of inskrish do make me wonder why we bother.

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  • H4_losing_hope
    03-03 10:16 PM
    Just mailed 11 letters.

    Great stuff!

    06-19 08:04 PM
    I've been having sleepless nights ever since a cut off date of May 15th got in the fray.
    Here's my case -
    I140 sent to USCIS on June 06th (They should have received it on June 07th)
    I have not reveived a receipt date yet.

    What would the receipt date for my application be -
    June 7th when USCIS receives the application
    Some later date when my application goes into the system
    Now assuming that a new cut off date of June 19th is established, would my I140 be treated as pending on June 19th? Or only those applications will be treated as pending that have a receipt date prior to June 19th.
    Gurus please enlighten and help me sleep.

    12-01 01:55 PM
    I did not want to initiate that discussion because it may be a long one, but let me share my experience:

    My recommendation is that folks take an MBA only if you already have a firm position in mind that you want to go for an executive or upper management position in the future. That line of thought is specially applicable when you are paying the whole thing from your own pocket !!! Before working in a management position or taking the MBA, I did not know how much I liked the idea of becoming a CIO or CEO. I tought I knew it, but until you actually experiment it, as many things in life you don't know for sure. Well, after completing 50% of the program I realized that was not my short or mid-term goal to work as an executive reading accounting net income balance sheets or maketing professional, even if I had the GC handy.

    In my personal opinion, taking an MBA merely to enhance your project management when you are PAYING FROM YOUR OWN POCKET it may be a very bad strategy. If others are paying for you, of course that is fine, but it is not the case for many of us. I had only one or two courses related to project management anyway.

    If you just want to enhance your project management skills, you might want to invest in way more direct courses such as PMP, ITIL, Microsoft Operations Framework. You should be able to complete those with a fraction of the cost and time of an MBA and probably achieve more return and knowledge than what the MBA can offer you when it comes to project management.

    For those who are sure you want to read balance sheets, work with marketing analysis and go away from the hands-on experience, then MBA may be right for you.

    I don't want to discourage you, but there are documents out there showing that MBA's are overrated and the importance of it is under scrutiny. Since I already found offers from multiple employers who were willing to pay 100% (if you are a qualified professional like us, it is not difficult to find employers willing to pay for it once you can change jobs) personally I thought I could wait a little longer to get the MBA and invest in IT certifications now paying from my own pocket.

    Just my humble opinion.

    Agree with you, it is always about knowledge, information, contacts, and ability to adapt rather than investing on high cost education unless you have someone else paying or u r stinking rich or u get a scholarship.

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