Sunday, June 19, 2011

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  • hpandey
    07-11 11:15 AM
    CIR is the Worst thing on the planet for the legals.

    Girish - CIR was meant to help the illegals not us folk. I hope we never have to see CIR again . It would just mean millions more ahead in line whereas we who have been waiting for years will be sent to the dustbin.:mad:

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  • Saralayar
    01-08 02:06 PM

    I just checked my status - It is now "Document mailed to applicant"
    this can mean many things. I will update all once I see the document

    Please keep updating your status in this thread as you see something happen

    We've just gotta keep cool. Thanda thanda pani.

    That means you will recieve the AP documents in 3 to 4 days.:)

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  • h1techSlave
    04-17 10:37 AM
    Thank you Mr. Hammer.

    My question was about H4 + 485 pending? Then what is the status? I have earlier given EAD, but they did not accept that. I am submitting 485 receipt with A#. Let me see how it goes.

    EAD is not a visa status. It is an employment authorization document. Of course they will not accept it in lieu of H-1B.

    What you need to do is show them the receipt of your I-485 application with the A#.

    In my case too he asked me if I was on EAD and I said yes. He said that I should then give him a copy of I-485 receipt. However, since I also maintain H-1B visa, I just gave him that.

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  • Hermione
    10-01 09:24 AM
    Well, if they wasted more than 1,000 visas, I am going to write and call everyone on my list. Don't tell me they can't manage to appove 140K visas a year, or they are overloaded with work - USCIS approves a total of more than 1M green cards a year, so let's not pretend they do not have the capacity.


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  • immi2006
    08-18 10:45 AM
    There are a few hundred cases of Eb2 and 3 getting approved in my American company.

    People are jumping into conclusion with a few approvals from 2004/2005, but what you are not considering is the number of people with 2001/2002 priority dates who just applied for 485 in June. There might be a lot of them (I am one of those). If there are not too many of them, it is good for everyone, but its very tough to predict.
    From what I heard from my lawfirm, they expect the oct bulletin to go back to 2001 or early 2002. But with everyone filing 485, USCIS should be able to predict the number of applicants and move dates better compared to earlier when they were shooting in the dark and wasting visas.

    Anyway, good luck to all

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  • losthope
    06-11 08:11 PM
    Great Details!! Everything is possible...someone has to sacrifice for people to listen

    I would like to bring another point . What is the stand from the immigration attorney on recapturing visa number? Can't they do something on pushing on this? They made allot of money from immigration petition filing


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  • gjoe
    01-06 08:39 AM
    Yes. Nalanda Univerisyt is one of the oldest. If you consider the 80% of education system we follow, they are all gifted by brts.
    Ex: English... the way we speak and use the language is like brit.

    Irony,,, Nalanda University is being revamped (I think structure wise) by Japan government.

    If you want to credit GE with the invention of light bulb it is ok if you think so because the the bulbs and light fixtures are made by GE ;)

    BTW if a thief robs your house and leaves behind his knife you can call it a gift. The owner of the house has a right to think so. :)

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  • dummgelauft
    04-30 10:23 AM
    I don't know where the phone campaign stands in light of this

    Obama takes immigration reform off agenda - Yahoo! News (

    POTUS has openly declared "no appetite for CIR"...

    So, I guess, all we can do is eat the kela that has once again been given to us...


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  • mhathi
    05-02 08:51 AM
    Is a h1b holder a nonresident alien or a resident alien ? It says on IRS site that you dont get stimulus if you are a nonresident alien.

    An H1B holder is a resident for tax puposes as long as you meet the substantial presence test. This is evident from the fact that when you file taxes, you file 1040 or 1040EZ. Not 1040NR. When I was a student, I filed 1040NREZ. After graduation, I am required to file 1040.

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  • Legal
    07-05 12:42 PM
    I called the congresswomen and senator from our constituencies. They do not have any idea what I am talking about. I think I made them more confused than ever.

    We need to come up with a letter format, which can be printed and send it to them by mail as well as we need to have web fax with a clear message.

    Dear Senator,
    I am an immigrant who entered this country legally. I�ve been waiting for my US permanent resident visa -also known as green card for the past several years along with 500,000 other educated, highly skilled employment based (EB) immigrants. Many of us have been waiting for our turn to get the green card for 5-10 years while consistently abiding by all the laws of this country. Such long delays are due to tortuous and confusing paper work, back logs due to various quotas and processing delays at US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).

    Several categories of EB immigrant visa numbers have been unavailable (�retrogressed�) since the fall of 2005. Because our immigrant petitions are tied to the sponsoring employer, for many of us these delays have led to indentured servitude. Our professional prospects, job mobility and potential opportunities for entrepreneurship have been shattered.

    For the past several decades, the US Department of State (DOS) has been publishing advisories known as visa bulletins once a month to announce the availability of immigrant .visa numbers. On June 13, 2007, after a gap of nearly two years, DOS announced that all EB visa numbers would be �current� for the month of July. This meant, irrespective of our �priority date�, all of us were made eligible to apply for some interim immigration benefits. This �priority date� refers to the date when our labor certification (documentation verifying no US citizen worker was available for a given job) had been filed.

    This announcement by DOS on 6/13/2007 would not have led to immediate green card for most of us; but at least it would have ensured us interim benefits such as job mobility, some freedom from the employer, work authorization for our spouses and a travel authorization known as �advance parole�. This authorization would allow us to travel outside US without fear of not being able to re-enter the country.

    We spent thousands of dollars in legal fees, immigration medical exams, vaccinations, blood tests, x-rays and getting various supporting documents ready to file our immigrant petitions to USCIS. It has been an agonizing two weeks for us. Some of us to had to fly in our spouses from our native countries. To our shock and dismay, on the morning of July 2nd 2007, USCIS announced that EB visa numbers were not available and all our petitions would be rejected. Within a span of 2 weeks, to be precise -in 12 working days- USCIS claims to have approved 60,000 EB immigrant visa petitions. This unprecedented rapid action of USCIS has led to exhaustion of all the available visa numbers for this fiscal year. Meanwhile it is prognosticated that in the next fiscal year which begins on October 1, 2007 our plight and delays would actually worsen.

    Interestingly USCIS has never processed so many applications this fast, and it is unclear why they did not convey this potential exhaustion of visa numbers to DOS before June 13, 2007.

    For the legal skilled immigrants this has been a rather traumatizing and disheartening experience.
    We sincerely seek immediate congressional/ legislative remedial measures which would
    (1) Reduce the enormous backlogs of green card petitions of legal skilled immigrants
    (2) Ensure and enable USCIS not to reject our immigrant visa petitions and give us interim benefits of a pending immigrant visa petition.

    I make this sincere request on behalf of all legal skilled immigrants with the hope that people who played by the rules will be rewarded.
    Yours Sincerely,


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  • ind_game
    05-20 12:15 PM
    Thanks a lot for all the members who have shared their knowledge and insight into this issue.
    Also, my special thanks to chanduv23 with whom I have been in touch through out the process with congressional office.

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  • Green.Tech
    06-23 11:03 AM
    well, i just made my first payment for $100 thru paypal

    Receipt ID: 14F00794MF330594S

    Thanks dingdong12!

    Folks - Please continue contributing!


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  • peyton sawyer
    08-02 08:25 AM

    was just wondering if they say that uscis will accept applications until aug.17, is it also possible that NVC will continue to assign visa numbers until aug.17?

    need your opinions pleeezzz..thanx

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  • for_gc
    08-14 07:02 PM
    Guys good news from my side. Just got most awaited Card production Ordered emails for my wife and my son. ...

    Congratulations Conchshell !!

    You really seem to be a very level headed guy. Hats off to you !


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  • vaishnavilakshmi
    08-07 12:15 PM
    hi all,

    USCIS has edited the reciept update of NEBRASKA EMPLOYMENT BASED I-485 TO 7/1/07.please go thru this link.This means it is still looking after the june end applications for reciepts.


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  • GCOP
    07-14 03:37 PM
    I just made online payment of $10.


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  • subujee
    09-09 07:53 PM
    EVen though I was stuck in labor certification for 5 years and was able to file for my last stages before the mess, still I feel other folks in this immigration community should not be stressed like me . So, even though I can't make it to the immigration rally, I am contributed $100 rightaway and will try to convince my other colleagues on the same boat to contribute.

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  • Macaca
    10-01 04:07 PM
    If the USCSI didnt have enough applications to be assigned the VISA , then why are they so conservative in making the cutoff dates move ahead. What is the harm in pro-actively moving the cutiff dates, to amek sure no visa gets wasted.
    A cut-off date avoids submission of AOS applications with PD after cut-off date. In my opinion, this was the only reason to retrogress on July 2: avoid AOS submission whose PDs became current in July.

    Now nearly all AOS applications have been submitted. Hence, setting cut-off dates conservatively is not that motivating.

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  • unseenguy
    02-13 10:35 PM
    The conversation transcript in order:

    What are you waiting for
    Originally Posted by snathan
    I am still waiting to see your contribution. Do you need any help to write the check.
    Originally Posted by unseenguy
    I have contributed more than $500 to IV. I am not sure I want green card anymore. Thanks.
    Originally Posted by snathan
    It shows what kind of person you are...when did you contributed more than $500. It seems like you are new here with only 14 posts. And why did you promise 'I will'.

    Are you just another junk in IV...?
    Originally Posted by unseenguy
    You are being mean to me and untrustworthy. I have no time for kids.
    Originally Posted by snathan
    i dont need to be trustworthy for ur million $$$ are just another junk for IV
    Originally Posted by unseenguy
    A kid does not need to tell me my worth. I know it better than you do. I have lived more than you have and I like IVs mission and agenda but I dont like people who label others as junk when they are not contributing more. This represents selfish attitude. First you contribute $500 like I have done and then tell me to contribute more. Otherwise just lie down peacefully.
    Originally Posted by snathan
    I dont have time for stingy junks...get lost in to

    07-06 11:20 AM
    People are burying these posts as spam.. can we do something to make sure that doesnt happen?

    I guess that tells how much public cares about our GC's. We want to spice up the story by adding other issues that can make our situation worse.

    The only way we can get 4000 diggs is by having every info lurker digg it and individual comments.

    06-11 09:13 AM
    I would say fight back against the indirect discrimination against the Indian and Chinese nationals in the employment-based immigration.

    If they want us to leave..then so be it..but they should say so directly. All India and Chinese EB immigrants please leave USA. Until that comes out of the US government directly, we can not be forced out through indirect policies.

    Here are a few things you can do:

    1) Withdraw all the $ you deposited in US banks from savings, checking, CDs and other investment accounts and setup an NRE account with an indian bank and move funds over. If you need you can bring back those funds in a day or two. Leave only bare minimum for your expenses in US banks. This would have an impact of ~$50K X 100K effect.

    2) Do not leave the country just because the hopes of greencard are controlled, sqeeze out every $ from your jobs and economy as long as you are here.

    3) Spend minimum and buy swadeshi when possible. Lets not give back even 10% of the income we make back into the economy. This is an economic blockade.

    USCIS and US government has long harassed Indians in the name of greencard for a longtime and year after year we hear the same BS. Come on people, show some self-respect and fight back.

    4) Those who are in foreclosure, stop paying your mortgage, your home is going to get foreclosed anyway.

    5) Despite all this...those who still decide to leave to India, max out all your credit cards, leave your car in airport and abandon your home/apt without paying rent/mortgage for the few months before you leave.

    TAKE all you can from your hard-lived and harassed lives out of this place before you do decide to move.

    I am not keeping more than 5K in any of my US banks starting today. I am also pulling back from my mortgage application for 300K condo. I am determined to sell-off my investments in equities here and begin investing in BSE.

    That is the least I could do to peacefully protest against the discrimination against me and my country people.

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